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Updates on campaigns for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

* "Berkeley: Trump Supporters Kicked Out of Town by Community; Far-right Trump supporters attempted to antagonize and incite Berkeley residents. After confrontations with locals, they ended up calling the cops and fleeing the city with police protection" (2017-07-09, by "Antifa") [archive.fo/XcIZ7]

* Hate crime in the Niles District of Fresno, CA (2017-07-13) [archive.is/OQ8an]:
Today at work -
These two men came into my shop with the sole intent to read me the riot act for hanging the rainbow flag out front. I asked them repeatedly to leave. They were yelling obscenities at me, called me a fat ugly cunt, completely belligerent in front of my customers. TWICE within the hour.
The one in dark blue shoved my hand when I pulled out my camera, was coming at me. The whole incident was scary.
I find out later that they did this same act of intimidation to the woman who runs the quilt shop a couple weeks back and then her flag was stolen.
It was suggested to me that I should expect for this to happen and that maybe I should not hang it anymore.
P.S. I adore the fact that their pictured here WITH the flag!!!

* (Michael Diehl, facebook.com/michael.diehl.18): People's Park swings removed by UC. Some kids upset that the swings they often use tore down the police tape and were chased by the UC police.
- [comment]: It's just the University looking for any excuse to dismantle the Park Now they're planning on taking out the entire children's playground. Two days in a row they had it roped off with police tape. And two days in a row we tore down the tape.


Updates on campaigns across the Nation! 

* " ‘Guns are fine — racism is not’: Armed redneck lefties are waging a different kind of war on Fascism" (2017-07-15, rawstory.com) [archive.is/AdnH2], photo caption: The Phoenix John Brown Gun Club sent a 'community defense contingent' to a Make America Great Again rally at the Arizona state capitol, image via Redneck Revolt's website.


Use the ballot for our own People's candidates and legislation, campaign for the future!
[SolanoPFP.blogspot.com] [PeaceAndFreedom.org] [facebook.com/Peace-and-Freedom-Party-45065449911



* "A Year In, India's Communist-Led Kerala Continues to Take Steps to Ensure Inclusivity; The achievements of the progressive government of Kerala have outstripped those of the rest of the country" (2017-06-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/LUoCM]:
While India's "Hindutva" Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy "forging ties" with other countries, paying lip service to the heinous mob lynchings of Muslims, showing no concern for the minorities' lives in India, Kerala — the state under the leadership of communists organizations — is making significant leaps to ensure that inclusive progress is being made unlike most other parts of the country.
On May 25, the progressive Left Democratic Front, a coalition of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Communist Party of India, and some other smaller organizations marked its first year in the office, during which time, it has made significant gains in the social welfare and labor rights for Keralites, including initiatives to revive public sector industries in agriculture, education and health care.
Those referred to as "Scheduled Caste," "Scheduled Tribes" and Dalits have a long history of suffering atrocities. Relegated to the lowest rungs of the Indian caste system, they are often denied basic civil rights. Over the years, the communities have seen significant budget cuts to the Special Component Plan at the national level.
Under the SCP, about US$400 million is supposed to go to the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan and about US$116 billion is allocated for the Tribal Sub-Plan. [...]
The Kerala government increased its budget by 50 percent for the education of tribal students. As a result, nearly 600,000 students are expected to gain from the allotment. Nearly 13,000 SC students studying in some 353 schools were provided with transportation facilities. The government is also set to open 10 model residential schools and a sports school. The existing hostel facilities in schools will also have better food and infrastructure. [...]
Kerala relies heavily on its cashew industry and is planning to link up with African nations to procure raw cashew production.
"Almost three lakh workers in Kerala depend on cashew processing for their livelihood. Most of these workers are women who belong to the most disadvantaged sections of the society. The biggest beneficiaries of this conclave are the cashew workers in Kerala and cashew farmers or producers in Africa," J Mercykutty Amma, fisheries and cashew industry minister, told Times of India.
"This agreement with African nations to procure raw cashew will ensure sufficient raw material and will help open the closed cashew factories. In the 100 days after coming to power, this state government has opened defunct cashew factories ensuring jobs for 8,000 workers," Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told the Times of India.
"This agreement will help avoid intermediaries, to restore the value chain for Kerala buyers, processors, end products, and marketers. It will retain the demand and stability of prices," he explained.
Under the communist-led government, the Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme of Kerala also widened the scope of health insurance available for informal workers.
Between 2006 and 2011, plans to ensure food and nutritional security for the tribals in the form of community kitchen; increased educational loans and expansion of health facilities; appointment of about 30 specialized doctors in Tribal Super Speciality hospitals; distribution of nutritious food through Anganawadis; rural mother and child care centers in India and much more add to the achievements of the left-led progressive government of Kerala. [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: Support for Kerala's communist government.

* "India's Kerala Becomes the First State to Install Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines in Schools; In India, according to government statistics, a meager 12 percent of 355 million girls and women on their period have access to hygiene products" (2017-05-21, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/0PTYC]
* "Communist-Led Kerala State Thanks Metro Workers with Grand Meal; Kerala is the only state in India that has also included for the first time 23 transgender women to work for the metro service in the city of Kochi" (2017-06-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/PF0MH]

* "India: Thousands Rally in Support of Communist-Led Tripura Government; Like the state of Kerala, Tripura’s deep-seated history of leftist movements is credited with helping it to advance" (2017-06-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/hFb3n], photo caption: Thousands rallied across the state Thursday.




Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!
National News [blackagendareport.com] [atlantablackstar.com] [sfbayview.com]

* "Can Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba succeed in Jackson, Miss.?" (2017-07-10, peoplesworld.org) [archive.is/FqJbj], photo caption: Chokwe A. Lumumba, left, takes the oath of office, on July 3.

[begin excerpt]: Lumumba comes into office with a reported 93 percent of the electorate backing him and a platform to make Jackson, in his words, the most radical city on the planet. How loyally he remains with that electorate and true to his radical agenda will determine his real success. Voters are accustomed to candidates campaigning in poetry and governing in prose.
Included in Lumumba’s platform is economic democracy. For example, he wants to establish a municipal fund to launch worker cooperatives.
Born of a radical father of the same name, who changed his “slave” name to one honoring his African heritage (Chokwe is an ethnic group of Central Africa and Lumumba was the first independence leader of the former Belgian Congo), the younger Lumumba must know the pitfalls that await him.
The model for how the establishment responds to such a radical insurgency continues to be the brief tenure of a 30-year-old “boy mayor” from Cleveland, Ohio. Dennis Kucinich was elected in 1977 as the youngest mayor of any major city, and he also came with radical ideas about housing for all and women’s and Black rights. When he recruited San Francisco Sheriff Richard Hongisto to reform and open up Cleveland’s corrupt police department, and Hongisto proved quickly to become a creature of that machine, Kucinich fired him.
But Hongisto was the least of the young mayor’s worries. He had the banks and the city establishment steadfast against him, blocking his every move. A recall was mounted to oust him, and though Kucinich won, only barely, he was voted out at the end of his one term.
Lumumba says his first order of business upon taking office is crafting a budget. When I heard this, I held my breath. Our democracies are not what the P.R. people tell us. Few mayors have real power, and since the 1970s, as more Blacks have won mayoralties, the establishment has managed to shift local powers to counties, states, and even to unelected bodies.
St. Louis, for example, has this organization called Civic Progress, which is neither civic nor progressive. It is a cabal of the region’s corporations making sure the city stays on the right path in favor of business. It has been headed by such luminaries as St. Louis-based Monsanto.
After Harold Washington became the first Black mayor of Chicago, the city’s establishment changed the voting rules to ensure that such an election would not easily happen again. Washington won with the most votes in the field of candidates, which had never been an issue before. After his historic victory, the winner must win 51 percent or face a run-off.
The new Jackson, Miss., budget may be the first indication of Lumumba’s prospects.
The elder Lumumba, who died prematurely in office, was a leader in the Republic of New Afrika, a radical Black nationalist organization whose leadership also included Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X. When the elder Lumumba was elected mayor of Jackson in 2013, he wanted to hold quarterly people’s assemblies to open up the democratic process [archive.fo/gehPU]. I hope this desire did not die with him and will be revived under his son.
Setting aside whatever pessimism I may have about our “democratic”—and “Democratic”—system, the younger Lumumba’s election is a call to action. Many actions. The Chokwe people fiercely resisted European enslavement. White, Black, First Nation, Asian, and Pacific Island workers and communities must become “Chokwe.” We must resist the main tenets of capitalism, wage slavery, racism, our “sky is the limit” profit system, obscene accumulation of private wealth, and an inferior brand of citizenship for so many marginalized groups (including all women, LGBTQ folk, people of color, etc.).
We must resist not only within our respective communities but also together. We must be crystal clear about the nature of this fight. This resistance must be even more mobilized than the establishment’s is to defeat it. This will make it one of the most radical movements on the planet. And yes, maybe Jackson, Miss., will become its shining city on the hill.
Upon winning the election, Lumumba told a crowd:
“By any means necessary. I need you to stand strong as we go forward. There are people who doubt your resolve, doubt that this city can be everything that it will be. And so, you can’t give up now. I say, when I become mayor, you become mayor. So that means y’all got some work to do.” [end excerpt]

* " ‘Black Lives Matters’ Leaders Accused with Allegations Unrelated to the Movement; The leaders of the movement called ‘Black Lives Matter” were reported to be filed with a lawsuit which accuses the movement for inciting violence" (2017-07-07, libertyfrontpress.com) [archive.fo/IvguF]
* "Black Lives Matter leaders sued over Baton Rouge police shooting" (2017-07-07, Reuters newswire) [archive.fo/1A6r9]

* "Idaho news station apologizes to BLM activist over ‘bank robbery’ picture blunder" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/kXdGT] [begin excerpt]:
A TV station has apologized to a well-known Black Lives Matter activist after mistakenly attaching his photograph to a local story about a bank robbery.
Tweets posted to CBS-affiliate KBOI in Idaho showed police restraining DeRay Mckesson, an activist and former Baltimore mayoral candidate, underneath the headline: “Would-be robber arrives early at banks to find doors locked.”
The image had been taken during a July 2016 protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Mckesson later shared the tweet along with the caption: “I haven’t been anywhere near a bank robbery. FYI.” [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: DeRay Mckesson


information collected by the Committee to Defend Public Education!


information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee [is.gd/VOkmLr]

* "Labor’s Legitimacy Crisis Under Trump; Unions are under unprecedented attack under Trump. But labor can rebuild itself — if it chooses to" (2017-07-05, jacobinmag.com) [archive.fo/WSai2]

* "UAW Files For Historic Union Vote at Nissan in Mississippi" (2017-07-10, paydayreport.com) [archive.is/KYwMe], photo caption: Workers at the historic 5,000 person March on Mississippi against Nissan in March.


* "Cuban labor leader visits United States, first visit granted in 17 years" (2017-07-06, peoplesworld.org) [archive.is/jX2OJ], photo caption: Lemange received an enthusiastic applause when he told the assembly, “We are here today to participate in this important event commemorating Bloody Thursday as an expression of Cuba's International solidarity and support to the ILWU and in particular to Nick and Howard who were assassinated by the police in 1934.”


* "Missouri Gov. Greitens slashes St. Louis’ $10 minimum wage down to $7.70" (2017-07-10, peoplesworld.org) [archive.is/sB3YD], photo: Missouri Governor Eric Greitens


Updates from the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
92 Million Strong, Worldwide! [wftucentral.org]

* "WFTU Statement on the dismissal of 200 Air Zimbabwe workers" (2017-07-12) [archive.is/v6776]
The World Federatin of Trade Unions stands on the side of the Air Zimbabwe workers. The air company announced the dismissal of 200 more workers  in its fourth round of lay-offs in eight years after having  cut 300 jobs in August 2015 following cuts in 2009 and 2013.
We believe that the excuses of the management that the company is overstaffed are hypocritical since they are planning to hire more planes. This developement proves once more that both in public and private companies the motivation is the same: the augmentation of the profits.
The WFTU calls the class oriented trade unions in the country and internationally to struggle against dismissals and privatisation in public companies.


Updates from the UNI Global Union
Representing more than 20 million workers worldwide [uniglobalunion.org]


Updates from around the world

* "Kenyan Nurses Continue 5-Week Strike; While union leaders and county governors have agreed to a deal, the collective bargaining agreement was rejected by a state commission" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Kg3oH], photo caption: Kenyan nurses on strike


* "Hammond is wrong, public sector workers are not ‘overpaid’ – TUC" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/BHNjk]




information collected by the Committee to

* Stories of Street Life in Berkeley (acidheroes.wordpress.com) [archive.is/kVA1] [archive.is/SMxFb] [archive.is/NHIpl]




Community Fascism in

/ itty-bitty Santa Cruz: 

/ Vallejo, the "City of God":


Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
[NorthbayCopwatch.blogspot.com] [copblock.org] [wecopwatch.org] [filmingcops.com], Berkeley Copwatch's "Know Your Rights" Pocket Card (.pdf) [is.gd/U20PRy] [berkeleycopwatch.org]

What is left out of the coverage? Controversy over the terror technique of using an armed weapon in an errant display during a public interrogation...
* Original video footage and KPIX CBS 5 News reportage are contained in the following video "Vallejo Race Soldier Calls Black Man The N Word While Threatening To Blow Him Away" (2017-07-10, TheAdviseShowTV) page [archive.is/TppI8], video [archive.org/details/VPD20170710]

* "Vallejo Police Investigate Officer For Possible Racial Slur Caught On Video; A citizen who recorded a traffic stop involving carjacking suspects believes a racial epithet was used by the officer" (2017-07-10, by Maggie Avants, patch.com) [archive.is/vKG0D]
* Retraction and Correction Requested (2017-07-10, Vallejo Police Department) [archive.is/or3VM]
* "KPIX retracts story alleging Vallejo police officer used slur" (2017-07-15, timesheraldonline.com, via eastbaytimes.com) [archive.fo/44HAA]


* "Police Officer Who Killed Philando Castile Gets $48,500 Buyout; Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of fatally shooting the Black motorist in 2016" (2017-07-11, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/kDIZl]

* "Australian Woman's Fatal Shooting by Minneapolis Police Sparks Questions About Body Cameras; Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota called for answers on why the two responding officers failed to turn on their body cameras" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/BqvT2]
* "Aussie woman killed by police in US after dialing 911 to report disturbance" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/m6w9C]
* "Minneapolis cop who shot Australian woman identified" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/WHvkP]

* "US police officer filmed beating black woman with baton; A US police officer has been filmed beating a homeless African American woman with baton “after she begs for money” in the state of Georgia" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/JQUd7]


"War Against The Police"
An archive of articles documenting the facts for the narrative, "FBI Report Blames Black Lives Matter, Media for Killings of Police Officers" [archive.fo/2Xj9w]


Judiciary Watch

* "Pipeline judge’s decision shows limits of capitalist jurisprudence" (2017-07-05, peoplesworld.org) [archive.is/vJ20I], photos: Judge Boasberg.


Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 
[icwatch.transparencytoolkit.org]; "The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies (Spooks, Feds, etc.)" [archive.fo/rBbXu]; ES/OH techniques [archive.is/HchTA]

* "Tear Gas, Guns and Riot Squads: The Police State’s Answer to Free Speech Is Brute Force" (2017-07-11, by John W. Whitehead) [archive.is/2cbG2]
* "How To Break Up a Peaceful Protest Peacefully" (2011-12-08, forbes.com) [archive.is/RxNnb]
* "Contempt of cop, America's defiance revolution; Like NSA leaker Edward Snowden, ordinary Americans pushing back against authority" (2014-01-16, cbc.ca) [archive.is/AwbFK]
* " 'Comply or Die' policing must stop" (2014-12-04, dailykos.com) [archive.fo/BR6JG]
* "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me. It’s not the police, but the people they stop, who can prevent a detention from turning into a tragedy" (2014-08-19, by Sunil Dutta, professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, 17-year veteran officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, via washingtonpost.com) [archive.is/ZMMGZ]
* "The Militarization of American Police Departments" (2014-08-14, wnyc.org) [archive.is/TfrsM]
* "Will the Growing Militarization of Our Police Doom Community Policing?" (2013-12, cops.usdoj.gov) [archive.is/KVCdI]
* "Does military equipment lead police officers to be more violent? We did the research" (2017-06-30, washingtonpost.com) [archive.is/Idnc8]
* "Right to protest also means freedom from militarized police; Despite political and police rhetoric, maintaining ban is best way to ensure that protesters are protected" (2016-08-25, usatoday.com) [archive.is/5LnA6]
* "Arrests of journalists at Standing Rock test the boundaries of the First Amendment" (2016-11-27, theintercept.com) [archive.is/UuuYx]
* "Militarized Police Are Cracking Down on Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters; As police prepare to clear a camp set up in the pipeline's path, human-rights groups are concerned about abuses by law enforcement" (thenation.com) [archive.is/m3pUU], photo caption: A row of law-enforcement officers faces Dakota Access pipeline protesters along North Dakota Highway 6, south of St. Anthony, North Dakota, on October 10, 2016.

* "KKK rally peaceful, police tear gas protesters afterward" (2017-07-08, c-ville.com) [archive.is/zR47A]
* "Police fire tear gas at crowd protesting Charlottesville KKK rally" (2017-07-08, roanoke.com) [archive.is/V4Hqv]
* "Protesters Surround KKK Gathering In Charlottesville" (2017-07-09, npr.org) [archive.is/oNYGB]

* "The Militarization of the Police; It’s dangerous and wrong to treat Ferguson, Missouri, as a war zone" (2014-08-13, slate.com) [archive.is/w8Ny3], photo caption: Police in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this week. While crime has fallen to its lowest levels in decades, police departments are acquiring more hardware and finding more reasons to use SWAT teams and other heavy-handed tactics, regardless of the situation.

* "The lessons of Baltimore, and Ferguson, and too many places" (2014-04-29, latimes.com) [archive.is/KBqiS]
* "Kettling" (retrieved 2017-07-14, en.wikipedia.org) [archive.is/3YMD4] [begin excerpt]: Kettling (also known as containment or corralling) [archive.is/0zfo] is a police tactic for controlling large crowds during demonstrations or protests. It involves the formation of large cordons of police officers who then move to contain a crowd within a limited area. Protesters are left only one choice of exit controlled by the police – or are completely prevented from leaving, with the effect of denying the protesters access to food, water and toilet facilities for an arbitrary period determined by the police forces.
The tactic has proved controversial, in part because it has resulted in the detention of ordinary bystanders as well as protestors [archive.is/59rD]. In March 2012 kettling was ruled lawful by the European Court of Human Rights following a legal challenge [archive.is/RrpZ4]. [end excerpt]
* "Victory in unlawful mass arrest during 2004 rnc the largest protest settlement in history" (2014-01-15, nyclu.org) [archive.is/QRom2]
- [comment]: First thing I noticed about Russia - No Police State - and I have traveled to many places there. Very refreshing Not seeing gangs, belligerent teenagers, homeless, and panhandlers - just for starters.
- [comment]: Again, as I have often said, just to remind those who are too young to have been there and have been blinded by the propaganda which buries such facts: All of this began in 1981 after the Neocons took the WH and sold the perpetual "war on drugs" to the Congress and the American people.
The perpetual drug war, still going strong under the dictatorial executive command of the DEA and the ONDCP, introduced "zero-tolerance policies" which are a complete violation of the U.S. Constitution and every human's civil and human rights.
During the 1980s, what we are seeing now was always justified by the suspicion of drugs and the American public was led to believe that the fascist thugs in uniform dispensing such totalitarian actions upon people were the "heroes" protecting everyone's children from evil drug dealers.
The American public was given an overdose of totalitarian police-state actions during the 1980s and led to believe that such actions were always right and good.
Americans who sat back stuffing their faces with fast-food every night, after wasting all of their time working for peanuts, were taught to respect the police-state as always being right, no matter how much violence was used, it was always for the best, for the good of the robotic police-state.
Now, American morons sit back and continue to stuff their faces with fast-food and always believe that the police using violence, committing totalitarian actions, are right, even while the police violate the U.S. Constitution and everyone's civil and human rights.
We're all taught to believe that big brother and the totalitarian police are always right, even as the United States of America turns into the biggest, most fascist, totalitarian banana republic in the world.
Meanwhile, Hollywood studios and producers provide more war and violence for the immature, dumbed-down morons who enjoy watching other people go through hell and suffer torture and death.
And the more of that crapolla that the human mind digests, the sicker it gets, until every mind that takes it in eventually suffers endless nightmares, and when they start to suffer those nightmares themselves, and cry out for help.... all they get is a bunch of immature morons, like themselves, calling them stupid cry-babies and wimps for not enjoying endless suffering and pain, for the sake of the enjoyment of a bunch of over-weight, spoiled-brat morons who are bored and enjoy watching other people suffer and die for their amusement.
All of the morons who support evil wars and violence for their own amusement, while ignoring the cries of suffering and pain of the victims, will go to hell and get a taste of their own medicine, and they won't like it anymore than anyone else does.

* "FBI, Snipers & Occupy" (re-posted with a new introduction, 2016-09-17, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/y1WPv], synopsis: On the fifth anniversary of the occupation of New York’s Zuccotti Park, read this classic WhoWhatWhy story revealing a secret contingency plan to assassinate Occupy Wall Street protesters in Texas.
Intro: Occupy Wall Street is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the movement in New York’s Zuccotti Park Saturday with activists recalling what happened in September of 2011.
The organizers of the event stressed that the purpose of the event is not to once again occupy the park but rather to recapture the spirit of the protests.
“Occupy Wall Street catapulted the issue of income inequality into the national conversation, was the catalyst to a host of other social movements and opened the door for Bernie Sanders to walk through — its spirit is irrefutable,” they said.
A key focus of the event will be to hear “the stories that were never reported accurately and honestly.”
With that in mind, we at WhoWhatWhy thought today would be the perfect time to re-run the article below. Originally published in 2013, it details the still-shocking, uncovered contingency plan, quietly investigated by the FBI, to assassinate Occupy Wall Street protesters.

* "Another Terrorist, Another Past Connection with the FBI" (2016-09-21, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/AnMbl], synopsis: As with many alleged lone wolf attacks — both those carried out and merely planned — the common denominator in the back stories of the perpetrators is contact with the FBI.

* "Proof of the JBLM Illegal Spy Database - Here's the URL" (2017-07-08, by "Spy Buster") [archive.fo/RGGSi], intro:
The JBLM Force Protection Division is publishing daily reports about American citizens to INTELINK, a United States Intelligence Community Database. Just what kind of information does an agency that is supposed to be maintaining the physical security of JBLM need to share with the United States Intelligence Community on a daily basis? This is more proof of illegal spying on American citizens by Joint Base Lewis-McChord (a military base in WA State).

* "Trump Looks to Expand Homeland Security Power Over Deportations; The 13-page proposal opens the door for DHS officials to expand their jurisdictions to a national level" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/jhIl4]

* "US Government Sued for 'Persistent and Systematic' Violations of Asylum Seekers' Rights; Officials are accused of using verbal abuse and physical force as well as threats to turn back asylum seekers" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Ry3Vk]
* "Emboldened by Trump, U.S. Border officials are lying to asylum seekers and turning them away" (2017-07-12, theintercept.com) [archive.fo/mRqUU]

* "US border agents: We won’t search data 'located solely on remote servers' ; What does that mean in practice? CBP isn't saying for now" (2017-07-14, arstechnica.com) [archive.is/Fwmst]

* "FBI Version of NY/NJ Bombing Story Sounds Very Familiar" (2016-10-10, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/ZQbLG], synopsis: The FBI can’t seem to get its story straight about its prior relationship with the New York and New Jersey bomber — same thing with one of the Boston bombers. What could possibly be the reason for these garbled explanations?
* "NY/NJ Bombing: The Curious Case of the Incurious Security Guards" (2016-10-23, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/wWCN7], synopsis: According to officials, two EgyptAir security guards who happened upon the NY/NJ bomber’s pressure-cooker bomb took the luggage it was hidden in, but had no idea they were looking at an IED. Really?

Metadata source materials -
* "CIA Highrise Android Malware Spies On SMS Messages: WikiLeaks" (2017-07-14, hackread.com) [archive.fo/U8Mua]

* "Hacker leaks emails of a top US State Department Russian affairs intel official – media" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/femMf]


International Security Agencies, the Five-Eyes, and transnational partners

* "A Bad Blueprint: Intelligence Agencies Coopting Private Enterprise; How US Spies Partnered with Private Business for Foreign Adventures" (2017-07-12, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.is/cZzNj], synopsis: Blackwater founder Erik Prince wants private contractors to replace the US military in Afghanistan. History shows that might be a bad idea. In the 1980s, in the midst of the Savings and Loan crisis and the Iran-Contra scandal, private connections to the CIA kept turning up like a bad penny.
[begin excerpt]: “But interviews with former CIA employees and bankers convinced us that during the 1980s a private ‘business’ network was actively engaged with our intelligence community in some variety of ad hoc foreign policy adventures. The Iran-Contra affair gave Americans a snapshot look at how it was done — how a group of individuals outside government interfaced with those inside government to fund and carry out politically unpopular foreign policies.”
It was clear then that the lines between state intelligence work, military expedition, and private business (even the news business) were becoming blurred. Today, with so many top corporations under government contract to supply the means of warfare — covert or otherwise — or the means of surveilling even entire populations, with almost every area of private enterprise within the purview of national security, we ask ourselves: Has anything really changed? [end excerpt]

* "Spyware Sold to Mexican Government Targeted International Officials" (2017-07-10, nytimes.com) [archive.fo/uG8lC]

* " ‘Discrimination, harassment, bullying’: Canada’s spy agents file C$35mn lawsuit against bosses" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/Ms3kO]

* "Australia plans law to force tech firms to decrypt messages" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.is/6KHQm]

* "Australian army set to tackle domestic terror" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/yVIJW]

* "Australia to boost army powers in response to potential terror attacks; The Australian prime minister says Canberra is set to extend the powers of the military to take action in response to potential terrorist attacks in the country" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/FvufQ]

* "G20 Hamburg – Authorities Continue Violence on Last Day of Summit" (2017-07-13, unicornriot.ninja) [archive.is/ey3Tj]

* "Berlin Truck Terror Suspect and the Curious Matter of ID Papers Left Behind; Not the First Time a Terror Suspect Apparently Left a Paper Trail -- or Was Previously Known" (2016-12-12, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/iwHJf], synopsis: The suspect in the Berlin truck attack on a Christmas market left behind ID papers. And was previously known to authorities. This seems to be part of a pattern.

* "Exhibitors based in Exarchia" (2017-03-20, kathimerini.gr; machine translated) [archive.fo/uZ9R2] [begin excerpt]:
A secret company in the heart of Exarcheia was deployed in the last ten days to dismantle one of the most active chains of forgery-traffickers based in Athens.
The equipment of the counterfeiting workshop was hidden in a car parked at the junction of Tositsa and Bouboulina streets next to the Polytechnic. In addition, on Wednesday night (22/3), during raids in the forgers' hiding places, in Kolonos and Exarchia, police officers from "special" services were ordered to be alert to assist their colleagues, the Aliens Directorate, if Considered necessary. On the days before, the secret police officers in the Survivors' Immigration Survey who supervised an apartment on Sultan Street had to stop monitoring because there was concern about their detection by anarchist groups. Such a development would jeopardize the physical integrity of the police and the successful completion of the operation. "Eventually, they ended up in Exarchia after a while," he said in a sworn statement, a police officer in the Aliens Directorate who participated in the investigation. "There," he continues, "the surveillance of the suspected vehicle has become particularly difficult and eventually interrupted by order of our service."
The investigation began ten days ago. The starting point was information that a 30-year-old Iraqi citizen frequented in the "Paerta" café next to the Attica Traffic Police is smuggling passports and ID cards. The 30-year-old was identified relatively easily, thanks to a combination of data (residence permit request, VAT) and during his surveillance he was contacted with his 24-year-old co-owner. The latter had a courier role. He took the fake travel documents from the "kavatses" of the circuit to Kolonos (Odysseos, Eleusinion and Keratsiniou streets) and handed it to the buyers. The cost of any fake travel document ranged from 600 to 1,500 euros. [end excerpt]


* "Indonesia blocks access to Telegram over ‘terrorist propaganda’ concerns" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/ucGZv]


from the Committee to
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[solitarywatch.com] [facebook.com/incarceratedworkers] [supportprisonerresistance.noblogs.org] [denverabc.wordpress.com] [prisonlegalnews.org] [prisonbooks.info] [nycabc.wordpress.com] [powmedicaljustice.com] [sacprisonersupport.wordpress.com]. Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. 

* "Oregon Decriminalizes Cocaine, Meth, Heroin And More; The new law reduces possession of illegal drugs to misdemeanors rather than felonies as long as the person in possession does not have prior drug convictions" (2017-07-11, mintpressnews.com) [archive.fo/ubzOs]

* "Ex-Military Man Accused of Bombing Air Force Office Faces Less Time than J20 Defendants" (2017-07-14, itsgoingdown.org) [archive.fo/0Ju82]

* "Canada: Immigration Detainee Ebrahim Toure Denied Release, Again; He is Canada's longest-serving immigration detainee currently in detention" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/EK1gS], photo caption: Ebrahim Toure has been detained for four years at the Lindsay “superjail” because Canada's border services can't deport him.



* "Transphobic 'Hate Bus' Clashes with LGBT Activists, 9 Arrested; Chilean LGBT activists meet a traveling Homophobic group in a face off over parental rights" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/m6dlA]


END PATRIARCHY! COMBAT MISOGYNY! [rejectedprincesses.com]

* "In Arkansas, rape survivors will be forced to notify their attacker if they get an abortion" (2017-07-10, msn.com) [archive.fo/7Gerb]


Health Administration Responsibility Project [harp.org]. Get your medical records [archive.fo/FdGcJ]. Transparency against physician malpractice [archive.fo/Q9VFr[archive.fo/PEijF] [archive.fo/2sXwl] [archive.fo/hmWKp[archive.fo/4NPdK] [archive.is/551Us]! 

* "As Dems rush to endorse single-payer health care, California sounds a warning" (2017-07-14, yahoo.com) [archive.is/PHich]

* "In Healthcare Battle, Corporations Continue to Win While Public Loses" (2017-07-11, by Ajamu Baraka) [archive.fo/UMQhE]

* "US ranked worst healthcare system, while the NHS is the best" (2017-07-14, by Andy Coghlan, newscientist.com) [archive.is/lm90J] [begin excerpt]:
A comparison of health systems in 11 wealthy nations has found the US falling short by multiple measures, while the UK’s National Health Service leads in several categories.
“We measured performance quality across five domains, and the USA fell short in all five,” says Eric Schneider of the Commonwealth Fund think tank in Washington DC. The domains were ease of access to healthcare, how equal access is to people of different incomes, administrative efficiency, how well the care process works for people who use it, and how good the health outcomes are.
The analysis included data from sources including the World Health Organization, the OECD, and questionnaires completed by people and their doctors in the 11 countries examined, which also included Australia, Canada, Germany and Sweden.
Overall, the US ranked last, although it ranked fifth in the care process category. The UK came top overall, but ranked tenth for healthcare outcomes – how well patients fare after treatment. [end excerpt]

* "Americans prefer Obamacare by a 2-to-1 margin to Trumpcare; US Republicans are striving to pass a bill that would overhaul the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, but a new poll shows that a majority of Americans oppose the GOP legislation" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Oset6]

* "Get the lead out: Federal bill would test for lead in children, provide treatment" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/YeT9H]

* "About the Science of Vaccine Neurotoxicity: 'Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand' ; A Collection of Recent Journal Articles Solidifying the Connections Between America’s Over-Vaccination Agenda and the Epidemics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Autoimmune Disorders" (2017-07-11, by Dr. Gary G. Kohls) [archive.fo/jrRlu]

* "The Spread of the Mers-CoV Virus: The Black Death of the XXI Century Waiting to Pounce" (2017-07-11, by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey) [archive.fo/rFbCc] [begin excerpt]:
Predictably, as with the Influenza A H1N1 outbreak, the World Health Organization is taking a cavalier attitude towards MERS-CoV, or Middle East Respiratory Sindrome-related Coronavirus, which appeared in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and in five years has caused 2.027 cases and 710 deaths, a mortality rate of almost 30 per cent.
With Influenza A (H1N1) in 2009/10, the response of the WHO was to sit back and inform us as the virus went through the six phases until reaching Pandemic status. By then the pharmaceutical industry had prepared billions of doses of an anti-viral medicine which made those involved a fortune (many countries bought up too much stock then destroyed it) and which was linked to neurological disorders and death in a number of cases around the world. [end excerpt]


articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more [SanPabloBayEPA.blogspot.com]. Science [discardstudies.com]. [blog.savesfbay.org] [ecowatch.com]

* "The Uninhabitable Earth; Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think" (2017-07-09, nymag.com) [archive.fo/buXlh], annotated edition (2017-07-14, nymag.com) [archive.fo/A8hKD]

Photo captions:
- In the jungles of Costa Rica, where humidity routinely tops 90 percent, simply moving around outside when it’s over 105 degrees Fahrenheit would be lethal. And the effect would be fast: Within a few hours, a human body would be cooked to death from both inside and out.
- In the sugar­cane region of El Salvador, as much as one-fifth of the population has chronic kidney disease, the presumed result of dehydration from working the fields they were able to comfortably harvest as recently as two decades ago.
- By the end of the century, the coolest months in tropical South America, Africa, and the Pacific are likely to be warmer than the warmest months at the end of the 20th century.

* "Jerry Brown Announces Global Climate Action Summit As He Promotes Fracking, Delta Tunnels" (2017-07-08, by Dan Bacher, indybay.org) [archive.fo/imGil]

* "Why Are Public Officials Protecting GMO and the Pesticides Industry? Digging Down into the Cesspool of Corruption" (2016-11-18, by Colin Todhunter) [archive.fo/yO2Pd]

* "Environmental Nightmare! Dozens Of Highly Toxic Substances Have Been Found In Tap Water All Over America" (2017-07-11, by Michael Snyder) [archive.fo/92LIe]

* "Did EFSA lie to the press on its glyphosate assessment?" (2017-06-30, corporateeurope.org) [archive.fo/kmyxl]


Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life. Info [detoxproject.org].

* "Ozone pollution tied to cardiovascular health: study" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/ZsSOv]


Save The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.

* "Syngenta and Bayer funded a $3m field study – but dismissed its conclusions" (2017-07-09, gmandchemicalindustry9.wordpress.com) [archive.fo/mWHAn]
* "Saving the humble bee is to save ourselves as well; Scientific research justifies an extension of the EU pesticide ban" (2017-06-30, ft.com) [archive.fo/1bh9r]
* "Study links insecticides to bee breeding problems; Findings unlikely to calm debate on effect of neonicotinoids banned in EU" (2017-06-29, ft.com) [archive.fo/4jhbw]


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NO NUKES! campaign
[StopNuclearDeath.blogspot.com] [nuclear-news.net] [nukeresister.org] [nukefree.org]; National Radiation Map [radiationnetwork.com], depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute.

* "United Nations Adopts Historic Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; North Korea, Alone Among Nuclear States, Voted “Yes” on Res. L.41 Authorizing this Treaty" (2017-07-12, by Carla Stea) [archive.fo/BXjVv]

* "America's War for Global Domination" (2003-12-15, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) [archive.fo/oJkhe] [begin excerpt]:
The "Pre-emptive" Use of Nuclear Weapons -
Washington has adopted a first strike "pre-emptive" nuclear policy, which has now received congressional approval. Nuclear weapons are no longer a weapon of last resort as during the cold War era.
The US, Britain and Israel have a coordinated nuclear weapons policy. Israeli nuclear warheads are pointed at major cities in the Middle East. The governments of all three countries have stated quite openly, prior to the war on Iraq, that they are prepared to use nuclear weapons "if they are attacked" with so-called "weapons of mass destruction." Israel is the fifth nuclear power in the World. Its nuclear arsenal is more advanced than that of Britain.
Barely a few weeks following the entry of the US Marines into Baghdad, the US Senate Armed Services Committee gave the green light to the Pentagon to develop a new tactical nuclear bomb, to be used in conventional war theaters, "with a yield [of up to] six times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb".
Following the Senate decision, the Pentagon redefined the details of its nuclear agenda in a secret meeting with senior executives from the nuclear industry and the military industrial complex held at Central Command Headquarters at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. The meeting was held on August 6, the day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, 58 years ago.
The new nuclear policy explicitly involves the large defense contractors in decision-making. It is tantamount to the "privatization" of nuclear war. Corporations not only reap multibillion dollar profits from the production of nuclear bombs, they also have a direct voice in setting the agenda regarding the use and deployment of nuclear weapons.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon has unleashed a major propaganda and public relations campaign with a view to upholding the use nuclear weapons for the "defense of the American Homeland."
Fully endorsed by the US Congress, the mini-nukes are considered to be "safe for civilians".
This new generation of nuclear weapons is slated to be used in the next phase of this war, in "conventional war theatres" (e.g. in the Middle East and Central Asia) alongside conventional weapons.
In December 2003, the US Congress allocated $6.3 billion solely for 2004, to develop this new generation of "defensive" nuclear weapons.
The overall annual defense budget is of the order of 400 billion dollars, roughly of the same order of magnitude as the entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Russian Federation.
While there is no firm evidence of the use of mini-nukes in the Iraqi and Afghan war theatres, tests conducted by Canada's Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC), in Afghanistan confirm that recorded toxic radiation was not attributable to 'heavy metal' depleted uranium ammunition (DU), but to another unidentified form of uranium contamination: "some form of uranium weapon had been used (...) The results were astounding: the donors presented concentrations of toxic and radioactive uranium isotopes between 100 and 400 times greater than in the Gulf War veterans tested in 1999." www.umrc.net [end excerpt]

* "SF Speak Out At Japanese Consulate To Defend Fukushima Families and Opposition To Restart; No Nukes Action is having the 60th action at the SF Japanese consulate to defend the families and workers of the nuclear plant and to oppose the re-opening of more nuclear plants in Japan by the Abe government" (2017-07-07, No Nukes Action Committee, nonukesaction.wordpress.com) [archive.fo/lyQyF]

* "777,000 Tons of Radioactive Waste to Be Dumped in Pacific; 'In the broad scale of things, if they do end up putting the material in the Pacific, it will have minimal effect on an ocean basin scale' " (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/lm2ns]
* "Fukushima’s radioactive water to be released into ocean under new plan" (2017-07-14, rt.com) [archive.fo/D9teI]

* "U.S., UK and France Denounce Nuclear Ban Treaty" (2017-07-13, counterpunch.org) [archive.is/KsmmP]


* "Three reasons to Ban The Bomb" (2017-07-10, thecominganarchy.wordpress.com) [archive.fo/Wlqrc]:
There are three reasons why the Indian state and its political parties hold on to nuclear weapons arsenal and expand it. First of which is common to all nation states – National Power. Second is restricted to nations with perceived or actual hostile neighboring nations – National Security. Third reason and the most important one for India’s ruling class only exists in fanatical societies and cults – Nation Pride.
The first reason gives rise not only to threats of nuclear annihilation but to wars generally, without high technology. The second is made worse with nuclear deterrence and increases hostilities and erodes the possibility of peaceful negotiations. The third brutally crushes individual liberties within the nation and creates the cynical war mentality within the society.


* "How a Plan for a Nuclear-Free World Was Sabotaged" (2016-04-27, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/UDxGe], synopsis: It was a trick of words: Congress agreed to an arms “control” treaty — but only in exchange for billions of dollars to “modernize” the current stockpile of weapons. So nothing really changed.


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[SovereignSanPabloBay.blogspot.com] [permaculture.org]




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Protect Earth's Sentient Life!


Preserve the Biosphere & Web of Life!


Save the Whales!
Information: [whales.org]


Documenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits. [UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.com[exposefacts.org] [ucsc.edu/whorulesamerica/index.html]

* "What Happened to America’s Wealth? The Rich Hid It; There's actually trillions that could be used to fix our roads and schools. The wealthy just don't want you to know where it is" (2017-06-28, by Chuck Collins) [archive.fo/u5K1w]

* "Social Security is fueling income inequality. Let's end it; Social Security is a misleading scheme and it's going insolvent anyway. It was sold as an insurance plan, but it's really income redistribution that takes money from the less wealthy and gives it to the more wealthy. It's time to phase out the program and give a real boost to the economy" (2017-07-14, cnbc.com) [archive.is/4WaZi]

* "Jamie Dimon blows up at DC's dysfunction, says he's tired of 'listening to the stupid s---' ; JPMorgan Chase reported quarterly earnings Friday. On the bank's earnings call, CEO Jamie Dimon answered a question about his view on Washington's impact on the economy. The executive proceeded to go on a roughly four-minute rant" (2017-07-14, cnbc.com) [archive.fo/jtvbj]
* "Dimon blasts financial press: 'Who cares about fixed income trading in the last two weeks of June?' JPMorgan Chase said in its quarterly report that fixed income trading revenues fell. CEO Jamie Dimon said on a call with reporters not to focus so much on those figures" (2017-07-14, cnbc.com) [archive.fo/B2kgA]

* "Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery A Citigroup analysis finds each box gets a $1.46 subsidy. It’s like a gift card from Uncle Sam" (2017-07-13, wsj.com) [archive.fo/rnVWJ]

* "Coal CEO admits that ‘clean coal’ is a myth; Coal baron says carbon capture and storage ‘does not work’ and ‘is just cover for the politicians’ " (2017-07-06, thinkprogress.org) [archive.fo/S05Nq]

* "The world’s greediest CEO: Hunter Harrison" (2017-04-20, peoplesworld.org) [archive.fo/FlsvQ], photo caption: Hunter Harrison, CEO of CSX .


* "Trump vs. ‘Deep State?’ That’s How Light Gets in" (2017-03-06, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.is/HZcZG], synopsis: From Watergate to Iraq War propaganda, conflicts between the Deep State and the Executive branch have proven helpful to the public. They provided a glimpse into the White House and the nation’s intelligence apparatus, leading to important reforms. So perhaps an open conflict between the Trump administration and the Deep State isn’t such a bad thing.
* "Russ Baker on the Media’s Deep State Conversion Moment" (2017-02-22, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.is/InvnY], synopsis: Deep State analysis is at the core of what we do at WhoWhatWhy. With that genre apparently no longer simply dismissed as “conspiracy theory,” the corporate media seem to be playing catch up to a game that is already well into overtime.
[begin excerpt]: The term “Deep State” has recently become as popular with the media as the term “#resistance.” It certainly wasn’t always that way. [...]
A company with vast resources can make sure the so-called free market works a whole lot better for itself than it does for its smaller rivals — even if the other companies offer a better product or service — and corporate media remains silent.
The media typically does not make us wonder why there seem to be wars going on all the time, why Americans are able to live so well compared to most of the world, nor that even today, resource extraction is a very deadly one-way street. They rarely seem to stop and ponder why it is that no matter which of the two political parties is in office, public policy seems to always cater to the 1% and not … the public.
The media does cover politics plenty. But it does not very often cover deep politics — that is, the forces beneath the  surface, the powers behind the daily events, what’s been called the Deep State.
To those unfamiliar with it, this expression sounds creepy, even paranoid, with a hint of conspiracy theory — itself a catchall term designed to discredit any critical analysis that comes perilously close to something that may lead back to the Deep State. How could there be something other than politics or the state — deep politics and a deep state?
Well, ask yourself: Is that giant bank where you have your money actually run by the smiling masses you see in their ads? The ones who say “We’re here for you” but when you call, they all read from the same script and admit they’re powerless? One thing your bank doesn’t do, usually, is advertise the top people, the biggest shareholders, and how much power they wield, and how much money they make.
It takes something like a financial scandal for the CEO to suddenly appear in the limelight, like a mole rubbing its eyes, and you say, “Oh, so that’s the main guy.” You never knew.
The media overall hates these “deep” concepts because they are anathema to people trying to keep their jobs and move up in a hierarchical system owned and influenced by the most powerful, while still wearing the thrilling mantle of “troublemaker.”
Let’s be clear: the Deep State is not six people in hoods muttering incantations. It’s a shifting landscape of those at the top of the heap — not a monolith but a bloody battlefield, with factions breaking both bread and heads.
It includes financiers, industrialists, media titans, generals, spymasters, strategists, and experts in the black arts of mass influence. It even includes a super-verboten topic: how the “overworld” (the legit) do business, albeit usually at arm’s length, with the underworld.
Look at Trump’s track record on this; look at CIA’s well-documented cooperation with the mob [archive.fo/ZYTQO] and with global drug cartels [archive.is/Nr3yF]. Also off-limits to the media: the role of highly profitable illegal activity in making great fortunes (prohibition, drug trade, money laundering) and the cooperation of elements of the state. [end excerpt]

* "What Presidents Are Up Against; Unseen Forces Are Always Present" (2016-09-27, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/G4YW2], synopsis: No matter who wins the 2016 election, no matter what campaign promises they make, neither one is likely to fulfill those promises. Neither one will be in charge, not really. Why not? See what Obama faced, as shown by WhoWhatWhy in 2010.
* "Russ Baker on the Power Behind the Presidency, and Much More" (2016-10-08, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/8lXps] introduction:
How realistic is this story: A man who was a state senator just a few years before becoming president all of a sudden gains the expertise and vast knowledge to deal with complex, weighty global issues — many of them literally matters of life and death?
Not very realistic, you’d say? Not even for a smart, educated man like Barack Obama.
In truth, everyone who takes possession of the Oval Office ultimately has to trust others to provide crucial advice and counsel — and, frankly, in many cases, to tell him or her what to do. Yet as far as the most of the public and much of the media are concerned, this decision-making backstory simply does not exist. The president is the president, a strutting figure on the stage of state, with a firm grasp of every issue and a finger on every pressure point.
In a wide-ranging interview, WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker discusses the dangers to democracy posed by our failure to acknowledge the hidden factors that influence presidential decisions, including the many private individuals and organizations that exert power over those within government.
* "American Political Dynasties Unite Against a Common Foe" (2016-09-27, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/SQY81], synopsis: The past week saw a Kennedy announcing that a Bush would support a Clinton and the Obamas cozying up to the Bushes. The establishment is closing ranks.


President Donald Trump's regime

* "Donald J. Trump and the Deep State" (2017, by Peter Dale Scott, whowhatwhy.org) part 1 [archive.fo/0igA2], part 2 [archive.fo/MKkp3], synopsis: On the campaign trail, Donald Trump attacked Wall Street, but now he plans to roll back the recent reforms of the financial sector. This action confirms the importance of his connections to big money, both new (often self-made) and old (mostly institutional). The world’s richest are now more likely to be Internet billionaires than traditional “captains of industry.” However, these young mavericks are still trying to shape the world in a way that suits them. With regard to the deep state, the players may have changed, but the game remains the same.
* "Trump’s Worst Collusion Isn’t With Russia — It’s With Corporations; The billionaires who backed Trump are making out a lot better than Putin" (2017-07-12, by Peter Certo, otherwords.org) [archive.is/Xp7fn]

* "The CBO thinks Trump's budget math is about $3.4T off" (2017-07-14, amp.cnn.com) [is.gd/NNexxS]
* "US budget deficit will hit $702 billion this year: White House; The White House has predicted that the American budget deficit will hit the staggering figure of $702 billion this year, which is $99 billion higher than was predicted in late May" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/XIeru]

* "Melania Trump and SIGABA allow Putin to decode Trump = Trump too defective and impotent to make or keep agreements State Department working groups are last hope" (2017-07-09, johnhelmer.net) [archive.fo/GfDIU]


* "Trump censures US media for ‘distorting democracy’ ; US President Donald Trump has slammed what he refers to as “fake news” over the coverage of a meeting between his son and a Russian attorney to get damaging information about the opponent of the then-GOP candidate ahead of the 2016 presidential election" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/rZBZ1]

* "What Jared's office actually does; Its briefing is almost comically broad, but the innovation office run by the presidential son-in-law is starting to take shape. Now can it succeed where others have floundered?" (2017-07-01, politico.com) [archive.fo/7U41u] [begin excerpt]:
When a dozen and a half CEOs of the world’s biggest tech companies descended on the White House last month, it turned a spotlight on one of the bigger mysteries of a mysterious White House: They were convened by the Office of American Innovation, the new operation being run by presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner. Announced with much fanfare by the president in March, the office was set up to bring “new thinking and real change” to the country’s toughest problems, according to Trump, in part by drawing on the lessons of the private sector. [...]
But over the past few weeks, its responsibilities have started to come into focus. It now has a staff, which worked behind the scenes to bring in the impressive roster of tech CEOs who attended the summit—Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, IBM’s Ginni Rometty and more. [end excerpt]
* "Kushner-Linked Startup Got Exclusive Invite To Meet Top Tech CEOs At White House" (2017-07-14, huffingtonpost.com) [archive.is/DV7M7]

* "Jared Kushner tried and failed to get a half-billion dollar bailout from Qatar" (2017-07-10, theintercept.com) [archive.fo/84VxQ]

* "Congressman Sherman Introduces Article of Impeachment: Obstruction of Justice" (2017-07-12, sherman.house.gov) [archive.fo/jWfBO]
* "It’s Official: Impeachment Resolution against President Donald J. Trump. H. RES. 438" (2017-07-13, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) [archive.fo/LTCZA]
* "How Trump Can Avoid Impeachment: Order NSA to Declassify All Intel On Democratic Email Leaks" (2017-07-11, washingtonsblog.com) [archive.is/gfwEe]
* "Impeachment of President Trump Now Much More Likely; The Trump-Qatar Scandal that Could End His Presidency" (2017-07-12, by Eric Zuesse) [archive.fo/BlRMN]

* "Throwing a Curveball at ‘Intelligence Community Consensus’ on Russia; Definitive assessment was not what it proclaimed to be" (2017-07-12, by Scott Ritter) [archive.fo/6yQtD]
* "Russia 'Collusion' Smoking Gun? Political opponents and US media are calling the uncovered past meeting between Donald Trump's son and a Russian lawyer a 'smoking gun' " (2017-07-03, by Finian Cunningham, via sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/4Q7az]
* "Here are the times that Trump allies have denied or obscured links to Russian agents" (2017-07-10, washingtonpost.com) [archive.fo/xypqQ]
* "US intelligence 'detected Russian officials discussing meetings with Trump associates in 2015' ; They didn't know what to do with the information at the time, but are now taking a second look" (2017-07-12, independent.co.uk) [archive.fo/7K3Fl]
* "Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election, says Trump" (2017-07-13, rt.com) [archive.fo/VY3tm]

* "Donald Trump Jr. hires N.Y. lawyer for Russia probes" (2017-07-10, Reuters newswire) [archive.fo/mAm2l]
* "Russian oligarch hired lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr and also paid the shadowy research company behind dirty dossier - then settled $230million money laundering case for just $6million" (2017-07-12, dailymail.co.uk) [archive.fo/p04sN], summary:
Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya's meeting with the Trump campaign last June was part of a larger, multi-pronged lobbying campaign in Washington.
Veselnitskaya's boss Denis Katsyv spearheaded the lobbying campaign against the U.S. 'Magnitsky Act' that has hurt his financial interests.
 The operation included an effort to influence the Trump campaign's Russia policy, as well as targeted meetings with members of congress.
At the time Katsyv was charged with $230million in money-laundering offenses
But days before the case was due to come to trial in New York in May of this year, it was settled for just $6million.

* "Who Is Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya?" (2017-07-13, by Aaron Kesel) [archive.fo/njzta]

* "Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya connected to John McCain in stunning photo; Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya posted a photo on Facebook from inside John McCain’s office" (2017-07-12, theduran.com) [archive.fo/IV0Rv]
* "Russian lawyer pictured with Obama’s Ambassador to Russia after meeting Trump Jr.; Why was Natalia Veselnitskaya sitting with Obama officials just days after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr." (2017-07-13, theduran.com) [archive.fo/QLKpT]
* "Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya Says She Didn’t Give Trump Jr. Info on Clinton" (2017-07-11, nbcnews.com) [archive.fo/Nlqg7]
* "Donald Trump Jr posts emails from Russia offering material on Clinton: 'I love it' " (2017-07-11, theguardian.com) [archive.fo/F7mL1]
* "Full text of the emails between Donald Trump Jr and Rob Goldstone; Donald Trump’s son was forced to release emails showing what he was told was Russia’s attempt to harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign – here’s what they said" (2017-07-11, theguardian.com) [archive.fo/r71ga]
* "Everybody Is Forgetting That Clinton Allies Did The Same Thing As Don Jr." (2017-07-10, dailycaller.com) [archive.fo/hrh0M]
* "Forgetting the ‘Dirty Dossier’ on Trump; The new Russia-gate furor is over Donald Trump Jr. meeting a Russian who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton, but the Clinton team’s Russian cash-for-trash search against Trump Sr. is all but forgotten" (2017-07-10, by Robert Parry) [archive.fo/Xz6RH]

* "Clinton Allies Met With Ukrainian Govt Officials to Dig up Dirt on Trump During 2016 Election" (2017-07-10, by thegatewaypundit.com) [archive.fo/YCLSo]

* "How the Clintons Longstanding Ukrainian Donor Allegedly Sponsored Hillary's Run; CyberBerkut hackers believe that the Clinton Foundation's donor Victor Pinchuk, a son-in-law of former Ukrainian President Kuchma, could have been behind the money laundering scheme involving IMF funds intended for Ukraine. The hackers alleged that these funds were then redistributed to the Clinton charity through offshores" (2017-07-13, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/xpluN]
* "The Non-Issue of Trump Jr.’s Emails. Links with a Russian Lawyer, Much Ado about Nothing" (2017-07-13, by Stephen Lendman) [archive.fo/KQXYT]
* "Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails: ‘Watch Your Back , Bitch’ ; After hearing Rachel Maddow discuss our recent story about Kasowitz, a man emailed the attorney urging him to resign. Kasowitz responded with threats and profanity" (2017-07-13, propublica.org) [archive.fo/pAyGw]
* "Trump puts Loretta Lynch in the crosshairs as he says Obama's attorney general let Russian lawyer who met Don Jr into the country" (2017-07-13, dailymail.co.uk) [archive.fo/PCKml], summary: President Trump pointed a finger at former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for allowing Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya in the country. 'Somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by Attorney General Lynch,' Trump floated at a presser in Paris.  The Hill newspaper reported that Veselnitskaya was cleared to come into the country due to 'extraordinary circumstances' by Obama's Justice Department.
* "Ex-DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schulz launches bid to strip Jared of security clearance (after leaving the Democratic servers open to hacking and turning down offer of assistance)" (2017-07-13, dailymail.co.uk) [archive.fo/BLp8Y], summary: Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner has revised a disclosure form he completed in connection with joining the White House. An initial version failed to disclose all his contacts with foreign officials. An updated version reveals more than 100 contacts. Former Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz introduced amendments that would strip Kushner of his security clearance. The DNC got hacked in an intrusion the intelligence community says Moscow was behind. It later emerged that the DNC turned down offers of assistance from the government. Republicans on the Appropriations Committee called it a political stunt. Among meetings Kushner he failed to disclose was one with Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. The form was required for Kushner to get a security clearance.
* "New questions arise from Trump Tower meeting" (2017-07-15, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/iVY0i]

* "How A False Conspiracy Theory About The Russian Lawyer Who Met With Don Jr. Spread To Trump Pro-Trump media figures have gone as far as to falsely suggest that the Russian attorney may have planted a listening device for the Obama administration" (2017-07-14, buzzfeed.com) [archive.is/361Q8]
* " ‘If Don Jr’s Russian meeting was nefarious, why did Secret Service allow it?’ – Trump lawyer" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/65Ttw]

* "Donald Trump picks Ty Cobb to handle Russia probe response" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/kAB8u]

* "Trump losing public support, new poll shows" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/uhii5]


"Liberal" Capitalists:
Against Socialism, for War and Profit

* "Progressive Democrats: Resist and Submit, Retreat and Surrender" (by James Petras, Bartle Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, petras.lahaine.org) [archive.fo/I5HJD], introduction:
Over the past quarter century progressive writers, activists and academics have followed a trajectory from left to right – with each presidential campaign seeming to move them further to the right. Beginning in the 1990’s progressives mobilized millions in opposition to wars, voicing demands for the transformation of the US’s corporate for-profit medical system into a national ‘Medicare For All’ public program. They condemned the notorious Wall Street swindlers and denounced police state legislation and violence. But in the end, they always voted for Democratic Party Presidential candidates who pursued the exact opposite agenda.
Over time this political contrast between program and practice led to the transformation of the Progressives. And what we see today are US progressives embracing and promoting the politics of the far right.
To understand this transformation we will begin by identifying who and what the progressives are and describe their historical role. We will then proceed to identify their trajectory over the recent decades.
We will outline the contours of recent Presidential campaigns where Progressives were deeply involved.
We will focus on the dynamics of political regression: From resistance to submission, from retreat to surrender.
We will conclude by discussing the end result: The Progressives’ large-scale, long-term embrace of far-right ideology and practice.


"Libertarian" Capitalists & "Constitutionalist" constraints against democracy
[alibertarianfuture.com] [fff.org] [mises.org]


"Dominionist" Capitalism & the "Prosperity Gospel" ideology
Persecution Belief [archive.fo/raPTj]; Ideology [archive.is/rClcp]; Rejection of Christ's teachings [archive.is/VbO5F]

* " ‘Honk against Satan!’: Hundreds of Catholics protest Satanic statue in Minnesota" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/7oCxS] [begin excerpt]:
The protest comes after a religious freedom group pushed for the removal of a 2ft statue of a soldier, known to locals as ‘Joe’, kneeling in front of a cross. The site of the statue, which is meant to emphasise the divisions of church and state, was subsequently designated a ‘Free Speech Zone’ by the city council.
However, following the designation, the Satanic Temple proposed erecting their own monument inside the zone. [end excerpt]
- Photo:


The Military State
[archive.defense.gov/contracts]; [airforce.com] "Air, Space, Cyberspace"

* "US House Passes Record Military Budget, More Than Trump Request; The bill passed with a resounding vote from the House with 344 in support and 81 against from 117 Democrats and all but 8 Republicans" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/9A2bt]

* "US to Spend $406 Billion on F-35 Jet Program; The most expensive U.S. weapons program is getting more costly" (2017-07-11, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/veeO9]


Two Party Dictatorship

* "George W. Bush and Bill Clinton’s Friendship Now Feels Shocking; Behold: a Republican and a Democrat who are still speaking to each other" (2017-07-14, vanityfair.com) [archive.is/G8H8M]

* "Democrats are doubling down on the same vanilla centrism that helped give us President Trump" (2017-07-12, latimes.com) [archive.fo/xEfyK]
* "New Democratic Party slogan is sadly telling" (2017-07-07, peoplesworld.org) [archive.is/xPm16], photo caption: The Democrats' proposed slogans for the 2018 House elections completely rely on voters' repulsion of Trump and the GOP.


* "WI Recount 'Reform' Bills Worsen Already Opaque Elections, Critics Warn" (2017-07-11, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/BlDSd]


State Media Watch
Documenting propaganda issued by the monopolist media and members of the state security regime that uphold the economic dictatorship, imperialist wars, and the "New Jim Crow" regime [mediamatters.org] [onlinecensorship.org]

* "Ever More Official Lies and 'False Reality' Emanating from the US Government" (2017-07-10, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts) [archive.fo/hbt0n]

* "After 1,379 Days, NYT Corrects Bogus Claim Iran ‘Sponsored’ 9/11" (2017-07-06, fair.org) [archive.fo/1Wz9w] [begin excerpt]:
The corrections, belated as they were, minimized the defamation of the original articles in a  lawyerly manner, conceding only that “it has not been established that Iran sponsored the attacks.” It has also not been established that Israel or Saudi Arabia or the Bush administration sponsored 9/11, but imagine the New York Times framing allegations against those actors this way. It’s unthinkable but, because Iran is an Official Enemy of the United States, it is not subject to the same editorial standards as those in good standing with the US State Department.
Per the North Korea Law of Journalism—which states that “editorial standards are inversely proportional to a country’s enemy status” [archive.fo/I8A3L]—the Times can casually smear Iran as sponsoring  the deadliest act of terror on US soil, and it’s not taken seriously by anyone. Just thrown into an article, forgotten about and only corrected—with no special note by the paper—almost four years later.
One would be curious what the New York Times public editor would say about such a glaring error but the paper eliminated the position a month ago (FAIR.org, 6/1/17) [archive.fo/kUzJZ]. Perhaps the Times’ in-house media analyst, Jim Rutenberg, who spends much of his time hand-wringing over “fake news” [archive.is/UBSbo] and RT [archive.fo/x6wN7], could spare a column on how this happened. This is unlikely, since with an Official Enemy, no amount of libel—no matter how egregious—merits a meaningful response from the paper of record. [end excerpt]

* "MSM Mourned Liberation of Aleppo, Now Celebrates Liberation of Mosul; Just half a year ago the ouster of violent jihadis from a multi-million city was a cause of grief for the western mainstream press" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/5ATJO]

* "Homeless in Kitzeh" (2017-07-10, irrussianality.wordpress.com) [archive.fo/isqwN] [begin excerpt]:
Every year, the US State Department releases a report on ‘Trafficking in Persons’. The 2017 report is now available. This is what it has to say about Russia:
The government generally did not undertake efforts to protect human trafficking victims and did not publicly report having identified or assisted victims. …  During the reporting period, a homeless shelter run by the Russian Orthodox Church in Kitezh began accepting trafficking victims and offered them food and housing, though not medical or psychological care; the government did not provide financial support for the shelter.
Kitezh, by the way, is a mythical sunken city [archive.fo/VEl5a], the Russian equivalent of Atlantis (and not, as in Return of the Tomb Raider, hidden somewhere in the mountains of Siberia).
HT to that well-known source of ‘fake news’, RT, for bringing the story to my attention [archive.fo/a78yh]. I’ve checked it out. It’s true. You can access the entire State Department report here [archive.is/67DcN]. The part of the report dealing with Russia is here (.pdf) [is.gd/3eRS9j]. [end excerpt]
* "US State Dept bashes Moscow for not helping shelter in mythical town known as ‘Russian Atlantis’ " (2017-07-10, rt.com) [archive.fo/a78yh]

* "Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media; Excerpt from 'Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood' " (2016, whowhatwhy.org), part 1 [archive.fo/FGKu4], part 2  [archive.fo/CyLsZ], introduction to part 2: Americans are under almost constant bombardment with propaganda. Everyone who wants our money is trying in overt and more subtle ways to shape our views and our spending decisions. We kind of get that.
But we don’t understand very well, or even recognize at all, the constant efforts by elements of our own government to shape how we see things.
Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this is efforts by American intelligence services to influence our media, our cultural, and our storytelling institutions. The goal is to present a version of historical events that suits the purposes of these murky power centers.
WhoWhatWhy has started to take back ownership of our vital information pipelines.
A new book, from which we excerpt below, provides important insights into how the news, movies and other forms of dissemination are quietly shaped to “help” us know what to think.

* "Read the CIA’s 1951 listicle comparing U.S and Soviet Propaganda; Agency memo found 33 similarities between Voice of America and its USSR counterparts" (2017-06-30, muckrock.com) [archive.fo/egOYc] [begin excerpt]:
In 1951, as the Cold War was intensifying, the CIA decided to see how Voice of America radio broadcasts into Eastern Europe compared with Soviet efforts. In a remarkably candid document (.pdf) [is.gd/ZHtqQk], the Agency critically assessed the similarities and differences U.S. and Soviet propaganda.
Today, VOA claims that it was founded during the Second World War to provide “Unbiased and accurate information” [archive.fo/sWbep]. The CIA officers assessing VOA in 1951, though, saw the service as essentially similar to Soviet propaganda, going so far as saying that most Americans would be surprised by the similarities between the two.

The document proposes that similarities could be the result of opposing countries imitating the propaganda put out by their rivals, and even posits the existence of an “international propagandists culture” that tended to produce similar techniques

The document includes a list of 33 main similarities between Soviet and American propaganda, including the “impression of objectivity,” “avoiding obvious lying on tangible facts,” blurring distinctions within enemy camp,” and “not dignifying opponent’s position by quoting it.”

[end excerpt]

* "CNN: The Islamic Caliphate of Cable TV; Could it be possible that CNN is basically a propaganda organ for ISIS and Al-Qaeda?" (2017-07-11, by Dr. Paul Kindlon) [archive.fo/MTBwT]:
In Islam there are two Jihads: the “:greater Jihad” is the struggle to improve one’s soul.The “lesser Jihad” is the struggle against social injustice.
First and foremost, fanatical Islamic jihadists see themselves as social justice warriors. And if you watch cable TV you know that CNN journalists also follow the lesser Jihad. In fact, CNN is an awful lot like the radical Islamic movement. The similarities and connections are rather uncanny. It’s all very weird and worrying.
Members of ISIS and Al-Qaeda say that no one is allowed to mock or criticize the prophet and so it was only natural that a fake wrestling cartoon mocking the “Prophet CNN” was fanatically attacked last week by CNN jihadists. (In Paris, Charlie Hebdo – you may remember - was targeted for an irreverent cartoon of the prophet.) And now Trump who mocked CNN with an irreverent cartoon needs to be targeted. Certainly no one mocks Jeff Zucker, peace be upon him.
Because Donald Trump – once he became president - dared to criticize Prophet CNN there had to be a martyr to take him down.
Enter CNN jihadist Kathy Griffin – who – like her ISIS counter parts had to celebrate the beheading of “an infidel” with his decapitated head held up high for all to see. If it had been a video instead of a photo one could imagine Kathy shouting “CNN u Akbar!”
It is not a secret that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are funded by the Gulf States. But guess who else is? That’s right…CNN !
Amber Lyon – a real journalist who initially coined the term “fake news” in reference to her own company - quit CNN because she discovered it was accepting money from Gulf States to produce favorable news coverage for these dictatorial governments committing horrendous human rights abuses.
This cozy relationship between governments that sponsor Wahhabi terrorism and CNN was revealed in a stunning piece of investigative journalism by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian entitled “CNN and the business of state-sponsored TV news.
Could it be possible that CNN is basically a propaganda organ for ISIS and Al-Qaeda?
Eerily, an article recently by Max Blumenthal exposed CNN journalist Clarissa Ward as a social justice warrior connected to Al-Qaeda media manager Bilal Abdul Kareem. Through him, CNN managed to gain access to Al-Qaeda controlled areas including the scene/episode of the now infamous Aleppo boy – a story that has turned out to be – well – fake news. Pure propaganda, really.
Until recently Al-Qaeda and ISIS were scoring spectacular victories in Syria. The secularist infidel Assad and his government were on the verge of a historic defeat at the hands of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. All that changed, however, with the intervention of Russia and its air force. As a result of Russian interference, ISIS and Al-Qaeda have been on the run and are themselves now facing defeat.   Their propaganda organ CNN, therefore, was put into high gear in an effort to demonize the infidel Vladimir Putin.
And finally…
Is it a coincidence that CNN – the “Clinton News Network” - worked overtime and then some in an attempt to get Hillary elected? After all, she is the one responsible for arranging the downfall and death of Islamic terrorists’ number one enemy in Africa – Muammar Qaddafi. The connection?
Well …does anyone remember when The Independent revealed this bombshell? - “Julian Assange: Isis and Clinton Foundation are both funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar” [archive.fo/1Tc4X].
Now you know why CNN jihadist Chris Cuomo issued a dire warning to viewers that reading Wikileaks is “illegal”. And all through this CNN founder Ted Turner has remained mysteriously silent. It’s all very weird and worrying...


* "CNN: US Helped the French Storm Bastille (in 1917); CNN tells us the Franch hold annual Thank-America-Day Parades" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/BMVhG]

* "The Thin Red Line: Seymour Hersh, confession and journalism as political warfare" (2017-07-11, by T.P. Wilkinson) [archive.fo/baHoo] [begin excerpt]:
An article has been posted throughout the alternative media that has led to a serious dispute. Ironically the piece is called “Trump’s Red Line.” The apparent reference is to what under a previous POTUS was called “the red line”. The implicit meaning of this term “red line” is that of the “line in the sand”—the kind of schoolboy-bully dare usually leading to a serious fight. I think this is the wrong way to understand the term in the current situation. Not that bullies—with a schoolboy mentality—are not involved but also, that the historical use I describe above is not only more appropriate to describe the principals but that the ruse is analogous.
First publication of the article is attributed to Die Welt am Sonntag, a newspaper in the German Axel Springer publishing group, which posted it on 25 June 2017 in English [archive.fo/4rKY9]. On the same day Die Welt posted another item from the author in German titled “So einen Scheiß kann ich mir nicht mal ausdenken” (roughly “I could not even dream this shit up”) (2017-06-25, welt.de; machine translated) [archive.fo/qdap5]. It is described as the protocol of a “chat” between a former US “Sicherheitsberater” (presumably one of those “national security advisers” described in Trump’s Red Line or the senior adviser from whom the reader will read a lot below) and a US American soldier (of unspecified rank or grade). The subject is events in Khan Shaikhoun, Syria. Die Welt editors advise the readers that the places where the parties to the exchange are assigned are known to them but that personal statements that could provide information about military operations have been abridged so as not to endanger sources. [...]
Here it ought to be recalled that Die Welt am Sonntag, as a publication of the Axel Springer Verlag, has always had close relationships with the secret services, especially those of the US. This is not to rule out domestic German political motives for presenting the war in particular ways or Trump in an unfavourable light. Germany is the most powerful country in Western Europe and the support of its electorate is important to US policy aims in Europe. The German mass media in the past years has supported almost without qualification US anti-Russian policy although much of Germany—albeit for various reasons, is far from anti-Russian. Hence psychological warfare in Germany is a very important part of NATO strategy. The encouragement of the strong pro-American factions is needed to counter those who see—logically and historically—Russia as the preferred trading partner.
But the significance of first publication in Germany ought to be clear to those who are familiar with Operation Mockingbird. The CIA and other propaganda activities in the US government would release through various channels stories to the foreign press in the certainty that they would be picked up by US media and reprinted, quoted or rebroadcast. The point is that normal means would make it very difficult to trace the provenance back to the US government and the story would appear as if it were independently produced and therefore merely borrowed from abroad—giving the colour of objectivity if not the substance.
The author enjoys respect, especially on the Left, bordering on canonisation. He stands for loyal opposition. The Left imagines that he is in opposition and the rest know he is loyal. Moreover celebrity in the US is a kind of wealth and it endows people who enjoy it with power that others do not have. The condescending compatible Left has its Ellsberg and Hersh from the “good old days” when the white middle class imagined they toppled the government and ended the war in Vietnam. It needs these celebrities because they distract from the necessity to think for oneself. There are a few international saints and some who have only reached the rank of venerable or blessed. The differences can be seen in the lecture fees and the book receipts or how often they appear on TV—mainstream or otherwise. Like with my grandmother, there is a kind of primitive devotion that has to be served and so it is almost irrelevant who does it, but it has to be done. [...]
This reporting has no other function but to distract people from what the US regime is actually doing, to maintain the illusion that stated policy is actual policy and thereby maintain the criminal enterprise of which the CIA—in the widest sense of that term– remains one of the core elements. As I have argued above, it is not necessary to lie to be a propagandist for liars—it is only necessary to do exactly what Robert McNamara did when he said “I never answered the questions others asked. I made it a rule only to answer the questions I think they should have asked.” [end excerpt]


Artificial Poverty and Starvation

* "The Inevitability Of DeGrowth; Our current debt & energy orgy can't last much longer" (2017-07-07, peakprosperity.com) [archive.fo/jG5dt]


* "Gap between rich & poor in US among highest of major industrial countries – report" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/KVu8Q]
* "Poverty & stress put people at greater risk of dementia – Alzheimer’s experts" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/v1vUM]

* "Young Americans don't buy homes because of student debt loads: study" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/NDHeb]


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Nations exist alongside the Federal [archive.fo/VXoPR], and State governance [archive.fo/Cz2uF]. Demographic maps: 2000 [archive.fo/nXHXz], 2010 [archive.fo/nKbSA], religion [archive.fo/XArBS]. The New Afrikan nation, and the nation of Nueva Aztlan, each have their own separate sections on this news page.

USA Homeland's resident nations:
Sovereign nations of the "Indian Country", and of traditional lodges.
Map [archive.fo/s4FYb]; News [indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com] [bsnorrell.blogspot.com]

* "Activist Mount Solar Campaign Against Pipelines Plans; The motive of the environmental groups is to install solar panels directly along TransCanada's proposed project’s path" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/KcTUh]
* "Indigenous and Environmental Groups Sue Trump Over Keystone XL; 'This movement has already defeated the Keystone XL pipeline, and we will again,' said Brune" (2017-03-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/noPsE]
* "Trump's New Decree to 'Wreak Havoc' on Climate, Reward Big Oil; The latest executive order is seen by critics as a reckless attempt to boost energy industry profits at the cost of the environment and public health" (2017-03-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/N4OSH]
* "Oil Flows Through Dakota Access Pipeline, But Resistance Will Continue; This is a setback for Native American water protectors, but not a defeat" (2017-03-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/orutl], photo caption: A protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline on March 4 in New York City.

* "North Dakota Oil Spill 3 Times Larger Than Initially Thought; As oil began to flow in the nearby Dakota Access pipeline, the December oil spill is said to be 12,615 barrels of oil, from the initial estimate of 4,200" (2017-03-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/M19R0]
* "Alaska Pipeline Leaked Gas into Endangered Animals' Habitat for 5 Months; The area has been subjected to a number of gas and oil leaks" (2017-04-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/zaPED]


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Kingdom of Hawai‘i / Occupied State of the Hawaiian Islands
[hawaiiankingdom.org/blog] [facebook.com/KamehamehaVIII]


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (USA territory) and the Boriqueno nation

* "Oscar Lopez Rivera Joins Fight Against Toxic Coal Ash Dumping; “If we fight, let us triumph. We need to decolonize our spirit... Without struggle there is no victory,” the independence fighter said to press" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/LpjWJ]
* "Puerto Rican Senator Among 41 Arrested at Toxic Waste Protest; Independence Party Senator María de Lourdes Santiago was among 41 arrested as part of ongoing community protests over the dumping of toxic coal ash" (2016-11-24, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/37lFa], photo caption: Protesters blockading toxic dumpsite confronted by police on Wednesday in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico

* "Don’t Forget About Puerto Rico on US Independence Day; Today, when millions of U.S. citizens celebrate Independence Day, it’s important to remember Puerto Rico’s own struggle for independence" (2017-07-03, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/xVj7i], photo caption: Puerto Ricans march in support of becoming an independent nation. The sign reads 'Neither (Financial Oversight and Management) Board, Nor Colony, Independence Now!'


USA Homeland's resident nations:
American Nation, including the State Sovereignty campaigns, and Dominionist Campaigns. [tenthamendmentcenter.com]; "A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right" (2016-08-31, by Andrew Anglin) [archive.is/DyeDG]

* "Fred Perry, Proud Boys, and the Semiotics of Fashion" (2017-07-12, hamptoninstitution.org) [archive.is/24mQr] [begin excerpt]:
Over the past week the Proud Boys, a self-described "Western chauvinist" organization whose members are tired of apologizing for "creating the modern world", have garnered media attention. Along with the disruption of an Aboriginal ceremony in Halifax by Proud Boy servicemen [archive.fo/GOdBk], the group is gaining notoriety for clashes with anti-fascist (Antifa) activists. Additionally, the Proud Boys have been involved with so-called anti-Sharia rallies [archive.is/bfnl8]. In New York, two Proud Boys and one "Proud Boys Girl" recently parted ways with their employers after their involvement with the alt-right group came to light and a social media campaign demanded the businesses take action [archive.is/rZS0o]. Proud Boys have degrees of membership. To become a "Fourth Degree" Proud Boy, aspiring members take part in "a major fight for the cause." Founder Gavin McInnes explained: "You get beat up, kick the crap out of an antifa [anti-fascist activists]," to rise through the ranks [archive.is/8mo3a].
Much Proud Boy media coverage has mentioned, in passing, the group's "uniform": a black Fred Perry polo shirt with bright yellow trim [archive.fo/zvAwt]. The Washington Post's recent article, "The alt-right's Proud Boys love Fred Perry polo shirts. The feeling is not mutual" [archive.fo/1wX1z] went further in its attempts to explain why Proud Boys have adopted a shirt that, at first glance, seems best suited for white middle-class dads out for a round of golf or game of tennis, quoting Zoë Beery's piece in The Outline, " How Fred Perry Came to Symbolize Hate ". While both articles offer an overview of the shirt's popularity among Mod and traditional Skinhead subculturists and its eventual cooptation by racist skinheads and neo-Nazis, neither emphasizes the degree to which the brand has long served as a site of political contest between the radical left and the far-right. Since the early 1980s, attempts to associate the brand with right-wing politics have been met with resistance from two main camps: 1.) anti-racist skinheads and 2.) "traditional" (non-racist) skinheads -- both of whom refuse to cede the meaning of the Fred Perry brand to the far-right in the same way that one might fight for the liberation of an occupied space. [end excerpt]

* "Hitler Speech Blasted over California School Loudspeakers; Under his rule some 6 million Jews were reportedly killed. The mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, and Black people were also candidates for genocide" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/j2gQD]


Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "Neoliberal Globalization: Is There an Alternative to Plundering the Earth?" (2011-04-19, by Prof. Claudia von Werlhof) [archive.fo/WOx9n]

* [archive.fo/PlFNN#selection-2255.1-2263.378]:
I too have been concerned at the lurch to the right in western society. It seems the management of countries has become too difficult for the political classes so they withdraw more rights on the argument “give up these rights and we will preserve what remains.“
We have been hearing that proposal since the defeat of democracy in the Napoleonic War and the War of 1812 and the consequent repudiation of the Rights of Man that Tom Paine had identified so eloquently and emphatically.
This abusive system finds its philosophical roots in the works of Jeremy Bentham and Edmund Burke, those two favorite authorities for the proposition the people should do as they are told. From the initial outbreak in the confines of the City of London and Westminster it has spread to infect the whole world until today people are conditioned to assume its the right way to go.

* "India – Crime of the Century – Financial Genocide" (2017-01-19, thesaker.is) [archive.is/Zym0H]

* "The G20 From Hell" (2017-07-11, by Pepe Escobar) [archive.fo/of6hK]


A study of the personal ideologies and social practices of those who benefit from the global capitalist regime, including illicit trafficking networks and cooperative ventures with government entities. [WorldFascists.blogspot.com]

* "Guatemala Arrests 17 for Graft, Including Ex-Ambassador to US; The suspects are accused of being complicit in a web of money laundering and illegal election financing" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/YdY9p], photo caption: Guatemala's former Minister of Communications, Alejandro Sinibaldi, resigned from the presidential candidacy in Guatemala City, Guatemala, on April 19, 2015.


Vanguards of European racial supremacy 
Golden Dawn International [golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.com], European Knights Project [europeanknightsproject.com/category/ekp-news], English Asatru News [englishnews.org/news-central.html], Council of European Canadians [eurocanadian.ca], Albion's People [albionofengland.blogspot.com]. [saxonmessenger.christogenea.org]

* "Thousands flock to ‘largest’ neo-Nazi rock festival in Germany, outnumber host city’s population" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/GIC7P], photo caption: Participants arrive for one of Germany's biggest right-wing music festivals in Themar, Germany July 15, 2017


* "Clashes with police, concert hall 'under threat' in Paris over Congolese artist performance" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/16Yvd]

* "Orange Order’s Nazi-style costumes to be investigated by Scottish police" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/53esP]


information collected by the exploratory committee towards a 
[SolanoPeaceJustice.blogspot.com], for justice, dignity and human rights in accordance with the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (.pdf) [is.gd/TftqGs], and an end to the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [archive.fo/tmncz], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [archive.fo/LhUTj], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [archive.fo/U1Ota].
Peace News [peaceblog.wordpress.com], Costs of War (Brown University) [watson.brown.edu/costsofwar].

* "Cuban Poetry Festival Slams US Blockade and Imperialism; Unwilling to succumb to an entirely fatalist perspective, the poets also conveyed poetic messages of cultural unity between the peoples of Cuba and the United States" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/mdNBC], photo caption: The First Itinerant Poetry Festival of Our Americas in Cuba. (Photo: Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba)


* "Destroying Mosul to Save It: Possible US-Backed War Crimes in Iraq Exposed; As Trump applauds victory against ISIS in devastated Iraqi city, Amnesty International details horrific death toll and suffering of civilian population" (2017-07-11, commondreams.org) [archive.fo/rGOob]
* "Amnesty: All sides violated international law in Mosul; Rights group calls for investigation into whether war crimes were committed in the battle to retake the city from ISIL" (2017-07-11, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/wSlYy]
* "Western Media Disinformation on Mosul. Raped and Destroyed, not Liberated as Falsely Claimed" (2017-07-13, by Stephen Lendman) [archive.fo/ZUIeI]
* "Mosul Families Complain Overuse of Airstrikes Killed Thousands ; Many bodies are still buried in the rubble with parts of the city inaccessible thanks to streets choked with debris, writes Patrick Cockburn in the latest of his series from Iraq" (2017-07-13, by Patrick Cockburn) [archive.fo/QZMXc]
* "US-NATO Holocaust in Iraq: The Depopulation and Destruction of Mosul" (2017-06-12, by Mark Taliano) [archive.fo/b1grN]:
The “liberation” of Mosul, Iraq, needs to be understood within a context of historical and present-day facts.
The first fact is that the West is committing a holocaust in Iraq which began well in advance of the illegal Anglo-American invasion in 2003.
Dr. Gideon Polya explains that
“(h)olocaust is the destruction of a large number of people and 9 million Iraqi deaths from Anglo-American violence or violently-imposed deprivation certainly constitutes an Iraqi Holocaust.”[1]
The second fact is that the terrorists occupying Mosul, Iraq (and Syria) are the West’s strategic assets/proxies. They help to commit and perpetuate the holocaust.
The end result, therefore, is not the liberation of Mosul, but rather the destruction of Mosul for the perceived benefit of criminal, genocidal, imperial warmongers who hide their crimes beneath the Big Lies of the “War on Terror” and “Humanitarian Invasions”.
The warmongers successfully de-populated and destroyed Iraq’s second largest city. The terrorists (the supposed enemies) — all armed and supported by the West [2]—and the terror bombing [3], including the use of illegal, weaponized white phosphorus munitions, and carpet bombing – achieved their criminal objectives.
The Western-imposed warfare murdered countless civilians and displaced over 800,000 people [4].
The big picture is chaos and destruction, and genocide. Iraq is being partitioned and destroyed. “Creative Chaos” [5], a term coined by neo-con Condoleeza Rice equals holocaust and genocide.
This is the evidence-based reality.
[1] Dr. Gideon Polya, “An Iraqi Holocaust, 2.7 Million Iraqi Dead From Violence Or War-imposed Deprivation.” “ICH”, March 27, 2015, (http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41378.htm) Accessed July 09, 2017.
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* "NATO Willfully Triggered an Environmental Catastrophe In Yugoslavia" (2004-04-11, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) [archive.fo/11RcQ], intro: In this report, first published in 2000 (on GR in April 2004), Michel Chossudovsky provides conclusive documentary and photographic evidence that contrary to the statements of various international observers, the environmental catastrophe at the Pancevo petrochemical plant near Belgrade was neither the result of ‘collateral damage’ (that is, an accident of war) nor a case of criminal negligence (that is, resulting from criminal disregard of consequences).
Rather, the evidence is compelling. NATO willfully blew up with meticulous accuracy containers of toxic chemicals with the intention of creating an ecological nightmare

* "Qaddafi and Hillary: the Five-Year Anniversary of Her Proud Moment, His Death" (2016-10-20, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/8FO7u], synopsis: As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton exulted — literally laughed — over the violent death of the Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. Now, on the fifth anniversary of his death, with Libya a tragedy of major proportions, what can we learn?


Justice for Refugees!

* "Over 2,200 Honduran Children Deported in 2017, So Far; Mexico, backed by the U.S. government, has apprehended and deported the lion's share of Honduran children" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/THpXX], photo caption: Children from Honduras, traveling with relatives to the U.S., have their meals at the Todo por ellos (All for them) immigrant shelter in Tapachula, Mexico.


* "The (In)significance of Baghdadi Being 'Dead' ; Hopeful onlookers should recall how Bin Laden's death was followed by the expansion of terrorism, not its defeat" (2017-07-11, landdestroyer.blogspot.nl) [archive.fo/cdmo5]


* "US pressure spurs closer Sino-Russian ties" (2017-06-27, globaltimes.cn) [archive.fo/8p3qe]
* "Chinese State Media - Russia, China 'Fed Up With US Hegemony', Destabilization; 'The US is unable to beat down the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear at the same time' " (2017-07-11, by Charles Bausman) [archive.fo/XCWIb] [begin excerpt]:
The Chinese are extremely cautious and diplomatic, to a fault really, in their official pronouncements, so we can take this one seriously.
A few weeks ago the Global Times, the English language publication of the People's Daily, sort of like the Chinese version of Russia's RT or Sputnik, made it perfectly plain in an editorial, summing up a visit from Putin.
It explained that the "US is the biggest source of global strategic risks", arguing that relentless US military pressure on both Russia and China are forcing them to fight back.
The editorial explains what would be blindingly obvious to any first-year political science freshman: "The US is unable to beat down the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear at the same time.", and throws in that both powers are "fed-up" with American behavior.
The editorial goes on to explain that neither China nor Russia want a confrontation with the US, and would far prefer friendly diplomatic relations, but the US is making this impossible.  Read the whole thing here [archive.fo/8p3qe]. [end excerpt]
* "US Threatens to Drive Beijing Closer to Russia; With New China Sanctions; Can the US truly be this stupid?" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/9BivR]

* "Why Is Nikki Haley Still Trump’s UN Ambassador? It's unclear whether she is speaking for herself or the White House" (2017-07-07, theamericanconservative.com) [archive.fo/Y8s6F]

* "US must alter its policy of issuing sanctions against other nations: Zarif; Washington has to reassess its approach of issuing sanctions against other countries as they are a liability for the US, says Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif" (2017-07-18, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/sfCbb]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlinePeople's Republic of China & the SCO

* "U.S. prepares new sanctions on Chinese firms over North Korea ties - officials" (2017-07-13, Reuters newswire) [archive.fo/dttOF]

* "Once Aimed at Pakistan, Indian Nuclear Program Sets Missile Sights on China; India’s nuclear modernization program “indicates that it is putting increased emphasis on its future strategic relationship with China,” two renowned nuclear weapons researchers noted in an article published Wednesday by NDTV" (2017-07-14, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/vOa9a]
* "US House bill proposes closer military ties with India; The US House of Representatives in Congress has passed a $621.5 billion military expenditure bill that proposes to advance military cooperation with India" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/nsHWH]

* "China and US to keep developing relations under 100–day plan to improve trade" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/mFV9S]
* "From 100 days to 365: China, US to extend scope of trade talks" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/6tKe6]

* "Sino-Indian border dispute: where do the sides stand?" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/q9jg0]

* "China slams US defense act which could see navy vessels visit Taiwan" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/gA1pr]
* "China lodges representations to US over defense act concerning Taiwan" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/gKU8j]
* "Beijing calls on Washington to avoid damaging Sino-US ties over Taiwan; Beijing has lodged an official complaint with Washington over the passage of a bill that would expand military ties between the United States and Taiwan" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/gaSUQ]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineFederation of Russia & the Eurasian Union
* "Is Russia the Real 'Indispensable Nation'? Russia is stealing the sacred mission of promoting democracy from the 'exceptional and indispensable nation' " (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/7gqOs]

* "Russia: A Target, Not a Superpower; The corporate media’s constant use of Cold War terminology to describe the meeting of the U.S. and Russian presidents as a meeting of the 'two superpowers' masks the present relationship of forces" (2017-07-12, by Sara Flounders, wsws.org) [archive.fo/LTRz9]
* "Top Russian Analyst Explains How US Relations Got So Bad; A short history of US-Russia relations since 'Gorby-mania' " (2017-07-11, by Sergey Markov) [archive.fo/A7BkU]

* "News conference following the G20 Summit President of Russia Vladimir Putin answered journalists’ questions on the results of the two-day G20 Summit" (2017-07-08, en.kremlin.ru) [archive.fo/RqtQo], President Putin on His Meeting with Trump: “The US Has Become More Pragmatic”. A Good Personal Relationship has been Established.

* "Tillerson Explodes the Hope for Improved US Relations with Russia" (2017-07-11, by Stephen Lendman) [archive.fo/PDSTm]
* "While Trump Talks, The Pentagon Balks" (2017-07-11, by Finian Cunningham) [archive.fo/Ur7PC] [begin excerpt]:
On the same day US President Donald Trump gave a historic handshake to Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Germany, the Pentagon was hosting a meeting planning for war with Moscow.
While the event at the US military headquarters near Washington DC was made public [archive.fo/Z6DK4], it was hardly reported in the Western media. The two main figures attending were Defense Secretary James Mattis and his British counterpart Michael Fallon.
The American military publication Defense One headlined the Pentagon summit [archive.is/bzUSH]: “As Trump and Putin met, US and UK defense chiefs discussed ways to deter Russia.”
The phrase “ways to deter Russia,” is a euphemism for war planning. It expresses a more benign, more publicly acceptable purpose to Mattis and Fallon’s discussions. Especially given that the titular head of the US government, President Trump, was at the very same time extending a hand of friendship to Putin. [end excerpt]

* "In Nuland's Footsteps: US Names Ex-McCain Staffer as Special Ukraine Envoy; The US State Department has apparently found a replacement for Victoria 'Cookies' Nuland to coordinate Washington's Ukraine policy. Former CIA analyst, prominent neocon, and McCain Institute for International Leadership executive director Kurt Volker has been named the US Special Envoy to Ukraine to negotiate an end to that country's civil war" (2017-07-10, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/dvBvB]

* "Americans Ignore CNN, Visit Russia in Record Numbers; Bookings by the better known US-based specialized travel agencies for Americans heading to Russia have seen a dramatic turnaround with increases of 30% between 2015 and 2016, adding a further +12% so far in 2017" (2017-07-10, by Paul Goncharoff, Chairman, Disciplinary Committee, National Association of Corporate Directors, Russia) [archive.fo/Kvyq9]

* "Hollywood vs. Russia: Soviet Union Might be Cast as Next 'Wonder Woman' Antagonist; The decision could be an attempt to ride the most recent wave of U.S.-Russia tensions" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/iZBPW]

* "Begala: We Should ‘Debate Whether We Should Blow Up’ Russia" (2017-07-13, thedailybeast.com) [archive.is/s9N4e]
* (2017-07-13) [archive.fo/wBD1H]:

* "US sanctions on Russia getting in the way of Japan’s oil exploration plans, sources say; The US is maintaining a firm line on the restrictions even as some international companies press on with their energy deals" (2017-07-14, scmp.com) [archive.fo/jsdXb]

* "Lavrov Gives Quick History Lesson to Journalist Who Suggests Russia Has Violated NATO's Trust; Russia's Foreign Minister gives misinformed journalist an earful" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/StvsM]

* "Republican, Democratic elite seeking to break Russia up: Analyst; US President Donald Trump is faced with a “widespread opposition” organized by Republican and Democratic “elites” who are upset with his attempts to forge closer ties with Russia, says an American analyst" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/4rBB3]

* "Russia ready for constructive dialogue with European body: lawmaker" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/ixv5l]

* "US conditions for returning Russia’s seized property ‘daylight robbery’: Russian FM; Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says any US attempts to set preconditions for returning Russia’s diplomatic property in New York and Maryland are "daylight robbery," as Moscow presses for access to the seized compounds" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/X8UEH]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineThe ALBA states

* " 'US Diplomacy is Missile Diplomacy': Venezuelan Historian; Participants at a forum discussed how the Bolivarian project of sovereignty and global multipolarity places it on the receiving end of an 'unconventional war' " (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/OPhtO]
* "Maduro Defends Venezuela as Trump Threatens 'Strong Actions' ; Maduro defends the Bolivarian process from interference by Western capitals" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Tsuab]
* "Amid US Attacks, Venezuela Asserts Its Independence; 'Venezuelan people are free and will respond united against the insolent threat posed by a xenophobic and racist empire,' read the statement" (2017-07-18, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/plaLs]
* "U.S. Seeks European Support For Sanctions Against Venezuela" video (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net)[is.gd/a5zomU]

* "Time for the International Left to Take a Stand on Venezuela; The mainstream media consistently fails to report who is instigating the violence in this conflict; It is possible that much of the international left has been misled about the violence in Venezuela" (2017-07-16, by Gregory Wilpert, via telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/RTba6]
* "Why Can't the US Left Get Venezuela Right?" (2017-07-13, by Shamus Cooke) [archive.fo/MdGLI] [begin excerpt]:
As Venezuela's fascist-minded oligarchy conspires with U.S. imperialism to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro, few in the U.S. seem to care.
Instead of denouncing rightwing violence that aims at regime change, many on the U.S. left have stayed silent, or opted to give an evenhanded analysis that supports neither the Maduro government nor the oligarchy trying to violently overthrow it. Rather, the left prioritizes its energy on lecturing on Maduro’s “authoritarianism” and the failures of “Chavismo.”  
This approach allows leftists a cool emotional detachment to the fate of the poor in Venezuela, and clean hands that would otherwise be soiled by engaging with the messy, real life class struggle that is the Venezuelan revolution.  
A “pox on both houses” analysis omits the U.S. government’s role in collaborating with Venezuela’s oligarchs. The decades-long crimes of imperialism against Venezuela is aided and abetted by the silence of the left, or by its murky analysis that minimizes the perpetrator’s actions, focusing negative attention on the victim precisely at the moment of attack.
Any analysis of a former colonial country that doesn’t begin with the struggle of self-determination against imperialism is a dead letter, since the x-factor of imperialism has always been a dominant variable in the Venezuelan equation, as books by Eva Gollinger and others have thoroughly explained, and further demonstrated by the ongoing intervention in Latin America by an endless succession of U.S. presidents.
The Venezuelan-initiated anti-imperialist movement was strong enough that a new gravitational center was created, that pushed most of Latin America out of the grasp of U.S. domination for the first time in nearly a hundred years. This historic achievement remains minimized for much of the U.S. left, who remain indifferent or uneducated about the revolutionary significance of self-determination for oppressed nations abroad, as well as oppressed peoples inside of the U.S. [end excerpt]
* "US Black Group Lauds Caricom's Stance on Venezuela; The IBW urged Caricom nations to resist pressure from Washington and the OAS, and continue to stand firm in their principled position concerning Venezuela" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/blmKs]

* "Venezuelan Coup Plotter Released to House Arrest" (2017-07-11, by Stephen Lendman) [archive.fo/I5bKQ]

* " ‘We Will Never Give Up’: Venezuela’s Maduro to Marco Rubio; Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro responded to threats made by the U.S. senator involving the National Constituent Assembly" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/IVFjE]

* "Venezuela Police Arrest Opposition Leader Carrying Explosives; Carlos Graffe is a member of the Popular Will party, one of several opposition groups supporting anti-government protests" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/pj633]

* "Cuba Expresses Solitarity for Nicolas Maduro and Lula da Silva; The Cuban president has condemned the attempts to destabilize Venezuela" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/PRWuv]

* "Ecuador Ratifies Respect for Venezuela's Sovereignty; Quito reiterates its message of non-interference, support for dialogue, and rejection of all forms of violence in Venezuela" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/fvgTR]

* "Morales Slams Supporters of Venezuela's Opposition Plebiscite; The Venezuelan Foreign Minister has thanked Bolivia for the support expressed by 'the great leader of South American peoples' " (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Yxx0A]

* "Venezuelan Lawmaker Outlines Plan to Provoke Foreign Invasion; 'If the government wants a war, we will give it to them,' said the opposition leader" (2017-07-06, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/dNi0e], photo caption: Opposition leader Juan Requesen protesting in front of Venezuela's Supreme Court.

* "Venezuela: Gold in War Times" (2017-07-14, by Margo Teruggi, via telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/b5jmM] [begin excerpt]:
Since 2008 gold has been the exclusive property of the state.
Before then, the industry was mainly in the hands of foreign companies and individual miners.
State ownership means that no one else is legally allowed to extract or sell the metal. [...]
There is no official figure for the amount of gold reserves in the country, but estimates suggest it could have 7000 tons.
The challenges facing the industry are varied and complex.
There is a need to regulate one of the highest value resources Venezuela has, to strengthen the reserves and foreign exchange.
The nation needs them in times of economic uncertainty caused by conflict with the complicity of internal bureaucracies.
At issue is the challenge to mine without contamination, without detriment to the country's future and without the involvement of the large transnational companies.
The metal's profits must go to the state, to national production, and to those who toil day after day to find the glister of gold. [end excerpt]
The estimated reserves being 224,000,000 oz (based on the estimate of 7000 USA standard tons as expressed in the article) this can be monetized at 275 billion, 788.8 million dollars (USD$275,788,800,000; Gold spot price being USD$1,231.20 as of 2017-07-15).

* "Venezuela Signs Deal With US Company to Improve Oil Production; Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the strategic alliance will strengthen the technology of the state-owned oil company PDVSA" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/V8E71]

* "UK Accused of Joining 'Defamation Campaign' Against Venezuela; Newly-appointed Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada charged London with manipulating events related to poverty and hunger in La Guajira region" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/t77pK]

* "Nordic Parliamentarians Slam Right-Wing Venezuela Violence; Warning against further violence, the group claimed that “nobody would win” if the country became ungovernable or if a civil war broke out" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/SIMOp]

* "President Maduro renews call for dialogue with opposition in Venezuela" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/OHjEY]
* "Venezuela sees both sides contest legitimacy of their polls" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/QjjNq]

* "Venezuela opposition seeking military coup: Analyst; Venezuela’s opposition calls for holding a referendum to topple President Nicolas Maduro and if the method does not work, they will push for a military coup, says Isaac Bigio" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Bj194]

* " 'Media Terrorism' Addressed at Journalist Forum in Venezuela; Latin American journalists emphasized the need to strengthen ties with Venezuela to counter media terrorism and conspiracies that threaten and distort the truth about the country" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/joMes]

* "Venezuela Votes: Will the World's Media Ever Get It Right?" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/a2SgF], video [is.gd/l2xTzB]:
International coverage entirely ignores Sunday's demonstration of support for a Constituent Assembly.
Did you hear the one about a practice election in Venezuela, where millions of people lined up from early morning until late at night, just to cast their vote in a dry run poll that meant absolutely nothing at all? Except to express support for another election in two weeks time?
Actually, it's not a joke. It did happen. On Sunday. Video shows them singing and dancing as they waited to test voting machines and see how the election of a new Constituent Assembly on July 30 will work.
But you probably never heard about it. Because the world's media, pretty much without exception, concentrated almost exclusively on the other vote happening in Venezuela on Sunday, an informal plebiscite held by the opposition, with no constitutional status, to oppose that Constituent Assembly.
So let's just look at the quality media. The New York Times for example — you remember: “All the news that's fit to print.” Well, maybe not ALL of it ...
“Venezuelans Rebuke Their President by a Staggering Margin” states the headline [archive.fo/kqfeu].
“More than 98 percent of voters sided with the opposition,” continues the paper that certainly would have sneered at results like this when the beneficiary was Saddam Hussain or Mobuto Sese Seko.
Mind you, since only opposition supporters voted in this plebiscite, 98 percent is probably fairly accurate.
The Times goes on to say this vote undermines “Mr. Maduro's plan to appoint an assembly of handpicked supporters to draft a new Constitution”.
Sorry, “Appoint,” “handpicked”? Was that what all those millions of mainly poor Venezuelans thought they were doing when they waited in line all day in favor of the right to vote for the Constituent Assembly?
Readers of the Times have to wait until paragraph 16 to get one short paragraph on the “Maduro loyalists' drill,” where they learn that “The turnout for that was notably thin.”
That must explain why some of them were still lining up at 10 p.m. after the exercise had been planned to finish at 4 p.m.
The BBC, who many have looked to as the gold standard of accuracy and equilibrium, headlined its lead story overnight, “Woman shot dead in Venezuela voting queue” [archive.fo/xeUra]
Really, was that the story in Venezuela on Sunday, as millions, voted peacefully on both sides of the political divide?
It goes on, “Men on motorbikes fired at a queue, killing her and wounding three others. The opposition blamed a "paramilitary" gang.”
Now a woman, a nurse, was indeed shot dead, in the working-class Caracas neighborhood of Catia, where there had been a confrontation between government and opposition supporters. But the circumstances are unclear and an investigation is underway. It's certainly not clear who did the shooting, much less that they were men on motorbikes firing at a line of voters.
But never mind, that story at least fits the assumed narrative of Chavista thugs terrorizing peaceful opponents that has shaped so much coverage of Venezuela in the last three months. So probably somebody thought it must be true.
To give them their due, it seems the BBC did do some checking. By morning they had wiped that story and replaced it with a more sober headline.
Sadly, Al Jazeera [archive.fo/yhzrR], The Guardian, and so on, didn't fare a lot better.
Now the opposition plebiscite certainly did get a decent turnout. They say almost 7.2 million took part. But none of those serious, fact-checking media saw any need to question that number, even though it is impossible to verify, and likely to be at least a little exaggerated. That's because it was, of course, an informal ballot, with no roll of electors or way of telling whether people had voted twice, or even 17 times as one person was accused of.
But let's not be grudging. Let's assume it was indeed 7.2 million. And let's assume they all voted against the Constituent Assembly. None of these media told you that there are almost 20 million registered voters in Venezuela. So that would mean 37 percent had supported the opposition. That's a little bit less than the percentage that Venezuela's opposition have got in most of the more than 20 elections held in this well-known dictatorship in the last 18 years, and the same percentage with which they have lost all but two of them.
And all the quality media managed to ignore, or dismiss, the millions of Venezuelans who turned out in support of the Constituent Assembly election.
We don't yet have official figures for how many took part in the dry run. But initial estimates suggest it may have been even more than the 7 million that the opposition claims for its vote.
So, what should we make of the international media coverage of this important day in Venezuela? Plus ca change!

* "Accused of Inciting Violence, Ex-Mexican President Fox Not Welcomed in Venezuela; The government accused Fox of traveling to Venezuela to 'promote violence and the intervention of foreign powers' " (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/kprbu]
* "Venezuelan opposition targeting Bolivarian Revolution: Analyst; A political analyst says the recent poll held by the Venezuelan opposition is part of a US-backed 'false flag revolution' against the country’s Bolivarian Revolution, which was launched by the late iconic leader, Hugo Chavez, in 1999" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/CnvdL]

* "Cuba: International Relations Commission Rejects Trump Policies; 'Cuban people are prepared to respond. We are not afraid of the future, we trust in the plans we have as a country,' said Ofelia Miriam Ortega" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/JYkkl]
* "Cuba's Castro rebuts Trump at national assembly" (2017-07-15, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/44EMV]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineDemocratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)

* "Trump Talks Tough Instead of Talking to North Korea; North Korea's latest missile test underscores the need for direct negotiations with Pyongyang, not the bellicose rhetoric coming out of the White House" (2017-07-05, by Tim Shorrock) [archive.fo/7THdV]

* "North Korea Does Not Threaten World Peace, the US Does" (2017-07-08, by William Boardman) [archive.is/BK07t]
* "If North Korea Didn’t Exist The US Would Create It" (2017-07-14, by Nizar Visram) [archive.fo/HWrlH] [begin excerpt]: There is only one reason why the US is obsessed with North Korea. It allows the US to maintain a massive military presence in East Asia. If not for tensions on the Korean peninsula, the US would lose its rationale for its network of military bases in the region, which are primarily meant to threaten and contain China. [end excerpt]

* "North Korean Missiles, War and ... How to Get Peace; Is there an answer to the Korean enigma?" (2017-07-09, by Dr. Arshad M Khan, via telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/vLOtO]

* "US Strategic Bombers Conduct Provocative Drill Near North Korea" (2017-07-10, by Peter Symonds, wsws.org) [archive.fo/h6tgr]

* "North Korea’s ICBM and Moon Jae-in’s Confusing Response" (2017-07-11, zoominkorea.org) [archive.fo/5GqJF]

* "US to Act Alone on North Korea. Strangle Pyongyang Economically" (2017-07-12, by Stephen Lendman) [archive.fo/DrbOb]

* "Don’t Be Fooled, There Is No ‘Diplomacy’ With North Korea; Some would prefer a preemptive attack" (2017-07-13, theamericanconservative.com) [archive.fo/YzuAB]

* "S Korea offers rare talks with North on tensions, family reunions; South Korea has proposed to hold military talks with the North this week in an effort to end animosities along their tense border, in what could mark the first official inter-Korean negotiations since late 2015" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/9jsHY]
* "S. Korea proposes inter-Korean military talks on easing border tensions" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/CVjsZ]
* "S. Korea proposes ‘rare’ military talks with Pyongyang to ‘ease tensions’ on peninsula" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/qewbH]
* "S.Korea proposes military, Red Cross talks with DPRK" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/rIEoL]

* "China hopeful ROK-DPRK relations set for improvement" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/pe2zl]
* "North Korea fuel prices surge after China cuts oil supplies" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/RErx5]


NEW COLD WAR Frontline: Arab Republic of Syria

* "Max Blumenthal on How the Media Covers Syria; As the U.S. and Russia reach a new ceasefire in Syria, Max Blumenthal of Alternet's Grayzone Project and TRNN's Aaron Mate discuss foreign involvement in the Syrian war and how Western media across the political spectrum has covered it" (2017-07-09, therealnews.com) [archive.fo/6Q2de]

* "How Syria Divides the Left: An Interview With Middle East Scholar Stephen Zunes" (2017-07-10, truth-out.org) [archive.is/nW0Zy]

* "The Syrian Opposition’s NATO-Sponsored Apocalyptic Vision For Syria; In the first episode of MintPress News’ 'Behind the Headline', MPN editor-in-chief and host Mnar Muhawesh starts by breaking down the supposedly 'moderate' Syrian opposition slated to lead peace talks to put an end to the years-long Syrian crisis" (2016-02-15, mintpressnews.com) [archive.fo/trDR7]

* "The Situation in Syria Just Became More Dangerous" (2017-07-10, journal-neo.org) [archive.fo/voCMZ] [begin excerpt]:
The military situation in Syria took a significant step for the worse on 19 June 2017 when an American fighter jet shot down a Syrian fighter jet carrying out operations against ISIS. That was the latest in a series of foolhardy moves by the Americans which have included the bombing of Syrian army forces in south eastern Syria causing more than 100 casualties, and the shooting down of an Iranian drone in the same region.
The Russian Defence Ministry immediately announced it was suspending cooperation with US forces, and that henceforth all kinds of airborne vehicles, including aircraft and UAVs of the international coalition detected to the west of the Euphrates River will be tracked by the Russian SAM systems as air targets.”. The obvious inference is that they will at risk of being shot down. David Wroe, defence correspondent for the Fairfax media wrote (SMH 21 June 2017) that the shoot down “triggered a belligerent response from Russia.” His article was entitled “RAAF halts air strikes after Russian threat.”
As is almost invariably the case with Australian reporting of the Syrian war, inappropriate language and a failure to report accurately on the issues is more often than not the case. Wroe’s article and other western media reports of the American action and the Russian response illustrate the point.
US General Joseph Dunford referred to the incident as justified under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, (AUMF) a resolution passed in 2001 following the “9/11” events in Washington and New York of that year.
Dunford also used the term “collective self defence of partnered forces.” That neither the AUMF nor the term collective self-defence are remotely applicable to the war in Syria is never discussed in the Australian media. Their default position appears to be that if the Americans claim it, then it must be correct. There is similarly no discussion at all as to the right of the Americans or their coalition allies, including Australia, to even establish a base on Syrian soil.
The “collective self defence “ justification was also used by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop when she was asked on ABC National Radio in late 2015 to explain the legal basis for Australia’s announced intention of intervening in the Syrian war. Her answer then was identical to that of Dunford. Neither of them was correct.
Article 51 of the UN Charter does provide for collective self-defence in tightly defined circumstances. The ICJ has stipulated what those circumstances are. It requires as a minimum that a State is attacked by another State, and that the party being attacked requests assistance. It does not apply in the case of attacks by non-state actors.
Manifestly, neither applies to either the US or Australia in the case of Syria. The legitimate sovereign government of Syria has not sought the help of either country. Both are operating in Syria in contravention of international law. Both the US and Australia are quick to invoke the ‘rule of law’ or the ‘rules based international order ‘ when it suits them but are singularly incapable of applying those same principles to their own conduct.
The absurdity of the US led coalition’s position is further seen in the US claim that they were defending a self declared “deconfliction zone” in south eastern Syria at the confluence of the Jordan, Syria and Iraq borders. [end excerpt]

* "All smiles in Paris as Presidents Macron and Trump agree on Syria initiative; French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump spoke of their friendly relations following talks at the Elysee Palace. Trump hinted something could happen on the US stance on the Paris climate accord" (2017-07-13, dw.com) [archive.fo/YFPDs]
* "Syria Summary - Will The Trump-Putin Agreement Hold?" (2017-07-13, moonofalabama.org) [archive.is/mL6LN]

* "Satellites Reveal Secret U.S. Bases Emerging in the Desert; Imagery from June appears to show a small airstrip in southern Syria near the border with Jordan and Iraq—that’s in addition to a drone base in northeastern Jordan and scores more" (2017-07-11, thedailybeast.com) [archive.fo/LXzDg]

* "Who Gassed Whom in Syria? We don't Know. Please Don't be Rushed into War" (2017-07-12, by Peter Hitchens) [archive.fo/Fj0QM]

* "The New Middle East: Kurds in Iraq and Syria Used as a Trojan Horse. Washington’s Intent is to 'Divide the Middle East' " (2017-07-13, by Elijah J. Magnier) [archive.is/UlDpF]
* "The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence" (2017-07-11, by Stephen Gowans) [archive.fo/iFlc4] [begin excerpt]:
Islamist insurgents in Syria, mainly Al Qaeda, were not too many years ago celebrated as a pro-democracy movement, and when that deception proved no longer tenable, as moderates. Now that the so-called moderates have been exposed as the very opposite, many Leftists cling to the hope that amid the Islamist opponents of Syria’s secular, Arab socialist, government, can be found votaries of the enlightenment values Damascus already embraces. Surely somewhere there exist armed anti-government secular Leftists to rally behind; for it appears that the goal is to find a reason, any reason, no matter how tenuous, to create a nimbus of moral excellence around some group that opposes with arms the government in Damascus; some group that can be made to appear to be non-sectarian, anti-imperialist, socialist, committed to the rights of women and minorities, and pro-Palestinian; in other words, a group just like Syria’s Ba’ath Arab Socialists, except not them.
Stepping forward to fulfill that hope is the PKK, an anarchist guerrilla group demonized as a terrorist organization when operating in Turkey against a US ally, but which goes by the name of the YPG in Syria, where it is the principal component of the lionized “Syrian Democratic Force.” So appealing is the YPG to many Western Leftists that some have gone so far as to volunteer to fight in its units. But is the YPG the great hope it’s believed it to be? [end excerpt]

* "BBC Panorama team embedded with Islamic State partner group" (2017-07-09, bbcpanoramasavingsyriaschildren.wordpress.com) [archive.fo/YvdK2]

* "Asma Al-Assad: How Western Media turned 'A Rose in the Desert' into 'A Cheerleader for Evil' " (2017-07-08, sarahabed.com) [archive.fo/JO7Hb] [begin excerpt]:
In early March 2011, right before the carefully calculated and planned imposed war and invasion in Syria [archive.fo/47yM2], Vogue Magazine published a surprisingly positive article titled: Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert [archive.fo/XbBOV]. [...]
The article gave readers an inside view of what life was like for the Assad’s In Syria. It didn’t exaggerate, or misrepresent information and had a seemingly unbiased tone.
“Back in the car, I ask what religion the orphans are. “It’s not relevant,” says Asma al-Assad. “Let me try to explain it to you. That church is a part of my heritage because it’s a Syrian church. The Umayyad Mosque is the third-most-important holy Muslim site, but within the mosque is the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. We all kneel in the mosque in front of the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. That’s how religions live together in Syria—a way that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. We live side by side and have historically. All the religions and cultures that have passed through these lands—the Armenians, Islam, Christianity, the Umayyads, the Ottomans—make up who I am.”
“Does that include the Jews?” I ask. “And the Jews,” she answers. “There is a very big Jewish quarter in old Damascus.” [...]
The article detailed some other information as well, but nothing that would strike the knowledgeable reader as pretentious, over the top, or propaganda material. The response however from other publications written by disgruntled journalists was outrageous. They spoke as if they had more knowledge about conditions in Syria than a journalist that actually went to Syria and wrote about the experience.
Soon after the Vogue article was published the war in Syria began, with a staged uprising in Daraa [archive.fo/qhv5g].  Another war against Vogue Magazine and this article, in particular, was waged by many publications, in particular, those that had ties or were sympathetic to the illegal state of Israel [archive.fo/rka5X].
These publications shamed, insulted, belittled and demanded that this story be retracted or changed to fit the demonization campaign that spawned in mainstream media.
[end excerpt]
* (2017-06-21) [archive.is/hDuVm]: On the occasion of Laylat al-Qadr...the First Lady Asma al-Assad participates in the "Lamat al-Kheir" Iftar at the Joury Hall in the city of Homs...then First Lady also visited a charity event where handmade products are made... Children from the Christian Syriac orphanage, the Islamic orphanage, and children of martyred and wounded Syrian soldiers (from the Shahid foundation and the Samidoun foundation), and mothers of martyred soldiers and civilians participated in the Iftar...in addition to blind and visually impaired children from the foundation for the visually impaired, which organised the Iftar alongside the Islamic Charity Foundation of Homs


* "U.S. Bombs with White Phosphorous While Blaming Assad for Using ‘Sarin’ " (2017-07-13, by Eric Zuesse) [archive.fo/cYd1H]

* "America's War for Global Domination" (2003-12-15, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) [archive.fo/oJkhe] [begin excerpt]: The Bush administration has already identified Syria as the next stage of "the road map to war". The bombing of presumed 'terrorist bases' in Syria by the Israeli Air Force in October was intended to provide a justification for subsequent pre-emptive military interventions. Ariel Sharon launched the attacks with the approval of Donald Rumsfeld. (See Gordon Thomas, Global Outlook, No. 6, Winter 2004)
This planned extension of the war into Syria has serious implications. It means that Israel becomes a major military actor in the US-led war, as well as an 'official' member of the Anglo-American coalition.
The Pentagon views 'territorial control' over Syria, which constitutes a land bridge between Israel and occupied Iraq, as 'strategic' from a military and economic standpoint. It also constitutes a means of controlling the Iraqi border and curbing the flow of volunteer fighters, who are traveling to Baghdad to join the Iraqi resistance movement.
This enlargement of the theater of war is consistent with Ariel Sharon's plan to build a 'Greater Israel' "on the ruins of Palestinian nationalism". While Israel seeks to extend its territorial domain towards the Euphrates River, with designated areas of Jewish settlement in the Syrian heartland, Palestinians are imprisoned in Gaza and the West Bank behind an 'Apartheid Wall'.
In the meantime, the US Congress has tightened the economic sanctions on Libya and Iran. As well, Washington is hinting at the need for a 'regime change' in Saudi Arabia. Political pressures are building up in Turkey.
So, the war could indeed spill over into a much broader region extending from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Indian sub-continent and China's Western frontier. [end excerpt]

* "Netanyahu opposes US-Russian ceasefire deal in Syria; Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his opposition to a US-Russian ceasefire deal recently reached in southern Syria during his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/wRs5W]
* "Iran warns of Zionist lobby’s plot to undermine Syria government; A senior Iranian official has warned that the Zionist lobby is carrying out widespread activities to steer the political and security equations in the region toward undermining the legal Syrian government" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/GIVb2]

* "EU Imposes New Sanctions on Syrian Scientists and Officials; The EU is the biggest aid donor to the anti-government forces in Syria" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/vKevu]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineIslamic Republic of Iran

* "Who Is the Real Enemy? The White House is targeting Iran but should instead focus on Saudi Arabia" (2017-07-11, by Philip Giraldi) [archive.fo/CZYWc]

* "US violating nuclear deal: Iran foreign minister; Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Islamic Republic has been abiding by its commitments under the historic nuclear deal with the world powers, but the US has been violating the agreement" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/WmjHF]

* "Iran sentences US dual national to 10yrs in prison for spying" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/bzgAE]
* "Iran arrests, sentences US spy to 10 years in prison; An individual spying for the United States has been arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison in Iran, the Iranian Judiciary has announced" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/7d8GA]
* "Detained researcher in Iran: not Chinese national" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/PU1Zo]:
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the American researcher sentenced to 10 years in prison for spying in Iran is not a Chinese national because China does not recognize dual nationality.
The media reported Wang Xiyue, a 37-year-old graduate student at Princeton University, holds dual Chinese and American citizenship.
Iran said he was spying under cover of research. The US accused Iran of fabricating the charges and has demanded his immediate release.

* "Iran Navy rejects US claim of shining laser at US chopper; Iran has dismissed a recent accusation by US Navy that an Iranian patrol boat had shined laser at an American helicopter flying over the Strait of Hormuz" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/1Z1z7]

* "Zarif: Iran may withdraw from nuclear deal in case of major violations by US; Iran has warned that any major JCPOA violation on behalf of the US may result in Tehran’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/F6Woy]

* "US State Department to make announcement about Iran nuclear deal; US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is set to make an announcement on Iran's nuclear agreement 'very shortly' " (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/TYgBV]
* "Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten US over possible terrorist classification, sanctions" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/jcQH6]
* "Iran warns US of 'big risk' if it blacklists IRGC; Iran's top military official has warned the US of the repercussions which Washington's possible branding of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization would have" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/xacai]

* "US, allies root cause of crises in Middle East: Iran MP; A senior Iranian lawmaker has slammed the inaction of the so-called advocates of human rights over the Syrian people’s sufferings, stressing that the US and its regional allies are the root cause of the crises in the Middle East" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/IWcmh]

* "Iran's missile power is defensive, non-negotiable: army chief" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/tgRgD]
* "Zarif: Iran not designing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads" (2017-07-18, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/WaZ3y]


NEW COLD WAR Frontline: Jurisdiction of Yemen

* "Yemen is suffering at the hands of Saudi Arabia - and the UK is profiting" (2017-07-11, by David Mepham, UK Director, hrw.org) [archive.fo/HiX5u]
* "UK court ruling deadly blow to Yemeni civilians: Amnesty" (2017-07-10, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/fFgwb]

* "Yemen’s Calamity Is of Damning Proportions. Mass Starvation, Cholera Epidemic, Torture" (2017-07-13, by Prof. Alon Ben-Meir) [archive.fo/GY20t]



NATO Watch

* "US Looks to Dramatically Escalate Involvement in Libya; Permanent US Military Presence Considered" (2017-07-10, news.antiwar.com) [archive.fo/dNRoP]

* "US deployed Patriot missiles to Lithuania for multinational war games" (2017-07-10, stripes.com) [archive.fo/RJAcq]
* "US Deploys Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Baltics for First Time; Lithuania Praises Move as Proof of US 'Commitment' " (2017-07-10, antiwar.com) [archive.fo/n5bE8]

* "US set to approve $4 billion defense sale to Romania; The US State Department says it is ready to approve the sale of Patriot missile defense systems to Romania. The purchase is a further signal that Bucharest is concerned about the Kremlin's role in the Black Sea area" (2017-07-12, dw.com) [archive.fo/go4Pf]

* "Australian special forces veteran breaks silence on ‘insidious, infectious’ culture" (2017-07-10, abc.net.au) [archive.fo/ejKNR] [begin excerpt]:
What the problem is -
During the past six to eight years of heightened operational tempo in special operations I have witnessed the emergence of an insidious, infectious and influential minority that indulges in self-glorification at the expense of the greater reputation of special operations.
This behaviour of the few is threatening the very values for which special operations command stands and is potentially contributing to an increasingly dangerous battle space for our troops.
These individuals have participated in questionable combat behaviour which often involves the "flexible" application of Rules of Engagement (ROE), where what was being reported was not consistent with what was actually occurring on the battlefield, which led to the killing of non-combatants.
In war there are generally four levels of death:
1. A good kill. This is the removal, by whatever means deemed appropriate, of an individual from the battle space who has knowingly engaged or prepared to engage in hostilities against friendly targets.
2. Collateral damage. This is the consequence of an unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances that has led to the death of a civilian. At a higher level these deaths may be foreseeable but considered acceptable given the strategic objective.
3. The third level of death is what can only be described as the killing of innocent civilians due to the reckless behaviour of soldiers who are acting in a manner that has no regard for the value of human life.
4. The last level is murder. The malicious intent to seek out and kill another human being in a circumstance that is not self-defence or defence of another. I have never personally witnessed this within the ADF or special operations command.
Unfortunately I did witness the development of a culture within a minority of operators within special forces who have operated with an apparent "weapons free" mentality, seeking to "get kills up" in some attempt to glorify themselves amongst their peers. This is the third of the categories above.
Without doubt this behaviour has led to the death of large numbers of innocent civilians during the course of special operations in Afghanistan. Deaths which are unjustifiable and serve no strategic or tactical value.
Deaths that only ensure a greater level of hate and mistrust towards the Australian military by the local population of the areas in which we operate. [end excerpt]
* "Death in Kandahar" (2017-07-10, abc.net.au) [archive.fo/BRLbP] [begin excerpt]:
The ABC has spoken to a decorated special forces veteran of Afghanistan, who said cases like these appeared to underline his concerns about a "culture of recklessness" and indifference to Afghan life that grew up among an influential minority of special forces soldiers.
"Ultimately the behaviour of some elements of SOTG (Special Operations Task Group) led to the indiscriminate, reckless and avoidable deaths of innocent civilians, caused by an institutional shift in culture that contributed to the decay of moral and ethical values towards armed conflict," he told the ABC.
"I saw innocent people killed who didn't need to die or deserve to die, in circumstances that were unwarranted and ultimately avoidable. This behaviour was in direct conflict with what I believed it meant to be a special forces soldier."
The man, who cannot be identified but whose identity and service record the ABC has verified, said the culture spread partly in response to an incident in 2009 in which an Australian commando, acting on orders and while under fire, threw a grenade into a house. The blast killed a number of children.
Two soldiers were charged with manslaughter over the incident, but the charges were dropped before the trial began.
The charging of the men angered many in the Defence Force.
"They acted professionally, they sought immediately to help the people that were injured, they never tried to cover up the story, they reported it correctly and it should have ended it there and then but obviously there was a punitive response by Defence and the end state was there developed an atmosphere of protectionism," he said.
"Commanders in the field realised that even if they do the right thing, their guys could be held out and skinned alive and stuck out to dry, so as a result the protectionism started to occur.
"That level of protectionism consequently developed into an ability to act with impunity in the field, where guys realised there was a lack of consequence, which develops further into an ability to act recklessly with engagements where potentially civilians or non-combatants were engaged due to reckless firing of weapons, or reckless use of supporting platforms."
He has also claimed that Australian special forces soldiers discussed carrying weapons to "plant" on the bodies of dead Afghans to create the false impression that they had been armed when killed.
"The carriage of 'drop' weapons was common amongst some elements and openly discussed in that forum. Drop weapons would consist of either pistols or knives or items that were light, easily concealable, but if a person was engaged in questionable circumstances it was easy enough to place a pistol with the body, take a photo of it and then write it off as a legitimate battlefield kill," he said.
Two other Defence sources with experience of operations in Afghanistan confirmed to the ABC that the use of "drop" weapons was at the very least discussed by special forces soldiers who deployed there. [end excerpt]
- Photo [archive.is/bWL5v], caption: The ABC's source alleges Khan Mohammed's death was covered up by Australian soldiers.
* "Women, children killed in bungled NZ special forces raid in Afghanistan, investigation claims" (2017-03-22, abc.net.au) [archive.is/X5rR8]

* "British Special Forces Accused of Afghan War Crimes, Cold-Blooded Executions of Civilians; Family members and officials claim that some victims were handcuffed with plastic zip-ties prior to being murdered in cold blood; The operation has also discovered that evidence in top-secret reports was tampered with" (2017-07-02, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/cryHl]


* "Russia Being Targeted by NATO's 'Nazi Remnants' — Russian Deputy PM; NATO produces fun, motivational documentary about Waffen-SS guerrillas who never gave up!" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/zr3Ah]
* "NATO Manages to Support Ex-Waffen SS and LGBTQ at the Same Time; Rainbow flags and SS runes – NATO likes them both" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/JXX6v]
* "RI Proposes New NATO Flag Which Better Captures Its Diverse Values; The Rainbow Totenkopf combines NATO's appreciation for the LGBT community with its appreciation for SS veterans" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/3WMAp]

* (2017-07-11, twitter.com/NATO) [archive.fo/JSLAF]: This is the story of the Forest Brothers who fought the Soviet army for their homelands after WWII. After the Second World War, partisans from across the Baltics disappeared into the forests to wage Europe's bloodiest guerrilla war against the occupying Soviet forces.

* " ‘American power here goes to door of Frau Merkel’s bedroom’: RT docu probes US-German ties" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/YKBnY]

* Some random fly-over photo of a NATO HQ building somewhere in Europe...

* "NATO can ‘deter’ Russia, Romanian president says amid drills in E. Europe" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/w1WXe]

* " ‘Appallingly bad’ F-35 fighter jets to cost Britain £150bn – aviation analyst" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/PRQA3]

* "Australia & US test-fire multimillion hypersonic missile" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/tzVSQ]

* "UK losing millions on flawed F-35 fighter jets: Report; The British Royal Air Force (RAF) is spending millions of pounds on flawed F-35 Lightning II jets that it might never be able to fly properly, a new report has revealed" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/YSQA2]

* " 'Terrorists, Thugs' Must Be Eradicated in West Africa: Macron; 'Every day we must combat terrorists, thugs, murderers (...) who we must steadfastly and with determination eradicate together,' Macron said" (2017-07-02, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Qut4r]


NATO Watch: 
Articles reflecting the views of war planners
(warontherocks.com) [archive.fo/69odf]


NATO Watch: 
Weapons for a New World Order & the Militarization of Space


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World Context & Events 
Including information on Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations, as defined by the USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) (.pdf) [is.gd/6MJUTQ], and by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) [archive.fo/mc6sX], recognizing the jurisdictions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (.pdf) [is.gd/ek1oFs] including EEZ territorial boundaries [archive.fo/wl8Oj], the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) [archive.fo/UtXrm]. Notes on Diplomatic Recognition [archive.fo/qGIGd]. 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States declares that "a State as a person of international law should possess a permanent population, a defined territory, a government and the capacity to enter into relations with other States."
Evaluated by Bay Area MPD Committees, serving as a 5th World News service [FifthWorldNews.blogspot.com], more news sites: [globalresearch.ca] [southfront.org] [fmso.leavenworth.army.mil] [corpwatch.org [fpif.org

Energy & Resource Extraction:
International Energy Agency (IEA) [iea.org]


Instruments of the World Market Regime
* "ECB shifts dollar reserves to Chinese yuan" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/tESKh]
* "Reuters: The Petrodollar Is Running out of Gas; Reuters warns of the waning power of the petrodollar" (2017-07-13, RI News) [archive.fo/uOrcq]

* "Russia's Largest Bank Makes First Transaction on Shanghai Gold Exchange as Moscow, Beijing Prepare for Trade in Gold; Russian officials have repeatedly signaled their desire to conduct transactions with China using gold" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/WMDjb]

/ G-20

/ G-7



* "$10bn cryptocurrency devaluation in 24 hours, Bitcoin hit hard" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/LqeW1]


United Nations (UN)
UN Peacekeeping Operations map [archive.fo/wTpdj]


Space Race: The Partitioning of Planets
The Outer Space Treaty (OST) [archive.fo/CLCXG]; Space Law [archive.fo/QuYL1]; USA Space Property Law [archive.fo/beU61] , USA space mining law [archive.fo/5HG4r] [archive.fo/Y8ZVV] [archive.fo/w57h7] [archive.fo/6hZIR]

* " ‘We need more Earths’: Controversial author’s dire warning as world’s population heads for 11bn mark" (2017-07-11, rt.com) [archive.fo/za1rx]


Global Anarchist vanguards & autonomous zones
[anarchistnews.org] [ainfos.ca] [libcom.org] [anarchiststudies.org] [a-revolt.org] [wsm.ie] [facebook.com/SolidarityTimes] [redblack.org] [cnt-f.org] [insurrectionnewsworldwide.com] [anarchisthistory.noblogs.org]

* "Anarchists defend the Autonomous Zone of Exarchia from the police" (2017-06-30, ANA, machine translation via ainfos.ca) [archive.fo/Fe3jm], video [youtube.com/watch?v=PUjT2VB166c]

* "Exarchist Autonomous Zone" (2008-12-15, reason.com) [archive.is/3FwUW]
* "Many Wonderful Events at the public space of the Exarchia area / Athens Greece in the next days" (2010-06-10, voidnetwork.blogspot.nl) [archive.fo/c3t1b]
* "SELF-ORGANIZED - OCCUPIED: New Created Park in Exarchia area - Athens" photo-set and press release (2009-03-27, voidnetwork.blogspot.nl) [archive.fo/0eOOv]:
....for the last weeks Void Network participates with all its powers in one of the most visionary manifestations of self-organization of the social movement that appeared through the insurrection of December in Greece...Under the idea "Lets Take our Life Back in Our Hands" the Open Assembly of the Exarchia Inhabitants together with many anarchist, left, romantic and utopian groups and people squated an area of Exarchia just 50 metres from the spot that Alexis Grigoropoulos killed by police last December. The area was working for many years as parking and for 15 years the Athens Municipality failed to turn it into a park (as it was the original city-plan)...Actually through the self-organization and the power of more than 1000 people that gathered there in the first morning of the squat (and many more that they continue working there day by day) we turned this space into a park in 12 hours...It was like an utopian miracle...We removed the cement and put trees and flowers and dreams in its place...We couldn't believe how fast and how beautiful everybody helped to happen this just in one daytime!....Many archtectures and mechanics planed together with all people the park, the areas of new trees and flowers, the new benches, the area for the children playground, the area for concerts, theatre, jugglers....and suddenly all the people of the city enjoy a new self-organized park, an area that offers to the center of the city an area of freedom that children can play, old people can have some hours of calm and friendly feelings, all people can speak, share their dreams, prepare plans, visions and start new struggles...
All of them these people they defend the park together through rotated citizens-self organized protection timeline, hard personal work, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, fights with the police and open public assemblies...We will never surrender...We will never allow to the governement to destroy this park....For this reason we invite all people to participate in this weekend events especially organized for children...Also with all the public space groups we organize big demo in Monday 30 March 2009 in the streets of Athens starting in 17.00 o clock from the park

* "Police Occupation of Exarchia, Athens" (2009-10-09, anarchistnews.org) [archive.fo/b0O0u]

For the tourist (retrieved 2017-07-16, inexarchia.gr) [archive.is/CJZOS] [archive.fo/CJZOS] [archive.fo/dQBlR]
* "Your Temporary Home @ Exarchia Autonomous Zone (Athina, Attiki, Greece)" (retrieved 2017-07-16, airbnb.com) [archive.fo/8KmaM]


* "Greece: Anarchist refugee squats prepare for State onslaught" (2017-06-21, en.squat.net) [archive.is/o4Glk]

* "Slovenia: Autonomous spaces under attack, support the struggle! Call for solidarity actions for INDE squat in Koper, Slovenia" (2017-01-24, en.squat.net) [is.gd/GEw8En]
* News about Autonomous Factory ROG, and solidarity statement with INDE squat, both within the Republic of Slovenia, EU (2016 - 2017, squat.net) [archive.is/elk92]


World Anti-Imperialist Alliance for People's Democracy (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Basic Course (2014, massalijn.nl) [archive.fo/1NZy5].
News: [redspark.nu] [signalfire.org] [maoistcommunistgroup.com] [ri-ir.org].


Islamist Supremacists

Anti-Islamic acts [archive.fo/ErMTI]

* "You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia" (2015-01-20, by Alastair Crooke) [archive.fo/zsFsw]

* "The West Must Face Reality: Saudi Regime Is the Root Cause of Islamist Terrorism" (2017-05-31, stopwar.org.uk) [archive.fo/0XxGl]

* "UK refuses to publish report on 'funding of extremism' ; Home Secretary cites 'national security reasons' for decision, but critics say it is trying to protect Saudi Arabia" (2017-07-12, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/4VNHC]
* "Saudi Arabia boosting extremism in Europe, says former ambassador; Sir William Patey says Riyadh may not be aware of how its support for a ‘certain brand of Islam’ is leading to radicalisation" (2017-07-13, theguardian.com) [archive.fo/ByxSv]
* "Fury as Theresa May buries report feared to show Saudi links to extremism for 'national security reasons' ; Home Secretary Amber Rudd blocked the report and instead published a brief summary saying most terror funding comes from within the UK" (2017-07-12, mirror.co.uk) [archive.fo/ZUSFE]
* "Britons want UK to release report on Saudi funding of extremism; Britons urge the government of Prime Minister Theresa May to release a report about Saudi Arabia’s funding of extremists operating in the UK, and to stop selling arms to the kingdom" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/qAGYM]

* "Police confirm more than 400 acid attacks in Britain in just six months" (2017-07-16, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/ExjBr]
* "UK House of Commons to review acid attack laws; The UK House of Commons is set to review recent acid attacks in the British capital and laws concerning such attacks in the country" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Pbmnr]
* "UK government alarmed by massive rise in acid attacks; A dramatic rise in acid attacks across the UK has prompted the government of British Prime Minister Theresa May to review lax laws that let assailants get away with the hideous crime" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Gx9gx]

* "Iranian FM says ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda get their money & ideology from US allies" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/d6aLH]


Governance over the Arctic Ocean

* "China, Russia agree to jointly build 'Ice Silk Road' " (2017-07-04, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/U089l]

* "Russia Offers Saudis A Part In Arctic LNG Project" (2017-07-06, oilprice.com) [archive.fo/A2kFr]


Map [archive.fo/Y4Jtd]


Quebec nation within the Realm of Canada


The nations within the Realm of Canada, including... 
The Inuit, the Metis, the 630 recognized First Nations governments, and traditional nations.
Maps of the Inuit [archive.fo/tHTzZ] [archive.fo/7cycI] [archive.fo/yVcDs]


Regional insights for the lands of 
Anahuac, Carib, and Abya Ayla ("Latin" America) 
"When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Reawaken".
* English language news [upsidedownworld.org] [narconews.com] [narcosphere.narconews.com] [nacla.org] [coha.org] [cepr.net] [cedema.org].
* Spanish language news [contrainjerencia.com]

* "Canada Mining Companies in Latin America Have Blood on Hands; A new report finds that the corporate social responsibility governing Canada's mining industry brings human rights abuses and death to Latin American communities" (2016-10-24, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/hUyNV]
* "200 Latin American Groups Look to Stop Canadian Mining Abuses; Latin American organizations aim to highlight violations and abuses of Canadian mining operations to Prime Minister Trudeau" (2016-04-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ZzRtq]

* "2017 Indigenous Games Sponsored by Oil, Mining Companies; TransCanada and Goldcorp are accused of helming some of the projects that Indigenous people across the Americas have been fighting against for years; The 8-day event will see 5000 Indigenous youth aged 13 to 19 from across Canada and the United States compete" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ybHz8]:
The 2017 North American Indigenous Games — expected to be the largest sporting and cultural gathering of Indigenous peoples on the continent — has two ill-matched corporate sponsors: mining giant Goldcorp and oil company TransCanada [archive.fo/hUyNV].
Commencing Sunday in Toronto, Canada, the 8-day event will showcase 5000 Indigenous youth – aged 13 to 19 – from across Canada and the United States compete in 14 sports including track and field, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, lacrosse, swimming and soccer, among others.
But while the games facilitate the opportunity for cultural exchange, between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, its corporate sponsors include two companies that Indigenous people across the Americas have been protesting against for the past few years.
The companies are both listed on the games’ official website as Platinum Sponsors.
A screenshot of the official website of the games:

TransCanada is the parent company of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, the highly controversial fourth phase of the Keystone projects. This leg of the project would reportedly involve the installation of a 1,179-mile long crude oil pipeline running from Canada – through Montana and South Dakota – to Nebraska.
Former U.S. President Barack Obama had halted the project’s expansion in 2015, but it was given the go-ahead in January when President Donald Trump came into power.
Indigenous leaders from both the United States and Canada have expressed displeasure with and repeatedly protested against the project, even signing a declaration in May to assert their opposition to it.
The 16-page edict highlighted the groups’ treaty rights and opposition to this new expansion in the existing Keystone pipeline network.
The other sponsor in question, Goldcorp, is a mining giant that has elicited criticism for alleged reports of human rights violations and environmental destruction across Latin America [archive.fo/hUyNV].
In a 2016 report compiled by the Toronto-based Justice and Corporate Accountability Project, titled “The Canada Brand: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America,” it was documented that the mining giants’ practices have resulted in the loss of many lives — mainly Indigenous people.
The report detailed that the companies were responsible for 44 deaths — 30 of which are described as clearly “targeted” — across 11 countries. The document also informed of 403 injuries — 363 of which happened during protests and other confrontations — across 13 different countries, between the years 2000 and 2015.
In early 2016, over 180 organizations from across Latin America were signatories to a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding the government address violations by mining companies [archive.fo/ZzRtq].
These figures point to the Games, which is a unique platform to showcase the talents of Indigenous youth, having seemingly partnered with two marquee sponsors with ties to projects that have conversely affected the indigenous community.
* (2017-07-13, twitter.com/IndigenousON) [archive.is/QVQjw]: In less than 1 week over 5,000 Indigenous athletes representing 26 regions across North America will gather in Toronto for #NAIG2017!


Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA)
[HandsOffBolivarianVenezuela.blogspot.com]. Map [archive.fo/qVad1].

* "Cuba Defends Lula, Maduro at Sao Paulo Forum in Nicaragua; The 23rd Sao Paulo Forum meets in Managua this week to advance the unity of Latin America's left in the face of renewed attacks by global capitalism" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/t03xm]


United States of Mexico 
[activista.mx]; Drug cartel area of influence (2011, Stratfor) [archive.is/iTybj]


Indigenous communities within Mexico
Map [archive.fo/xYkf4]


The Good Government and the EZLN ("Zapatistas")
[chiapas-support.org] [enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx] [zeztainternazional.ezln.org.mx]


Revolutionary People's Democratic Party (PDPR) - Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR) for the People of Mexico
Communiques [is.gd/LUS15N]


Central America, an "Economic Sacrifice Zone"

* "US armed forces in Costa Rica Humanitarian aid fronts for modern conquistadors" (2017-06, Andrea Bauer) [archive.is/5vD8b], photo caption: When “relief” comes via the U.S. military, commercial ventures aren’t far behind. Photo credit: Master Sgt. Kerri Spero. Inset: Locals protest exploiters of Salitre, the Bribrí homeland in eastern Costa Rica.


Republic of Guatemala


Republic of El Salvador (ALBA Affiliate)


Republic of Honduras
Most of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.
News: [aquiabajo.com]


Tolupan nation within the Republic of Honduras


Republic of Nicaragua (ALBA member)

* "Nicaragua Highlights Failures of Globalization; Nicaragua’s experience highlights the failure of Western corporate capitalism to promote prosperity, security and stability either at home or overseas" (2017-07-16, Tortilla Con Sal) [archive.fo/QDsM1]:
Nicaragua’s Sandinista government recently published a survey of the standard of living in households across the country showing encouraging declines in poverty and inequality. Overall poverty in 2016 was just under 25 percent, down from over 42 percent in 2009. Extreme poverty for the same period fell to just under 7 percent, from over 14 percent in 2009. Nicaragua’s GINI index, measuring inequality, fell from 0.37 in 2009 to 0.33 in 2016. These encouraging results, better than Nicaragua’s Central American neighbors, vindicate the Sandinista government’s social and economic policies during a period of global stagnation.
Nicaragua’s experience highlights the failure of Western corporate capitalism to promote prosperity, security and stability either at home or overseas. Even Western cheerleaders for globalization acknowledge that most of the recent global reduction in poverty has occurred in Asia, especially China, while elsewhere poverty reduction has tended to stagnate and inequality even to increase. In world markets, still dominated and manipulated by Western corporate finance capitalism, small countries like Nicaragua are forced to compete for investment and a share in cut throat global export markets.
Direct foreign investment can be positive in the short term, creating employment. But over the medium and long term, it takes government and labor hostage. Foreign investors externalize onto local populations economic and environmental costs, thus tending to exacerbate inequality and poverty in the medium and long term. Their advantage is ultimately based on the threat of shifting their investment elsewhere knowing that governments’ regulatory powers can be penalized by vindictive financial markets and are, in any case, policed by multilateral lenders. This makes small countries like Nicaragua especially vulnerable to sanctions like those of the proposed NICA Act, currently pending in the U.S. Congress. [...]
International trade, financial openness and direct foreign investment have played a positive role in Nicaragua’s exceptional economic performance since Daniel Ortega became president in January 2007, but only because President Ortega and his ministerial team did three things. Firstly, they mobilized crucial structural investment funds both from traditional development cooperation sources and from Nicaragua’s membership of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas, ALBA. Between 2007 and 2013 Nicaragua benefited from over US$2.5 billion in development funding from ALBA in addition to a similar amount from traditional international cooperation for development and international financial institutions.
Secondly, President Ortega’s Sandinista government worked with the country’s private business sector to greatly diversify trade relationships in Latin America, Asia and Europe. That work has enabled Nicaragua to maintain export earnings by sustaining trends in export volumes despite falling or stagnant global prices. The third and most important thing President Ortega’s team did was to focus strongly on bringing more people in Nicaragua into productive economic activity. They did that by focusing on small and medium sized producers previously starved of credit and technical support and by prioritizing women. So they have facilitated a relatively prosperous national consumer base of producers integrated as protagonists in the country’s economy. Investment in health and education has also played a key role in that development. In the context of the colossal failure of Western corporate capitalism, Nicaragua’s practice since 2007 is a model of how socialist inspired, broad-based social and economic investment can meet people’s real development needs. [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: According to a government survey, overall poverty in 2016 was just under 25 percent.


Republic of Cuba (ALBA member)
[radiohc.cu] [plenglish.com]


Republic of Haiti


Republic of France Overseas Department of Guadeloupe


Republic of Colombia

* "Coca Leaf Production in Colombia Grows by 52%; The latest UN report documents cultivation until December 2016 - one month after the government signed a peace deal with FARC rebels" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/gxVUy]

* "Amid Prisoner Hunger Strike, Colombia's Santos Signs Last Amnesty for FARC Members; The former rebels are demanding the release of all political prisoners and say that only 832 of their 3,400 members in jail have been included in the deal" (2017-07-11, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/58t4s]

* "Hunger Striking FARC leader Santrich in Critical Condition; The United Nations is calling for the government to release all members of the former rebel group who are still in jail" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/5OAJg], photo caption: Jesus Santrich has been on hunger strike since the 26th of June

* "Sixth FARC-EP Member Murdered in Three Months; Ituango's human rights bureau has previously warned of a growing paramilitary presence in the Ituango municipality where the murder occurred" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/vi7wX]

* "International Demonstrations Demand Release of Colombian Political Prisoners; 'How can we form a party when so many are missing?' asks Jesus Santrich, a central commander of the FARC-EP" (2017-07-14, by Cody Edgerly and Alizah Simon, via telesurtv.net) [archive.is/iuskh], photo caption: A FARC supporter holds a sign reading "freedom for political prisoners."

* "UN Asks Colombia to ‘Urgently’ Release FARC Political Prisoners; Imprisoned former rebels are waiting for their release as part of the peace agreement in Colombia" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Ed9LL]

* "Colombia law gives former FARC rebels role in politics; New law guarantees former guerrillas a minimum of fives seats in the senate and five in the lower house" (2017-05-11, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/e1DcT]
* "Colombian Communist Party, FARC Seek 2018 Election Alliance; The decision was revealed at the opening of the 22 Congress of the PCC, which was attended by several FARC members" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/6Ir8i], photo caption: Members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (L) and the Communist Party of Colombia (R).

* "Former Marxist Militant, Bogota Mayor Seeks Colombia Presidency; Gustavo Petro has announced plans to run in the 2018 presidential election" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/lLZxn], photo caption: Former Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro

* Photo caption [archive.is/vi7wX]: FARC-EP Members at the 10th National Guerrilla Conference.

* Map (2017-02, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/GKhDD]

* "The Colombian Peace Process Explained" data page (retrieved 2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/rM61e], introduction: After over half a century of internal armed conflict, a landmark peace agreement reached last year between the FARC and the government through four-year-long negotiations paved the way for the rebel army to begin its 180-day, U.N.-monitored disarmament process.
As the FARC prepare to complete the weapons handover, amid growing paramilitary activity, teleSUR takes a closer look at the Colombian peace process and what it means for the future of Colombia.
The Colombian state has been at war with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army, known as the FARC, for more than 50 years.
The FARC, along with other guerrilla groups, came about as a response to violent government repression of popular progressive movements in the 1950s and 60s. Inspired by the 1959 Cuban Revolution, the FARC sought to transform Colombia, a country where change at the ballot box was impossible.
But after five decades, the conflict has become an entrenched part of Colombian life, creating more than 6.7 million victims, and taking at least 220,000 lives. [...]
The Paramilitary Threat -
The FARC and government troops, however, are not the only armed actors. Around 80 percent of the victims came about as a direct result of right-wing paramilitary operations in the conflict [archive.is/I3nRW]. The paramilitaries arose from large landowners’ private armies and security forces, who took over large areas of the country where the government was weak, operating like an organized crime gang, influencing civilian and political life.
FARC Warns of Paramilitary Threats in Disarmament Zones -
While the FARC units have handed over part of their armaments to the United Nations, as agreed to in the peace accords, the Colombian government is taking too long to fulfill its promises, Timochenko said, adding that the state's leaders were acting “in a suspicious way” [archive.is/8GIhi].

Disturbing Pattern in Violence Against Colombian Activists: UN -
The U.N. high commissioner for human rights released its report on the Colombian peace process noting a "deeply worrying" pattern of violence against human rights activists and community leaders [archive.is/K8HTk]. The report found that in 2016 there were 389 attacks on social movement and human rights activists, including 127 assassinations, most of which occurred in areas until recently controlled by the FARC guerillas.  [...]
Colombia's Largest Right-Wing Paramilitary Group Labels Human Rights Defenders 'Military Targets' -
“The only way to finish off all these plagues and rats is to exterminate them,” threatened a paramilitary pamphlet distributed in Colombia, referring to anyone ranging from human rights activists to land defenders to left-wing politicans. This is just the latest indication that right-wing political violence isn’t only keeping pace with war-time levels despite a historic peace agreement — it’s actually surging [archive.is/sN0yP].
- Photo caption: More people have been forcibly disappeared in Colombia in the last 45 years than in any other country in South America. Snapshot Nov. 22, 2016

* "Colombia's Human Rights Defenders Are Dying for Peace" (2016-09-09, insightcrime.org) [archive.fo/rQipz]

* "What can multinationals expect from the post-FARC period in Colombia?" (2015-05-10, frontierstrategygroup.com) [archive.fo/eIT8x] [begin excerpt]:
Economic growth via private investment -
While Colombia’s economy has grown at an average rate of about 4 percent in the past decade, recent studies from the Universidad de Los Andes suggest that growth could have been twice this amount if it had not been for the armed conflict. The Colombian Research Centre for the Analysis of Conflict also forecasted that a peace agreement would strengthen formal employment, accelerate poverty reduction and improve quality of life. In a very assertive statement, President Santos recently said, “Peace alone will bring almost two percentage points annually to our already booming economic growth.”
FSG believes that an end to the armed conflict would boost investment, particularly in the regions with high levels of mineral and agricultural output. Risk-adverse investors have so far avoided these regions because of the strong violence associated with the FARC. However, the arrival of private investment could be delayed until the government sets clear rules regarding land distribution, registration and exploitation. [end excerpt]
- Map: Regions with High Levels of Mineral and Agriculture Output have been the most affected by FARC violence.

* "Colombia's President Santos Travels to Cuba on Official Visit; The head of state arrived Sunday for a two-day visit" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ZIsel], photo caption: President Juan Manuel Santos arrives in Cuba.


Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP) 
Communiques [is.gd/rRiMnb], Peace Delegation [farc-epeace.org].
English [justiceforcolombia.org], [prensarural.org/spip/spip.php?mot95]. 
Spanish [farc-epeace.org] [pazfarc-ep.org] [mujerfariana.org] [resistencia-colombia.org] [issuu.com/pacocol[youtube.com/channel/UCen4cHx7I7aVoBJlPsJqgAw]


National Liberation Army (ELN) for the people of the Republic of Colombia


Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (ALBA member)
News & Info: [venezuelanalysis.com]; [rnv.gob.ve]; ALBA Ciudad 96.3 FM [albaciudad.org]; Public Ministry [mp.gob.ve]; [issuu.com/tribuna_popular]

* "Venezuela Prepares Dry Run for Constituent Assembly Vote; Opposition leaders are also holding their own plebiscite, which electoral authorities regard as illegitimate and non-binding" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/NUMsI], photo from Plataforma Popular Constituyente, caption: A sign in Caracas reads "Constituent for Peace" ahead of the National Constituent Assembly.

* "Venezuela's Constituent Assembly" data page (retrieved 2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/mBzqR]

* "5 Myths About Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly; Checking facts versus fiction on Venezuela's process to rewrite its 1999 Constitution" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/SCluf]
* "Venezuela Electoral Chief Rejects Constituent Assembly Boycott; Venezuelans have the right to vote in the Constituent Assembly and no one can forbid it, electoral chief Tibisay Lucena said" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/pQ12O]
* "Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly will be a Shield to Protect the Country Against Fascism" (2017-07-13, thedawn-news.org) [archive.fo/hPtfn]

* "Venezuela votes to determine public support for Maduro's plan to rewrite Constitution" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/KHIVV]
* "Venezuela: What You Need to Know About Elections for the Constituent Assembly" (2017-05-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/2Vt1j]
* "Feminist Constituent Assembly" video (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [is.gd/r1QCCa], including an interview with Voces Urgentes: Ejerciendo la Comunicacion Comunal [vocesurgentes.wordpress.com] [vocesurgentes.codigosur.net]

* "Venezuela Election Authority Details Constituent Assembly Nominations Process; The national Constituent Assembly will be made up of 540 members, including representatives of regions and sectors" (2017-05-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Sx3Hw]
* "Candidates for Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Meet in Caracas; The meeting is scheduled to take place in Caracas' iconic Bolivar Plaza where constituent hopefuls will introduce themselves to the Venezuelan people" (2017-07-03, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/e8G5h]
* "Over 30 Indigenous Delegates Nominated to Venezuela Constituent Assembly So Far; "It is the Indigenous peoples themselves who are choosing their candidates and will be the ones who will choose their Indigenous constituents," said spokeswoman Aloha Nuñezla" (2017-07-03, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/vbH6I], photo caption: Venezuelan Indigenous communities will hold 3,473 assemblies prior to the Constituent Assembly.

* "8 Indigenous Members to Join Venezuela's Constituent Assembly; The government has called for people from all sectors of society to participate in the democratic process of rewriting the Constitution" (2017-06-07, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/5TYsH]
* "Campaigning for Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Gets Underway; The final vote will be held on July 30, with nearly 20 million Venezuelans set to cast their ballot, according to the National Electoral Council" (2017-07-09, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Q9tPk]

* "Nicolas Maduro: Peace Shall Triumph in Venezuela; The President insists that the electoral dry run will take place peacefully on Sunday" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/7CL2t]

* "Hemisphere Must Reject Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly and Support an Electoral Resolution to the Crisis" (2017-06-15, wola.org) [archive.fo/gMOeG], representing an organization with headquarters at Washington D.C., and which is funded in-part by the USA State Dept.
* "Venezuela Opposition Rejects ‘Communist’ Constituent Assembly, Calls for 'Rebellion' ; In their continued rejection of the Constituent Assembly process, opposition leaders lay bare that their sole objective is to oust Maduro’s government" (2017-06-05, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/wem7p]
* "Venezuela opposition to hold symbolic vote on constituent assembly proposal" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/qQAcE]
* "Opposition holds symbolic vote in Venezuela; Venezuela’s opposition has run a symbolic, general vote aimed at assessing overall public sentiments toward constitutional reforms proposed by the government" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/rDlZt] [begin excerpt]:
The opposition-organized “plebiscite” was held in 2,000 polling stations across Venezuela and in 80 countries for Venezuelans abroad on Sunday, some two weeks ahead of an official vote to elect a body to rewrite the constitution. [end excerpt]
* "Over 7 million vote in anti-Maduro referendum: Venezuela opposition; Venezuela’s opposition says more than seven million people have voted in an unofficial referendum that was held to increase pressure on the government of embattled President Nicolas Maduro" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/6btFT]
* "How Many People Actually Voted In The Opposition Plebiscite?" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net)

* "So How Many Did Vote in Venezuela's Opposition Plebiscite? A teleSUR investigation shows how one person could vote three times" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/pVtjj]:
There's no doubt there was a significant turnout for the Venezuelan opposition's informal plebiscite Sunday, which the electoral authorities classified as a political gesture with no constitutional status.
The opposition said 7,186,170 people voted to reject the Venezuelan government's plan to elect a new Constituent Assembly — that includes 6,492,381 inside Venezuela and 693,789 at voting stations set up for Venezuelans in other countries.
But even if these numbers are accurate — which can't be verified — an estimated 7.2 million votes out of an eligible voting population of just under 20 million is no mandate and even falls short of the 7.7 million the opposition garnered in the 2015 national assembly elections.
But since this was an informal vote, with no register of eligible electors and only a rudimentary record of who voted and where these numbers are almost impossible to verify. At the end of the day, at least some of the opposition voting centers burned their ballot boxes, making any subsequent investigation equally impossible.
However, teleSUR journalists were able to carry out a simple test that suggested the real number of voters was probably less.
They accompanied a citizen who was registered to vote in the Valles del Tuy — a poor suburb on the outskirts of the capital — to the upscale opposition stronghold of eastern Caracas and recorded how he was able to vote multiple times with no problem.
First, they went to a voting station next to the Unicentro El Marques shopping mall. Here are the pictures of him voting [archive.fo/A8Wqx] [archive.fo/pmWey].
The organizers asked to see his identity card but did not check it against any list of eligible voters in that district. They just noted his name on a list, along with his ID number, his signature and their own stamp. Then they gave him a voting slip and invited him to fill it in, in front of them, and then put it in the ballot box. Not exactly a secret ballot. And the voting slip had no unique identification to ensure it couldn't be duplicated. After he'd finished, they gave him a receipt to show he had voted.
Then the teleSUR team went with him to another polling station at Romulo Gallegos Avenue in front of Miranda park. The same voter went through the same process and put his voting slip in the box.
The final stop was a voting station outside the Chacaito metro station. The only difference here was that after he voted he was not given a receipt of voting.
The whole process took just an hour.
So the obvious question is, how many others might have voted three times? Or even more times?
Here he is a video of the citizen casting his second and third votes (screengrab) [archive.is/suVgD], video [is.gd/oE9Ptt].
- Photo [archive.is/oLt5Q], caption: A Venezuelan votes at one polling station during the opposition’s symbolic plebiscite, who was also allowed to vote at two other sites.

* "Venezuela's Maduro Calls Dry Run Vote, 'A Hymn to Peace,' as Voters Turn Out in Large Numbers; The dry run for the Venezuela National Constituent Assembly has received an unexpectedly high turnout" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/pdxqD]
* "Unexpectedly High Turn Out for Venezuela's Dry Run Vote for Constituent Assembly; Venezuela's Vice President says this is a 'democratic message to those who insist on intervention' " (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/UN6PN]
* "Mass of Venezuelans Vote in Peaceful, Dry Run Assembly Vote; The Venezuelan people took to voting lines all over the country to take part in the democratic and peaceful dry run vote" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/2psY0]

* (2017-07-15, twitter.com/AmeliachPSUV) [archive.is/wioiz]: Proud to see our People organized in defense of their ideals and faith in revolution. Chavez Lives!
- Photos: [archive.fo/vGV9R] [archive.fo/IvBmx] [archive.fo/Vkgzd]


Pluri-National State of Bolivia (ALBA member)

* "Bolivia fights drought with help from overseas" (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/emR2z]


Republic of Ecuador (ALBA member)


Republic of Peru




Towards a People's Republic of the Andes (Peru, Ecuador, Chile)
[movadef.net] [periodicoelpueblo.wordpress.com]. Documents by and about the PCP (1998) [archive.fo/l9PKx]


Republic of Chile


MIR - Guerrilla Army of the Poor (MIR-EGP) for the People of Chile
[mir-chile.com], communiques and articles [is.gd/jtNxOP], "People's Justice against Oligarchal Genocide" (2015) (.pdf) [is.gd/VCZw1N], text [archive.ifo/rs3nG], machine translated [archive.fo/zOlte]


Republic of Argentina

* "Argentina Readies Riot Police for People's Summit at Mercosur; The People’s Summit will protest neoliberal policies by right-wing governments in the region" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ngsCj], photo caption: A past People's Summit in Peru marches against regional neo-liberal policies.


Federation of Brazil 

* "Brazil: MST Hugo Chavez Camp Attacked, Set on Fire; Over 300 families live at the camp; A pickup truck reportedly shot at the entrance of the Hugo Chavez MST camp in Brazil" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/zlbSE]

* "Amid Growing Murders, 48th Campesino Killed in Brazil in 2017; Raimundo Junior was a staunch defender of farming techniques free of agro-toxins and of popular education" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/7vH95], photo from Movimento dos Pequenos Agricultores, caption: Raimundo Mota de Souza Junior giving a presentation. The text reads: "What is a SEED."


* "Brazil's Senate Approves Labor Reforms After Protest Delay; The Senate Speaker had suspended the session after five women opposition senators occupied the dais in protest at government labor reforms" (2017-07-11, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/aW2OK]
* "Brazil Labor Reform Removes Rights Enjoyed for 7 Decades; Dilma Rousseff tweets: Brazil is in mourning. After 74 years of victories, by 50 votes the Senate handed workers a defeat" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/0dHDs]

* "Brazil Arrests 13 Policemen Involved in Para Campesino Massacre; Landless workers demanded justice for the killing of 10 Brazilian campesinos more than two months ago" (2017-07-11, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/nLH1q]

* "Brazil: Environmentalists Alarmed over Temer's 'Ruthless' Forest Bill; 'The ruthless scramble for the Amazon’s natural wealth makes Brazil, once again, the world’s deadliest country in terms of sheer numbers killed,' Global Witness' website stated" (2017-07-16, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/qX1mI]
* "Brazil proposes shrinking Amazon forest after highway protests" (2017-07-15, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/IzjpE]

* "Brazil: Lower House Committee Rejects Charges Against President Temer; The request still has to go to a vote in the full House" (2017-07-13, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/jw3Rk]

* "Lula Says He'll 'Do More and Better' as President of Brazil; Lula emphasized that democracy 'demands commitment. Democracy entails that our capacity to listen is equivalent to our ability to speak' " (2017-07-11, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/45O3L]
* "Brazil Judge Gives Lula 9 Years Over Operation Car Wash Case; Lula's defense team could appeal the decision that may potentially bar him from running for president in 2018" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/U0ozZ]
* "The scandal and tragedy of Lula's corruption conviction; Former President Lula's conviction shows that in Brazil it is impossible to govern without playing the corruption game" (2017-07-14, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/T57tt]
* "The Case Against Lula – Does It Stand Up and What's Next?" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/067Bb]
* "Brazil's Social Movements Mobilize to Defend Lula's Innocence; Demonstrations are taking place in Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Porto Alegre, with social media users using the hashtag #Lulainocente" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/sMuJ8]


[NewAfricaPeace.blogspot.comAn overview of Africa and the Diapora, with the Green Charter Committee, towards Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!
[africadaily.net]; Learn about the NATO war against the socialist Jamahiriya [is.gd/phNvx0].


African Union (AU) member states

* "Africa’s Economic and Social Crisis: Rising Unemployment, Social Instability African Union 29th Summit. Initiatives needed to reverse negative growth and the realization of continental unification" (2017-07-11, by Abayomi Azikiwe) [archive.fo/BtPBD]
* "AU Summit: Mugabe Gifts, Abbas Blasts Israel, Morocco Gripes; Mahamat expressed grave concern over conflicts which have contributed to violence in South Sudan, Libya, Mali, the Chad Lake basin and Sahel region" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/HnKTQ]

* "Kenya Clashes over Grazing Leaves 10 Dead in Drought-Hit North; Some residents say local politicians are fueling violence in an effort to win votes from particular ethnic blocs in national elections scheduled for August" (2017-03-19, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/DpDbP]
* "Kenyan Drought Drives Women and Girls Into Prostitution; The East African nation is facing the worst dry spell since 2011" (2017-07-06, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Esicw]

* "The Latest: 3 killed as Kenya official seized by extremists" (2017-07-13, AP newswire) [archive.fo/Ucswk]

* "With achievements made, Rwandans believe in their own path for development" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/ujwhk]

* "Israel and Rwanda: Paul Kagame and Benjamin Netanyahu, Partners in Persecution" (2017-07-13, by Ann Garrison) [archive.fo/Z3Ghj]

* "Attack on market in Congo’s capital kills at least 2" (2017-07-14, AP newswire) [archive.fo/sGb65]

* "Peacekeepers in South Sudan rescue aid workers attacked by gunmen" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/KdWxQ]


USA, EU, & NATO operations within African Union (AU) member-states

* "France’s Macron Calls Problems in Africa 'Civilizational' ; Macron called problems in Africa 'civilizational,' adding that 'seven or eight' children are born to each woman on the continent" (2017-07-10, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/mqjWn]
* "After his comments about African mothers, are we finally realising that Macron isn’t that liberal after all? ‘Seven or eight children per woman,’ were Macron’s exact words, as he rehearsed a canard that is particularly popular among nostalgic colonialists who still speak of the Dark Continent" (2017-07-11, independent.co.uk) [archive.fo/oII4Y]


People's Republic of China relations with African Union (AU) member-states
Articles (2009) [archive.is/Nvde6], (2013) [archive.is/NNWjs] [archive.is/eMENR], (2015) [archive.fo/OQBj9]


Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Map [archive.is/UrLIs]. Member states [archive.fo/w57Ca] are the Republics of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Cote d'Iviore, the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ginea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo

* "Tackling youth unemployment" (2017-07-10, guardian.ng) [archive.fo/tDi35]

* "Is Nigeria on the brink of another civil war? On the 50th anniversary of its bloody civil war, Nigeria is struggling to prevent another" (2017-07-12, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/FuRjL]

* "Suicide bombers in northeast Nigeria's Maiduguri kill 17 -police" (2017-07-12, Reuters newswire) [archive.fo/uy76Y]
* "Cameroon-Nigeria border: 12 killed in suicide attack; More than 40 others wounded as two female bombers target busy area in northern Cameroon, local officials say" (2017-07-13, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/5YsIj]

* "Cameroon forces 'kill 97 Nigerian fishermen' in Bakassi" (2017-07-14, bbc.com) [archive.fo/3sYsv]

* "Boko Haram bomber kills eight in fresh attack in Nigeria’s Maiduguri; A bomb attack has claimed the lives of at least eight people and wounded several others in Nigeria’s troubled northeast, officials say" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/u4R8U]

* "Ghana: 1st Sub-Saharan Country to Launch Satellite into Orbit; The Cubesat satellite weighs 1,000 grams and was developed over a period of two years at a cost of approximately US$51,500" (2017-07-09, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/nsmoQ]


Jurisdiction of Libya

* "US Likely To Establish Permanent Military Presence In Libya; The US officials say that the administration is happy with their increased involvement in Somalia, and is looking to replicate that sudden escalation in Libya" (2017-07-11, antiwar.com) [archive.fo/jKXHw]

* "Egyptian, US military officials mull over developments in Libya" (2017-07-11, kuna.net.kw) [archive.fo/mSWJB], photo caption: Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces Mahmoud Hejazy met with US Marine Corps General and Commander of the US Africa Command Thomas Waldhauser

* "Clashes kill four in eastern Libya's Tripoli" (2017-07-11, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/T7Dia]

* "Benghazi airport reopened for commercial flights" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/aTVXT]

* "Belgium must withdraw frigates off Libya: Minister; Belgium should withdraw its frigate from an EU mission to break up human trafficking networks near Libya because the presence of such vessels encouraged migrants to make the perilous journey across the central Mediterranean, the migration minister said" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/6wVDr]

* "Libya’s UN-backed government urges nationwide polls in March; Head of Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) has called on all political groups and armed factions in the country to endorse nationwide elections next year, an initiative that is expected to stumble amid widening differences between rival camps of power" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/w9n7i]

* "43 Libyan army engineers killed in landmine blast" (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/m0Tct]


Captive nation of Oromo
[opride.com/oromsis] [librationfororomiya.blogspot.de]


Mouvement National de Libération de l’Azawad (MNLA)
[mnlamov.net] [twitter.com/MnlaNews]


Jurisdiction of Somalia

* "US, Somalia Forces Raid al-Shabab, Kill Several: Official; A new threat has emerged in the country's north with some fighters claiming alliance to ISIS" (2017-07-13, necn.com) [archive.fo/607I0]
* "US forces and Somali commandos kill several al-Shabab fighters and free detainees in raid" (2017-07-14, AP newswire) [archive.fo/fRwUp]

* "Ugandan troops to help fight al-Shabaab in Somalia" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/LKnWC]


Commonwealth of Iceland 


[asatru.is] [transceltic.com]


Kingdom of Norway
Map showing world territories [archive.fo/rDBc6]


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (UKGB), including Wales, and relations with The "British" Commonwealth member states, the European Union, the USA, and NATO
Map [archive.fo/pyhbI]

* "British Government Negligence and Our Banana Republic; The Hillsborough Disaster in 1989 that resulted in 96 deaths and 766 injuries eventually produced an inquiry that has now led to manslaughter charges being brought in 2017 i.e. 28 years later" (2017-07-13, by Anthony Bellchambers) [archive.fo/76fiv]

* "Is Brexit Ready to Exit: Mayhem and Changing Opinions in the UK" (2017-07-13, by Lesley Docksey) [archive.fo/i8jx9]

* "Brexit uncertainty hurting investment: Finance minister; The uncertainty surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) is hurting investment in the country, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has warned" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/mp2V0]

* "UK will face food insecurity following Brexit: Report; An academic report in the UK has warned about food insecurity following the country’s divorce from the European Union (EU)" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/aEQM1]


UKGB - Scotland


UKGB - Northern Ireland


European Union (EU) 
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations.
Maps: Homeland and overseas territories [archive.fo/iqAFG], global Exclusive Economic Zone [archive.fo/GJkE9]

* "Bayxit? One in three Bavarians wants independence from Berlin – poll" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/Vl7fM]


Republic of Portugal (EU Member)


Republic of France (EU Member)

* "Macron, Netanyahu mark 75th anniversary of French Jew deportation" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/RPiG3]

* "Anger over Netanyahu invite to Paris Vel d'Hiv ceremony" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/nIBaz]
* "Macron: Anti-Zionism Is a Reinvented Form of anti-Semitism; Speaking at a ceremony commemorating the victims of the mass roundup of Jews in Paris in WWII, the French president assailed Le Pen and said France must take responsibility for the Vichy regime and Nazi collaboration" (2017-07-16, haaretz.com) [archive.is/1cQLN]
* "Leftists Think They Stopped French Trump... Instead, They Got French Hitler" meme (retrieved 2017-07-16) [archive.fo/iErgC]:
- Renames Ministry of Defense' to Ministry of the Armies
- Wants to make France a military superpower again
- Proclaims himself chief of the Secret Services
- Fires a tonne of journalists
- Says journalists are incapable of grasping his intellect.
- Puts everyone with potential terror connections on a watch list
- Produces USSR-tier propaganda clips where he's called The Saviour
- Cuts welfare and social security, social spending as a whole
- Allows migrants to be worked more than 40 hours a week for little pay
- Pro-monarchy Says Africa's problems are "Civilizational."
- Says African women are having too many babies
- Buddies with Trump and Putin.
- Always compares himself to the god Jupiter
- Cut taxes and shrank the government welfare for refugees
- Backed off on ousting Assad
- Told Italy to go fuck themselves when it comes to the migrant crisis


Kingdom of Spain (EU Member)
Map [archive.fo/xx9rr]


Euskal Herria (Euskalerria; the Basque Country)
History and Current Context [archive.fo/u3n1a] [archive.fo/k3YMd] [archive.fo/me7Ax] [archive.fo/xuCvf]; Maps showing Basque regions [archive.fo/dTPuZ], imposed administrative zones [archive.fo/WBNbb[archive.fo/GuTFH], placement within the European Union [archive.fo/Eg5QG], topographical relief [archive.fo/4jREV]


North Euskal Herria (within the Republic of France's jurisdictions of Labourd, Soule and Basse Navarre)


West & South Euskal Herria (Euskadi, within the Kingdom of Spain's governance of, respectively, the Basque Autonomous Community, and of Navarre)

* "Basque Leader Otegi: Independence Key to Advancing Anti-Neoliberal Policies; 'We have never shared the policies nor the xenophobic proposals against immigration that have been raised by the right-wing populist movements,' Otegi says" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/yqTIi], photo caption: General Secretary of Sortu, Arnaldo Otegi Mondragon.


State of Catalonia


Federal Republic of Germany (EU Member) 


Republic of Estonia (EU Member)


Republic of Latvia (EU Member)


Republic of Romania (EU Member)


Republic of Croatia (EU Member)


Republic of Greece (EU Member)


Republic of Macedonia (EU associate state)


Republic of Serbia
News [b92.net/eng]


Republic of Srpska (Republike Srpske)
Government website [vladars.net]; News [thesrpskatimes.com]


Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH)


Republic of Albania, and Republic of Kosovo

* "Active-Duty troops to deploy to Kosovo for the first time in a decade" (2013-03-13, stripes.com) [archive.fo/3MND4]


Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
[en.censor.net.ua] [eu.eot.su/language/en]

* "EU approves more exports from Ukraine over three years" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/r068J]

* (2017-07-14, by Patrick Armstrong) [archive.fo/i2q0r] [begin excerpt]:
UKRAINE. A recent Ukrainian poll shows positive views of Russia (44%) outweigh negative (37%) and the regional divide remains [archive.fo/Y44bB]. If we add in Donbass, Crimea and the refugees in Russia, it’s probably a positive majority. All that suffering, poverty and destruction and nothing’s changed. How much longer until Rump Ukraine breaks into its immiscible parts?

* "Up to 1,000 Ukrainian nationalists clash with police, block parliament" (2017-07-13, rt.com) [archive.fo/EZKdU]


The People's Republics of Novorossiya in the Donbass region
For more info, with maps, and link, visit [NovorossiyaSolidarity.blogspot.com]; More news [dninews.com] [novorossia.vision]


Attacks against the People's Republics of the Donbass region
"But for the Generals" (2015, dninews.com) (.pdf) [is.gd/tRPDMG], a history of the USA-backed war against the people of Novorossiya. 


Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) Operations
Combined reports of the DPR & LPR Armies and Security agencies: 'Essence of Time' Battalion [eu.eot.su/language/en], Russell Bonner Bentley [plus.google.com/+RussellBentleyTexac/posts] [twitter.com/donbacc_texac]


NAF: Reports from the Essence of Time unit in Donbass (via eu.eot.su):


NAF: "Donbass with Texas" video reports (via eu.eot.su):


NAF: NOVOROSSIA ROCKS 106.8 FM Radio Station with your host Zak Novak (via novorossia.today), Live-link [is.gd/TfMHOu], web banners [archive.fo/FlCGx] [archive.fo/V2cRD]:


People's Republic of Donetsk (DPR, or DNR)


People's Republic of Lunghask (LPR, or LNR; Luhansk, Lugansk)
News [en.lug-info.com] [mil-lnr.info


occupied People's Republic of Kharkov (KPR, or KNR)


occupied People's Republic of Odessa (OPR, or ONR) / People's Republic of Bessarabia 


occupied People's Republic of Transcarpathia


Moldovan Republic of Pridnestrovie (Transnistria, Trans-Dniestr, Transdniestria, or Transdnieper)
More info at [is.gd/G6paP5], map [archive.is/oah0l]


Republic of Moldova


Republic of Crimea (part of the Federation of Russia; claimed by the Republic of Ukraine)


Republic of Chechnya (part of the Federation of Russia)


Federation of Russia (EEU Member)
Map [archive.fo/yFbmy]. News: [rbth.com]

* "Russian Federation Sitrep, 13 July, 2017" (2017-07-14, by Patrick Armstrong) [archive.fo/i2q0r], a compilation of news for the week previous.

* "Russians fear economic problems more than war – poll" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/fva0p]

* "Putin Likely to Run as Independent in 2018 Election" (2017-07-06, themoscowtimes.com) [archive.fo/amlfo]

* " ‘Putin’s gentle nature bringing Russia back from its knees’ – filmmaker Kusturica" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/WX0qW]


"Russophobia", a collection of articles supporting hatred against all Russians


Russian Repression Report: Actual incidents and false stories explained

* "The Pogrom of Sputnik i Pogrom" (2017-07-06, unz.com) [archive.fo/8Id5Z] [begin excerpt]:
As a reminder, SiP isn’t some fringe Neo-Nazi blog bedecked in swastikas and dug up from the bowels of the Internet. It is a glossy magazine with long, high-quality articles about Russian history that now garners 1.5 million monthly visits, despite many of its articles being paywalled. It has been remarkably successful [archive.fo/lL5qP] at penetrating its way into the Russian elites: Alexander Voloshin [archive.fo/SH2U2], Igor Strelkov, and Ksenia Sobchak (!) are known to be readers. Combining the visitor numbers of the top Alt Right websites with the intellectual sophistication and elite influence of the upper-tier neoreactionary blogs, SiP’s success as a media phenomenon cannot be denied. As the ultimate “compliment,” many of the large federal MSM organizations have already written about the pogrom of Sputnik i Pogrom.
It is highly critical of the Putin regime for what they see as its corruption, privileging of ethnic minorities, open borders with Central Asia, laxness in Ukraine, and the stiffling climate of political authoritarianism and social conservatism. One can agree or disagree with these assertions to varying extents, but one cannot credibly accuse it of being an agent for Western (or Islamist) interests; in 2014, they actively supported Crimea’s incorporation into Russia and the Donbass resistance, contributing 60 million rubles for humanitarian needs, sending volunteers [archive.fo/J31K8], and crowdfunding an APC for the people’s militias.
Nor could SiP have been banned for its relative social and political liberalism, such as their criticism of organized religion and homophobia. The website of the Russian Imperial Movement (retrieved 2017-07-11) [archive.fo/qGFpW], which whom I became acquainted in Saint-Petersburg [archive.fo/28E1Y], has also been blocked, even though they are hardline social conservatives and require applications for membership to be Orthodox Christians.
In totality, all this points to one conclusion: The Russian government has increasingly had it with Russian nationalism. [end excerpt]
- Note: The conclusion of the excerpt provided here omits the cause for such a perceived sentiment in the government... it is not an ethnic state, nor is it a sovereign state as it is integrated into varying political unions among various governments across Eurasia. Thus, xenophobic Russian nationalism is not in the interest of the Russian government as it currently exists!


Republic of Belarus
[eng.belta.by] [law.by]


Eurasian Union (EEU) / Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
EEU Map [archive.fo/7gu7z]. Official Info [aeunion.org] [eurasiancommission.org]

* "Iran, Russia hold joint naval drills in Caspian Sea; The Iranian and Russian navies have staged joint exercises in the Caspian Sea to strengthen naval cooperation between the two countries" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/5jAAH]

* "Mongolia's New President Is a Huge Putin Fan; He likes Putin so much he went to the trouble of photoshopping images of himself with the Russian president to use in the campaign" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/s8T7M]

* "Russian gas exports to Europe & Turkey surge 12% year-on-year" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/iC92u]


Republic of Kyrgyzstan (EEU Member) 


Republic of Kazakhstan (EEU Member) 


Republic of Georgia (EU Associate)
Regional map [archive.fo/MI8v4]


Republic of South Ossetia (EEU Affiliate)
[mfa-rso.su/en]; Maps [archive.fo/e2FnM]


Republic of Abkhazia (EEU Affiliate)
News [apsnypress.info]; Abkhaz language [apsny.ru]. Maps [archive.fo/uUiTC] [archive.fo/MCUtl]


Republic of Georgia (EU Associate) - Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia


Republic of Turkey (NATO member state)
* "Turkey commemorates ‘epic victory’ over coup attempt with massive rally" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/kv0OU], photo caption: People wave Turkey's national flags as they attend a ceremony marking the first anniversary of the attempted coup at the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey July 15, 2017.

* "President Erdogan seeks to further extend emergency rule" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/JE3Ve]

* "Erdogan vows to ‘chop off heads of traitors’ at coup anniversary rally" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/g5iIt] [begin excerpt]:
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “chop off the heads” of traitors during a speech in Istanbul commemorating the victims of last year’s botched coup attempt and celebrating the government’s victory.
“First of all, we will chop off the heads of those traitors,” the Turkish leaders said, addressing tens of thousands of people in Istanbul on Saturday evening, as cited by AFP [archive.fo/DULlw].
All suspects who are currently being tried for involvement in the 2016 failed coup should wear uniforms similar to those worn by prisoners in the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison, he said.
“I spoke to the prime minister and... when they appear in court, let’s make them appear in uniform suits like in Guantanamo,” Erdogan said.
His statement came after one of the detainees reportedly showed up to court wearing a T-shirt with ‘Hero’ written on it [archive.fo/YUu6Q].
Speaking in front of the presidential palace in Ankara later on Sunday morning, Erdogan promised to sign any legislation passed by parliament to restore capital punishment in the country.
“We are a state governed by rule of law. If it comes to me after parliament, I will sign it,” he said.
Meanwhile, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned Ankara against reintroducing the death penalty.
“One year after the attempted coup, Europe’s hand remains outstretched,” Juncker said in an interview to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper [archive.fo/s5oVp]. “If Turkey were to introduce the death penalty, the Turkish government would finally slam the door to EU membership.”
More than 240 people were killed and over 2,000 injured in the failed coup attempt in summer 2016, according to official data.
Following the failed coup, Ankara launched a massive crackdown on alleged coup supporters, as well as opposition figures and journalists. Over 50,000 people were arrested and more than 150,000 civil servants, police officers, and soldiers dismissed as a result.

* "Erdogan caps patriotic binge with statue event; Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has unveiled a memorial statue honoring those killed during the country’s failed July 15, 2016 coup on the first anniversary of the event" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/cJmLp]

* "Message from the president: Erdogan’s voice heard before dial tone on anniversary of failed coup" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/aPkEj] [begin excerpt]: Turkish mobile networks users making calls on the anniversary of the failed 2016 coup attempt were surprised to hear President Erdogan’s voice before the dial tone, hailing the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for “democracy and unity.”
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s short speech could be heard on Turkey’s largest mobile network, Turkcell, as well as other operators such as Turk Telekom and Vodafone, according to Hurriyet daily [archive.fo/1bPR3].
“As President, I render congratulations on the July 15 National Day of Democracy and Unity and wish the martyrs mercy and the heroes [who suppressed the coup] health and wellbeing,” said the message from Erdogan.
The idea of spreading Erdogan’s words on the anniversary of the coup defeat came from Turkey’s Information Technologies and Communication Authority (ICTA), which oversees internet and mobile phone networks, the newspaper said.
“We are serving our nation, our national will, our country and our people in face of the threat,” said Omer Fatih Sayan, the ICTA head. He added that it was his agency which enabled President Erdogan to address the nation via video link on the day of the coup. [end excerpt]

* " 'Turks showed political maturity by countering coup' " (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/52ZSg], introduction: Turkey is marking a year since the 2016 failed coup attempt with ceremonies across the country. Addressing a special event in Istanbul on Saturday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave an emotional speech to tens of thousands of people, warning that he will chop off the heads of traitors. He also once again accused US-backed opposition figure Fethullah Gulen of orchestrating the July 15th coup. The Turkish president further defended his decision to launch a heavy-handed crackdown on alleged Gulen supporters after the event. Erdogan said that 111,000 people had been sacked since then and many were in detention. Following is a synopsis of an interview Press TV has conducted with Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist, and Hatem Yavuz, a political observer, on this subject.

* "Is Turkey's economy still suffering one year after coup attempt?" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/5q5ep]

* "Tension lingers on in Turkey as crackdown continues in coup attempt anniversary" (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/TcUKl]

* "Fethullah Gulen is facing extradition to Turkey by Donald Trump – so he should read up about his country; While Gulen looks like a rather cuddly imam, spending his twilight years in American retirement, he has built up an extraordinary system of Islamic schools and charities in the US, UK and Turkey worth billions of dollars. His own movement has withdrawn a book where he justifies wife-beating ‘albeit as a last resort’, describes Christianity as '‘perverted’ and refers to America as ‘our merciless enemy’ " (2017-07-13, by Robert Fisk, independent.co.uk) [archive.fo/88Ava]

* "Turkey dismisses over 7,000 police, soldiers: ministry officials" (2017-07-14, dailystar.com.lb) [archive.is/2iVLo]

* "Turkish president Erdogan believes EU is 'not indispensable' " (2017-07-15, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/gQEYU]
* "EU has not kept promises in refugee crisis, says Turkish ex-minister" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/bnIlY]

* "Turks, Russians partner on mega projects" (2017-07-12, al-monitor.com) [archive.fo/eYQP3], summary: Construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant is being moved forward to begin in August, as plans are shaping up for the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline.

* "Ankara obstructs investigation into July 15 botched coup: Opposition party; Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People's Party (CHP), has accused the Ankara government of blocking a thorough investigation into last year’s failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/lnnVj]

* "Turkey extends state of emergency for another three moths; Turkey on Monday extended emergency rule for another three months, almost a year after it was imposed in the wake of last July's failed military coup" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/V3ADj]

* "100-plus caught up in Turkey post-coup dragnet; One year after undergoing a bloody coup attempt, Turkey continues with its arrest campaign against suspected accomplices to the failed putsch. In the most recent crackdown, authorities have ordered the detention of 127 more people in this connection" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/ycRaZ]


[levantreport.com] [middleeasteye.net] [alaraby.co.uk/english] [almanar.com.lb/english/main.php] [almasdarnews.com] [english.aawsat.com]

* "1918 'Sykes-Picot' & 2017 'Rojava' – Flogging the Same Dead Horse Twice" (2017-07-11, by Ollie Richardson) [archive.fo/t3eHW]

* "Hezbollah Helped Save Syria From Complete Destruction — And We Should All Be Thankful; Those who defended Syria from the real terrorists are now being vilified by the west" (2017-07-14, by Salah Chaaban, via RI News) [archive.fo/wzCed]

Qatar Crisis
* "The Qatar Crisis" (2017-07-03, by Adam Hanieh) [archive.fo/VdvOS] [begin excerpt]
The June 5 decision by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Egypt to suspend diplomatic ties with Qatar has sent shockwaves through the Middle East.
The ensuing blockade shut down much of the Gulf’s maritime and land trade with Qatar, provoking fears that the tiny state would soon face food shortages. Major air carriers, including Emirates, Gulf Air, flydubai, and Etihad Airways, canceled flights, and Qatari citizens living in the participating nations had just two weeks to return home. Even immigrants with Qatari residency permits would be caught up in the expulsion.
The UAE outlawed any expression of sympathy for Qatar – including on Twitter – and threatened offenders with jail terms of up to fifteen years.
Governments closely linked to Saudi Arabia and the UAE quickly expressed support for the blockade, including the Tobruk-based House of Representatives in Libya (one of the country’s warring governmental factions), the Saudi-backed Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi government in Yemen, as well as the Comoros, Mauritania, and the Maldives. [...]
Not everyone in Washington, however, fully supports Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Other officials – notably Rex Tillerson – are calling for an easing of the blockade and a peaceful solution. The United Kingdom’s foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, also weighed in, calling for an end to the conflict while also stating that Qatar “urgently needs to do more to address support for extremist groups.”
Internecine squabbling is nothing new for the Gulf’s fractious ruling families, but the decision to isolate Qatar marks a significant escalation. How should we understand the blockade in the context of wider developments in the Middle East, particularly in the wake of the Arab uprisings? Do these events mark an irreconcilable schism in Gulf politics or a fundamental shift in the historic patterns of American alliances in the region? [end excerpt]

* "Qatar Has the Strength to Resist Saudi Hostility" (2017-07-11, by Jason Unruhe) [archive.fo/FEtEp]
* "US and Qatar sign deal on fighting terrorism; US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praises Qatar's commitment to help track down and disable sources of terror funding" (2017-07-11, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/uuiSO]

* "Bob Corker: Saudi terrorism support 'dwarfs' Qatar's; Republican says Saudi crown prince may have made 'rookie mistake' over Qatar blockade, as diplomatic efforts continue" (2017-07-13, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/hKsUi]

* "Plans to Shut Down Al Jazeera Have Been Dropped: UAE Official; Al Jazeera said it rejects any 'external intervention' and reiterates its 'independence and professional editorial stance' " (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/lLeX1]

* "GCC may be about to eject member Qatar; The regional grouping of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) may well be on its way to excommunicating member state Qatar, as political tectonic plates seem to be widening a bitter divide" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Dqaes]

* "UAE hacked Qatari websites, US intelligence sources confirm; The United Arab Emirates was behind an effort to hack Qatari government news and social media websites, sparking a diplomatic dispute among Arab states, US intelligence officials say" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/PxCnZ]
* "Not ‘Russian hackers’? WaPo report accuses UAE of orchestrating Qatar media hack" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/c3vK0]
* " ‘Unequivocal proof:’ Qatar accuses UAE of hacking its media following WaPo report" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/hRsC3]
* "Doha says US media report showed UAE attack on Qatar's news agency; Doha says it regards as true an American media report that points the finger of blame at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the alleged hacking of Qatar’s state news agency in late May" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/yvAfl]


Republic of Egypt

* "Five Egyptian police killed in checkpoint attack, says state TV; Police and the army have said they are closing in on militants following a spate of attacks" (2017-07-14, middleeasteye.net) [archive.is/hcUZs]

* "Egypt kills 9 ‘extremists’ in Sinai Peninsula; Security forces have killed nine militants in the Sinai Peninsula and also destroyed 15 vehicles transporting weapons into Egypt across its western border, the military said in statements on Sunday" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/kkIUC]

* "Militants’ shooting, blasts kill 5 Egyptian policemen in northern Sinai Peninsula; At least five Egyptian security forces have been killed and several others wounded in northern Sinai Peninsula after militants, suspected to be with the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group, launched ambush attacks against army’s military vehicles, using gunfire and bombs" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/IcgpW]


Republic of Iraq

* "US, allies main losers of Mosul liberation operation: Iran MP; A senior Iranian lawmaker has hailed Iraq’s recapture of the city of Mosul from the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group, describing the US, along with its allies, as the main loser of the liberation campaign, since it failed to advance its plots there" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/x4T18]

* "Mosul's residents register with government" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/7W0fx]

* "Iraq test-fires indigenous short-range Yaqeen-1 rocket; Iraq has successfully test-fired a locally designed and manufactured rocket as part of efforts to revive its defense industries and use indigenous military hardware in the fight against Daesh Takfiri terrorist group and potential foreign threats" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/hdxVx]


Republic of Iraq: War News

* "Three IS militants killed while escaping to western Mosul via Tigris" (2017-07-13, iraqinews.com) [archive.fo/ZIuD9]

* "Police officer, three soldiers were killed in suicide attack, west of Mosul" (2017-07-13, iraqinews.com) [archive.fo/z5aeN]

* "Car bomb kills 4 in northern Syria Explosive-laden vehicle explodes near a school in Azaz city" (2017-07-13, aa.com.tr) [archive.fo/SpRzi]

* " ‘Infighting erupts between Daesh terrorists in Iraq, 4 killed, injured’; Clashes have broken out between members of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group at a mosque in northwestern Iraq, where four of the terrorists were killed or injured in the infighting" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/awTEa]

* "100s of Iraqi soldiers, fighters killed in US-led airstrikes: Iraqi MP; An Iraqi lawmaker has blamed the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the country and neighboring Syria for killing hundreds of army soldiers and pro-government fighters from the Popular Mobilizations during airstrikes against alleged militant hideouts" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/SFBp4]


Arab Republic of Syria: Diplomatic and Civil News
[sana.sy/en] [syriatimes.sy] [facebook.com/United.Syrian.Republic] [sana-syria.org] [joshualandis.com/blog] [syriasolidaritymovement.org] [syrianfreepress.wordpress.com] [syrianews.cc] [acloserlookonsyria.shoutwiki.com] [syrianperspective.com] [breakingnews.sy/en.html] [almasdarnews.com] [facebook.com/SyrianWarNewsInfoMedia]

* "The New Silk Road will go through Syria; China and Syria have already begun discussing post-war infrastructure investment; with a 'Matchmaking Fair for Syria Reconstruction' held in Beijing" (2017-07-13, by Pepe Escobar) [is.gd/h5FX6y]
* "Syrian Day held in Beijing to promote Damascus International Fair" (2017-07-10, sana.sy) [archive.is/dDI5o]:
The China-Arab Exchange Association, in cooperation with the Syrian Embassy in Beijing, held on Sunday a Syrian Day with the participation of 1,000 representatives of Chinese companies specializing in investment and reconstruction
This initiative seeks to promote the upcoming Damascus International Fair, as well as the the Reconstruction Expo.
Syrian Ambassador in Beijing Imad Mustafa said that Chinese companies are expected to play a big role in the reconstruction phase in Syria after the end of the crisis, pointing out that the Syrian government will give top priority to Chinese companies in investment and reconstruction opportunities.
For his part, Deputy Chairman of China-Arab Exchange Association Qin Yong, who had visited Syria last June, expressed optimism in Syria’s ability to rise again, encouraging the Chinese companies to invest in it.
The event included a presentation showcasing significant investment sites in Syria and the recent decisions issued by the Syrian government connected to facilitating investment opportunities.
The 59th Damascus International Fair is scheduled to be held on August 17-26 at the Damascus Fairgrounds, with the participation of about 30 Arab and foreign countries.


* "First aid convoy enters besieged city of Houla in Syria" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.is/88KV6]


* "Iran: U.S.-Russia ceasefire deal should be expanded to cover all Syria" (2017-07-10, Reuters newswire) [archive.is/vPGXR]

* "Lavrov: the US, EU have to lift sanctions imposed on Syria" (2017-07-11, sana.sy) [archive.is/Uqmmw]

* "UN Syria talks end with no breakthrough" (2017-07-15, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/57jNC]


Arab Republic of Syria: War News
The story so far [archive.fo/o2w8S]...

* "New Cease-Fire Begins in Parts of Southern Syria; The new agreement includes Deraa and Suweida on the Jordanian border; and Quneitra near the borders of Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Lebanon" (2017-07-09, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/pyiYs]
* "Syrian Troops Attack Rebel Villages in Southeast; Fighting Is Outside of Ceasefire Zone" (2017-07-10, antiwar.com) [archive.fo/0FE4N]

* "Syria rejects Israeli occupation’s announcement of holding “local councils” elections in occupied Syrian Golan" (2017-07-08, sana.sy) [archive.fo/n7gWg]
* "People of Quneitra: The Golan will remain a Syrian Arab land" (2017-07-09, sana.sy) [archive.fo/Xrhwd]

* "Syria Turns to UN to Protest Local Druze Elections in Israeli Golan Heights; Syria's Foreign Ministry says the move is part of an ongoing effort to annex territory categorized as occupied by the UN Security Council" (2017-07-09, haaretz.com) [archive.fo/clgKh]



* "Six civilians killed in Hasaka in new crime committed by US-led coalition" (2017-07-12, sana.sy) [archive.is/pQV9m]

* " 'Turkey building new military bases in northern Syria' ; 'Turkey is increasing the number of its Syrian military bases north of Aleppo, as part of the preparation to surround the city of Afrin' " (2017-07-13, news.sol.org.tr) [archive.is/PugyI]



* "Syrian government forces regain control of four oil fields in Raqqah, Dayr al-Zawr; Syrian government forces have managed to seize back oil fields in the militant-held northern province of Raqqah and in the eastern province of Day al-Zawr from Daesh Takfiri terrorists as they continue to score more territorial gains against the extremists across the war-ravaged Arab country" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/g5AMG]

* "Shells hit Russian embassy compound in Syria" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/F3iu4]
* "Russia's embassy compound in Syria hit by mortar shells; The Russian embassy in Syria has been targeted by shelling from foreign-backed militants operating in the capital Damascus" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/KAjvG]

* "Takfiris fight each other as Assad ouster fades away; Raging clashes between Takfiri terrorists in Idlib are raising fears of widespread violence in the northwestern Syrian province which is held by militant groups" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Er1b9]

* "Syrian forces continue their gains against Daesh in Raqqah; The Syrian army has regained control of an oilfield in Raqqah after killing all of its occupying Daesh terrorists as part of their operations to fully liberate the country from extremism" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/5KgNU]

* "Syrian army captures five oil fields in Raqqa from IS" (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/iQe9H]


The International anti-Syria Alliance, the "Free Syria Army", and allied organizations 


Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
A USA-backed self-governing entity for the disruption of the Eurasian Union and other rival blocs.

* "IS leader in Hawija proclaims himself emir after Baghdadi’s death reports" (2017-07-11, iraqinews.com) [archive.is/6cmyv]
* "Islamic State’s 'Diyala State' reportedly confirms Baghdadi’s death" (2017-07-11, iraqinews.com) [archive.is/uM1Xa]

* "Libyan faction head may lead ISIL: Report" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/cZfZh]

* "Top Kurdish official: ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive" (2017-07-18, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/8ZFge]

* "Islamic State built in staying power with global jihadis" (2017-07-11, nationalpost.com) [archive.is/i01Lb]

* "ISIS WARNING: World in FINAL STAGES of radical Islam masterplan to TAKE OVER the West" (2016-12-21, express.co.uk) [archive.is/q9pB7] [begin excerpt]:
BBC reporter Andrew Hosken – who included the map of the targeted areas in his book – said ISIS wants "to take over all of what they see as the Islamic world.
He said: "Once they have their caliphate, they plan to turn against the rest of the world. They envisage the whole world being under their rule. [...]
The author reveals how in 1996 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who founded the depraved terror group which eventually became ISIS, described a seven-step programme that would lead the organisation to victory by 2020.
Mr Hosken said: "We were so close to destroying them back in 2010-11. 80 per cent of their leaders had been captured or killed and they ended up as a little rump.
"We didn't finish them off and like a cancer they came back." [end excerpt]


* "ISIS' Fleet of Ukrainian Tanks Goes on Display in Mosul; The Iraqi Army found Salo-class Ukrainian battle tanks in the rubble of Mosul" (2017-07-15, RI News) [archive.fo/CwRd1], semi-satirical article.


Regional map [archive.fo/28m8f], Map of Liberated Cantons of West and South Kurdistan (2016) [archive.fo/f7ImY], "Greater Kurdistan" maps [archive.fo/laloo] [archive.fo/4KYfB]; News [anfenglish.com] [kurdishdailynews.org] [knnc.net/en/default.aspx] [facebook.com/pages/International-freedom-battalion/1597451687171173][turkeyharvest.blogspot.com] [kurdishquestion.com] [kurdishmatters.com[kurdishrights.org] [ekurd.net][kurdishquestion.com]; Co-Operative Economy in Rojava & Bakur [cooperativeeconomy.info]


North Kurdistan (Bakur), within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey

* "PKK bombing leaves 17 soldiers injured in southeastern Turkey; More than a dozen Turkish soldiers have sustained injuries in a roadside bomb explosion that targeted their military vehicle in Turkey’s southeastern and Kurdish-populated province of Hakkari" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/klwXC]


South Kurdistan (Basur), within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Iraq, including the governance of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), & the Medya Defense Zones
Provincial map [archive.fo/4a18W]

* "Kurdish independence plan will weaken Iraq: Iranian official; A senior Iranian official has warned that a plan by Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region to hold an independence referendum will weaken the entire Arab country" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/rWS6P]


West Kurdistan (Rojava), within the jurisdiction of the Arab Republic of Syria, governed by the Rojava Kurdistan Democratic Autonomous Administration
Map [archive.fo/7Z32s]. News [rojavareport.wordpress.com], Documents (2016) [archive.fo/8z7EN]


East Kurdistan (Rojhelat), within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran
News [rojhelat.info]


The Êzidîs, & the Shengal Democratic Autonomy

Republic of Lebanon / Party of God (Hezbollah)


World Jewish Commonwealth & Diaspora 
The Judean People and their diverse communities [forward.com[mondoweiss.net] [tikkun.org


Antisemitic Studies & Action

* "Police ‘betray’ Jews as anti-Semitic hate crime soars – report" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/CKsj1]

* "Opposing Zionism not racism: Scottish court rules; A pro-Palestinian organization in Scotland has clinched a landmark victory in a UK court that ruled in favor of its members, who were accused of racism for having participated in a protest against Israel three years ago" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/kdzOL], photo caption: Activists from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign protest against Israel outside the Glasgow Sheriff Court in Scotland, on 10 July 2017.


State of Israel, National Institutions, transnational agencies and private-sector partnerships
[972mag.com[dukium.org] [icahd.org] [haaretz.com[i24news.tv] [tabletmag.com] [jpost.com] [izionist.org/eng]

* "Israeli Persecution of Mordechai Vanunu. Israel’s Unspoken Nuclear Weapons Program" (2017-07-12, by Stephen Lendman) [archive.fo/u5TID]

* "Israel's Travel Ban: Knesset Bars Entry to Foreigners Who Call for Boycott of Settlements; New law doesn't include caveat urged by Justice Ministry: To exempt Palestinians who reside in Israel" (2017-03-07, haaretz.com) [archive.is/qeB2h]
* "Jewish Mother and BDS Activist: Code Pink’s Ariel Gold vs. Israel’s Travel Ban; The pro-Palestinian provocateur is under attack after a newspaper alleged that she 'tricked' her way into Israel last month. She says she will be 'heartbroken' if the authorities ban her from ever returning" (2017-07-11, haaretz.com) [archive.is/IYaF7]
* "BDS activist tricks authorities, enters Israel against protocol; Ariel Gold deletes virulent anti-Israel Facebook posts going back to 2012 just a week before arriving in the country • Public Security Ministry official says the ministry is reviewing the situation, Gold will not be allowed to enter Israel in the future" (2017-07-07, israelhayom.com) [archive.is/kbuxD], photo caption: Boycott, divestment and sanctions movement activist Ariel Gold at her son's Bar Mitzvah at Ithaca synagogue, New York.


* "Ireland fails to condemn Palestinians, says Netanyahu; Israeli PM openly critical of Ireland after Jerusalem meeting with Coveney" (2017-07-12, irishtimes.com) [archive.fo/tws6h], photo caption: Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney puts on a kippa, the traditional Jewish skullcap for men, during his visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial museum.


* "3 Palestinians, 2 Israeli Policemen Dead After Jerusalem Clash; No group has claimed responsibility for the attack" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/stLFM], photo caption: Israeli border policemen secure the area near the scene of the shooting attack, in Jerusalem's Old City, on July 14, 2017.

* "Israel shuts down Al-Aqsa mosque after shooting; Israeli police briefly detains Jerusalem's top Muslim cleric and closes Al-Aqsa mosque after deadly shootout" (2017-07-14, aljazeera.com) [archive.is/GQfoO]
* "Israeli Forces Shut Down, Occupy Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem; The thousands who come to the mosque every Friday for prayers were turned away, and forced to pray in the streets under the watch of armed Israeli forces" (telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/MrYXq], photo caption: Palestinians praying in the streets under the watch of armed Israeli forces.

* "Iran blasts Israel’s closure of al-Aqsa Mosque; Iran has censured the Israeli regime’s recent move to shut down al-Aqsa Mosque and cancel Friday prayers at the holy site, warning against the 'dangerous repercussions' of such measures" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/f2VLZ]
* "Jordanians protest Israel’s shutdown of al-Aqsa; Some 1,000 Jordanians have held a demonstration to vent their anger at Israel’s closure of the al-Aqsa Mosque compound to Muslim worshippers following a deadly gunfight at the holy site" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/QpBmD]

* "Temple Mount Attack Raises Tensions Between Israel's Muslim, Druze Communities; Killing of two Druze police officers by three Muslim gunmen at Al-Aqsa complex could set the two Arab groups on a collision course" (2017-07-16, haaretz.com) [archive.fo/lRm98]
* "Muslim Temple Mount Authority Refuses to Reopen Site Due to Israeli Metal Detectors; Israeli police allow access to the site again after shuttering it in the wake of a deadly shooting, but the Waqf warns visitors to stay away" (2017-07-16, haaretz.com) [archive.fo/lRm98]
* "Did the Shooters Get Help From Inside? The Taboo That Was Broken on Temple Mount; Netanyahu walks a tightrope after gunmen kill two police officers at holy site" (2017-07-16, haaretz.com) [archive.is/5rIQt]
* "Scuffles erupt outside reopened Temple Mount as Palestinians decry new Israeli security measures" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/gMzD7]
* "Israel reopens Jerusalem holy site after deadly shooting" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/vjXjM]

* "Israel reopens Aqsa Mosque compound, Muslims refuse to enter in protest; Israeli forces have reopened the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem al-Quds two days after they closed it following a deadly shooting in the area, but Muslims refused to enter in protest to newly imposed security measures, including metal detectors and cameras" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/aD2J1]
* "Israeli ministers approve bill aimed at keeping control of al-Quds; Israeli ministers have approved legislation aimed at taking complete control of Jerusalem al-Quds by the Tel Aviv regime" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/2mhAF]
* "Hezbollah praises ‘heroic’ al-Aqsa Mosque operation; The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has hailed the “heroic" operation conducted by three Palestinians at the entrance to the al-Aqsa Mosque late last week, which left two Israeli police officers dead in a gun battle in the mosque compound" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/aXzRn]
* "Islamic groups urge Muslims to boycott holy site over metal detectors in Jerusalem al-Quds; A Muslim religious authority, along with other Islamic groups, has called on Muslims to boycott all the Israeli acts of aggression against the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in a gesture of protest after Tel Aviv set up metal detectors at the site's entrance gates" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Npztp], photo caption: Israeli forces stand guard as Palestinians demonstrate outside the Lions Gate, a main entrance to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City of Jerusalem al-Quds on July 17, 2017.

* "Israeli forces attack Palestinian worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque; Israeli forces have attacked Palestinian worshipers at an entrance to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, leaving 18 people injured" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/M6Qo3]

* "Israeli police fires rubber bullets to disperse Temple Mount protestors, 3 injured" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/iT7DK] [begin excerpt]: The Palestinian Red Crescent said Barghouti, chairman of the Palestinian National Initiative, was among those hurt.
The 63-year-old was reportedly hit in the head with a rubber bullet and taken to the Al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem.
Footage from the scene showed, Barghouti, a former Minister of Information in the Palestinian unity government, holding his bleeding head.
Earlier, Fatah called for a “day of rage” across the occupied West bank, urging demonstrations and protests at Israeli checkpoints. [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: A Palestinian argues with an Israeli border police officer July 17, 2017.

* "Muslim protest continues as Israel reopens Jerusalem's al-Aqsa compound" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/ASdpQ]

* "Palestinian homes face demolition after al-Aqsa shooting; Israel's Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan says he is considering demolishing the homes of the three Palestinians who were killed in a firefight with Israeli forces just outside the Haram al-Sharif, known by Jews as Temple Mount" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/rD92t]
* "Arab League condemns Israeli practices in al-Aqsa Mosque" (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/yMTos]

* "Israel’s Ever-more Sadistic Reprisals Help Shore Up a Sense of Victimhood" (2017-07-12, by Jonathan Cook) [archive.fo/cjZv9]

* " 'It’s okay to be racist in Israel' ; An Israeli conscientious objector speaks out about racism and subjugation as the occupation enters its 51st year" (2017-06-29, aljazeera.com) [archive.fo/vfop0] [begin excerpt]:
- Al Jazeera: Is this part of the military training?
- Vardi: The military is made up of officers who are used to dehumanising people. It is full of people who used to beat people to the ground. That's already inherent in who they are and how they see things. So, obviously, it's part of the entire culture. This culture stems from the military and eventually becomes part of civil society - and today - racism is a legitimate part of the Israeli discourse.
It's okay to be racist in Israel today. It's okay to say, "Yes, Jews are better." It's okay to think, "Yes, when we are thinking of security, the security of Jews is more important than the security of Arabs" - that's not even a question.
The legitimacy of racism is partially based on what Zionism is. It's a nationalist movement of the Jewish people – it's by definition preferring Jews over non-Jews – that's what Zionism is. People believe that this is a logical way of thinking in light of the way we have been treated through history.
There's a fundamental difference between protecting the Jewish identity as a minority and what happens when Jews become the majority and still pursue the ideology of protecting the Jewish identity at any cost.
Once, I witnessed a family having a serious conversation about what would be worse - their Jewish son bringing home a Palestinian girl or [an Israeli] man. A Palestinian friend of mine, who speaks fluent Hebrew, also witnessed this conversation. And we just sat there, thinking that this is a legitimate conversation that can be had in public.
- Al Jazeera: What do you think needs to happen for things to change?
- Vardi: I think one of the things that Israel has done very well is to maintain a level of oppression, which means you will always have to deal with certain issues, but you also still have something to lose because, when people don't have anything to lose, they revolt.
Israel is pretty good at keeping that balance, although it is beginning to break slightly. The fact that Israeli society is becoming more right-wing and that Israeli politicians are responding to that and are becoming more aggressive means that at some point that balance will break - at some point Palestinians will not have as much to lose - but I hate to see that as the optimism. [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: Supporters of an Israeli soldier, Elor Azaria, charged with manslaughter after he shot a wounded Palestinian alleged attacker as he lay on the ground in Hebron in 2016


State of Israel: Settlements of Judea & Samaria
[settlementsofisrael.netzah.org] [hityashvut.org.il]. Considered "inconsistent with international law" according to Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention [archive.fo/g0ikl].

* "UN panel blasts Israel over abuses and settlement expansion in Occupied Palestinian Territories" (2017-07-18, rt.com) [archive.fo/1B5jW]


State of Palestine, the PLO, the exile communities, and occupied territories
About the PLO [archive.fo/H67B3], recognized by 135 sovereign state governments [archive.fo/LCZ1S]; A State since 1988, an Observer State to the UN since 2012 [archive.fo/RVdxM]. Maps: territorial (de-facto) [archive.fo/zyoRr] (de-jure) [archive.fo/LuEj9], the diplomacy of the borders of 1947 and 1967 [archive.fo/xfiC8]. News [english.palinfo.com] [qassam.ps] [pflp.ps/english] [palwatch.org]. [archive.fo/bD8sV]. Permanent Observer Mission of The State of Palestine to the United Nations - New York [palestineun.org]

* "Palestine Is Still The Issue" (2017-07-11, speech by John Pilger, abridged) [archive.fo/tL8pz]

* "Palestinian Resistance and the Israeli Terror State" (2017-07-13, by Rima Najjar) [archive.fo/Q6V23]

State of Palestine - West Bank of the Jordan River (administered by the PLO Palestinian National Authority)

* "Palestine's Abbas in China to Meet Xi, Discuss Peace, Business; 'We look at the Palestinian-Chinese relation as a special one and we consider it developing over the past years,' Palestine's top diplomat told Xinhua" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/qHaIK], file photo, caption: China's President Xi Jinping (L) greets Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in Beijing.

* "Interview: Abbas says Palestine to discuss cooperation with China on Belt & Road Initiative" (2017-07-16, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/F2WXd]
* "Interview: Israel must commit to two-state solution in order to resume peace process: Palestinian FM" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/jAa52]

* "Occupation soldiers shoot dead Palestinians; Two Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli army in Jenin refugee camp; family members say occupation forces 'executed' them" (2017-07-12, middle-east-online.com) [archive.fo/EfOhz]

State of Palestine - Gaza (administered by the Islamic Resistance Movement HAMAS Palestinian National Authority)
Map [archive.fo/Zc9b2]; Political ideology [archive.fo/4FZVw]; Origins [archive.fo/j9nrP] [archive.fo/706o] [archive.fo/5aAJt] [archive.fo/UZjKV

* "Gaza's power crisis worsens as diesel supplies run dry" (2017-07-13, alaraby.co.uk) [archive.fo/3S8GV]

* "UN report says Gaza ‘unlivable’ with 10 years into siege" (2017-07-13, bhatkallys.com) [archive.fo/gHNTB]
* "Living conditions for people in Gaza City deteriorating 'further and faster': UN report" photoset (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/OJxDd] [archive.fo/AYVKn] [archive.fo/0Cf9J] [archive.fo/qfAy5] [archive.fo/C4fLL]

* "Hamas urges resistance as al-Aqsa Mosque remains closed; The Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas has called on Muslims worldwide to put up resistance in the wake of the Tel Aviv regime’s decision to shut down al-Aqsa Mosque after three Palestinians and two Israeli police officers were killed in a gun battle at the mosque compound" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/FGgbl], photo caption: Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & GCC Council member states
Map [archive.fo/IRdxE]

* "Disabled Saudi detainee transferred to solitary confinement for execution; An international human rights group says Saudi officials have moved a disabled man sentenced to death for attending an anti-regime protest into solitary confinement in preparation for his execution" (2017-07-15, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/vZz0K], photo caption: This file photo shows disabled and imprisoned Saudi man Munir al-Adam, who has been sentenced to death on charges of attending anti-regime protests.


National Salvation Government of Yemen ("Houthis")
[sabanews.net/en] [ansar-allah.net] [yemen-news-today.org]


The Southern Transitional Council (South Yemen)

* "Yemen's south hopes victory over Houthis will bring separation" (2015-09-29, Reuters newswire) [archive.is/xswwe]

* "Massive March in Shabwa South Yemen in Support of The Southern Transitional Council" (2017-05-16, southernhirak.org) [archive.is/7Pb6S]

* "Saudi Arabia Forming Political Council Opposite to Transitional Council of UAE in South, Is this a Step to Military Conflict?" (2017-07-04, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/7Hn12]:

There is no longer anything that can be re-produced in the southern provinces of Yemen, just as this war consumed everything from wealth and sovereignty, the present and the future, it also consumed elites and leaders even those run by Saudi Arabia and UAE, and pushed to bitter fighting under umbrella of coalition and so called legitimacy, fighting today to govern the southern provinces instead of the legitimacy they fought to return, after months of the formation of the southern movement, an independent southern transitional council calls for the disintegration from the Yemeni state and independence on 11 May 2017, led by Idruss al-Zubaidi and the Salafist minister, who was appointed by the government of Hadi, Hani Brik, with the support of the UAE.
The council, in response to the decisions of Abd Rabbo Mansor hadi (purely Saudi) removed Zubaidi from his position as governor of Aden, Saudi Arabia is organizing a conference to announce the formation of a group of southern personalities to be prepared and equipped in Riyadh, parallel to the South Transitional Council supported by UAE, this will announce its support to Abd Rabbo Mansor Hadi and supports decisions that overthrew the most prominent leaders loyal to the UAE.
Which will be assembled, and what can follow to these steps?! Will it reach a military conflict wider than the clashes that take place between now and then between these agendas in Aden and Hadramout and a number of provinces? The figures called for this conference are the same personalities who work with Hadi and took a number of portfolios in previous and current governments in fighting for Hadi and Saudi Arabia.
There are demonstration and support to transitional council, while the governors of the three Governorates (Hadramout, Shibawah and Socotra), who were removed and pulled out of their positions and were house arrested, This means that the Saudi-Emirati understandings on the settlement of the dispute have not borne fruit.
What can be deduced and monitored so far is that everyone reached common points that go towards overthrowing the Brotherhood, Hadi allies, excluding the northern leaderships, establishing two southern entities that are free of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporting the independence of the south, and disintegration with the north, an entity with Saudi Arabia and Hadi and the other with UAE, and then move to new steps.
The call for the formation of southern council only to support Hadi suggested and supported by Saudi is going to play purely southern cards in the south and compete with UAE to attract the southerners as a separate entity from the north as Hadi’s legitimacy and so on , what will be the repercussions of these steps?! Those who follow the past events and are fully aware of the clashes now that the next step is military clash.


Yemen: War News

* "Large numbers reveal the losses of the American-Saudi enemy during the first half of 2017; The army units and the popular committees continue to reap the lives, mechanisms and tanks of the Saudi American criminal enemy and their satanic alliance, confirming any major losses" (2017-07-04, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/wh3qH] [begin excerpt]:
With regard to the Coast Front, specialized units in the navy and coastal defense were able to destroy four military naval vessels belonging to the American-Saudi aggression alliance during the first half of 2017, in a way that confirms the great readiness and ability to target the enemy in any place belonging to the Republic of Yemen.
The military heroes and the popular committees destroyed a frigate and a warship for the American-Saudi aggression alliance. On Monday, 30/1/2017, the naval force of the army and the Popular Committees attacked a military frigate belonging to the forces of the American aggression on the coast of Hodeidah. La Fayette F-2000 is one of the most important parts of the Western Fleet of the Saudi Navy. It is equipped with guided missiles, equipped with submarine warfare, air defense, maritime fighting groups and marine convoys, with a crew of 197.
On the first day of Eid al-Fitr, 25 June, Yemeni naval forces announced the targeting of a military landing ship for the invaders off the coast of Al-Mukha in Taiz province. It confirmed that it was targeted with a suitable weapon, which caused direct fire.
Ten days earlier, on June 14, the Navy announced the targeting of a warship belonging to the forces of the American aggression on the Saudi coast off the coast of Taiz, where the naval forces and the coastal defense confirmed the targeting of a warship of the forces of aggression which was carrying out hostile acts within the territorial waters of Yemen off the coast of Mukhka on the eighteenth evening of Ramadan 1438 e.
The military media released scenes that documented the moments of the missile launch that hit the ship and hit it directly, causing a large explosion in the ship confirming that the launched missile was very sophisticated and dedicated to this type of ships.
For its part, acknowledged the alliance of the US aggression on the Saudi ship was attacked by an Emirati port, the Yemeni Mukha attacked by a missile fired by Yemeni naval forces, stressing that the attack on the ship caused the loss of human and weaponry.
The missile force of the army and the Popular Committees was able to target a military boat of the American-Saudi aggression off the coast of Al-Mukha in Taiz province after being targeted by a guided missile on 3/1/2017.
As the enemy suffered large losses in the sea, it also suffered losses in the atmosphere where the units specialized in the army and the popular committees to shoot down the aircraft F16 and F15 aircraft and Apache helicopters and 14 unmanned aircraft during the first half of 2017 also, the Air Defense Unit and the Popular Committees could Shoot down two planes of two F16 military aircraft and a F15 fighter aircraft belonging to the alliance of the American-Saudi aggression in addition to dropping Apache helicopters and 14 unmanned aircraft. [end excerpt]

* "June enters the Encyclopedia of Records in the death toll of the Saudi and Sudanese armies… How?" (2017-07-04, yemenpress.org) [archive.is/GGT4x]

* "222 Saudi soldiers killed by army and committee snipers in June" (2017-07-03, yemenpress.org) [archive.is/i8TGz]
* "Saudi suicide and Sudanese holocaust…A new failure of the aggression in Midi" (2017-07-03, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/G1oBZ]

* "Revealed facts of 2017... Loss of the U.S.-Saudi alliance on land, sea and air…" (2017-07-05, yemenpress.org) [archive.is/qKfPM]

[begin excerpt]:
The Yemeni Air Defense Heroes were able to shoot down 13 unmanned reconnaissance and attack drone aircrafts, as follows:
Three Drones aircraft were dropped in the Midi Desert – two planes on 30 April 2017 and the third was dropped on 7 May 2017, while a reconnaissance aircraft was shot down in the skies of Serwah on 16 February 2017 and a plane in the Baqam Directorate on 8 February 2017. In addition, 12 January 2017.
Also was reported the fall of a reconnaissance aircraft in the area of ​​Omari in Dhubab on 3 June 2017, and on 09 June 2017 the air defenses of the army and the popular committees, dropped a reconnaissance plane of the US-Saudi aggression in Midi, Hajjah province.
On June 30, 2017 air defenses of the army and the popular committees dropped a reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the Saudi-American enemy in Taiz province.
On May 30, 2017, air defenses of the army and the Popular Committees dropped a US-Saudi reconnaissance aircraft in north of the Midi desert in Hajjah province.
On 14 May 2017 air defenses of the army and the popular committees dropped a reconnaissance plane belonging to the US-Saudi aggression in Midi in Hajjah province. An attack of plane was shot down in Midi. On 2017/06/09, an aerial reconnaissance plane was shot down in Midi on 26 June 2017

# Helicopters:
A Black Hawk helicopter belonging to an alliance of invaders in the Tadawin area northeast of the city of Marib shot down killing 12 Saudi officers were on board.
The air defense units of the army and the popular committees were able to drop an Apache helicopter for the invaders of alliance on 26 January 2017 in Al-Mukha and shot down an Apache attack helicopter on March 16, 2017 in Al-Ja’a al-‘Alaa district in the Al-Faqih district in Hodeidah governorate.

Sea Loss:
In the year 2017, the naval forces of the army and the popular committees were able to target an offensive warship, a landing ship, an advanced French-style Lafayette attack tank, four heavy military boats and killing dozens of Marines and special naval invading forces ranging from soldiers and officers.
Details as Below:
The missile force of the army and the Popular Committees targeted a military boat belonging to the American-Saudi aggression off the coast of Al-Mukha in Taiz province after being targeted by a guided missile on January 3, 2017.
* The lions of the army and the popular committees destroyed a military boat of the American-Saudi aggression alliance, where the naval force of the army and the popular committees targeted the gas war boat 14 km from the Yemeni coast on 30 January 2017.
* The Yemeni lions were able to damage frigate belonging to the forces of the American-Saudi aggression off the coast of the French-made “La Medina Fayette F-2000”. It is one of the most important parts of the Western Fleet of the Saudi Navy. It is equipped with guided missiles equipped to fight submarines providing air defense, securing naval combat groups and securing maritime convoys. The crew of the frigate has reached the crew of 197 personnel. They were targeted on Monday, 30 January 2017.
* The Yemeni Navy, the army and the committees, announced the dumping of a heavy attack on heavy military boat of the alliance of aggression in the coast of the western Mukha Taiz with a short-range thermal missile on Friday, 10 March 2017.
* The naval force of the army and the Popular Committees was able to target a military boat off the west coast – the north of the Al-Mukha on 18 April 2017.
* The Navy was able to target a heavy operational warship of the Alliance of invaders was carrying out hostile acts off the coast of the Mukhka on Tuesday 13 June 2017.
* The heroes of Yemeni Navy had managed and targetd a military landing ship for the invaders off the coast of Al-Mukha in Taiz governorate with a sophisticated land-sea missile on 25 June 2017.
[end excerpt]

* "Semi-Annual Military Report of 2017: YEMEN" (2017-07-05, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/TD24Q]:
The military operations of the Yemeni missile force in the theater of the comprehensive defense war achieved military operational successes at the regional and global levels in terms of the scale and losses incurred by the coalition of aggression in the various and multiple missile strikes that thank The Leader of the Revolution, Mr. Commander Abdul Malik al-Houthi, may Allah preserve him and his victory and his great admiration for the Yemeni missile force and its heroic heroes.
Their operational efforts have achieved field and strategic results at the internal and external levels and have proven to be the most capable, powerful and influential on the battlefield. They have changed the balances and blown up major plans and operations for the invaders. They have returned the invaders and hypocrites to zero in each round due to deadly and destructive deterrent strikes.
In fact, the missile force was able to be an alternative to air and sea superiority. This is the result of the firm faith, the strong determination and the responsibility that the men of the rockets carried with sincerity, loyalty, will and faith.
We do not forget that the more we talk about achievement, the more the military doctrine is the key and the secret. Whenever the leader of the revolution delivers a speech The Islamic Military Doctrine of the National Islamic Jihad, with its amazing and pure structure, is present and directed in the administration of the people, the army and the committees.
The military doctrine emerges the full physical strength, spiritual and mental latent combat fighter and moves this force in a spirit of combat and martyrdom body and a mind fixed and cautious and expert and professional and heart reassured full of determination and faith and will and courage and insight and the details are as below:
# Rocket statistics:
The Yemeni missile force fired 93 ballistic and tactical missiles, both short-range and medium-range, as follows:
39 of Zelzal 3, 2 and 1 Rockets
Seven rockets of Samud
28 Rockets of Organ
2 Burkan rockets
19 of M Qaher rockets
782 surface-to-surface missile operations were carried out in 47 combat fronts inside and on the frontier fronts of the Saudi Depth. These surface-to-surface missiles include hundreds of short-range rockets launched from single and bilateral launching bases, a 100% Yemeni industry.

# Operational details of rockets:
As a result of the large number of rocket operations carried out by the Yemeni missile force against the invaders and mercenaries for six months from the beginning of 2017 to today, we cannot enumerate these overwhelming operations with full text, but we can list some of these rocket operations detailing the location and time and hit spots:
The first rocket was fired on February 5, 2017. It targeted a Saudi military base in the Muzahmiya area in west of Riyadh. The second missile was launched on March 19, 2017, at King Salman Air Base in Riyadh and on the date of 04 July 2017 the missile force of the army and the popular committees fired a 2-magnitude rocket at the Saudi camp of Al-Maazab in Jizan. On 30 June 2017, the army and the Popular Committees fired a missile at the Saudi army in Al-Raha village in Jizan. – – On June 29, 2017, the IDF and the Popular Committees fired two Uragan rockets at concentrations of invading forces and mercenaries at the Tadaouine camp in Wadi Obeida, Marib governorate.
On June 27, 2017, the missile force of the army and the Popular Committees targeted two rockets of the Saudi-American aggression mercenaries in Al-Salo area in Taiz governorate. On June 21, 2017, the army and the Popular Committees fired a missile at a cluster of Saudi military mercenaries at the Tawal Gate in Jizan. On 12 June 2017, the army and the Popular Committees fired a medium-range ballistic missile of type M-2 on the concentrations of mercenary leaders Saudi American aggression in Al-Jawf Governorate.
On June 10, 2017, the army and the Popular Committees fired two Zelzal 2 rockets at the Saudi army mercenaries in south of the season in Jizan. On June 9, 2017, the missile force of the army and the Popular Committees fired five rockets of the type of earthquake 2 and Grad, and Samud on the concentrations of the Saudi army and mercenaries of aggression in Jizan. On June 3, 2017, the missile force of the army and the popular committees hit three large-scale Zelzal of two large groups of mercenaries of the Saudi-American aggression under a vengeance.
On June 2, 2017, the missile force targeted a 2-ton rocket on the Saudi-American aggression mercenaries in a distribution department in Taiz governorate. On June 01, 2017, the missile force of the army and the popular committees fired an Zelzal 2 missile at concentrations of the mercenaries of the Saudi-American aggression in the Melh valley in the eastern provinces in Naham.
On May 28, 2017, the missile force fired an Urghan missile at communities, vehicles and soldiers at Camp of Dagheer, west of Khouba.
On May 26, 2017, the missile force of the army and the popular committees fired a 2-ton rocket and two Katyusha rockets on a group of mercenaries of the Saudi-American aggression in the Melh valley of the eastern outskirts of Naham.
On May 26, 2017, the missile force of the army and the popular committees fired a “Zelzal 1” rocket at the concentrations of the mercenaries of the Saudi American aggression in Al-Muttoun Governorate of Al-Jawf Governorate.
On May 23, 2017, the missile force of the army and the popular committees fired a missile of Zelzal 2 on the concentrations of the mercenaries of the Saudi-American aggression in the Valley of Malh in Naham.
On May 19, 2017, the missile force of the army and the Popular Committees fired an Oregan missile at a gathering of mercenaries of the Saudi-American aggression at the site of Sela, Najran.
On May 18, 2017, the army and the Popular Committees fired a missile at the site of the Saudi army mercenaries at the site of Abassa, opposite Al-Bayan. On May 12, 2017, the army and the Popular Committees fired two missiles of Zelzal2 at enemies in Jizan.
On May 11, 2017, the missile force of the army and the committees fired Zelzal2 missile at the concentrations of the Saudi army and its mercenaries in Tuba of the two regions in Najran province, which was directly hit. The rocket attacks targeted the mercenaries behind the Shabakah and the Fawaz site.
At the end
The Yemeni missiles have caused the forces of aggression and their mercenary’s great human and mechanical losses. Therefore, the pivotal role played by the Yemeni missiles in the Great Patriotic War changed the rules of the military game at the deterrent level in favor of Yemen and changed radically and became the supreme word and the supreme hand of the Yemeni missile force. Saudi and U.S. missiles from Yemen are present in the media coverage of the text and history… And the next greatest
Yemen wins….

* "Monitor the Yemeni forces victories for today" (2017-07-04, yemenpress.org) [archive.is/VATiB]

* "Pro-gov't police commander killed by gunmen in Yemen's Taiz" (2017-07-14, xinhuanet.com) [archive.is/7weOR]

* "Banks to close for 3 days in protest of armed robberies in Yemen's Aden" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/DuEAK]

* "At least 8 killed in Yemen car blast" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/jI0rw]


Republic of Sudan 


Kingdom of Morocco


Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic ("Western Sahara")
Learn more about the Sahrawi People [SahrawiSolidarity.blogspot.com]


Amazigh ("Berbers")
[makabylie.info] [kabylia-gov.org] [ferhat-mehenni.com]


Islamic Republic of Iran
Democratic pluri-national governance [archive.fo/QqOdL]; Ethnic map [archive.fo/7tEpp]; [iranjewish.com]
News: MRNA [en.mehrnews.com], IRNA [irna.ir], PressTV [presstv.ir], Financial Tribune [financialtribune.com]

* "President Rouhani's brother taken into custody over financial charges; Hossein Fereydoun, the brother of Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, has been sent to prison on Sunday over financial charges" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/YR2x2]
* "Iranian president's brother detained over financial charges" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/vTirx]

* "Iran says not after forming coalitions against others in region; Iran says it is not bound to set up coalitions against other countries but rather pursues a policy that would contribute to regional peace" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/dL1L6]

* "Iran responds to Pakistan-based terrorist attack; Terrorists based in Pakistan have fired projectiles at Iran's border region of Saravan, killing two local workers, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has said in a statement" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/35lBv]

* "Iranian, European universities ink MoU on higher education cooperation; Twenty Iranian and 22 European universities have signed an agreement to continue cooperation in the area of higher education, an Iranian deputy minister of science, research and technology says" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/BDzhq]

* "China's Taiwanese automaker plans to tap Iran market" (2017-07-16, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/qFZn4]

* "Iran’s military capabilities avert threats against Tehran: Analyst; A political analyst says Iran’s military capabilities have averted the threats against the country amid the West’s efforts to create conflicts in the region" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/FOdkc]

* "Iranian Women Defy Wearing Hijab in Cars, Spark Debate; People’s cars, like their houses, are their property and are a private space and infringing upon this space will disturb people’s moral security" (2017-07-11, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/odyTk] [begin excerpt]: Iranian women show their ink-stained fingers after casting their votes during the presidential election in Tehran, Iran, May 19, 2017


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Caliphate of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 
Map of Taliban area-of-control (2017-03) [archive.fo/gDlvr]; News [shahamat-english.com]

* "Taliban kill 2 Afghan policemen in attack on security post" (2017-07-11, AP Newswire) [archive.fo/b9Byj]

* "Senior Taliban commander among five militants killed in Afghanistan" (2017-07-11, oneindia.com) [archive.fo/zHBWh]

* "Afghanistan: At least 24 Taliban and ISIS loyalists killed in airstrikes; At least 24 militants belonging to the Taliban and ISIS were killed in separate airstrikes conducted by the Afghan forces in Kunar province, local Khaama Press reported" (2017-07-13, indiablooms.com) [archive.fo/73MJH]

* "Two civilians killed, seven others injured in separate incidents in eastern Afghanistan" (2017-07-14, news.xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/HAbk9]

* "Head of Isis in Afghanistan killed by US air strike, Pentagon says; Abu Sayed is the third leader of the country's jihadist group to be taken out in the past year" (2017-07-14, independent.co.uk) [archive.fo/Jk0O5]

* "Pakistan launches operation near Afghanistan; Pakistan says it has launched a new military operation near the Afghan border to combat militants" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/9BnJk]

* "Pakistan military takes fight to ISIL near Afghan border" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/OSmYH]

* "Afghan forces push Taliban out of southern area in Helmand province; Afghan security forces have recaptured a southern district in the restive province of Helmand from the Taliban, as part of Kabul’s campaign to push the militant group from one of the key heartlands of insurgency and narcotics production" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/DITiO]

* "Afghan forces recapture key district in southern Helmand province" photoset (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/1QVUf] [archive.fo/OMI1y] [archive.fo/1Boee] [archive.fo/ep3qU] [archive.fo/D3nQg]




Jammu & Kashmir 
Maps of Jammu & Kashmir, major cities [archive.fo/dxvHI], areas of foreign state administration [archive.fo/5eHIf] [archive.fo/3x6sL], international recognition [archive.fo/MRwhF]. Republic of India [kargil.gov.in], Islamic Republic of Pakistan [ajk.gov.pk]

* "Indian, Pakistani troops exchange fire again in Kashmir" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/7LWVO]

* "Pakistan says India shelling killed 4 soldiers in Kashmir; The Pakistani military has accused the Indian forces of killing four Pakistani soldiers by firing from across the Line of Control (LoC) in the divided Kashmir region" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/TIgqL]

* "16 Hindu pilgrims die on way to shrine in India’s Kashmir; At least 16 pilgrims from India’s Hindu community have died while traveling on a bus to a shrine in the Indian-controlled Kashmir" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/M52l3]

* "Renewed fighting in Kashmir kills 6 as Pakistan, India exchange fire; Indian and Pakistani forces have again exchanged fire along Kashmir’s Line of Control (LoC), with reports saying six people have been killed on the two sides of the border" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/KhArk]


Islamic Republic of Pakistan

* "Pakistan’s Supreme Court starts hearings on PM’s graft charges; Pakistan’s Supreme Court has resumed hearings over corruption charges against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family, in a process that will decide the premier’s political future" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/sGO3a]

* "Gunmen kill 4 policemen in Pakistan; This is the second attack on security forces in 3 days" (2017-03-13, aa.com.tr) [archive.fo/nhzpv]


Republic of India

* "Is India's Ruling Party 'Dalit' Presidential Candidate Just a Pawn in Modi's Vote Bank Politics? Dalit activists see Kovind's nomination as a calculated move by the National Democratic Alliance to woo Dalit voters and shed its upper-caste image" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/GtzGM]

* "Modi Becomes First Indian Prime Minister to Visit Israel; India is the world's biggest importer of defense equipment and Israel has become one of its major suppliers" (2017-07-04, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/z8oqN], photo caption: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) stands next to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu as they deliver joint statements.


Towards a People's Republic of India
[redspark.nu] [icspwindia.wordpress.com] [liberationbase.wordpress.com] [sanhati.com]


Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
[nepaltoday.com.np] [infonepal.net/en/home]

* "Nepal to get Internet connection from China ending India's monopoly" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.is/8P1RK]


Towards a People's Republic of Nepal
[redstarnepal.com] [thenextfront.com]


People's Republic of China
News: [news.cn/english] [news.xinhuanet.com] [go-taikonauts.com] [chinafrica.cn]; Map [archive.fo/X1hWW], fishery agreements [archive.fo/nuyQt], USA version of China's EEZ [archive.fo/7flkj]; Special Autonomous Regions (SAR) [archive.is/YhJOJ]; History & the Current Context [is.gd/QwvQLr]

* "The Party that changed China’s history; The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held in the second half of 2017 in Beijing" (2017-07-03, en.granma.cu) [archive.fo/3ZYEJ]

* "Senior CPC official pays official good-will visit to Romania" photo set (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/gpCxR] [archive.is/lkcwY]


China: Civil & Diplomatic News


China: Economic News 

* "Xi urges faster opening up, better business environment" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/Q7AIX]

* "Economic Watch: China's new economy picking up steam amid steady growth" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/76TYp], photos [archive.fo/d85PE] [archive.fo/DMqe0]

* "Experts: Macro-level regulation conducive to China’s development" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/HS4Qr]

* "China to strengthen central bank's role in avoiding systemic risks" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/aEohS]

* "China's powerful drone ready for global market" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.is/lEG4q]


China: Military News

* "China sends troops to open first overseas military base in Djibouti" (2017-07-12, Reuters newswire) [archive.fo/Ve7w1]

* " ‘Get used to it’: China warns Japan after routine drills over western Pacific" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/ERHbB]
* "Chinese Air Force warplanes conduct drills over west Pacific" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/1dfNi]

* "Chinese Army carries out military exercise on Tibet plateau" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/CCAoD]

* "Aircraft carrier Liaoning returns to port city after 5-day visit in HK" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/9RgXc]


China: Foreign Relations / "Belt & Road" (OBOR)

* "President Xi: China to open wider to foreign investment, expand imports" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/GelON]

* "China and CEEC discuss Belt and Road opportunities" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/iM3Lm] [begin excerpt]:
Representatives from Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) gathered in Beijing on Monday to meet their Chinese counterparts for a dialogue under the theme of “Belt and Road Initiative and Global Communication.”
Among other goals China hopes to achieve through the Belt and Road Initiative, the country aims to boost cooperation with Europe in trade, technology and transport.
Representatives participated in panel discussions focused on national governance, new media communication, and community building.
Jiang Jianguo, minister of the State Council Information Office, and Dalia Venceviciene, spokeswoman of the Lithuanian parliament, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony of the China-CEEC Spokespersons Dialogue.
"Although geographically far away, China and Central and Eastern European countries are closely bound together in the past and at present,“ said Jiang. "Many of them have actively participated in the Belt and Road Initiative, and there are still brighter prospects in various cooperation fields, such as infrastructure and energy." [end excerpt]

* "China, Poland to deepen mutually-beneficial Belt & Road cooperation" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/EK5Om]
* "China, Poland urged to seize opportunity of Belt & Road Initiative for closer cooperation" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/3AXlb], photos [archive.is/44PdR] [archive.is/Gt9Pc] [archive.is/TiO1S] [archive.is/uH9Dd]

* "Senior CPC official calls for closer party exchanges with Czech Republic" (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/64eXI]


China: Foreign Hostilities


China - Hong Kong SAR & Macao SAR
Map [archive.is/u5dvj]

* "Hong Kong rally held to remember Chinese dissident; Thousands of people have staged a march in Hong Kong to remember the late Chinese dissident and Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo" (2017-07-16, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/fRlNu], photo caption: People attend a candlelight march for the late Chinese Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, in Hong Kong, July 15, 2017.


China - Hainan Province - Prefecture of Sansha city, with the XIsha Islands, Nansha Islands, and the Zhongsha Islands including Huangyan Island (Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal)
Maps [archive.fo/M57Vr] [archive.fo/Tl5ZB] [archive.fo/8YfGU], foreign territorial claims [archive.fo/RgLYd] [archive.fo/mPzUh], Gas and Oil Fields [archive.fo/HOFYM]


China - Tibet Autonomous Region / The Gelug Government-in-Exile


China - Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region


China - Taiwan Province, administered by the Republic of China (RoC; Taiwan and its associated territories)
Political status of Taiwan [archive.is/OJxrL], whose question originates from the Peace Treaty of San Francisco, 1945, which states the USA as the Principle Occupying Power [is.gd/13HzLx] over Taiwan.


Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and relations with the states of the Eurasian Union (EEU)

* "Russia plans to create a joint investment forum with the Bank of China" (2017-07-04, thebricspost.com) [archive.fo/bIxnr]


Kingdom of Thailand


Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Map [archive.fo/pJYh1]; News [globalnewlightofmyanmar.com[moi.gov.mm/npe/nlm] [myanmaritv.com]

* "Foreign investment in Myanmar's Thilawa SEZ hit 1.7 bln USD" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/0rcP0]

* "Over 80,000 Rohingya kids ‘wasting’ from hunger in Myanmar: UN; The United Nations has warned that tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslim children under the age of five are in dire need of treatment for "acute malnutrition" in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine" (2017-07-17, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/XQbAl]


Democratic Alliance of Nationalities in the Kokang region of Myanmar (Myanmar National Democratic Alliance)


Ta'ang (Palaung) State Liberation Front and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA)


Arakan Army
[thearakanarmy.com] [facebook.com/pages/Arakan-Army/318576794899066]


[akha.org] [akhawomensfoundation.com/akhanews]


Dai Nippon (Empire of Japan)
Map of territorial waters and EEZ [archive.fo/Any6i]; News [japan-press.co.jp]


Republic of Korea (RoK) in southern Korea


Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
Info collected by Juche-Buddhism Friendship Society, for Peace through Knowledge! 
평화 에찬성하여 ("In Favor of Peace") 제국주의 반대 ("In Opposition to Imperialism")
"DPRK: We Love Peace!" video (2016) [youtube.com/watch?v=Daw9jPld_BM]
- "Pyongyang Declaration: Let us defend and advance the socialist cause" [archive.fo/irJfs]
- DPRK News:  [rodong.rep.kp] [naenara.com.kp] [kcna.kp] [dprktoday.com] [nktoday.kr] [korea-dpr.com]
Anti-DPRK news analysis: [kcnawatch.co] [nknews.org] [dailynk.com]
- Online portals administered by membership among the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan: [kcna.co.jp], which is geo-blocked [archive.fo/wCYos], accessible by VPN only; video pages, in Korean [youtube.com/user/uriminzokkiri], and in English language [youtube.com/user/rodrigorojo1] [youtube.com/user/stimmekoreas]; and unofficial pages at facebook.com [archive.fo/aQ7ZL] [archive.fo/9drN7], and past efforts at breaking the blockade of censorship [archive.fo/6GUUK]
The Criminal Law of the DPRK (2009) (.pdf) [is.gd/FxPsJb]; Taxation in the DPRK [archive.fo/8E73H]
Report to the Seventh Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea on the Work of the Central Committee (2016-06-20, Kim Jong Un, Chairman, Worker's Party of Korea) (.pdf) [link]

DPRK: Civil & Society News -


DPRK: Economic News -
International economic law and relations: [archive.fo/ZQFzW] [archive.fo/zBS1S] [archive.fo/NDQxp]; "New Era of Prosperity Now Opens" (2017) [archive.fo/GrogV]; "High-Tech 'Made in DPRK' " (2016-06-18) [youtube.com/watch?v=kghkIE4Altc]; Paektu Exchange [paektuculturalexchange.org]

* "Not Your Average Beer Festival – Taedonggang Beer Festival Returns to Pyongyang in 2017" (2017-01-20, youngpioneertours.com) [archive.is/Pik2m]


DPRK: Foreign Relations -
"Future of Humankind Is Guaranteed under Socialism"[archive.fo/e2pa3]


DPRK: Foreign Hostilities -
[ncnk.org]; "History of U.S. Sabotage of Korean Peace and Reunification" (2001) [archive.fo/hyFlf]


Socialist Republic of Vietnam
[en.vietnamplus.vn] [english.vietnamnet.vn]


Kingdom of Cambodia


Republic of the Philippines
Maps: National Territory [archive.fo/TmfDQ], as defined by Existing Laws and Treaties [archive.fo/kLpoZ], EEZ seabed relief map [archive.fo/vPe7J]EEZ dispute with PR China [archive.fo/Sx094], Marine Entitlements [archive.fo/jSZE1]
News sources: [karapatan.org/news] [davaotoday.com] [themaharlikan.info].

* "Duterte approval rating rises despite human rights abuse claims – report" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/8tvwO]

Battle of Marawi
* "Philippine military official: Marawi siege to go beyond martial law period" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/X5gLd]
* "Death toll in Marawi conflict rises to 537" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/UXhI8]


Towards a People's Republic of the Philippines
[ndfp.net] [philippinerevolution.net] [facebook.com/NDFP.IIO]


Bangsamoro (including MNLF; MILF; ARMM)
* "Philippines' Duterte vows to push for 'Bangsamoro country' " (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/o6ddR]
* "Duterte to expedite autonomy bill for Muslim region" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/vu0Dv]


Republic of Indonesia


Commonwealth of Australia
Map [archive.fo/uYGls]


Sovereign Union of First Nations Peoples


Realm of New Zealand / Aotearoa


Occupied State of West Papua 
More info at [is.gd/QP7z99]


News from the people of Micronesia, Melanesia, & Polynesia
Map [archive.fo/OTbrr]


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research from the Committee for the Study of

* "Newark Uprising Against Police Brutality Turns 50; Black-led mass uprising against police brutality in Newark, New Jersey in 1967" photo set (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/1NMfJ]:
On July 12, 1967,  hundreds of Newark, New Jersey residents led a revolt against police brutality in response to the abuse and death of a young Black man.
The event left 26 people dead and hundreds injured.
- On this day in 1967, the Newark uprising began after a Black man was beaten and arrested for a traffic incident. ​​​​The beating and arrest of John Weerd Smith was the needle that broke the camel's back.

- The uprising intensified when the National Guard and state troopers were deployed to push back against the predominately Black community.

- Military and police operations caused the deaths of 26 people.

- One of the main factors that caused the uprising was that, despite Newark's largely Black population, the city's police department did not represent the population, with most officers being white.

- Prior to the uprising, the Black community had been suffering various levels of state violence and repression in the form of lack of opportunities, education, and police attacks.

- Newark, New Jersey saw several acts of civil disturbance between July 12 and July 17, 1967.


* "Death toll from the slave trade: The African Holocaust - 60 million dead at the hands of White Christian imperialism" (retrieved from worldfuturefund.org) [archive.is/1SCPR]

* "How Capitalism and Spanish Imperialism Served as a Counterrevolution to Taino Primitive Communism; Capitalism is an empire rooted in white supremacy, patriarchy, chattel slavery and genocide of Black and brown people" (2017-07-12, by Val Reynoso, via telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/9H53R]

* Excerpt from "The Hearts of Darkness: How White Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa" (2016, via whowhatwhy.org):
- "Betrayal of an African scholar" [archive.fo/kKO1i]
- "Black Skin, Pseudoscience, and White Domination" [archive.fo/ozyBn]
- "The NY Times as Apologist for Apartheid" [archive.fo/mdhCP], synopsis: This is about what The New York Times said — and, more important, what it did not say — about apartheid, South Africa’s vicious system of legalized racism, slavery, sadism, and plunder. Photo caption: Wall art of young boy and protester about to be mowed down by military tanks.

- WhoWhatWhy introduction by Milicent Cranor:
This is an excerpt from the book, “The Hearts of Darkness: How White Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa,” by African scholar Milton Allimadi. The author has documented — often in gut-wrenching detail — the ways in which the western media have for centuries distorted the image of Africans. And always for the same reasons: to enable the exploitation of Africa’s people, its natural resources, and its strategic location.
The side effects of such distortion extend far beyond Africa, into such places as Watts, California, Ferguson, Missouri, Chicago’s south side — and the rabble-rousing rallies of Donald Trump.
The first excerpt is from the book’s introduction. It briefly touches on several themes, but the highlight is the story of how the Columbia Journalism Review tried to checkmate Allimadi’s exposure of The New York Times’s dishonest reporting.
In our second excerpt from Milton Allimadi’s Hearts of Darkness, we see how white people over the centuries “explained” black people, with a wide variety of pseudoscientific imbecilities, starting with Herodotus. Over 400 years before the birth of Christ, this Greek historian informed the world that both the seed and the semen of the African are black. Later, more and more explorers, mostly northern European — and Christian — went into Africa and came back with stories and maps showing the continent’s great potential for colonizing, plundering, and enslaving its people.
But how could good Christians enslave their fellow human beings? By presenting them as non-human. Savages. Beasts of burden. This led to even more pseudoscientific explanations for the appearance of Africans, and mindless assertions about their morals and inherent intellect.
It is very easy to dehumanize those who are outwardly different. Black people do it to other black people. White people do it to other white people, and so on. Consider this reaction of an ancient Roman to the Britons they enslaved:
Those near the coast in Kent may be more civilized, but in the interior they do not cultivate the land but share their wives with family members, live on milk and meat, and wear the skins of animals…
And this was white reacting to white. Imagine how much more extreme the reaction of white to black. But of course the real savages are the ones who do the dehumanizing, as you will see from what follows.
- Photo caption: Milton Allimadi, author of The Hearts of Darkness

First official map of the United States, 1784 --cartographer is Abel Beull

* "Corruption in U.S. Is An Old Story; One also remembers what the hacking did — it exposed the Democratic establishment as thoroughly corrupt — so dirty it needs a ton of Clorox bleach" (2017-07-16, by Arshad M. Khan, via telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/RF7NI]

* "Dark Shadows: Iran-Contra, Secret Wars & Covert Operations" (2017, whowhatwhy.org) part 1 [archive.fo/yZLkS], part 2 [archive.fo/8nglu], part 3 [archive.fo/Ku9ts], introduction:
This is the third of a five-part series exploring the Iran-Contra Affair and its consequences. Part 1 described the Reagan Administration’s secret wars and illegal arms deals exposed in the scandal. Part 2 explained how the constitutional crisis unfolded as a result of Congress’s failure to address the CIA’s power to wage secret wars in the name of avoiding a world-ending nuclear confrontation between the Superpowers. Part 3 exposes the roots of Iran-Contra in the Watergate scandal, but congressional abdication of responsibility and judicial deference backfired in the restoration of the Imperial Presidency, suppressing civil liberties and expanding wars justified as necessary to fighting the Cold War, even as the Cold War ended with collapse of the Soviet Union. Part 4 will survey the era of global insecurity we entered in the second Bush and Obama Administrations, while Part 5 examines the role key members of the incoming Trump team played in creating this permanent state of war by immunizing themselves from the consequences of past criminality.
The author, Doug Vaughan, spent years as an investigative reporter in Latin America covering the horrors of the 1970s and 80s. In this series, he connects the secret wars and warriors past and present to their most recent incarnation as architects of an aggressive approach to re-impose their will on the world that has escaped their control.

* "Deep History and the Global Drug Connection" (by Peter Dale Scott)
- Part 1: [archive.fo/Nr3yF]
- Part 2: Murder on the Streets of Washington [archive.fo/bd0PJ]
- Part 3: A Deadly Bureaucracy [archive.fo/uVS94]
- Part 4: Enter Al-Qaeda [archive.fo/M9kuj]
- Part 5: CIA In Latin America [archive.fo/00EHG]

* "McCollum memo" (retrieved 2017-07-17, en.wikipedia.org) [archive.is/rEPom] [begin excerpt]:
The Eight-Action plan -
The McCollum memo contained an eight-part plan to counter rising Japanese power over East Asia:
A. Make an arrangement with Britain for the use of British bases in the Pacific, particularly Singapore
B. Make an arrangement with the Netherlands for the use of base facilities and acquisition of supplies in the Dutch East Indies
C. Give all possible aid to the Chinese government of Chiang-Kai-Shek
D. Send a division of long range heavy cruisers to the Orient, Philippines, or Singapore
E. Send two divisions of submarines to the Orient
F. Keep the main strength of the U.S. fleet now in the Pacific[,] in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands
G. Insist that the Dutch refuse to grant Japanese demands for undue economic concessions, particularly oil
H. Completely embargo all U.S. trade with Japan, in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed by the British Empire

Reception of the Eight Actions -
The memo was read and appended by Captain Knox, who, despite being seemingly reluctant to "precipitate anything in the Orient", ultimately concurs. Specifically, he wrote (Page 6):
"It is unquestionably to our interest that Britain be not licked - just now she has a stalemate and probably can't do better. We ought to make certain that she at least gets a stalemate. For this she will probably need from us substantial further destroyers and air-reinforcements to England. We should not precipitate anything in the Orient that would hamper our ability to do this - so long as probability continues. If England remains stable, Japan will be cautious in the Orient. Hence our assistance to England in the Atlantic is also protection to her and us in the Orient. However, I concur in your courses of action. We must be ready on both sides and probably strong enough to care for both."
Robert Stinnett (author of the book "Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor") writes that while "no specific record has been found by the author indicating whether [Anderson] or Roosevelt actually ever saw it [...] a series of secret presidential routing logs plus collateral intelligence information in the Navy files offer conclusive evidence that they did see it". [ ...]
Further evidence that suggests Roosevelt had seen the memos was his support of "pop-up" cruises (Young; McCollum, Arthur H., Rear Admiral. "The Calamitous 7th", The Saturday Review of Literature, 29 May 1954), an elaboration upon Actions D and E of the eight recommended actions detailed in the memo: "I just want them to keep popping up here and there and keep the Japs guessing. I don't mind losing one or two cruisers, but do not take a chance on losing five or six."
[end excerpt]

* "A History of U.S. Military Interventions, 1890-2010" (by Zoltan Grossman, Evergreen State College, State of Washington, USA) (.ppt; live-link via docs.google.com) [is.gd/PfCwF8], (.pdf) [is.gd/E2kb3T], documenting the history of U.S. military intervention in other countries between 1890 and 2010

* "The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries" (2016-12-21, by Nina Agrawal) [archive.fo/mcejh] [begin excerpt]:
The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.
That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring.
Levin defines intervention as “a costly act which is designed to determine the election results [in favor of] one of the two sides.” These acts, carried out in secret two-thirds of the time, include funding the election campaigns of specific parties, disseminating misinformation or propaganda, training locals of only one side in various campaigning or get-out-the-vote techniques, helping one side design their campaign materials, making public pronouncements or threats in favor of or against a candidate, and providing or withdrawing foreign aid.
In 59% of these cases, the side that received assistance came to power, although Levin estimates the average effect of “partisan electoral interventions” to be only about a 3% increase in vote share.
The U.S. hasn’t been the only one trying to interfere in other countries’ elections, according to Levin’s data. Russia attempted to sway 36 foreign elections from the end of World War II to the turn of the century – meaning that, in total, at least one of the two great powers of the 20th century intervened in about 1 of every 9 competitive, national-level executive elections in that time period.
Italy’s 1948 general election is an early example of a race where U.S. actions probably influenced the outcome.
“We threw everything, including the kitchen sink” at helping the Christian Democrats beat the Communists in Italy, said Levin, including covertly delivering “bags of money”  to cover campaign expenses, sending experts to help run the campaign, subsidizing “pork” projects like land reclamation, and threatening publicly to end U.S. aid to Italy if the Communists were elected.
Levin said that U.S. intervention probably played an important role in preventing a Communist Party victory, not just in 1948, but in seven subsequent Italian elections.
Throughout the Cold War, U.S. involvement in foreign elections was mainly motivated by the goal of containing communism, said Thomas Carothers, a foreign policy expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “The U.S. didn’t want to see left-wing governments elected, and so it did engage fairly often in trying to influence elections in other countries,” Carothers said.
This approach carried over into the immediate post-Soviet period.
In the 1990 Nicaragua elections, the CIA leaked damaging information on alleged corruption by the Marxist Sandinistas to German newspapers, according to Levin. The opposition used those reports against the Sandinista candidate, Daniel Ortega. He lost to opposition candidate Violeta Chamorro.
In Czechoslovakia that same year, the U.S. provided training and campaign funding to Vaclav Havel’s party and its Slovak affiliate as they planned for the country’s first democratic election after its transition away from communism.
“The thinking was that we wanted to make sure communism was dead and buried,” said Levin.
Even after that, the U.S. continued trying to influence elections in its favor.
In Haiti after the 1986 overthrow of dictator and U.S. ally Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, the CIA sought to support particular candidates and undermine Jean-Bertrande Aristide, a Roman Catholic priest and proponent of liberation theology. The New York Times reported in the 1990s that the CIA had on its payroll members of the military junta that would ultimately unseat Aristide after he was democratically elected in a landslide over Marc Bazin, a former World Bank official and finance minister favored by the U.S.
The U.S. also attempted to sway Russian elections. In 1996, with the presidency of Boris Yeltsin and the Russian economy flailing, President Clinton endorsed a $10.2-billion loan from the International Monetary Fund linked to privatization, trade liberalization and other measures that would move Russia toward a capitalist economy. Yeltsin used the loan to bolster his popular support, telling voters that only he had the reformist credentials to secure such loans, according to media reports at the time. He used the money, in part, for social spending before the election, including payment of back wages and pensions.
In the Middle East, the U.S. has aimed to bolster candidates who could further the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In 1996, seeking to fulfill the legacy of assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the peace accords the U.S. brokered, Clinton openly supported Shimon Peres, convening a peace summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheik to boost his popular support and inviting him to a meeting at the White House a month before the election.
“We were persuaded that if [Likud candidate Benjamin] Netanyahu were elected, the peace process would be closed for the season,” said Aaron David Miller, who worked at the State Department at the time.
In 1999, in a more subtle effort to sway the election, top Clinton strategists, including James Carville, were sent to advise Labor candidate Ehud Barak in the election against Netanyahu.
In Yugoslavia, the U.S. and NATO had long sought to cut off Serbian nationalist and Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic from the international system through economic sanctions and military action. In 2000, the U.S. spent millions of dollars in aid for political parties, campaign costs and independent media. Funding and broadcast equipment provided to the media arms of the opposition were a decisive factor in electing opposition candidate Vojislav Kostunica as Yugoslav president, according to Levin. “If it wouldn’t have been for overt intervention … Milosevic would have been very likely to have won another term,” he said. [end excerpt]

* "United States war crimes: From Korea to Afghanistan" (2017-07-03, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/s94oC]:

The issue of War Crimes emerged after World War I at the Versailles Conference, but it was not until the end of World War II that a more comprehensive definition of what constitutes war crimes was developed.
First among new international conventions addressing war crimes was the 1950 Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Its fundamental premise was that the conduct of war in violation of international treaties was a crime against peace. Ill treatment of prisoners of war, killing hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages was a war crime. Crimes against humanity include murder, extermination, deportation, and prosecution based on political, racial or religious grounds.
The 1949 Geneva Convention gave recognition to the development of new technologies which exposed civilian life to greater threats of destruction. A 1977 addendum further emphasized the right of civilians to be protected against military operations. This included the protection of civilians against starvation as a method of warfare. Article II of the Geneva Convention addressed the issue of genocide, defined as killing or causing serious bodily harm to individuals based on their nationality, ethnic, racial or religious group and with the intent to destroy that group.
Since the Geneva Convention, a number of other significant international treaties addressing war and human rights have been drafted, but the United States has rejected almost all of them. Among the treaties that the United States has refused to sign are the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (1966); the Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966); the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (1966), and the American Convention on Human Rights (1965).
The United States has been particularly reluctant to sign treaties addressing the “laws of war”. It has refused to sign The Declaration on the Prohibition of the Use of Thermo-Nuclear Weapons (1961); The Resolution on the Non-Use of Force in International Relations and Permanent Ban on the Use of Nuclear Weapons (1972); The Resolution on the Definition of Aggression (1974); Protocols Additional to the 1949 Geneva Convention (1977); and the Declaration on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(1989).1
Equally disturbing was the U.S. refusal to sign the Convention on Rights of the Child, introduced into the United Nations General assembly on November 20, 1989 and subsequently ratified by 191 countries.
The first use of atomic weapons against human beings occurred on August 6-9 1945, when the United States incinerated the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, killing an estimated 110,000 Japanese citizens and injuring another 130,000. By 1950 another 230,000 died from injuries and radiation. Earlier in 1945 two fire bombing raids on Tokyo killed 140,000 citizens and injured a million more.
Since World War II the US has bombed twenty-three nations. [2001 figures] Author William Blum notes:
“It is sobering to reflect that in our era of instant world wide communications, the United States has, on many occasions, been able to mount a large or small scale military operation or undertake other equally blatant forms of intervention without the American public being aware of it until years later if ever.”2
The growing primacy or aerial bombardment in the conduct of war has inevitably defined non-combatants as the preferred target of war. Indeed, the combination of American air power and occupation ground forces has resulted in massive civilian casualties around the world.
On August 15,1945, the Korean people, devastated and impoverished by years of brutality from Japanese occupation forces, openly celebrated their liberation and immediately formed the Committee for the Preparation of Korean Independence (CKPI). By August 28, 1945, all Korean provinces on the entire Peninsula had established local people’s democratic committees, and on September 6, delegates from throughout Korea, north and south, created the Korean People’s Republic (KPR). On September 7, the day after the creation of the KPR, General Douglas MacArthur (image left), commander of the victorious Allied powers in the Pacific, formally issued a proclamation addressed “To the People of Korea.” The proclamation announced that forces under his command “will today occupy the Territory of Korea south of 38 degrees north latitude.”
The first advance party of U.S. units, the 17th Regiment of the 7th Infantry Division, actually began arriving at Inchon on September 5th, two days before MacArthur’s occupation declaration. The bulk of the US occupation forces began unloading from twenty-one Navy ships (including five destroyers) on September 8 through the port at Inchon under the command of Lieutenant General John Reed Hodge. Hundreds of black-coated armed Japanese police on horseback, still under the direction of Japanese Governor-General Abe Noabuyki, kept angry Korean crowds away from the disembarking US soldiers.
On the morning of September 9, General Hodge announced that Governor-General Abe would continue to function with all his Japanese and Korean personnel. Within a few weeks there were 25,000 American troops and members of “civil service teams” in the country. Ultimately the number of US troops in southern Korea reached 72,000. Though the Koreans were officially characterized as a “semi-friendly, liberated” people, General Hodge regrettably instructed his own officers that Korea “was an enemy of the United States…subject to the provisions and the terms of the surrender.”
Tragically and ironically, the Korean people, citizens of the victim-nation, had become enemies, while the defeated Japanese, who had been the illegal aggressors, served as occupiers in alliance with the United States. Indeed, Korea was burdened with the very occupation originally intended for Japan, which became the recipient of massive U.S. aid and reconstruction in the post-war period. Japan remains, to this day, America=s forward military base affording protection and intelligence for its “interests” in the Asia-Pacific region.
Seventy-three-year-old Syngman Rhee was elected President of ASouth Korea@ on May 10,1948 in an election boycotted by virtually all Koreans except the elite KDP and Rhee’s own right -wing political groups. This event, historically sealing a politically divided Korea, provoked what became known at the Cheju massacre, in which as many as 70,000 residents of the southern island of Cheju were ruthlessly murdered during a single year by Rhee’s paramilitary forces under the oversight of U.S. officers. Rhee took office as President on August 15 and the Republic of Korea (ROK) was formally declared. In response, three-and -a-half weeks later (on September 9, 1948), the people of northern Korea grudgingly created their own separate government, the Democratic People’s’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), with Kim II Sung as its premier.
Korea was now clearly and tragically split in two. Kim Il Sung had survived as a guerrilla fighter against the Japanese occupation in both China and Korea since 1932 when he was twenty years old. He was thirty-three when he returned to Pyongyang in October 1945 to begin the hoped-for era of rebuilding a united Korea free of foreign domination, and three years later, on September 9, 1948, he became North Korea’s first premier. The Rhee/U.S. forces escalated their ruthless campaign of cleansing the south of dissidents, identifying as a suspected “communist” anyone who opposed the Rhee regime, publicly or privately. In reality, most participants or believers in the popular movement in the south were socialists unaffiliated with outside “communist” organizations.
As the repression intensified, however, alliances with popular movements in the north, including communist organizations, increased. The Cheju insurgency was crushed by August 1949, but on the mainland, guerrilla warfare continued in most provinces until 1959-51. In the eyes of the commander of US military forces in Korea, General Hodge, and new “President” Syngman Rhee, (left) virtually any Korean who had not publicly professed his allegiance to Rhee was considered a “communist” traitor. As a result, massive numbers of farmers, villagers and urban residents were systematically rounded up in rural areas, villages and cities throughout South Korea. Captives were regularly tortured to extract names of others. Thousands were imprisoned and even more thousands forced to dig mass graves before being ordered into them and shot by fellow Koreans, often under the watch of U.S. troops.
The introduction of U.S./UN military forces on June 26,1950 occurred with no American understanding (except by a few astute observers such as journalist I.F Stone) that in fact they were entering an ongoing revolutionary civil war waged by indigenous Koreans seeking genuine independence after five years of U.S. interference. The American occupation simply fueled Korean passions even more while creating further divisions among them.
In the Autumn of 1950, when U.S. forces were in retreat in North Korea, General Douglas MacArthur offered all air forces under his command to destroy “every means of communication, every installation, factory, city and village ” from the Yalu River, forming the border between North Korea and China, south to the battle line. The massive saturation bombing conducted throughout the war, including napalm, incendiary, and fragmentation bombs, left scorched cities and villages in total ruins. As in World War II, the U.S. strategic bombing campaign brought mass destruction and shockingly heavy civilian casualties. Such tactics were in clear violation of the Nuremburg Charter, which had, ironically, been created after World War II, largely due to pressure from the U.S. The Nuremburg Tribunal defined “the wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages” to be a war crime and declared that Ainhumane acts against any civilian population” were a crime against humanity.
From that fateful day on September 8, 1945 to the present, a period of 56 years, U.S. military forces (currently numbering 37,000 positioned at 100 installations) have maintained a continuous occupation in the south supporting de facto U.S. rule over the political, economic and military life of a needlessly divided Korea. This often brutal occupation and the persistent U.S. support for the repressive policies of dictatorial puppets continues to be the single greatest obstacle to peace in Korea, preventing the inevitable reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
Until 1994, all of the hundreds of thousands of South Korean defense forces operated under direct U.S. command. Even today, although integrated into the Combined Forces Command (CFC), these forces automatically revert to direct US control when the US military commander in Korea determines that there is a state of war.
Indonesia: (1958-1965)
After 350 years of colonialism, President Sukarno, with the cooperation of the communist party (PKI), sought to make Indonesia an independent socialist democracy. Sukarno’s working relationship with the PKI would not be tolerated by Washington. Under the direction of the CIA, rebels in the Indonesian army were armed, trained and equipped in preparation for a military coup. The Indonesian army=s campaign against the PKI in 1965-66 brought the dictator Suharto to power. Under his rule, teachers, students, civil servants and peasants were systematically executed. In Central and East Java alone, 60,000 were killed. In Bali, some 50,000 people were executed, and thousands more died in remote Indonesian villages. In some areas citizens were confined in Navy vessels which were then sunk to the bottom of the sea.
The most extensive killing were committed against suspected PKI supporters identified by U.S. intelligence. Historian Gabriel Kollo states that the slaughter in Indonesia “ranks as a crime of the same type as the Nazi perpetrated.”3
Recent revealed documents at George Washington University’s National Security Achive confirmed how effectively the Indonesian army used the U.S.-prepared hit list against the Indonesian communist party in 1965-66. Among the documents cited is a 1966 airgram to Washington sent by U.S. ambassador Marshall Green stating that a list from the Embassy identifying top communist leaders was being used by the Indonesian security authorities in their extermination campaign.
For example, the US Embassy reported on November 13,1965 that information sent to Suharto resulted in the killing of between 50 to 100 PKI members every night in East and Central Java. The Embassy admitted in an April 15, 1966 airgram to Washington: “We frankly do not know whether the real figure for the PKI killed is closer to 100,000 or 1,000,000.”4
The Indonesian military became the instrument of another counter revolutionary offensive in 1975 when it invaded East Timor. On September 7,1975, just 24 hours after the highest officials of the United States government, President Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, had been in Djakarta on a state visit, 30,000 Indonesian troops landed in East Timor. Napalm, phosphorus bombs and chemical defoliants were delivered from US supplied planes and helicopters, resulting in the killing of tens of thousands of people, and the conflict continues to simmer.5
Vietnam: (1954-1965)
President Harry Truman began granting material aid to the French colonial forces in Indochina as early s 1946, and the aid was dramatically increased after the successful Chinese revolution in 1949 and the start of the “hot” Korean War in June 1950. By the time of the French army was defeated in 1954, the U.S. was paying nearly 80 percent of the French military expenditures and providing extensive air and logistical support.
The unilateral U.S. military intervention in Vietnam began in 1954, immediately following the humiliating French defeat in early May 1954. The July 21, 1954 Geneva Agreement concluded the French war against the Vietnamese and promised them a unifying election, mandated for July 1956. The U.S. government knew that fair elections would, in effect, ensure a genuine democratic victory for revered Communist leader Ho Chi Minh. This was unacceptable. In June 1954, prior to the signing of the historic Geneva agreement, the U.S. began CIA-directed internal sabotage operations against the Vietnamese while setting up the puppet Ngo Dinh Diem (brought to Vietnam from the U.S.) as “our” political leader. No electrons were ever held. This set the stage for yet another war for Vietnamese independence — this time against U.S. forces and their South Vietnamese puppets.
The significance of U.S. intentions to interfere with independence movements in Asia cannot be underestimated. U.S. National Security Council documents from 1956 declared that our national security would be endangered by communist domination of mainland Southeast Asia. Secret military plans stated that nuclear weapons will be used in general war and even in military operations short of general war. By March 1961, the Pentagon brass had recommended sending 60,000 soldiers to western Laos supported by air power that would include, if necessary, nuclear weapons, to assure that the Royal Laotian government would prevail against the popular insurgency being waged against it. For the next ten years the U.S. unleashed forces that caused (and continue to cause ) an incomprehensible amount of devastation in Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asia.
Eight million tons of bombs (four times the amount used by the U.S. in all of World War II) were dropped indiscriminately, leaving destruction which, if laid crater to crater, would cover an area the size of the state of Maine. Eighty percent of the bombs fell on rural areas rather than military targets, leaving ten million craters. Nearly 400,000 tons of napalm was dropped on Vietnamese villages. There was no pretense of distinguishing between combatants and civilians.
The callous designation of as much as three-fourths of South Vietnam as a “free fire zone” justified the murder of virtually anyone in thousands of villages in those vast areas. At the time, Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara cited a 1967 memo in which he estimated the number of Vietnamese civilians killed or seriously injured by U.S. forces at 1000 per week. The CIA=s Phoenix program alone killed as many as 70,000 civilians who were suspected of being part of the political leadership of the Viet Cong in the south.
There was a historically unprecedented level of chemical warfare in Vietnam, including the indiscriminate spraying of nearly 20 million gallons of defoliants on one-seventh the area of South Vietnam. The vestigial effects of chemical warfare poisoning continue to plague the health of adult Vietnamese (and ex-GIs) while causing escalated birth defects. Samples of soil, water, food and body fat of Vietnamese citizens continue to reveal dangerously elevated levels of dioxin to the present day.
Today, Vietnamese officials estimate the continued dangerous presence of 3.5 million landmines left from the war as well as 300,000 tons of unexploded ordnance. Tragically, these hidden remnants of war continue to explode when farmers plow their fields or children play in their neighborhoods, killing thousands each year. The Vietnamese report 40,000 people killed since 1975 by landmines and buried bombs. That means that each day, 4 or 5 Vietnamese civilians are killed day by U.S. ordnance.
The U.S. and its allies killed as many as 5 million Southeast Asian citizens during the active war years. The numbers of dead in Laos and Cambodia remain uncounted, but as of 1971, a congressional Research Service report prepared for the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee indicated that over one million Laotians had been killed, wounded, or turned into refugees, with the figure for Cambodia estimated two million. More than a half million “secret” US bombing missions over Laos, begun in late 1964, devastated populations of ancient cultures there. Estimates indicate that around 230,000 tons of bombs were dropped over northern Laos in 1968 and 1969 alone. Increasing numbers of U.S. military personnel were added to the ground forces in Laos during 1961, preparing for major military operations to come.
The “secret” bombing of Cambodia began in March 1969, and an outright land invasion of Cambodia was conducted from late April 1970 through the end of June, causing thousand of casualties. These raging U.S. covert wars did not cease until August 14, 1973, by which time countless additional casualties were inflicted. When the bombing in Cambodia finally ceased, the U.S. Air Force had officially recorded the use of nearly 260,000 tons of bombs there. The total tonnage of bombs dropped in Laos over eight and a half years exceeded two million.
The consensus today is that more than 3 million Vietnamese were killed, with 300,000 additional missing in action and presumed dead. In the process the U.S. lost nearly 59,000 of her own men and women, with about 2,000 additional missing, while combatants from four U.S. allies lost over 6,000 more. The South Vietnamese military accounted for nearly 225,000 dead. All of this carnage was justified in order to destroy the basic rights and capacity of the Vietnamese to construct their own independent, sovereign society. None of the victims deserved to die in such a war. Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, and U.S. military “grunts” were all victims.
All of these corpses were created to perpetuate an incredible lie and to serve a “cause” that had been concocted by white male plutocrats in Washington, many of whom possessed Ph.Ds from prestigious universities. Like most of their predecessors throughout U.S. history, these politicians and their appointees, along with their profit-hungry arms makers/dealers, desired to assure the destruction of people’s democratic movements in East Asia that threatened the virtually unlimited American hegemony over markets, resources, and the profits to be derived therefrom. But never did a small country suffer so much from an imperial nation as the Vietnamese did from the United States.
The royal family in Kuwait was used by the United States government to justify a massive assault on Iraq in order to establish permanent dominion over the Gulf. The Gulf War was begun not to protect Kuwait but to establish US power over the region and its oil.6 In 1990, General Schwarzkopf had testified before the Senate that it was essential for the U.S. to increase its military presence in the Gulf in order to protect Saudi Arabia. However, satellite photos showed no Iraqi troops near the Saudi Border.
After Iraq announced that it was going to annex Kuwait, the United States began its air attacks on Iraq. For 42 days the US sent in 2000 sorties a day. By February 13,1991, 1,500 Iraqi citizens had been killed. President George Bush ordered the destruction of facilities essential to civilian life and economic production.
The Red Crescent Society of Jordan announced at the end of the war that 113,00 civilians were dead and sixty percent were women and children. Some of the worst devastation was wrought by the US military’s use of Depleted Uranium (DU) on battlefields and in towns and cities across Iraq. It left a legacy of radioactive debris which has resulted in serious environmental contamination and health problems, particularly among Iraqi children. Child mortality rates have risen by 380 percent. Between August 1990 and August 1997 some 1.2 million children in Iraq died due to environmental devastation and the harsh economic sanctions imposed in 1991. Not satisfied with such havoc, the U.S. and Britain have recently sought to tighten the blockade against Iraq by imposing so-called :”smart sanctions.” This would continue the aggression against northern and southern Iraq and lead to the deaths of more women, children and elderly.
Yugoslavia: (1991-1999)
The United States and Germany prepared plans for the dismemberment of Yugoslavia in the late 1980’s and have since reconfigured Yugoslavia into mini-states, with only Serbia and Montenegro remaining in the Yugoslav federation, a situation which has opened the way to the re-colonization of the Balkans.
In 1991, the European Community, with US involvement, organized a conference on Yugoslavia that called for the separation, sovereignty and independence of the republics of Yugoslavia. President George Bush’s administration passed the 1991 Foreign Operations Act, which provided aid to the individual republics, but cut off all aid to Belgrade, the capitol of Yugoslavia. This stimulated the eventual secession of Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. With secession came civil wars. Ethnic Serbs living in Croatia had been loyal to that Yugoslav republic, but great power meddling now forced them to defend their region in Croatia known as Krajina. The U.S. covertly provided arms, training, advisors, satellite intelligence and air power to the Croats in “Operation Storm” directed against the helpless Serbs in Krajina. When the bombing began, the Krajina Serbs fled to Belgrade and Bosnia. Approximately 250,000 Serbs were thus ethnically cleansed from the Krajina and all evidence of Serb habitation was systematically destroyed. Civilians were executed, livestock slaughtered and houses were burnt to the ground.7
To avoid a similar human catastrophe in Bosnia/Herzegovina, Bosnian Serbs consolidated Serb-owned lands, an area constituting about two thirds of Bosnia/Herzegovina. Germany and the U.S. quickly aided the military alliance of Bosnian Muslims and Croats against the Serbs, and , supported by American bombing and regular army forces from Croatia, the Muslim/Croat alliance soon swept the Serbs from the majority of Bosnia/Herzegovina. As in the Krajina, the conflict forced ethnic Serbs off of their lands, creating one hundred thousand Serb refugees.
Under the U.S.-brokered Dayton Agreement, Bosnia/Herzegovina was divided into two parts, a Muslim-Croat Federation and Republica Srpska. The central government today is controlled by US/NATO forces, the IMF, and international NGOs. With no history of independence, Bosnia/Herzegovina=s economic assets have been taken over by foreign investors who now own their energy facilities, water, telecommunication, media and transportation.
The effects of the Bosnian civil war on the city of Srebrenica were reported extensively in the western media. Reports claimed that 7,414 Bosnian Muslims were executed by the Serbian army. After years of searching, digging and extensive investigations, only seventy bodies were found, but the original charges of genocide are still circulated in the media.
Kosovo, an autonomous region of Serbia, is the site of the most recent, and perhaps most disastrous, U.S. military intervention. Kosovo=s problems began after World War II when immigrants from Albania flooded into the region, sparking political confrontation between Albanians and Serbs. escalated into military conflict. The “Kosovo Liberation Army, an Albanian terrorist/separatist group, escalated tensions by directing their violence against not only Serbian civilians, but Albanian who refused to join their cause. As the war intensified, a United Nations team of observers in the Kosovo village of Racak found 44 Albanian bodies. The Serbs identified them as KLA fighters killed during one of the now frequent gun battles with police. William Walker, a US diplomat, who had earlier acted as an apologist for the death squads in El Salvador, led a group of journalists to view the bodies, and their subsequent claims of Serb war crimes made world-wide headlines.8
President Clinton used this event to bring delegates form the contending forces in Bosnia to Rambouillet, and the proposed Ramboullet Accords served as a prelude to U.S. intervention in Kosovo. The accords, if accepted, would have allowed NATO forces complete access to all of Yugoslavia, a virtual foreign occupation, with all associated costs to be borne by the Yugoslav government. As the Ramboullet negotiations began to stall, U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright ordered the bombing of Yugoslavia to begin.
On March 16, 1999, twenty three thousand missiles and bombs were dropped on a country of eleven million people. Thirty five thousand cluster bombs, graphite bombs and 31,000 rounds of depleted uranium weapons were used, the latter scattering radioactive waste throughout the Yugoslav countryside.
The 78 day bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia targeted schools, hospitals, farms, bridges, roads communication centers, and waterways. Because a large number of chemical plants and oil refineries bombed by US/NATO planes were located on the banks of the Danube river, the bombing of these industrial sites polluted the Danube, a source of drinking water for ten million people in the region. The environmental damage done to the soil, water and air of Yugoslavia soon spread to Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece and Italy. Countries like Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, which border on the Black Sea, into which the Danube empties, also continue to face health hazards.
“The Bush-Afghan war calls up memories of the Vietnam War in both actions and rhetoric, the massive use of superior arms heavily impacting civilians, deliberate food deprivation, wholesale terror allegedly combating ‘terrorism’, but always sincere regrets for collateral damages.”9
The U.S. war in Afghanistan began in 1979, ostensibly as a campaign to oust the ruling Taliban and apprehend the alleged terrorist Osama Bin Laden, who was assumed to be hiding in Afghanistan. Ironically, the Taliban had received billions of dollars worth of weapons from the CIA to help it overthrow a progressive socialist government in Afghanistan, and Bin Laden regarded himself as an important CIA asset. Indeed, the CIA had been deeply involved in Afghanistan even before the Soviet Union intervened there in 1979 to defend the revolutionary government.
Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, the U.S. has waged a merciless war against the Afghan people, using chemical, biological and depleted uranium (DU) weapons. The use of DU continues to spread radiation throughout large parts of Afghanistan and will affect tens of thousands of people in generations to come, causing lung cancer, leukemia and birth defects. DU was also used against Iraq and Yugoslavia, where the frequency of cancer has tripled.
The bombing of the Afghan population has forced thousands of civilians to flee to Pakistan and Iran, and seven to eight million civilians are facing starvation. UNICEF spokesman Eric Larlcke has stated, “As many as 100,000 more children will die in Afghanistan this winter unless food reaches them in sufficient quantities in the next six weeks.”10
The racist underpinnings of the American world-view allows the American press and its political leaders to be silent on the mass killing of Third World children. Donald Rumsfeld, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, has stated that the U.S. is not looking to negotiate peace with the Taliban and Al-Quida in Afghanistan. There is a clear indifference to the daily carnage in Afghanistan, where sixty percent of the casualties are women and children. Human rights organizations have expressed concern over reports of large-scale executions of would-be Taliban defectors in the city of Kunduz, and the United Nations has echoed human rights groups in demanding an investigation into the slaughter of prisoners at the Qala-i-Jhangi fort near Mazar-i-Sharif. With more than 500 people dead and the fort littered with bodies, allegations of war crimes against the U.S. and UK for ignoring the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war have led the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, to call for an urgent inquiry.
“Once we recognize the pattern of activity designed to simultaneously consolidate control over Middle Eastern and South Asian oil and contain and colonize the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan is exactly where they need to go to pursue that agenda.”11
In his book The Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brezezinski writes that the Eurasian Balkans are a potential economic prize which hold an enormous concentration of natural gas and oil and important minerals as well as gold.
Brezezinski declares that the Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea basin are “known to contain reserves of natural gas and oil that dwarf those of Kuwait, the Gulf of Mexico, or the North Sea.”12 Afghanistan will serve as a base of operations to begin the control over the South Asian Republic in order to build a pipeline through Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to deliver petroleum to the Asian market. This pipeline will serve as a bonanza of wealth for the US oil companies.
An examination of the American conduct of its wars since World War II shows the US to be in violation of the Nuremberg Principles, the 1949 Geneva Convention relating to protection of civilian prisoners of war, the wounded and sick, and the amended Nuremberg Principles as formulated by the International Law Commission in 1950 proscribing war crimes and crimes against humanity. The massive murder and destruction of civilian infrastructure through the use of biological, chemical and depleted uranium weapons violates not only international laws but the moral and humanitarian standards expected in modern civilization.

* "Anniversary of an Attempt to Overthrow France’s Charles De Gaulle. Did CIA Help?" (2016-04-22, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/ZBwcy], synopsis: It seems like the far-fetched plot of a Hollywood movie: Top military leaders are conspiring to bring down a western democracy. But that is exactly what happened, just days after the Bay of Pigs.
- Photo caption: our French Generals who tried to overthrow President Charles de Gaulle: Left to right: André Zeller, Edmond Jouhaud, Raoul Salan and Maurice Challe.

* Map of the French Union (1947 to 1958), established as the successor for the French Empire, whose union of states was secured in-part by the CIA

* "Short study of US crimes across world in 1950s-1960s" (2017-07, yemenpress.org), part 1 [archive.fo/cBX09], part 2 [archive.fo/sIRwD] [begin excerpt]:
In the latter part of 1960s, Central Intelligence Agency expanded its operations throughout the world.
The deathful years of wars in Vietnam and its long-time impacts on the citizens of Vietnam and the US soldiers began in 1960s. After the first part of survey into 1950s and 1960s, here the second, and final, part will be touched upon.
July 1964
On July 30, 1964, the CIA made an operation in the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam. It was part of the plan “A34” which was meant to make the ground for the US military invasion in Vietnam.
Based on the plan, the US made 64 air raids against Vietnam naval bases. Besides, fuel reservoirs were targeted and the congress issued the permission for Johnson, then the US President, to utilize the American military men in south-eastern Asia in Vietnam. This gave rise to the start of air, sea, and terrestrial war with Vietnam.
April 1965
On 28 April, 1965, the US attacked the Dominique again and after the people’s uprising in the country.
May 1965
On May 1, 1965, carriers and fighters of the US carried 1700 infantry soldiers and 2500 army soldiers to the Dominique.
May 1965
On May 4, 1965, Johnson, the US President, ordered deployment of 14,000 US soldiers to occupy the Santo Domingo Island without any clear or stated reasoning.
April 1966
On April 12, 1966, the US refrained from bringing out the 26,000 soldiers from France in spite of the deadline of General Dogol to do it before the 1st of April. The US rejected the deadline and extended it instead.
December 1966
On December 24, 1966, the US military massacred 125,000 Vietnamese civilians. This is while the US army had announced that the war would be ceased for 48 hours due to the new year.
In 1968, the CIA staged a coup led by Suharto against the government of Sukarno. Sukarno had retaken the country from Japan and then Netherlands. More than 1 million Indonesian were the victims of the coup.
April 1968
On April 4, 1968, the CIA murdered Martin Luther King, the black American activist. King had risen up to get the right of American oppressed, especially blacks.
In 1969, Kalbi, then the CIA representative in Vietnam personally performed the Vinix or Physical Removal program based on which 1800 Vietnamese citizens were killed each month in southern Vietnam. More than 40,000 people, all unarmed civilians, were massacred on the whole at the end of program. [end excerpt]

* "Short Study of US crimes across world in 1980s" (2017-07, blackhouse.info) part 1 [archive.fo/K6Kft], part 2 [archive.fo/jaE9F] [begin excerpt]:
 The United States turned, in 1980s, to a structured modern colonizer using the raw materials of countries to sell them the processed goods.
The crimes in the modern world, apart from military and war crimes, took the new form of soft colonization. The US dominated the countries by economically controlling and oppressing them.
June 1982
On June 7, 1982, the Us government killed its puppet “Hissène Habré” after expending more than $10 billion and widespread massacres and murders in Chad.
June 1982
On June 8, 1982, part of the sixth fleet of US Navy closed the Lebanese coasts to provide support for Zionist occupiers who has attacked Lebanon 3 days earlier.
During the training of “Quick Reaction Force” in 1982 and 1983, B-52 fighter aircrafts of the US Air Force bombarded the Libyan borderline for no good reason.
October 1983
On October 25, 1983, American forces attacked Granada, the smallest country in the world. They brutally waged the country and massacred their citizens who stood up to defend their country. American students’ exposure to danger was the pretext used for attack and massacre across Granada.
April 1984
On April, 6, 1984, the US Senate rejected the draft of a law according to which the government would be forced to call off setting op military base in Honduras. Bases and plants were meant to be used against El Salvador revolution and Nicaragua.
July 1984
On July 26, 1984, the US Defense Secretary-Pentagon announced that its fighter aircrafts flew over Gulf of Sirte in Libya and its coastlines.
June 1985
On June 13, 1985, the report by the committee of terminating UN-related colonization asserted that the US and western countries aided South Africa in expanding its nuclear weapons production plan.
June 1985
On June 13, 1985, the US congress agreed on $27-million support for Nicaraguan rioters.
June 1985
On June 20, 1985, the US congress accepted the ban on chemical weapons production to be taken into reconsideration.
June 1985
On June 28, 1985, the US congress ratified a law based on which Ronald Reagan, then the US president, was permitted to military invade the Nicaragua.
October 1985
On October 11, 1985, the US fighter aircrafts attacked a passenger plane which carried the hijackers of an Italian ship. The plane was forced to land in their military base. [end excerpt]

* " 'War in the Balkans' – the Memoirs of a Portugese Peacekeeper" (2017-07-07, by Stephen Karganovic, via strategic-culture.org) part 1 [archive.fo/UJd7Z], part 2 [archive.is/bIfje] [begin excerpt]:

General Carlos Martins Branco is one of the most fascinating (and until quite recently also inaccessible) actors in the Srebrenica controversy. From his Zagreb vantage point as deputy head of the U.N. Protection Force (UNPROFOR) between 1994 and 1996, during the latter phase of the 1990s Yugoslav conflict as it unfolded in Croatia and Bosnian and Herzegovina, this Portuguese officer had privileged access to significant information. Confidential reports about the goings on in the field were crossing his desk. With first-hand information and further enlightened by discrete conversations with colleagues from various intelligence structures, Martins Branco was positioned ideally to learn facts which many officials would have preferred to cover up, and the media frequently ignored.
With a typically Latin emotional flair, refusing to remain silent as the "Srebrenica genocide narrative" was taking shape in the second half of the 1990s, Martins Branco published in 1998 an article provocatively entitled "Was Srebrenica a Hoax? Eyewitness Account of a Former UN Military Observer in Bosnia" In that early plunge into the toxic Srebrenica debate, Martins Branco ventured a number of critical questions concerning the notorious events in July 1995:
"One may agree or disagree with my political analysis, but one really ought to read the account of how Srebrenica fell, who are the victims whose bodies have been found so far, and why the author believes that the Serbs wanted to conquer Srebrenica and make the Bosnian Muslims flee, rather than having any intentions of butchering them. The comparison Srebrenica vs. Krajina, as well as the related media reaction by the 'free press' in the West, is also rather instructive".
Shortly after that expression of skepticism about the nature of the disputed events in Srebrenica, Martins Branco practically disappeared from view. Not physically, of course. He spent several years in Florence teaching at the European University Institute and preparing his doctoral dissertation. After that, in 2007 and 2008 he was attached by his government to NATO forces in Afghanistan in the capacity of media spokesperson for the Commander. From 2008 until recently, when he retired, General Martins Branco served as deputy director of the National Defense Institute of the Portuguese armed forces.
This impressive background, to which we may add the duty of head of the Intelligence Affairs Section of EUROFOR for Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo from 1996 to 1999, bespeaks an elite and highly trained staff officer, with first-class intelligence capabilities and powers of observation.
Intrigued by Martins Branco’s out-of-the-box analysis of Srebrenica events, shortly after the founding of our NGO "Srebrenica Historical Project" we attempted to establish communication with him to see if he would share with us some of his exceptional information and insights. Our efforts were fruitless and correspondence with the general over the years came down mostly to an exchange of non-committal courtesies. Defense teams at the ICTY in the Hague, which endeavored to obtain him as a witness on their clients’ behalf, had no better luck. However, not very long ago General Martins Branco wrote to us seeking answers to some questions concerning Srebrenica. He mentioned that in November 2016 his memoirs were published in Portugal. That volume, which he kindly made available to us, encompassed the period of his service in the Balkans.
It was entitled "A Guerra nos Balcãs, jihadismo, geopolítica e desinformação" (War in the Balkans, Jihadism, Geopolitics, and Disinformation), published by Edições Colibri in Lisbon.
As already seen numerous times with high-level officials, in this case as well open expression of intimate views and public disclosure of facts regarded of a delicate nature had to wait for retirement. In General Martins  Branco’s case, the wait was worthwhile. These fascinating recollections from the Balkan war theater consist of the insights of a Portuguese officer attached to UN forces into such episodes as the merciless expulsion, accompanied by mass killing, of the Serbian population of Krajina by Croatian forces. These outrages were orchestrated with the discrete backing of the NATO alliance, for which the author indirectly happened to be working at the time. Events surrounding Srebrenica in July 0f 1995 encompass another portion of his recollections. For the moment, we will focus on the latter and Martins Branco’s perception of the background and impact of the Srebrenica situation.
Already in his introduction to the chapters of his memoirs that deal with Srebrenica, Martins Branco questions the coherence of the prevalent view that it constituted genocide:
"General Ratko Mladic had made it known that he was leaving open a corridor for withdrawal toward Tuzla. With Mladic’s approval, about 6.000 persons took advantage of that opportunity. In a report by the Dutch Foreign Ministry it is noted that, according to UN sources, by August 4 a total of 35.632 displaced persons had made it to Tuzla, of whom between 800 and 1.000 were members of Bosnia and Herzegovina armed forces. Out of that total, 17.500 had been evacuated by bus". (Page 195)
The Portuguese general then continues:
"Srebrenica was portrayed – and continues to be – as a premeditated massacre of innocent Muslim civilians. As a genocide! But was it really so? A more careful and informed assessment of those events leads me to doubt it". (Page 196)
Martins Branco goes on to raise some pointed questions, and he does so purely in the capacity of a professional soldier:
"There are various estimates of the relative strength of forces involved in the Srebrenica battle. On the Serbian side, at most 3.000 fighters could have taken part. The number of armored vehicles is more difficult to determine, as stated at the beginning of this chapter. According to field reports, however, not more than six such vehicles were in motion at any given time. Though we lack reliable information about troop strength on the Muslim side, it is entirely probable that they numbered a minimum of 4.000 armed men, counting together Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina soldiers and members of the paramilitaries. According to some sources, they numbered up to 6.000. But for the purposes of this analysis, we will consider the 4.000 figure as credible". (Page 196)
The general then goes on:
"The topographical features of the terrain around Srebrenica, and Eastern Bosnia as a whole, are extremely rugged and hilly.  Crags, thickly forested areas, and deep ravines impede the movement of military vehicles while facilitating infantry operations. In relation to ground features, which beyond any doubt favor defenders, the numerical relationship of forces on the opposing sides suggests that Bosnian army troops had at their disposal more than sufficient manpower to put up a defense. They, however, failed to do that. Taking into account the numerical ratio of attackers to defenders, as we were taught at the military academy, for the attack to have any chance of success the number of attackers would have to exceed that of the defenders by a factor of at least three. In the case at hand, that ratio was more than advantageous to the defenders (4.000 defenders versus 3.000 attackers). In addition, the defenders had the additional benefit of knowing the landscape". (Page 196)
Martins Branco than asks one of the key Srebrenica questions:
"Given that military advantage favored the defense, why did the Bosnian army fail to put up any resistance to Serbian forces? Why did the command of the 28th Division of the Bosnian army – acting apparently contrary to its interest – fail to establish a defense line, as at other times it knew well how to do, as for instance during the April 1993 crisis? Why did Muslim forces in the enclave fail to act to regain control over their heavy weapons, which had been deposited in a local warehouse under UN’s lock and key? Was it no more than an oversight?" (Page 197)
As a supplement to these well-formulated questions, we may note that already on July 6, as the Serbian attack was commencing, the Dutch battalion command in Srebrenica let it be known to the 28th Division that it was free to retrieve its warehoused heavy armaments, if it so wished. That fact was revealed in the Dutch battalion "Debriefing", which came out in October of 1995. However, Muslim forces in Srebrenica inexplicably ignored this invitation, thus reinforcing the impression that – for political or other reasons – they lacked the purpose of militarily resisting the Serbian attack.
Which leads the author to the following reflections:
"Twenty years later, we still lack satisfactory answers to questions that seem crucial, assuming that we are seeking to find out what exactly happened. The passivity and absence of a military reaction on the part of Muslim forces in the enclave is in stark contrast to their offensive behavior during the preceding two years, which was manifested in the form of systematic slaughter of Serbian civilians in the villages surrounding Srebrenica". (Page 197)
The author then discloses an intriguing detail that was previously unknown even to this reviewer:
"Ramiz Becirevic [in command of the 28th Division in Naser Oric’s absence] initially issued an order for the heavy weapons to be collected. However, he cancelled it shortly thereafter, explaining that he had received a countermanding order. Who was the source of that order, and for what reason was it given? For the record, let it be noted that in the morning of July 6, as the Serbian attack was starting, acting on his own responsibility, the Dutchbat commander informed the leadership of the Bosnian army that the Serbs had ‘trespassed’ the enclave’s boundaries and that the UN would not be object should they come to retrieve their heavy weaponry that had been deposited in a local warehouse". (Page 197)
 Pressing further his point about the enigmatic dissipation within the Srebrenica enclave of the will to resist, Martins Branco points out that Naser Oric, "the charismaticleader who very likely would have acted differently", was withdrawn from the enclave in April of 1995, never to return. He therefore goes on to ask some common sense questions:
"Was [Oric’s] return prevented by the Second Corps of the Bosnian army, of which 28th Division was part? What could have been the reasons for that? We still lack convincing answers to these questions". (Page 198)
"On the other hand", the Portuguese author continues with his detailed analysis of the suspicious train of events, "officials of the local SDA, the Party of Democratic Action that was in charge in Sarajevo, not only refused, citing strange reasons, to assist UN forces in evacuating Srebrenica, which is to say their own population and refugees from the surrounding villages who had taken shelter in the town, but they went even further by preventing them from fleeing in the direction of Potocari. Instead, they submitted to the commander of B Company [of the Dutchbat] a long list of demands, the fullment of which was insisted upon as the condition for their cooperation. The nature of these demands suggested the existence of a carefully elaborated advance plan which, however, did not mesh with the conditions that actually prevailed on the ground at that particular moment. At that point, there were only two issues which were of significance to the municipal president: one, the demand to the Military Observers on July 10 to disseminate to the outside world a report alleging the use of chemical weapons by Serbian forces, although that was not true; secondly, to publicly accuse the international media of spreading misinformation that Muslim forces were offering armed resistance, with an additional demand to the UN to also issue an official denial to that effect. According to him, Bosnian soldiers neither used heavy weapons, nor were they prepared to ever do so. At the same time, he complained about the lack of foodstuffs and the dismal humanitarian situation. The outline of an official narrative was becoming perceptible and it consisted of two messages: the absence of any military resistance and lack of food". (Page 198)
To put it in plain English, this elite NATO officer with excellent powers of observation and acumen for critical analysis "smelled a rat," and he did so right from the beginning of the game. He does not say it outright in his memoirs, but it is strongly suggested that these doubts about the authenticity of the official Srebrenica narrative were proliferating in his mind in real time, as field reports accumulated on his desk in Zagreb.
Martins Branco then pops the logical question or, rather, he points his finger at one of the key incoherencies of the official account of Srebrenica events:
"A question mark could also be put over the complete absence of a military response of any kind by the Second Corps of the Bosnian army, whose zone of responsibility encompassed northeastern Bosnia, including Tuzla (where its headquarters was located), as well as Doboj, Bijeljina, Srebrenica, Zepa, and Zvornik. Bosnian army intelligence agencies, whose ear was constantly fixed on Serbian signal communications, were perfectly aware of the impending offensive operation. In spite of not at all being in the dark concerning the Serbs’ intention to attack, the Second Corps of the Bosnian army did not make the slightest move to weaken the Serbs’ pressure upon the enclave. It was a known fact that the Drina Corps, the Serbian army unit in whose zone of responsibility Srebrenica was located, was exhausted and that the attack on Srebrenica was made feasible only by scraping together forces withdrawn from other segments of the front, which naturally left in its wake many vulnerable points. Why didn’t the Second Corps undertake an attack along the entire front line with the Drina Corps, not merely in order to relieve the pressure on Srebrenica but also to exploit the Serbian forces’ temporary vulnerabilities in order to seize territory in areas that were left unprotected? Following the passage of twenty years, we still do not have the answer to this more than coherent and reasonable question". (Pages 198-199)
These are just some of the more important reasons leading a professional soldier to be skeptical of the general framework of the accepted Srebrenica narrative. [end excerpt]


* "Watergate and the downing of Nixon: Excerpts from 'Family of Secrets' by Russ Baker" (via whowhatwhy.org) part 1 [archive.fo/W4G1E], part 2 [archive.fo/9Tmek], part 3 [archive.fo/LiGPF], part 4 [archive.is/zI1bx], synopsis: Is there a “Deep State”? And did it do Nixon in? A timely look at a precursor event for Trump Times. We look at the remarkable fact that Richard Nixon was present in Dallas on November 22, 1963 when his 1960 vanquisher, John F. Kennedy, was violently removed from office. Is it preposterous to wonder if Nixon’s presence there was engineered? Was it to teach him a lesson? More revealing details on the intricate ways in which President Richard Nixon clearly seems to have been set up. And the role of Big Oil behind some of the machinations — but who else was involved, and why? We see more and more tantalizing evidence of how much our perception of events, and of people, can be manipulated. (These excerpts do not contain the footnotes provided in the published book).

* "Bush Angle to Reagan Shooting Still Unresolved as Hinckley Walks" (2016-08-16, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/ZHWfy], synopsis: George H.W. Bush knew the family of the man who shot Bush’s then-boss Ronald Reagan, in 1981. With the shooter now freed, it’s time, finally, to take a closer look.
- Photo caption: President Reagan with the Bush family. Left to right: Neil Bush, Marvin Bush, Reagan, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush.

* "He Shaped US History — But Not How You Think; Skull and Bones Forever" (2017-07-03, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/qGEJX], photo caption: Bush ‘41 visits CIA with former CIA director, John Brennan, in 2016.

* "GHW Bush & JFK Hit" (2013-09-16, whowhatwhy.org) part 1 [archive.fo/5iuhX], part 2 [archive.fo/2wkmw], part 3 [archive.fo/Od2Gk]

* "What Fidel Castro Said When JFK Died" (2016, whowhatwhy.org)
- Parts 1, 2, & 3: Speech Broadcast on Cuban Radio and TV, November 23, 1963 (Did Right Wing Cubans Know of Assassination Plot?) [archive.fo/i5iAK] [archive.fo/6gDn4] [archive.fo/TrYbo]

* "Previously Unpublished Interview With Mark Lane" (2016-05-26, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.is/p2Ahs], synopsis: Mark Lane, the store-front lawyer, freedom-rider, and prolific author, who took the CIA to court and won, talks about a number of subjects, including his lifelong crusade to get the word out on who really killed John F. Kennedy.

* "More 9/11 FBI Coverup Evidence Emerges" (2016-12-29, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/gV91z]
* "FBI Disparages Its Own 9/11 Report" (2016-07-06, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/d1zEw], synopsis: Florida Bulldog, the online news outlet that publicized explosive evidence of connections between the 9/11 hijackers and prominent Saudis, demands to know why the FBI is now disowning a provocative 9/11 report from one of its own agents.
* "What the 28 Pages Released on Saudi 9/11 Ties Missed" (2016-07-15, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/cwBse], synopsis: Congress finally released the so-called “28 pages” on Saudi ties to the hijackers that were withheld from the congressional 9/11 report. But there’s other, even more damning evidence, and it is directly linked to the Saudi leadership. We published it back in 2011. Here it is again.
* "Coverup of Saudi 9/11 Connection Continues, Charges Graham" (2016-09-01, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/MTg2S], synopsis: Former Senator Bob Graham has spent 15 years searching for the real story behind 9/11. Both the Bush and Obama administrations have done everything to block him.
* "Experts Sought: The Great 9/11 Building Debate" (2016-09-06, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/btWrx]
* "9/11’s Known Knowns" (2016-09-08, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/YFheR], synopsis: While a majority of claims made by skeptics of the official 9/11 story remain highly debatable, it’s important to note some essential truths — and they are disturbing.
- Photo caption: Vice President Cheney with National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and Cheney's Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby in the President's Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), September 11, 2001.

* "CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’ " (2017-07-13, by Baxter Dmitry) [archive.fo/KWFpG]

* "US Government Experiments on Americans — LSD and MK-ULTRA; What Is the Government Doing Today About Which We Know Nothing?" (re-posted 2016-06-03, whowhatwhy.org) [archive.fo/42n6I], synopsis: This late-90s article by future WhoWhatWhy founder Russ Baker, on how a CIA experiment ruined a man’s life, was commissioned by The New York Times Magazine — which then declined to run it. Not published in the United States at the time, it ran in major publications around the world, and, later, on WhoWhatWhy. It is still explosive, and we thought it worth republishing.


* "9 Absolutely Horrifying Marriage Tips From The 1950s" (littlethings.com) [archive.is/z7JKT]
* "7 Tips for Keeping Your Man (from the 1950s)" (2013-08-08, mentalfloss.com) [archive.is/c0AG3]


Communist International History
* U.S. Friends of the Soviet People [facebook.com/groups/528711703837621]

* "#1917LIVE: ‘A crisis of epic proportions is sweeping over Russia’ – Lenin" (2017-07-14, rt.com) [archive.fo/un90I]


They were POW who refused to return to America after the war, even though the Americans wanted to struck a deal exchanging prisoners, most of them moved to China.
* "The 21 Turncoat GIs: nonrepatriations and the political culture of the Korean War" (1998, by Adam J. Zweiback) [archive.is/nyJuA]


* "Remembering Oliver Law, the Black Communist Who Died Fighting Fascism in Spain" (2017-07-09, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/19MBS]


* "Ghassan Kanafani, the Palestinian Revolutionary Killed by Israeli Intelligence; 'The Palestinian cause is not a cause for Palestinians only, but a cause for every revolutionary, wherever he is' - Ghassan Kanafani" (2017-07-08, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/wSE6B]


* " 'We Were the Front Liners:' Remembering Sylvia Rivera, Trans Activist and Stonewall Rebel; Rivera along with Marsha P. Johnson played an instrumental role in the Stonewall Uprising of 1969" (2017-07-02, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/Vtkvg]:
Sylvia Rivera, the trans activist who was at the forefront of the gay liberation movement was born July 2, 1951. Rivera was born to a Puerto Rican father and a Venezuelan mother in the New York City borough of the Bronx.
Rivera was one of the founding members of the Gay Liberation Front, the Gay Activists Alliance, and later the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. She became a staunch advocate for the rights of queer people, also representing people of color in the U.S. left movement.
Rivera along with Marsha P. Johnson played an instrumental role in the Stonewall Uprising of 1969, the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ rights movement. According to witnesses, Rivera threw one of the first bottles at police during the clashes between the police and the mostly trans people of color at the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan. According to Titus Montalvo, nearly 70 percent of the crowd was comprised of African American and Puerto Rican trans men and women.
“We were the front liners," Rivera said. “We didn’t take no shit from nobody,” she explained. “We had nothing to lose.” In the 1970s Johnson and Rivera also co-founded STAR.
She also showed her support for the Puerto Rican movement, starting a Gay and Lesbian Caucus that worked with the Women’s Caucus within the Young Lords. “I became one of them,” she said. “It was a fabulous feeling for me to be myself — being part of the Young Lords as a drag queen.”
Many radical movements at the time showed their solidarity with the gay liberation movement. In 1970, during the national convention of revolutionary organizations in Washington D.C., Huey P. Newton of Black Panthers Party said that homophobia and misogyny are rooted in fear.
“We want to hit a homosexual in the mouth because we are afraid that we might be homosexual, and we want to hit the women or shut her up because we are afraid that she might castrate us, or take the nuts that we might not have to start with," Newton said.
But alliances and solidarity with the radical gay liberation groups were short-lived. Between 1970 and 1972, after just a few years of acceptance, Rivera lost her allies and like the Black Panthers, the Young Lords were targeted by COINTELPRO.
Rivera castigated the burgeoning mainstream gay liberation movement as they outrightly abandoned her community. She started giving lectures and speeches at universities and advocated for trans and queer homeless kids.
Rivera cycled through addiction, homelessness, and suicide attempts and finally succumbed to death at 50 from advanced liver cancer.
Rivera, the bony, loud, beautiful and demanding drag queen was revered. Her heroic acts of courage and resistance formed the pillar of transgender activism to this day.
- Photo [archive.is/F6mV7], caption: Rivera showed her support for the  Puerto Rican movement by starting a Gay and Lesbian Caucus within the Young Lords.

* "China’s GDP Would Grow Faster Under Mao-Era Policies: Study; China’s GDP growth would grow faster between 2036 and 2050 if the former leader's economic plans were implemented" (2017-07-14, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/qeB49]
* "A new economic study says China could grow more quickly by 2036 if Chairman Mao's policies were brought back" (2015-08-10, businessinsider.in) [archive.fo/XhzX6] [begin excerpt]:
Outside of China, Mao Zedong's time in power is generally remembered as a period of economic catastrophe, with failed collectivisation policies leading to turmoil and famine.
Mao ruled China from 1949 until 1976, when he died. As chief of the Chinese communist party, he ushered in extreme state control of the economy.
But according to a recently published economic research paper, the return of Maoist policies and the total abolition of the private sector wouldn't be too much of a problem for Chinese GDP growth in the years ahead.
The Financial Times has some quotes from one of the paper's authors:
"Our model is essentially an accounting exercise that allows us to uncover the key factors of growth in China during and after the Mao era," said Aleh Tsyvinski, a professor of economics at Yale and co-author of the report.
"The main point of our findings is that, contrary to common misconceptions, productivity growth under Mao, particularly in the non-agricultural sector, was actually pretty good." [...]
Using the wedges for the period after the Great Leap Forward , a massive and lethal drive toward economic collectivisation and industrialisation, but before the 1978 reforms began, the authors produce a different set of figures. [...]
The authors' period for the pre-reform example (1967-1975) is only an example of the most steady period of Maoist economic performance - removing the Great Leap Forward period suggests that Mao's brand of total economic control could have occurred without that sort of devastation, which isn't clear at all.
The paper admits that it's pretty unlikely that we'll ever see this scenario tested, since China's government doesn't show many signs of wanting to renationalise the entire economy - but it's still producing some pretty sceptical reactions from other economists . [end excerpt]


Snippets of Jewish History

* "Rhymes Reasons with Dr. Norman Finkelstein; Dr. Rhymes speaks with world renown, anti-Zionist scholar, Norman Finkelstein" (2017-07-02, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ou1px]:
Dr. Finkelstein is an American political scientist, activist, professor, and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust, an interest motivated by the experiences of his parents who were Jewish Holocaust survivors.
He is a graduate of Binghamton University and received his Ph.D in political science at Princeton University. He has held faculty positions at Brooklyn College, Rutgers University, Hunter College, New York University, and DePaul University where he was an assistant professor from 2001 to 2007. He currently teaches at Sakarya University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Turkey.
While Norman Finkelstein is no stranger to controversy, his work shows that he is no stranger to justice either. He is the author of ten books that have been translated into 50 foreign editions, which include Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict (1995), The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the exploitation of Jewish suffering (2000), Beyond Chutzpah: On the misuse of Antisemitism and the abuse of history (2005) and “This Time We Went Too Far”: Truth and consequences of the Gaza invasion (2010).
Listen for an honest and frank discussion regarding Israeli imperialism, the occupation of the West Bank, the blockade of Gaza, the BDS movement and much, much more.
This interview was originally published by Rhymes Media Group [is.gd/bneHL8].

* " 'But Sir, It’s an American Ship.' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!' When Israel Attacked USS Liberty 'The Americans have findings that show our pilots were aware the ship was American,' a newly published document by the State Archives says" (2017-07-11, haaretz.com) [archive.is/b4kcR] [begin excerpt]:
The authors’ bottom line is that then-U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the attack, in an attempt to blame then-Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser – an excuse that would then enable the United States to join the Six-Day War.
The book includes, among other things, a CIA document from November 1967 that is still partially censored. In the document, which is also on the official CIA website, an anonymous source is quoted as saying: “They said that [then-Israeli Defense Minister Moshe] Dayan personally ordered the attack on the ship, and that one of his generals adamantly opposed the action and said, ‘This is pure murder.’” There is no dispute about the authenticity of the document, but clearly not every sentence written in an intelligence document is the unvarnished truth.
Israeli pilot to IDF war room: This is an American ship. Do you still want us to attack?
IDF war room to Israeli pilot: Yes, follow orders.
Israeli pilot to IDF war room: But sir, it’s an American ship - I can see the flag!
IDF war room to Israeli pilot: Never mind; hit it.
Both the CIA document and the quote have already been published in the past. The book revives them as part of its attempt to prove its thesis. [...]
Historian (and current Kulanu lawmaker) Dr. Michael Oren, who researched the affair in depth, rejects out of hand attempts to claim Israel attacked the USS Liberty deliberately. [...]
Oren adds: “I’m a historian. I have to stick with the facts. I can’t get into conspiracies and theories. A historian must proceed on the basis of the data before him. Today, almost all the papers have been publicized, including the texts of the recordings of the U.S. spy plane and spy submarine.
“Attempts to explain why Israel was interested in attacking the Liberty have failed thus far," he continues. "They’re trying to answer the question ‘Why?’ and they’re having difficulty. It began with the claim that the Liberty discovered the Israel Defense Forces' intentions or preparations to occupy the Golan Heights. And then they said it had homed in on some preparations in Dimona [the site of Israel’s nuclear reactor]. And finally, that it had listened in on the slaughter of Egyptian prisoners of war – I don’t know how slaughter sounds on the communications network. All kinds of bizarre theories.
"If we start with the assumption that the attack was deliberate and planned in advance, the question is why. And nobody answers this question. The answer is that it wasn’t planned.
"What continues to fuel these conspiracy theories?" Oren asks. "The subject is revived every few years. It is part of a 'theory' that Israel, together with Russia and China, spies on the United States. As Israel’s ambassador to the United States I saw this undercurrent, which is also sometimes anti-Semitic.” [...]
In response to a recent request by historian Adam Raz (“The Battle Over the Bomb,” 2015, Hebrew), the Israel State Archives posted hundreds of documents on its website related to the USS Liberty affair.
Raz perused the material and pulled out several fascinating documents that are likely to add more questions to those already in existence – or, if you will, provide some convincing material for conspiracy theorists.
Raz, who wrote a fascinating article about Israel’s nuclear secrets in last week's Hebrew Haaretz supplement, doesn’t like the C-word: “conspiracy.” He stresses that, as a historian, he finds the word unacceptable. “Was the so-called ‘rotten business’ [a failed Israeli sabotage operation in Egypt in 1954] also a conspiracy? So what’s a conspiracy?” he wonders. [end excerpt]
* "Israeli Communications Said to Prove IAF Knew Liberty Was U.S. Ship; Chicago Tribune: Transcripts of IAF communications show pilots who attacked Liberty in Six-Day War saw a U.S. flag" (2007-07-04, haaretz.com) [archive.is/gdgMz]


The "Dark Enlightenment" and neo-Reactionary Studies [is.gd/wZHos7]
With a focus on European supremacist ideology, including Antisemitic modalities, and "Racial Science".


* "1863: The "Other Time" Russia Meddled With American Democracy; The Russian navy arrived to help dissuade Europeans from siding against the Union, and ended up saving San Francisco from a fire" (2017-07-14, RI News) [archive.fo/5qEs5]


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A Liberated Zone on the FM, to enhance alternative culture and cognitive freedom! 
Convened by Dr.G., a Renegade Illuminati, convening Thee Temple [link], for knowledge, whimsy, and inspiration. Everything is true, nothing is forbidden!
Broadcast Thursdays at 89.5 FM KZCT in Vallejo, California, to a worldwide audience.

Science & Futurism
* "Scientists Just Teleported a Photon from Earth to Orbit for the First Time" (2017-07-10, futurism.com) [archive.is/TzmxN]


* "First Musk, Then Facebook, Now DARPA Wants to Create Brain-Computer Interfaces; The US military's shadowy research branch, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has outlined a US$65 million plan to develop advanced neural implants connecting brains to computers, in order to treat sensory deficits like blindness. The agency is just the latest body to throw its proverbial hat into the brain-computer interface ring" (2017-07-12, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/vlHI2]

* "Copy, Paste! China Clones First Genetically Engineered Canine; Over the past 20 years, global scientists have achieved a significant breakthrough in the area of animal cloning, with China announcing last week that it had become the first country in the world to clone a genetically engineered dog" (2017-07-13, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/dJf5f]


* "Scientists store a GIF in a living cell's DNA" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.is/lCjI5], photo caption: The original image (L) of the short movie and the image reconstructed from bacteria.


* " ‘Fundamental risk to civilization’: Elon Musk fears AI future" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/mBkQi]

* "Artificial intelligence corporations seek real-life commercial applications" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.is/MkGut]

* "Australian police to trial 'synthetic DNA' to tackle burglaries" (2017-07-17, xinhuanet.com) [archive.is/YlSOC]

* "Suicide? Baptism Gone Wrong? 'Mall Cop' Robot Drowns in Public Fountain; 'It's ok security robot. It's a stressful job, we've all been there,' one Twitter user wrote" (2017-07-17, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/29akM], photo caption: "Our D.C. office building got a security robot. It drowned itself. We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots."


Space News
* "In NASA Simulation of Life on Other Planets, Fungi Finds 'Mushroom' to Multiply; Earth is awash with airborne pollens, spores, toxins and other microorganisms, both benign and malignant – and they follow humans wherever they go, even space. In a 30-day simulation aimed at understanding life on other planets, NASA researchers found fungi came along for the proverbial ride – and set up colonies of their own" (2017-07-13, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/v3XpK]

* "Sun block: NASA to lose contact with Mars missions during week-long solar event" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/UOlqm]
* "Stargazers on standby: Solar flare set to strike Earth" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/FUmci]

* "Martian technicolor worms? NASA reveals incredible snap of Mars crater" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/H31cS]


* "NASA celebrates anniversary of Pluto mission with stunning flyover movie" (2017-07-16, rt.com) [archive.fo/nqdD4]


* "Astronomers baffled by mysterious signals emanating from dwarf star" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/Lqoj7]


Ancient News
* "The Greatest Discovery Never Made – Ancient Civilizations Thrived With NO Ruling Elite" (2017-07-11, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/Ysa3O]

* "Ancient City of Mohenjo Daro Has Survived 5 Millennia but May Disappear in 2 Decades" (2017-07-14, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/ltrzW]

* "6,000yo ‘House of the dead’ discovered near Stonehenge" (2017-07-12, rt.com) [archive.fo/INw3S]

* "Archaeologists Discover Ancient British Stones Have Secret Markings Visible Only at Night" (2017-07-13, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/Nb50G]
* "Secret Stone Age engravings can only be seen at night, archaeologists find" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/cQjGv]

* "What’s It Like to Travel the Oldest Road in the World? Think Dragon’s Blood and Neolithic Barrows" (2017-06-04, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/wHK9Y] [begin excerpt]:
I have recently been following what may be the world’s oldest road. Remarkably, much of it still survives as an ancient track. Created around 5500 years ago, it predates the Egyptian pyramids by a thousand years and the first major urban civilization of Sumer in Mesopotamia by seven centuries. Those who built it were Stone Age people of the Neolithic period, before the invention of metal tools. Called the Ridgeway, it is 87 miles (140 kilometers) long and runs across central-southern England.
The original road is thought to have been a dry trail, built up by piling earth and rubble into a raised cross-section, with a ditch to either side to prevent its flooding, and in parts it was actually paved. Even though there have been older pathways found elsewhere in the world, such as short log-covered tracks in India and the Middle East, the Ridgeway is the oldest known road to link separate and otherwise isolated settlements. The best preserved section joins some astonishing and very ancient monuments.
Uffington White Horse -
At Uffington, around 60 miles (96 km) west of London, the Ridgeway passes an Iron Age hill fort dating from around 700 BC. Covering some eight acres, it is surrounded by a double arrangement of defensive earthen embankments and ditches that would once have included wooden stockades and gatehouses.
Right next to it is a huge, 360-foot-long (110 meters) figure of a stylized horse, carved into the chalk rock of the hillside to be seen for miles around.
Called the Uffington White Horse, it dates from at least two thousand years ago and its purpose remains a mystery. It may have depicted the horse goddess Epona, an important deity for the Celts who ruled Britain from around 2700 years ago until the Romans conquered the country in the first century AD. [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: The White Horse chalk carving. At least 2000 years old, it may have represented the Celtic goddess Epona.

- Map caption: Map showing the Ridgeway in southern Britain, possibly the oldest road in the world.


* "Ötzi’s Ancient Axe is from Tuscany, Giving Firm Evidence of Neolithic Travel and Trade" (2017-07-11, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/bgQgu]

* "Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten Had 'Androgynous' Build" (2008-05-02, news.nationalgeographic.com) [archive.fo/6Yf8H]
Two of the seven daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


* "Enormous Underwater Structure in the Sea of Galilee is a Mystery to Archaeologists" (2017-05-13, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/FEvoe]

* "Sip Like a Sumerian: Ancient Beer Recipe Recreated from Millennia-Old Cuneiform Tablets" (2017-07-11, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/LDvQ8], illustration caption: The oldest depiction of beer-drinking shows people sipping from a communal vessel through reed straws


* "Carbon dating confirms age of 3,800-year-old pottery bird statue" (2017-07-12, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/SN5TG], photos showing the archaeological site [archive.fo/KT0F7] [archive.fo/LWFGO], the artifact [archive.fo/XIFSN] [archive.fo/YLkTu].
- photo caption: A staff member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shows a pottery bird statue in Xinmi, central China's Henan Province, July 10, 2017. Carbon dating has recently confirmed the age of the 3,800-year-old red pottery bird statue, unearthed at the ruins of the city of Xinzhai in Henan Province. The ruins was discovered in 1979 and believed to be founded by Qi, king during the Xia Dynasty, as early as 2050 BC. The statue, 16 cm long and 7 cm tall, was painted red with cinnabar, which suggests it may have been an item of worship, according to archeologists.

* "Modern Science Confirms Ancient Chinese Remedy Provides Effective Non-Addictive Pain Relief" (2017-07-12, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/AUaFQ]

* "Lady of Cao Comes to Life: Face of Peruvian Priestess Reconstructed from 1,700-Year-Old Mummy" (2017-07-10, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/yOQEs], photo caption: The new 3D printed reconstruction of the face of the Lady of Cao

* "Megalithic Origins: Göbekli Tepe and Ancient Peru - The Same Architects?" (2017-07-13, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/XCH7C]

* "Believe It or Not: Peru's Alien Mummy Baffles Scientists; Researchers have found mummified bodies of unknown creatures in the Nazca desert, Peru. The finding caused vivid debate about whether the bodies belong to humans or aliens" (2017-07-12, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/NY77T]

* "Archaeologists Uncover Spine-tingling New Hoard of Roman Letters at Vindolanda Fort" (2017-07-12, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/cjvhb]

* "Turin Shroud is stained with the blood of a torture victim, new research reveals" (2017-07-17, rt.com) [archive.fo/KnzWk]

* "Discovery of Two Boat Burials Changes Viking Timeline" (2017-07-12, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/MGaRP]

* "The Controversial Origins of the Maine Penny, A Norse Coin found in a Native American Settlement" (2015-03-01, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/6QBbB]

* "Sea-Farers from the Levant the first to set foot in the Americas: proto-Sinaitic inscriptions found along the coast of Uruguay" (2015, by William James Veall) part 1 [archive.fo/iI8tE], part 2 [archive.fo/CBeC1]

* "The Legend of How Mansa Abu Bakr II of Mali Gave up the Throne to Explore the Atlantic Ocean" (2016-02-21, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/0TaXk]

* "Did West Africans live in Four Corners Region of the United States from 12th Century?" (2017-07-03, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/309Zp]

* "Did Early Transatlantic Explorers Drop This Mysterious Tablet in the Brazilian Jungle?" (2017-07-13, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/Ex4QM]

* "Archaeologists in Mexico Unearth Evidence That Aztecs Resisted Spanish Rule Even In Death" (2017-07-11, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/m2Qst]


Miscellany & Errata

* "World's Largest Collection of Preserved Brains Found in Spain; Over 40 brains were excavated from a mass grave created during the Spanish Civil War, putting the archaeological find at almost 90 years old" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/kkZUZ], photo caption: Fernando Serrulla, a forensic anthropologist of the Aranzadi Science Society, shows one of the 45 brains found in a mass grave. |


* "Religious leaders get high on magic mushrooms ingredient – for science; Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore enlists priests, rabbis and a Buddhist to test the effects of psychedelic drugs on religious experience ; The experiment aims to assess whether a transcendental experience alters the participants’ religious thinking" (2017-07-08, theguardian.com) [archive.fo/NsR7a]

* "Dark Horizons: Navigating Change in Uncertain Times" book review (2017-07-10, by Greg Guma) [archive.fo/IdhZF] [begin excerpt]:
Long before the digital age, the US government used scientists and psychics to locate hostages and penetrate secret military bases. Sometimes it even worked. This is just one of the mind-blowing revelations in Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis (Little Brown, 2017, 527 pages). For decades, such research was publicly ridiculed as science fiction fantasy. But Annie Jacobsen has assembled the facts, from once-classified documents, former officials, and government psychics who explored this frontier.
Did you know, for instance, that the US military used dowsers during the Vietnam War to locate Viet Cong tunnels? Or that Uri Geller, the famous psychic "spoon bender" who set the CIA's psychic research program in motion, also worked for Israeli intelligence, and later became wealthy locating ancient Middle East artifacts, oil, and minerals for mining corporations?
The difficulty with paranormal abilities was often reliability. Even when techniques were refined and endlessly practiced, only a few psychic warriors had the right stuff. Yet the research continues. The Office of Navel Research is currently exploring what it calls premonition or "Spidey sense," while the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) looks into "synthetic telepathy," a brain-computer interface that may someday enable soldiers to "communicate by thought alone."  [end excerpt]

* "Chinese villagers fight for return of ‘stolen’ 1,000yo mummified monk" (2017-07-15, rt.com) [archive.fo/04juw]
* "Chinese villagers sue to retrieve stolen Buddha statue" (2017-07-15, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/WqDC1]


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* [cute-calendar.com]
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* Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength [timeanddate.com/sun/usa/vallejo]
* Traffic [sigalert.com]

* "Master Gardeners at the Vallejo Farmers Market" (Glen Cove Community Association newsletter) (.pdf) [https://web.archive.org/web/20170718001847/http://www.glencovevallejo.com/uploads/3/0/5/0/3050295/july-sept_2017_newsletter_-_final.pdf]
The Vallejo Farmers Market is held year-round every Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm on Georgia
Street in our city’s downtown. The Solano County Master Gardeners have a table located at the
corner of Marin and Georgia Streets. There are usually three master gardeners present who provide
information and answer questions about a variety of horticultural issues. With the three individuals
there is a wealth of experience and knowledge about vegetable crops, ornamental plants, garden
pests, and more.
Printed information is available on glossy cards that residents may take at no cost. These cards address
a large number of pests that may feed on your plants or invade your yard or home. There
are cards on each of the following: ants, aphids, bark beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, deer, earwigs,
gophers, ground squirrels, head lice, house mice, peach leaf curl, rats, snails and slugs, spiders,
weeds, whiteflies, and many more. Each card includes information about how to deal with the
pest in the most environmentally friendly manner. There are also cards on beneficial predators including
lady beetles, safe use and disposal of garden chemicals, less toxic insecticides, and landscape
design and water quality.
Master gardeners encourage people to manage insects and other garden pests using an integrated
pest management (IPM) approach. The idea is to address garden problems integrating several
methods together such as placing plants in the most suitable locations, choosing resistant varieties,
using biological and physical controls, and applying the least-toxic pesticides for the long-term
health of the garden. For more information, go to: ipm.ucanr.edu.
In addition to providing printed material for residents, the master gardeners bring books to the farmers
market for quick reference. These sources include the Sunset Western Garden Book,
Weeds of the West, books on pests and landscape
design. Residents often bring questions
that may include the identification of a type of
plant or the pest that may be invading their garden.
They are encouraged to bring samples of
plants or pests (in sealed plastic bags) so the
master gardeners can identify them and suggest
ways of alleviating the problems. If the
three master gardeners are unable to identify a
specific sample, they bring it to the UC Cooperative
Extension office for professional assistance.
In other words, questions will be answered
either immediately or within a short
There is more information to be had at the master
gardener table. Residents may sign up to
receive newsletters, gain access to master gardener
blogs, or learn how to become a master
If you enjoy gardening, feel free to speak with
the master gardeners about any topic you wish.
The master gardeners love to talk about plants.
Each Saturday they enjoy learning from each
other and the residents who stop by.
Ward Stewart
UC Master Gardener-Solano 

Free Mattress and box spring dumping is available
to Vallejo residents once a year at the
Devlin Transfer station. Also available at the
Station is unlimited steel or metal, cardboard
and Styrofoam recycling. There is also electronic
donation section and a reuse area free to
anyone. There is no cost to enter the hazardous
waste or recycling facility. For mattress/box
spring dump enter at the scales but only name
and city of residence is needed.
Valcore Recycling at 38 Sheridan in Vallejo
has a ReUse Barn; Paper-Shredding and Recycling;
Sharps Disposal; Battery Disposal; Cell
phone collection ;Eye glass collection and Tree
recycle during Christmas holiday season.
Recology Vallejo at 2021 Broadway also has
an electronic and batteries drop off. Residents
can set up a free general “junk” pick up twice a
year with their regular garbage. 

Glen Cove Galley
No surprise that we have lots of great chefs in Glen Cove, so much so, that
we’ve decided to do a recipe of the month article or for at least as long as the
recipes keep coming.
This month’s recipe is “Great Grandma’s Blue Ribbon Molasses Cookie” sent to
us by Caitlin D. who says that she grew up on her mother’s apron strings. Every
time her great grandmother brought down the old wooden recipe box she knew
that she was in for an adventure. The box was filled to the brim with hand-written
yellowed cards from generations past. Caitlin says that she learned her way
around the kitchen from the notes scribbled on those cards and when her mother moved out of her
childhood home she passed the box along to her to share with her children. Molasses cookies were
one of her favorites and Caitlin won a Blue Ribbon at the Solano County Fair based on great
grandma’s recipe. Please enjoy and share with you family and friends.

¾ cup butter
1 cup sugar
¼ cup molasses 
1 egg
2 tsp baking soda
2 cups sifted flour
½ tsp ground cloves
½ tsp ground ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt

Melt butter in microwave or saucepan. Pour into large mixing bowl and add sugar, molasses, and a
beaten egg. In a separate bowl sift together flour, baking soda, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and salt.
Add to wet ingredients and mix well. Chill until firm. Form one inch balls, roll in sugar and place on a
non-stick cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until you notice cracks forming on
the cookies. Let cool for 5 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. Enjoy!
The Glen Cove Community Association is always looking for new recipes to feature in our newsletter.
If you have one you would like to share, please email it to us at GlenCoveVallejo@gmail.com.

Ecology News, including a Spotlight on Local Flora & Fauna!


Medical News


Communitarian News, sharing information on positive developments in localized technology and governance


Peace & Justice

* " 'I'm Tired of War': Young South Sudan Artists Push for Peace; What began as a group of 20 people painting murals, singing and reciting poetry around the country has turned into a nationwide movement" (2017-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/9UnN3], photo caption: Jacob Bul Bior, 28, a radio and theatre actor, and a founding member of Ana Taban, poses for a photograph at the Aggrey Jaden Cultural Centre & Cinema, in Juba, South Sudan.

* "Village prays for return of missing ancient Buddha" (2017-07-14, news.xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/lUJFo]

* "Mexico Returns Historical Archaeological Artifacts To Peru; The cultural and historical finds included vases and textiles from pre-Colombian era" (2017-07-15, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/K0mMO], photo caption: The figures returning to Peru include ceramic, textile,bone, stone, and shell items.


International News
* "UN agencies report 1 out of 10 infants not vaccinated in 2016" (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/3DwRh]

* "Students worldwide compete at international robotics event in Washington" photoset (2017-07-18, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/P4VIg] [archive.fo/f4aAj] [archive.fo/sSPMZ] [archive.fo/g6PA0]
* "Afghan girls beat visa issue to compete in US robotics challenge" (2017-07-17, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/rkmAJ]

* "Come Again? Engineer Creates Mini-Satellites From Soda Cans; While everyone can recall a moment from primary school where they used everyday recyclable materials for an art project, one 22-year-old from Bengaluru, India, has taken it a step further" (2017-07-11, sputniknews.com) [archive.fo/vz7x1]

* "Tunisian engineering students invent smart walking stick to help visually impaired" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.is/DZooV]

* "Brazil's Valongo Slave Port Becomes UNESCO Heritage Site; 'From a historic point of view, this is a testimony to one of the most brutal episodes in the history of humankind,' a statement read" (2017-07-10, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/cqUHq]

* "Protecting the beautiful, blue mountain of Hol Xil" (2017-07-14, news.xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/yJoR4]
* "Mountain patrollers in Hoh Xil: The heroes behind UNESCO recognition" (2017-07-16, cgtn.com) [archive.is/ARpmQ], photo caption: A group photo of the mountain patrollers

* "Aerial photos show scenery of Yanqi Island in Beijing" (2017-07-13, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/uyKPi] [archive.is/3hjgx] [archive.is/f5Ytd]

* "Buddhist culture in N China attracts more experts and scholars" (2017-07-15, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/wNjdF]

* "Chinese Confucius museum to house over 700,000 relics" (2017-07-15, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/eEkyM]

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- (2017-07-14) [archive.fo/GIMuV] [archive.fo/uWMiW] [archive.fo/vZrjD] [archive.fo/kdq7E] [archive.fo/w16kk] [archive.fo/WFqJG] [archive.fo/KTqxH] [archive.fo/XH5Kn] [archive.fo/z95mp] [archive.fo/MYKy5] [archive.fo/ZNpLL] [archive.fo/CfpnN] [archive.fo/cB4Yr] [archive.fo/O34At] [archive.fo/1SJM9] [archive.fo/eHoZP] [archive.fo/rv4cv] [archive.fo/kCSwx] [archive.fo/hcap6] [archive.fo/sYaB5] [archive.fo/rVvBo] [archive.fo/2ibb2] [archive.fo/d4bn1] [archive.fo/pQbz0] [archive.fo/0cRaE] [archive.fo/5qad7]
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- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/1kXXJ] [archive.fo/kpBez]
- (2017-07-12) N/A
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- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/qYim5] [archive.fo/r0XnM] [archive.fo/t6hpa] [archive.fo/UMgPd] [archive.fo/I0gDe] [archive.fo/xegrf]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.fo/94mKo] [archive.fo/nVGXL] [archive.fo/AKmar] [archive.fo/G0keB] [archive.fo/0nGzN] [archive.fo/H2Zfi] [archive.fo/2s0Bb]

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[archive.fo/BgqGo] [archive.fo/SfJVQ] [archive.fo/uHJxS] [archive.fo/Uk3Xe]
- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/eCBvu] [archive.fo/qoBHt] [archive.fo/0Lhh7] [archive.fo/NWB5r] [archive.fo/ojhF5] [archive.fo/z5hR4] [archive.fo/mdXEH] [archive.fo/9pir1] [archive.fo/JLX2F] [archive.fo/IJi1Y] [archive.fo/UvjdX] [archive.fo/HGD1h] [archive.fo/GDY0A] [archive.fo/5eEpf] [archive.fo/FBjZT] [archive.fo/sMENd] [archive.fo/8NQjj] [archive.fo/VZa6D] [archive.fo/g88oR] [archive.fo/5m8cS]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.fo/tSVXz] [archive.fo/GHBaf] [archive.fo/HKgaW] [archive.fo/IMVbD] [archive.fo/w0UZE] [archive.fo/leUNF] [archive.fo/mhzOm] [archive.fo/n5AGD] [archive.fo/g66Bn] [archive.fo/5k6po] [archive.fo/GKq0J] [archive.fo/HM51q] [archive.fo/v05Pr] [archive.fo/VEqeN] [archive.fo/y84Rw] [archive.fo/nm4Fx] [archive.fo/1UoiX] [archive.fo/eI3vD] [archive.fo/EmnUZ] [archive.fo/Fo2VG] [archive.fo/42nk2] [archive.fo/Tgm83] [archive.fo/Woma8] [archive.fo/KClY9] [archive.fo/afGov] [archive.fo/LE0ZQ] [archive.fo/NKk1e] [archive.fo/0y0dU] [archive.fo/C0ZPW] [archive.fo/2Ekfi] [archive.fo/E6jRk] [archive.fo/F8YR1] [archive.fo/5Mjhn] [archive.fo/U2X55] [archive.fo/8Uijs] [archive.fo/zAhJv] [archive.fo/ACWKc] [archive.fo/OugXz ][archive.fo/CIgLA] [archive.fo/PwVYg] [archive.fo/QzAYX] [archive.fo/hfAo0] [archive.fo/lqerM] [archive.fo/oydtR] [archive.fo/ObxTd] [archive.fo/CpxHe] [archive.fo/PecTU] [archive.fo/DscHV] [archive.fo/5aQ8F] [archive.fo/HCQKH]
- (2017-07-13) [archive.fo/rOGjz]

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Reports: [archive.fo/mYAGK] [archive.fo/zNfTq] [archive.fo/ZqAiM] [archive.fo/cffvs] [archive.fo/BSzUO] [archive.fo/PJT8b] [archive.fo/fnexx] [archive.fo/cZbrN] [archive.fo/Oov28] [archive.fo/pNQEt] [archive.fo/QtP4w] [archive.fo/3ivhc] [archive.fo/4lahT] [archive.fo/Sy95U] [archive.fo/npNyJ] [archive.fo/YO794] [archive.fo/Bg7L6] [archive.fo/dI7n8] [archive.fo/hTLqU] [archive.fo/57LeV] [archive.fo/JCpRE] [archive.fo/0BI66] [archive.fo/3JH9b] [archive.fo/GbHLd] [archive.fo/upHze] [archive.fo/iDHnf] [archive.fo/JjGNi] [archive.fo/mOlp1] [archive.fo/CKZEM] [archive.fo/2oj38] [archive.fo/EQjGa] [archive.fo/4tD5w] [archive.fo/hijic] [archive.fo/HYiIf] [archive.fo/VPCVC] [archive.fo/WShWj] [archive.fo/9GW8Z] [archive.fo/aJB9G] [archive.fo/AmWy2] [archive.fo/oAWm3] [archive.fo/BpBzJ] [archive.fo/02VY5] [archive.fo/PgVM6] [archive.fo/DuVA7] [archive.fo/28f0t] [archive.fo/tOfqw] [archive.fo/h2fex] [archive.fo/uQUrd] [archive.fo/cdt2m] [archive.fo/0rtQn] [archive.fo/PH8E5] [archive.fo/q7tgq] [archive.fo/3zsSs] [archive.fo/5EMTQ] [archive.fo/TSMHR] [archive.fo/wkMjT] [archive.fo/VX6Jf] [archive.fo/lBq8B] [archive.fo/mD59i] [archive.fo/nGK9Z] [archive.fo/Z8KL1] [archive.fo/pL5bn] [archive.fo/DDpoK] [archive.fo/sT4ds] [archive.fo/g731t] [archive.fo/HN3rw]
- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/PiHgc] [archive.fo/eV1Fy] [archive.fo/Rn1hA] [archive.fo/sNlSV] [archive.fo/FB05B] [archive.fo/6h0vE] [archive.fo/7kFwl] [archive.fo/lbZJI] [archive.fo/nhjK6] [archive.fo/ojYLN] [archive.fo/1ODow] [archive.fo/DdXZR] [archive.fo/2Ripd] [archive.fo/suCOz] [archive.fo/txhPg] [archive.fo/hLhDh] [archive.fo/Udhfj] [archive.fo/Irg3k] [archive.fo/WiBgH]

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- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/Cz1yw] [archive.fo/qN1mx] [archive.fo/DCGzd]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.is/c0J39]

** (mil-lnr.info)
- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/LXYEL] [archive.fo/eJh6c] [archive.fo/3ZWUU]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.fo/ZACIL] [archive.fo/0kyE6] [archive.fo/ebSSt]
- (2017-07-13) [archive.is/0V0NO]

** (dan-news.info/en)
- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/55gWi] [archive.fo/jWA9F] [archive.fo/kZgam] [archive.fo/XrfMo] [archive.fo/LFfAp]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.fo/oCuZp] [archive.fo/dS9N7] [archive.fo/RnOqQ] [archive.fo/5e8Ed] [archive.fo/HG8gf] [archive.fo/IJNgW]

** (novorossia.today)
- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/3HdQy] [archive.fo/4JSRf] [archive.fo/iBc4C] [archive.fo/U3cGE] [archive.fo/7RRTk] [archive.fo/V5RHl] [archive.fo/lJb6H] [archive.fo/mLQ7o] [archive.fo/YbbIJ] [archive.fo/aZQVp] [archive.fo/ZdQJq] [archive.fo/NrQxr] [archive.fo/Ouvx8]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.fo/JtJdh] [archive.fo/lVIPj] [archive.fo/zM22G] [archive.fo/n02QH] [archive.fo/0s2sJ] [archive.fo/PJHhr] [archive.fo/QMmh8] [archive.fo/SRGjw] [archive.fo/G5F7x]

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- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/lqs2l] [archive.fo/ye8e1] [archive.fo/Bm7g6] [archive.fo/qDL5O] [archive.fo/eRLTP] [archive.fo/sI57c] [archive.fo/gW5Vd] [archive.fo/To5xf] [archive.fo/i2pWB] [archive.fo/8i4Lj] [archive.fo/bq3No] [archive.fo/ZE3Bp] [archive.fo/B63dr] [archive.fo/fBHQa] [archive.fo/Fe2fw] [archive.fo/jMlSW] [archive.fo/70lGX] [archive.fo/820HE] [archive.fo/yGk60] [archive.fo/YjFwm]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.fo/Izx0d] [archive.fo/VodcT] [archive.fo/8cSpz] [archive.fo/KER1B] [archive.fo/LHw2i] [archive.fo/bkRrE ][archive.fo/n9wEk] [archive.fo/NMQ3G] [archive.fo/0Bwgm] [archive.fo/B0QRH] [archive.fo/1Ebg3] [archive.fo/rhvGp] [archive.fo/qYMB3] [archive.fo/3qMd5] [archive.fo/EP6Pq] [archive.fo/hh6rs] [archive.fo/t6LD8] [archive.fo/ikLr9] [archive.fo/jnqsQ]

** (eu.eot.su/language/en)
- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/WYhrj]
- (2017-07-12) [archive.fo/rIIyo]

** (redstaroverdonbass.blogspot.com)
- (through 2017-07-12)

** (youtube.com/user/KazzureEngSubtitles) (youtube.com/user/wintersodomy)

** (NovorossiyaSolidarity.blogspot.com)

** (facebook.com/zak.novak.351)

** Ukrainian Crisis (facebook.com/groups/267593370087233)

** IOUCO-International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict (facebook.com/groups/IOUCO/1096637763782610)

Serbia / Srpska 
** (b92.net/eng)
[archive.fo/1hphI] [archive.fo/e8Ju5] [archive.fo/gbovM]
- (2017-07-10) [archive.fo/izrBw] [archive.fo/6Nrpx] [archive.fo/U1rdy] [archive.fo/7P6qe]
- (2017-07-11) [archive.fo/o78J2] [archive.fo/78PuA] [archive.fo/EkQ2s] [archive.fo/3YbrO] [archive.fo/ScbfP] [archive.fo/hPvFb] [archive.fo/IOd9A]

[archive.fo/Tnj39] [archive.fo/7cPQg] [archive.fo/M4ahB] [archive.fo/odXwY] [archive.fo/LJ9tG] [archive.fo/rCRb9]

[archive.fo/jKApQ] [archive.fo/JnUPc]

** (facebook.com/dprk360)

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- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?news]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?goods]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?other]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?law]


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