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Black August

Presenting a set of articles commemorating Black August, a month that celebrates Black resistance and seeks to find solutions to contemporary struggles of all oppressed people across the Americas, with a view on the continuous resistance against capitalism as shown in the common history of the enslaved and oppressed nations under the bootheel of capitalism! Many of the articles are from teleSUR newsire media and are being syndicated in many states across Latin American, with articles translated into English, and this newswire has ensured the surviving legacy of the Black Liberation spirit is upheld and celebrated among millions of people.

* "Why Black August Should Be Celebrated Across the Americas; 'The spirit of Black August moves through centuries of Black, Indian and multi-cultural resistance. It is an emblem of the spirit of freedom', said Mumia Abu Jamal" (2017-08-01, by Ajamu Nangwaya) [archive.fo/1nmQu] [begin excerpt]:
Neoliberal capitalism is carrying out a vicious assault on public education, health care, public transportation, social housing, regulation of corporations, trade union rights and other essential programs that benefit the labouring classes in the Americas. In the same vein, there has been a corresponding expansion of the repressive policing, judicial and imprisonment capacity of the state. The criminal justice system across the region is being used to police and regulate the effects of social, economic and political inequalities along the lines of gender, race and class, especially for people of African descent.
It is in the above context that Black August should be embraced across the Americas as a commemorative month that focuses on the history and present-day resistance against the violence of the state and capital as well as the liberation agenda being pursued. Black August had its origin in the penal colonies of California in the early 1970s. It started in prison as a way to acknowledge the political and militant struggles of politicized New Afrikan or African-American prisoners and those who were martyred in the process of fighting the prison system. [...]
In 1979, the BLM adopted and institutionalized Black August as a fixture on the movement’s annual calendar of events. In this broader context, Black August serves as a month-long period to bring attention to significant or momentous Black Radical Tradition events that occurred in August. The month of August is linked to many important and defining moments in the liberation struggle of Africans in the United States and elsewhere in the Americas.
However, given the internationalist and Pan-Africanist character of the Black Radical Tradition, it is not surprising that the liberation forces in the BLM referenced the start of the Haitian Revolution and Marcus Garvey’s birthday as important moments within the Black August tradition. However, the radical forces in the United States need to actually center, highlight, and celebrate August-related events such the Haitian Revolution, Emancipation Day in the Anglophone Caribbean, and the Martinique rebellion of 1789.
Black August is very important to the global African struggle for liberation. It is positively affirming the necessity of a politics that is all about ending oppressive relations in society and the use of all available means, including armed struggle, to create the just society. Black August is unapologetically committed to the emancipation of those who are marginalized in society and it could not be any other way. Black August was born in prison but it could have been below deck on a ship in the Middle Passage or in a shack during plantation slavery.
It is critically important to highlight the commonality of the African working-class experience with the repressive actions of the state’s police, courts and prisons as well as the structural violence of poverty, inadequate education, homelessness, unemployment and limited access to healthcare. The violence of the state and capital is used to keep the African masses in their unequal and marginalized status. Black August provides a focal point for the sharing of strategy and tactics and the promotion of mutual aid through anti-imperialist, anti-racist and feminist transnational networks. [...]
The United Nations-declared International Decade for People of African Descent [archive.fo/FL3jb] provides an ideal opportunity for radical and revolutionary Africans to promote and institutionalize Black August across the Americas. The promoters of the region-wide observance of Black August should use this UN decade to educate and organize the people around the revolutionary tradition and programme of African liberation that is personified by this commemorative month.
The institutionalizing of Black August across the Americas must come with an emphasis on the organizing approach to African liberation. The organizing approach to movement-building [archive.fo/tZ27c] elevates the following tendencies:
1. Mandate activists to join or create mass organizations [archive.fo/8xmKC] or cadre organizations [archive.fo/YjhdB] in order to consistently organize with and among the labouring classes;
2. establishment of programs, projects and institutions as the instruments through which the people wage struggle against the systems of oppression on a 24/7 basis;
3. develop a self-emancipation or self-organization culture wherein the members of organizations are the source of decision-making power and leadership, and embody the ethos of the International Workingmen’s Association [archive.fo/ajXHE] that asserts that “the emancipation of the working classes must be conquered by the working classes themselves”; and
4. emphasize building the capacity of the people to self-organize by way of systematically equipping them with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to do so.
Mumia Abu Jamal is on point when he asserts that “Black August has many markers throughout the long history of resistance in the Americas.” The significance of Mumia’s assertion is connected to the expectation that oppressed peoples who are not Africans ought to embrace and promote Black August. This commemorative month is in alignment with the thrust of the Black Radical Tradition that is anti-racist, internationalist, feminist, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist. [end excerpt]

* "Black August and the Unmasking of the US Police State; Black August, paradoxically, shines a light on the contradictions of a country that never was, yet must always be" (2017-08-02, by Jared A. Ball, associate professor of communication studies at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. where he holds a Ph.D. in Media Studies and a M.P.S. in Africana Studies. He and his work can be found online at IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG) [archive.fo/tto8O] [begin excerpt]:
Much like a credit card that finances a lifestyle far beyond our means, prison has long been central to maintaining a certain racial, social and class structure in the United States and masking social contradictions. Mass incarceration helps to obscure stagnant wages for labor, and enormous profits for bosses and owners and a low-wage, captive workforce — quite literally — that answers our customer service calls, produces our furniture and clothing and, with their ancillary associates in policing and the courts, exists as fodder for TV cop dramas, sitcoms, movies and documentaries.
All of that product makes a ton of money for the prison, media, and other industries, and, just as importantly, helps sharpen the cultural narratives which defines who is “good,” and who is “innocent” and who is “guilty” just by their mere presence.
Black August refers to the coordinated efforts of U.S. political prisoners — or more accurately prisoners of war — to “unmask” their jailers and the interests on whose behalf they toil, and to commemorate, study and learn from the history of Black liberation struggles in this country.  Specifically, as recounted in the history of Black August by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement:
Black August originated in the concentration camps of California to honor fallen Freedom Fighters, Jonathan Jackson, George Jackson, William Christmas, James McClain and Khatari Gaulden. Jonathan Jackson was gunned down outside the Marin County California courthouse on August 7, 1970 as he attempted to liberate three imprisoned Black Liberation Fighters: James McClain, William Christmas and Ruchell Magee.
It is a time to fast, train, study and reflect on the importance of past examples of struggle that may inform the present. It can also be a time to recalibrate standards by which we assess both our progress and our peril. Black August challenges the very nature of the state and its claim on human beings as colonial subjects, and its insistence, in word and deed, that this, is the natural, almost divine order of things.
For this reason, Black August is all that the state abhors; humanity, dignity, principle and adherence to so many of the state’s hated isms; pan-Africanism, socialism, communism, intercommunalism. To a ruling elite, Black August is an uncomfortable, repressed memory of the traditions, militancy and robust responses to injustice and oppression–and therefore a reminder of their depravity– in a state that insists on only sanctioned forms of resistance.
All the evidence we need can be found in the continued repression, imprisonment and exile of U.S. political prisoners, so many of whom come out of this Black August tradition: Assata Shakur, Mutulu Shakur, Sundiata Acoli, Imam Jamil al-Amin (H. Rap Brown), Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier and Russell Maroon Shoatz, to name a few. [end excerpt]

* "Ferguson, Internal Colonialism, and Self-Determination; Black Americans aren´t just an oppressed racial group, but an internal colony, whose formation was grounded in the institutions of European settler-colonialism and slavery" (2014-09-09, by Patrik Korte) [archive.is/Iey1o] [begin excerpt]:
This analysis could constitute the foundation for the development of a revolutionary vision of intercommunalism, itself a component part of a broader participatory socialist vision, in which a new historical legacy between communities is constructed based on self-determination and mutual aid. This analysis and vision could inform an internationalist perspective in which the liberation struggles of internal colonies is connected with the struggles of oppressed people globally, from Gaza to Ferguson, from Kurdistan to New Orleans. And finally, as a means of getting from the oppressive present to the liberated future, we must develop a program for self-determination, such as the Every 28 Hours Campaign of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), which supports the formation of self-defense networks to monitor and resist police terrorism, waging campaigns to institute police control mechanisms, and building people’s assemblies as a means to develop community self-management and self-sufficiency. [end excerpt]

* "From Black August to Black Lives Matter; Black August, a month of political prisoner activism and commemoration, can help remind us of the nation’s exponentially expanding racist prison system" (2015-08-18, by Yesenia Barragan) [archive.fo/fUNZN] [begin excerpt]:
Over the coming months, Black August’s origins within the prison system can help remind us that as Black men and women are being murdered by police on the streets, hundreds of others are being shipped away and locked up in the nation’s exponentially expanding penitentiaries. The United States has the largest prison population in the world—even larger than China or Russia—and Black Americans constitute a disproportionate percentage of that population. According to the NAACP, African Americans comprise 1 million of the 2.3 million total prisoners in this nation, and are incarcerated six times more than whites. Even though Blacks and Latinos compose one quarter of the national population, they comprised 58 percent of all prisoners as of 2008. Although 14 million whites and 2.6 million African Americans report using an illicit drug, African Americans are being sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of whites thanks to racist drug policies beginning in the 1970s. As of 2001, one in six Black men had been incarcerated, but if current trends continue, one in three Black men born today can expect to be imprisoned at some point in their lifetimes.
Black August can also help us remember that big money is increasingly behind this prison-industrial complex that devalues Black life. The past forty years have witnessed an unprecedented boom in incarceration rates in the United States. According to a report published by the National Research Council, the prison population grew from 200,000 to about 2.2 million between 1973 and 2009, which meant that the U.S. held about a quarter of the world’s prisoners. The period of prison privatization emerged in the 1980s when neoliberal policies began to expand across the globe, with the first U.S. private prison business operating in Hamilton County, Tennessee in 1984 under the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). Today, privately run prisons are ubiquitous across the nation, even being dramatized on screen as seen in the last season of Orange is the New Black. Meanwhile, on the backs of Black and brown prisoners, CCA reported US$1.7 billion in total revenue in 2011 alone.
And Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the beloved “lesser of two evils” for many progressives, is just as mired in this racist monster of the private prison system. Last month, it was reported that Clinton was accepting contributions from known lobbyists for two of the country’s largest private prison corporations, CCA and the Geo Group, in addition to her usual donations from Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry. In light of this news, it’s no surprise that Clinton refused to address issues of structural racism when she was confronted by a group of Black Lives Matter activists in New Hampshire earlier this month. “She was not willing to concede that the inherent anti-blackness in the policies that were enacted to address problems is the cause of the problems we have today,” activist Julius Jones stated.
In the streets or behind gray prison doors, Black August offers a moment to focus and honor the long African American freedom struggles that are the current movement’s predecessors. [end excerpt]
* Photo [is.gd/P4rGCm], caption: Many Black Lives Matters protesters were present and expressed their rejection for the two-party system that protects the impunity of killer police officers amidst heavy rain fall as they gathered outside the site of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 25, 2016.

Black August commemorates our People's Heroes

* "A Relentless Will to Win: George Jackson and African Resistance" (2016-08-01, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Gq2n5]
* "George Jackson Mixtape" (2015-09-17, The Global African newscast), page [archive.is/5q9bD], audio (.mp3) [is.gd/EiF24E], view [youtube.com/watch?v=A1ErwivGWJk]: A new mixtape looks at the life and ideas of black revolutionary George Jackson. Who was George Jackson, what did he stand for, and what did the creators of the mixtape hope to achieve? Deportations are underway in the Dominican Republic as The Global African host Bill Fletcher explores these stories with The Real News Network producer Jared Ball, filmmaker Bashi Rose, and Lauren Stewart.
* "New Documents Confirm Police Abuses in 1971 Attica Prison Riot; 29 inmates and 10 hostages were shot dead by prison staff in the bloody uprising, while new testimonies show surviving prisoners were beaten and tortured" (2017-08-04, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Eucak]

* "Assata Shakur: from civil rights activist to FBI's most-wanted; A leading figure in the 70s Black Liberation Army, Shakur was given life for murder in 1977. Two years later, she escaped and has been on the run since. Is she still such a threat to US security that she warrants a $2m reward for her capture?" (2014-07-13, theguardian.com) [archive.is/PMDBz]
* Assata Shakur article series (democracynow.org] [is.gd/CdgEBX], including:
- "Assata Shakur, Former Black Panther in Cuba" (1998) [archive.fo/V1A3e]
- "Resisting the Prison Industrial Complex: Angela Davis, Assata Shakur and Others" (2001) [archive.fo/oMUuF]
- "Assata Shakur in Her Own Words: Rare Recording of Activist Named to FBI Most Wanted Terrorists List" (2013) [archive.fo/76kjz]
- "Hands Off Assata Shakur: Angela Davis Calls for Radical Activism to Protect Activist Exiled in Cuba" (2016) [archive.fo/VhE6T]

* "The FBI COINTELPRO Program and the Fred Hampton Assassination" (2013-03-12, huffingtonpost.com) [archive.is/VJMnV] [begin excerpt]:
On December 4th it will be 44 years since a select unit of 14 Chicago Police officers, on special assignment to Cook County State’s Attorney Edward Hanrahan, executed a pre-dawn raid on a west side apartment that left Illinois Black Panther Party leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark dead, several other young Panthers wounded, and the seven raid survivors arrested on bogus attempted murder charges. The physical evidence soon exposed the claims of a “shootout” that were made by Hanrahan and his men to be blatant lies, and that the murderous reality was that the police fired nearly 100 shots while the Panthers fired but one.
But those lies were only the first layer of a massive cover-up that was dismantled and exposed over the next eight years — a cover-up designed to suppress the central role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its COINTELPRO program in the assassination.
In the wake of the raid, the Minister of Defense for the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party, Bobby Rush, stood on the steps of the bullet riddled BPP apartment and declared that J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI were responsible for the raid, but at that time there was no hard proof and it was dismissed by the media as mere rhetoric.
The first documentation that supported Rush’s insightful allegation surfaced in March of 1971 when the Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI broke into a small FBI office in Media Pennsylvania and expropriated over 1000 FBI documents. These documents exposed the FBI’s super-secret and profoundly illegal COINTELPRO program and its focus in the 1960s on the black liberation movement and its leaders. Citing the assassinated Malcolm X as an example, Hoover directed all of the Bureau’s Offices to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, and otherwise neutralize” African American organizations and leaders including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Nation of Islam, Martin Luther King, Stokley Carmichael, and H. Rap Brown.
In Chicago, the first major breakthrough came in 1973 when U.S. Attorney James Thompson revealed that Chicago Black Panther Party Chief of Security William O’Neal was a paid informant for the FBI. [end excerpt]
* "The Original Rainbow Coalition: The Black Panther Party, Young Lords, & Young Patriots" event listing (2014, crres.indiana.edu) (.pdf) [is.gd/bMYLyx]: The original Rainbow Coalition was established in 1968 by Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton and the Illinois Black Panther Party’s (ILBPP) in their struggle in Chicago’s political arena against the Daley Democratic Machine. The ILBPP forged an alliance with The Young Lords Organization, The Young Patriots, and later Rising Up Angry. The ILBPP’s Rainbow Coalition documents the first time in Chicago history that poor ethnic groups led by (and for the first time including) African Americans organized as one entity to fight for political power that was denied to them all and to significantly reduce the rigid racial and ethnic tension between these groups which had persisted since the nineteenth century.
* "The (Original) Rainbow Coalition" (recounted by James Tracy, archived by areachicago.org) [archive.fo/DxR9t]
* "The Rainbow Coalition – A Time to Fear" (2017-04-19, blackpower.web.unc.edu) [archive.fo/z0Zt8] [begin excerpt]: The Rainbow Coalition was comprised of the Black Panther Party, The Young Lords Organization, and the Young Patriots. The Young Lords were an organization that was constructed to address the immediate concerns of Puerto Ricans in America, while the Young Patriots were a group that was designed to support young white migrants in their quest to find jobs and a quality income within the city of Chicago. They were later joined by Rising Up Angry, which was a radical group of youth (also in Chicago), who orchestrated a class based movement in Chicago for blue-collar workers. As one could imagine, bringing together individuals not under the auspice of race, but more importantly class, and forging a connection that vowed to end class based oppression for working class blacks, whites, Puerto Ricans, and youth made the Rainbow Coalition an early target of the FBI, as their agenda would have been extremely dangerous and detrimental for the agenda of white supremacy.
Why was the Rainbow Coalition so Dangerous?
Historically speaking, the Rainbow Coalition segment of the Black Panther Party was extremely similar to the Populist Party. The Populist Party was designed by working class farmers and the disenfranchised of all races to form a party (or coalition) against the wealthy bankers, corporations, and politicians. The Populist Party was a threat to the sustained American way of life, and it was dismantled after Plessy v. Ferguson, that essentially split the country among racial lines once again. The organization of the Rainbow Coalition was no different, yet the dismantling of the said group (in this particular context, the Rainbow Coalition would live on, but not in the same way) proved to be much more violent. Perhaps a theory as to why Fred Hampton was violently penetrated and murdered in his home, was because he was the face of the Black Panther Party (and Rainbow Coalition for that matter), which is why the FBI was much more vicious in carrying out his execution without much warning or remorse, as the police have been historically known to do when interacting with African-Americans. [...] Why was the Rainbow Coalition so dangerous to white supremacy? Coupling poor and working class whites, with minority groups is a threat to the American way of life. There are power in numbers and the elite, though they hold the majority of the wealth and power within the country, they don’t hold the majority of the numbers, which is why an organization with the demographics and socioeconomic background of the Rainbow Coalition was a threat to the way the country functioned, which is why it had to be dismantled at all cost. [end excerpt]
* "Black Panthers and Young Patriots" [youtube.com/watch?v=js7SIWw7yEE]
* "The Assassination of Fred Hampton; How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther" (democracynow.org) [youtube.com/watch?v=1KF9xycQITo]
* "The Murder of Fred Hampton" [youtube.com/watch?v=o1NAEgpQirw]
* "The FBI's Secret War Against the Black Panther Party" [youtube.com/watch?v=TzYofVPX4hs]

* "Lessons From the Detroit July 1967 Rebellion and Prospects for Social Transformation: Part IV Conclusion - Five Decades of Economic Challenges and the Need for Socialist Construction" (2017-08-02, by Abayomi Azikiwe) [archive.fo/RQOjl], note: This is the fourth installment in the series which draws links between the crisis in race relations and the super-exploitation of African American labor during the 1960s with the impact of the restructured world economic system on the city of Detroit. Decades of plant closings, the erosion of educational and municipal services, the imposition of emergency management and bankruptcy further illustrates the desire by the ruling class to maintain the status-quo. Socialism is the only viable solution to the crisis of United States political economy and the need to liberate the oppressed nations and the working class.

The Newark Race Riots - 50 Years On: On July 12, 1967, hundreds of Newark, New Jersey residents led a revolt against police brutality in response to the abuse and death of a young Black man. It's been 50 years since the Newark Uprisings against racism and oppression, but what has changed?

* "Black, Latino Unity Grows Amid Racist US Policing" (2016-07-13, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/BY5cc]
* "9 Critical Points on Anti-Blackness, Immigration and Why Latinxs Must Shut It Down Too; Immigrant rights leaders in the U.S. show how to concretely build solidarity between the immigrant rights and Black Lives Matter movements" (2016-08-07, by Raul Alcaraz-Ochoa, Jorge Gutierrez, Alan Pelaez, Deborah Alemu) [archive.fo/oHiXk]
* "Black Lives Matter Joins Fight to Resist Deportations; The call has the potential to ignite a new synergy of Black and brown unity" (2016-08-04, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/l2qXr]
* "Black Lives Matter Movement Releases First Ever List of Demands; The six demands touched on topics such as the decriminalization of Black youth, the reduction of U.S. military spending and reparations for past harms" (2016-08-02, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/gJE7x], referencing the demands articulated by The Movement For Black Lives [policy.m4bl.org]

* "Brazilian Youth Rise Up Against Police Brutality" photo gallery (2015-12-04, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/L8JHS], introduction:
On Nov. 3, hundreds of Brazilians gathered in Madureira Park under the banner “Against the Genocide of Black Youth” to condemn the shooting and the killing of five youths by local police forces.
According to Reuters, the five young men and teenagers were were killed inside a car when militarized from Rio de Janeiro policemen fired at them when they were driving near the Lagartixa neighborhood. The Rio de Janeiro police have had a long history of brutality against poor citizens in Brazil’s economically disenfranchised neighborhoods or favelas.
Local News said Wilton Esteves Domingos Junior, 20, Wesley Castro Rodrigues, 25, Cleiton Correa de Souza, 18, Carlos Eduardo da Silva de Souza, 16, and Roberto de Souza Penha, 16, were the victims. The killings have outraged activists in Rio de Janeiro leading to marches calling for accountability and justice.
Earlier this year in April, protests also erupted in Rio de Janeiro following the police killing of 10-year old Eduardo de Jesus Ferreira outside his home. The official version given by local Rio de Janeiro authorities claimed the boy was injured in a crossfire involving drug traffickers, but his mother said he was shot by police. President Dilma Rousseff expressed her solidarity with the boy's family ordering the government to conduct investigations into police abuse.
* "Black Lives Matter protest Rio police violence ahead of Olympics" (2016-07-23, Reuters newswire) [archive.fo/LqzeD], photo [archive.is/YnIeW]
* "Black Lives Matter to Visit Brazil Police Brutality Victims Before Rio Games; Brazilian police reportedly kill eight people every day, and the situation is even more dire in Rio de Janeiro. The vast majority of victims are Black men" (2016-07-12, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/OfPcm]

* "Black Power Against the Coup in Brazil" (2016-05-19, telesurtv.net) [youtube.com/watch?v=phtj0W-O-YE], caption [archive.fo/xQcCw]: Black power against the all-white, all-male coup in Brazil! Young Black protesters defiantly raised their fist in front of the powerful São Paulo Federation of Industries (FIESP) to protest its support of the racist and sexist coup government. The FIESP, which represent the big corporations, is one of the major forces behind the push for the coup.
In the very first hours after being installed, the coup government swore in 22 cabinet minister, all of them white and all of them male. They also got rid of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Human Rights, Women's Rights and Racial Equality, in a country that is dealing with severe problems of racism, sexism and human rights violations.

The RBG (Revolutionary but Gangsta) Hip-Hop Movement of the 1980s and '90s was instrumental in bringing forward Black Liberation to a new generation, and famous RBG artists signed on to mainstream record labels secretly funded new generation Black Panther Party legacy organizations!
Artists part of this legendary movement included:

Tupac Shakur

* "The Mind of Tupac Shakur, New Afrikan Panther Party Chairman. 1989: Goal of Politicizing Street Gangs" (via newafrikan77.wordpress.com) [archive.fo/GeHQe]:
The fighter in Tupac seemed to be an inherited trait as both his parents were Black Panthers. He was also national chairman of the New Afrikan Panthers, a young adult branch of the New Afrikan People’s Organization. In a 1989 interview, Tupac explained the goal of the movement, as well as his role as chairman. The New Afrikan Panthers sought to educate black youth between the ages of 13 and 25 on their history as a means of self-defense against the oppressor. As chairman, his job was to promote and implement the program in other cities. Throughout the interview, Tupac spoke about the attack on black leaders and the plague of ignorance over African Americans by the government. In Tupac’s words, black people must rise and unite in order to fight off the oppressor. Striving to not fall into the system, Tupac ultimately failed. However, his failure would lead to growth that was beneficial for him.
In 1995, Tupac was sentenced to a year and a half to four and a half years in jail for sexually harassing a fan. Around the time of his arrest, Tupac’s third album, “Me Against the World,” was released. The album focused on the plight of black youth with topics such as incarceration, death, and police harassment. While in jail, an interview was conducted that depicted Tupac in a totally different head space than before his arrest. He gained a new perspective on life and constantly preached about the negativity attributed to jail life. Tupac spoke directly to the youth while a picture of Yummy Sandifer, a notable 11-year-old gang member, hung in the background.
With gangs being heavy in the ’90s, Tupac promoted the need for gangs to become self-productive. He believed that gangs could regulate their communities and keep the infiltration of others out. A cycle had to be broken in order for the violence to stop, though he predicted that it would not. In his words, these gangs learn from what they see others do, which is from the government and police, which use force and violence to attain what they want. During these days, Tupac was starting to redirect his energy towards a more positive lifestyle that would exemplify the change he wanted to see.
After his release from prison, an interview with Sanyika Shakur emerged that detailed Tupac’s plans for uplifting the black community. He wanted to create summer leagues for girls and boys that would be backed by rappers. While uncles and fathers would act as security, churches would provide meals. Plans were also intact to help clean up the streets of drug dealers. Between the times of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., the streets would be free of dealers and clear for young children to roam. The hours after 11 p.m. were up for the taking; however, Shakur wanted the money made from these deeds to be put back into the community. Ultimately, these plans would redirect the image of the black community and keep the youth productive and off the streets. Although his plans did not come into fruition, there is still hope for others to carry on his mission of positivity.
Tupac was a man of many words, much determination, and multiple ideals that could have definitely helped the black community. His music can only do so much to paint the picture of the black struggle, but action leads to progress. Not much of a change has occurred and the same problems in the black community still persist. More and more black men are being put in jail, police brutality has gotten worse, and the black neighborhoods have nothing positive for youth to turn to. With Tupac’s influence still a lingering force, hopefully the change that he and many others want to see can happen.
* Tupac Shakur Speaks - National Chairman for the New Afrikan Panther Party (1989)
- pt 1 of 2 [youtube.com/watch?v=MW8JeFKEAxM]
- pt 2 of 2 [youtube.com/watch?v=MdBA50BPZWw]

* "6 N.W.A. Songs That Spoke About The Reality Of Being Black In America; They told the truth and didn’t give a damn about FBI threats" (2015-08-13, huffingtonpost.com) [archive.fo/A3afR]
* " 'Straight Outta Compton' and the Social Burdens of Hip-Hop; The N.W.A. biopic captures how racial politics and police violence fueled the legendary group’s rise. It’s also a reminder of how few mainstream rappers take on the same subjects in their music today" (2015-08-14, theatlantic.com) [archive.is/yPmqQ]
* " 'Straight Outta Compton' Shows Dawn Of Social Revolution; A film which shows the start of a social revolution through hip-hop in America" (2015-08-11, theodysseyonline.com) [archive.is/l0Hea]

Askari X
* "Ward of the State" music video (1992) [youtube.com/watch?v=9SatYcmmSWA]
* "Hip Hop's Righteous Black Guerrilla - Askari X" (2007-01-30, thuglifearmy.com) [archive.fo/eH39j]
* "Askari X" biography and discography (retrieved 2017-08-05, a1yola.com) [archive.fo/YLpUy] [begin excerpt]: Askari X, aka Ansar El Muhammed and Ricky Murdock, is a hip-hop artist from Oakland, California. He has 3 albums and is on many compilation albums and as a guest on several albums. He is famous for coining the term RBG. Stic.man and M-1 of Dead Prez talk about Askari X often in music and credit him as one of their main musical influences.
Askari X is known for black power messages combined with spiritual Islamic themes. His lyrics have a message similar to Fred Hampton, Bobby Hutton, Marcus Garvey, Huey P. Newton, and Malcolm X, including the Black Panther mentality and political manifesto of Malcolm X: "by any means necessary." [end excerpt]

Eric B. & Rakim, part of the original "RBG" Hip-Hop movement through their association with the Nation of Gods & Earth ("7-Percenters"), placed an emphasis on double-meaning in their lyrics. Though not explicitly revolutionary, their lyrics transcend the usual party-flavor placed on mainstream Hip-Hop, and funneled some cash towards RBG-related ideas.
* "Paid In Full: The Real Story" (2012-12-04, hiphopempiremagazine.com) [archive.fo/aLcjs]
Music videos:
* "Follow the Leader" (1988) [youtube.com/watch?v=95gP3m-uBHA], lyrics [archive.is/RZh6Y]
* "Move The Crowd" (1987) [youtube.com/watch?v=jyl_j0g9AwU], lyrics [archive.fo/1EcOt]
* "In The Ghetto" (1990) [youtube.com/watch?v=JEgKRuA_eSw], lyrics [archive.is/38YeK]


Stories are reviewed and provided by Bay Area MPD Committees and Affiliates

Updates on campaigns for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

Settle-In Show (at 101.3 FM Sunday mornning 9:30 AM)
FNB Activist "Activeheart" Abbi Samuels on her phony court trial for "obstructing the sidewalk" at the Freedom SleepOut's.
A video version of Activist Abbi Samuels' Analysis of her "Obstructing the Sidewalk" Trial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk2NI7l6wOg&t=25s.
Later in the day after the show has aired, the Sunday 7-23 show also streams at www.freakradio.org and archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170730.mp3
Contact 575-770-3377 to volunteer different kinds of support for the Survival Sleepers now dispersed to the Post Office and points along Pacific Avenue  and support Food Not Bombs locally and those whose only resting place is an illegal piece of sidewalk.


Updates on campaigns across the Nation! 


Use the ballot for our own People's candidates and legislation, campaign for the future!
[SolanoPFP.blogspot.com] [PeaceAndFreedom.org] [facebook.com/Peace-and-Freedom-Party-45065449911



* "Germany: G20 in Hamburg – These Were Days of Revolt" (2017-07-24, via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/stNvk] [begin excerpt]:
During this weekend, resistance has left the field of politically orchestrated protest – and again it`s getting clear, that in revolt it is about choosing sides.
Either you are with those who seek to see this society, this order, this system in ruins – with the idea of a life in freedom and dignity, embracing all the mistakes and triumphs, that are inherent to the revolt.
Or you are with those who recognize, that they feel more comfortable with a tame and calculable protest milieu, that takes place in the safe frame of the totalitarian system – scared of taking steps that might actually lead towards the cold and vast fields of freedom. [end excerpt]

* "Paris, France: German Embassy Attacked in Solidarity with No-G20 Prisoners" (2017-07-26, via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/LQ9Qw]
* "STRABAG Truck Torched in Solidarity with No-G20 Prisoners" (2017-07-27, via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/WAu1O]




Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!
National News [blackagendareport.com] [atlantablackstar.com] [sfbayview.com]

* "Black Women's (Un)Equal Pay Day Shines Light on U.S. Racism; 'Black women should be treated for the quality of the work that we perform and get paid for that quality as well', a home care worker said" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/1Mu7k], photo caption: Black women face double oppression.


* "Latin American and Caribbean Black Woman's Day" (2017-07-25, Coordenacao Anarquista Brasileira CAB, anarquismo.noblogs.org) [archive.fo/Vfo0Y], (machine translation 2017-07-30, via ainfos.ca) [archive.fo/hr1jT]
"[...]. It is necessary to understand which class informs the race. But race, too, informs the class. And gender informs the class. Race is the way the class is lived. In the same way that gender is the way the race is lived. One needs to reflect enough to perceive the intersections between race, class, and gender in order to perceive that between these categories there are relations that are mutual and others that are crossed. No one can assume the primacy of one category over another." - Angela Davis


* "ESPN commentator under fire for comparing cops to 'SLAVE PATROLS' while complaining that Colin Kaepernick has not been signed" (2017-07-29, dailymail.co.uk) [archive.is/O7NM9], synopsis:  SportsCenter co-host Jemele Hill made controversial remarks Friday on Twitter. Said calling cops a 'slave patrol' was 'inflammatory, but historically accurate'. Was complaining that NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick had not been signed. Another user pointed out that Kaepernick called cops 'slave patrol' last month. Kaepernick made headlines refusing to stand for national anthem last season.


information collected by the Committee to Defend Public Education!

* "Step forward in Chicago fight for special education" (2017-07-25, fightbacknews.org) [archive.fo/ErV4p], photo caption: Teacher Sarah Chambers, fired for leading the fight against the attacks.on Special Education students in Chicago Public Schools.


information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee [is.gd/VOkmLr]


Updates from the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
92 Million Strong, Worldwide! [wftucentral.org]


Updates from the UNI Global Union
Representing more than 20 million workers worldwide [uniglobalunion.org]


Updates from around the world

* "Chile Walmart Workers to Strike for Better Wages; The union representing the workers is one of the largest in the South American country" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/hMaju]

* "Argentine Teacher Unions Call for New Strikes; Adamy's Union described the government's salary offer as 'insufficient and insulting' " (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/0JP6D]



* "Anti-Gentrification Attack in South Philly" (2017-07-26, via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/plOtf]


information collected by the Committee to

* "The carrots and sticks BART is using to manage homeless population" (2017-07-31, Bay Area News Group) [archive.fo/6aW6Q]




Community Fascism in

/ itty-bitty Santa Cruz: 

/ Vallejo, the "City of God":


Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
[NorthbayCopwatch.blogspot.com] [copblock.org] [wecopwatch.org] [filmingcops.com], Berkeley Copwatch's "Know Your Rights" Pocket Card (.pdf) [is.gd/U20PRy] [berkeleycopwatch.org]

The Internal Security Officials to whom Trump was pandering did not include the following "liberal" Police Chiefs who, despite their vocal criticism being publicized world wide, number in the few among the thousands who remain officially silent and internally supportive of Trump's support for their cause..
* "U.S. police chiefs blast Trump for endorsing ‘police brutality’ ; During a speech to law enforcement on July 28, President Trump said 'please don't be too nice' to suspects who are arrested" (2017-07-29, washingtonpost.com) [archive.is/g3UCM]
* "Police departments from coast to coast are reacting to Trump’s speech to cops — and it’s brutal" (2017-07-29, rawstory.com) [archive.fo/NcKMj]
* "Police departments distance themselves from Trump's comments encouraging police violence" (2017-07-30, abcnews.go.com) [archive.is/Xwoek]

* "D.C. Cop under investigation for wearing white supremacy shirt on duty" (2017-07-29, rawstory.com) [archive.fo/pe2E4], photo caption: Offensive t-shirt allegedly worn by multiple officers of the Seventh District of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC


* "Police Near Sacramento Burn Mentally Ill Black Man on Hot Pavement; 'Even a dog doesn't deserve to be treated like this,' Nelson's mother Tarsha Benigno said" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/aMrpU], photo caption: A hospital photo shows the burns on James Nelson’s face and chest, photo from the Benigno family via The Sacramento Bee


* "Parents of Jesse Romero angered by LAPD Police Commission decisions" (2017-07-28, fightbacknews.org) [archive.fo/TjOhw], photo caption: Protesters demand justice at Police Commission meeting at Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) headquarters, July 25.


* "US Sheriffs Collaborate with Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups to Shocking Extent: Report; A new report shows how anti-immigrant groups are recruiting county sheriffs, who can expand mass deportation boundaries with little oversight" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Qk4ip], photo caption: Members of a right-wing militia.


* "Oklahoma sheriff & staff face manslaughter charges over inmate’s death" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/tLeyQ]

* "2 former Oklahoma police officers face assault charges in death of mentally ill man" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/NzNL1]


* "Mississippi cop shoots & kills man while serving warrant at wrong house" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/tsvuu]


"War Against The Police"
An archive of articles documenting the facts for the narrative, "FBI Report Blames Black Lives Matter, Media for Killings of Police Officers" [archive.fo/2Xj9w]


Judiciary Watch


Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 
[icwatch.transparencytoolkit.org]; "The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies (Spooks, Feds, etc.)" [archive.fo/rBbXu]; ES/OH techniques [archive.is/HchTA]

* "Attorney General Sessions threatens sanctuary cities with federal grant cuts" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/ayl4W]

* "Memos reveal new details of NSA & FBI illegal spying on Americans under Obama" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/iO74n]

* "ICE takes aim at MS-13, pressures local police to ‘hang on’ to criminal detainees" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/n0RPv]
* "Advocacy Groups Say ICE Budget Expansion Will Jeopardize Lives; According to the National Immigrant Justice Center, the budget for ICE's detention program has already risen 10.4 percent since last year" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/RnJi6], photo caption: "Providing ICE with additional funds for detention will serve to line the pockets of the private prison industry but will not serve the interests of the American taxpayer," the letter added.


* "TSA to enact stricter electronic screenings at all US airports" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/fBbg7]

* "CIA director blames media for leaks from intelligence community" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/qDfwL]

Metadata source materials -
Private individuals accessing the mainframe can harvest any data inscribed in basic code...

* "CIA ability to trojan Apple OS exposed in latest hacking release" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/8dk0r]

* "Car owners, police, fighter pilots, military: Sweden accidentally leaks huge trove of citizen data" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/L0rji]

Be aware of The IoT!

* " 'Ghost Telephonist' lets hackers take over your phone number" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/NGAD2]


International Security Agencies, the Five-Eyes, and transnational partners

Such a mundane occurance, to abolish an established standard of application, such as it was used clandestinely to implant secuirty-related apps against people of interest... used by foreign governments on both sides of the "Iron Curtain"!
* "Adobe pulling the plug on Flash, ending an era" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/qM2il]

The European Union (EU) abruptly, it seemed, did an about-face against the major private-sector partners to the USA Security regime...
* "HRW, Amnesty say US surveillance infringes on fundamental rights, urges EU to rethink cooperation" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/humVp]
* "EU multi-billion dollar fine on Google drags down Alphabet's profits" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/nQ2gg]
* "Alphabet profit hit by EU fine on Google" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/7BGGY]
* "EU puts pressure on Facebook, Twitter, Google; European Union authorities have increased pressure on Facebook, Twitter and Google to amend their user terms to bring them in line with EU law after proposals submitted by the tech giants were considered insufficient" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/1flP8]

The crackdown against "legitimate trolls" (real people whose sole purpose of maintaining a relationship with Twitter.com is to troll other people's accounts) reveals a long list of uncomfortable actions against political speech.
* "Twitter stock tumbles amid crackdown on 'trolls', as 2 million users leave" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/sfkSG]

* "Melinda Gates: Philanthropy can take risks where gov'ts don't" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/bGSXm]

* "Australia may refuse connection to China-built undersea cable over spying concerns – report" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/P54k0]

Meanwhile, in China...
* "Quantum leap: China to launch world’s first ‘unhackable’ messaging system" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/CpfIK]
* " 'Minority Report’ AI to collar suspects before they do the crime" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/1Hk1i]


from the Committee to
[PoliticalPrisonersUSA.blogspot.comEnd the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers! 
[solitarywatch.com] [facebook.com/incarceratedworkers] [supportprisonerresistance.noblogs.org] [denverabc.wordpress.com] [prisonlegalnews.org] [prisonbooks.info] [nycabc.wordpress.com] [powmedicaljustice.com] [sacprisonersupport.wordpress.com]. Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. 

* "Massachusetts jail to ban prisoner visits for video conferencing" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/C9bE5]

* "International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners!" (2017-07-25, derryanarchists.blogspot.nl) [archive.fo/R7pYT]:
This year, the International solidarity week for anarchist prisoners will be spent for the fifth time in 23rd to 30th August and we come stronger than ever!
Some political prisoners are already supported, but far from all of them. Also, the supported are usually involved in authoritarian politics and not grassroots activities. Anarchist prisoners are not often well-known people, even though they might be long term activists. Their ways to fight back oppressors and wrongdoings are not necessary following the current laws of their location, which is judged by some authoritarian organizations. The vast amount and diversity of cases of anarchist prisoners is surprising to many.
We wanted to choose a week, so that it would be easy as possible to organize different kinds of expressions of solidarity, which would be supported by one another. The beginning of the week was chosen to be the execution date of Sacco and Vanzetti, two Italian-American anarchists, in 1927. They were convicted with very little amount of evidence, and many still consider that they were punished from their anarchist views.
Welcome to join!
Solidarity can express itself in many forms.
Please report us your done actions to the address [tillallarefree@)riseup.net]. You can also announce your event in advance in the same address, we list them on our page http://solidarity.international/. From the pages you can also find examples and tips of actions and support mail to anarchists, links to prisoner lists and more.
For more info: Derry Anarchist Black Cross [archive.is/w5Wui] / Solidarity.International [archive.fo/JUBGY]

* "Chile: Update on Anarchist Prisoners Nataly, Juan & Enrique; on trial since March 24, 2017" (2017-07-29, translated by insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/0MQ32]

* "The ‘Boiketlong Four’ and the Criminalisation of Poverty and Protest" (2017-07-25, zabalaza.net) [archive.fo/Ef5Lw], introduction:
In February 2015, four community activists from Boiketlong in the Vaal, south of Johannesburg, were sentenced to 16 years in prison each following a community protest. This is a very severe sentence and the conviction was based on shaky evidence. The ‘Boiketlong Four’ were arrested for allegedly attacking the local ANC ward councillor and setting fire to her shack and two cars during a community protest. They were convicted of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, arson and malicious injury to property. This is an example of a terrible injustice perpetrated against black working class activists and could have dangerous repercussions for future struggles of the black working class and poor in South Africa if it is not fought. People need to be aware of the facts and take action to demand justice and to fight the criminalisation of poverty and protest.


Of course, "free 'em all" is not to say insane murderers and unrepentant rapists would walk free, yet the idea of a Citizen's or a human right to a "fair and speedy trial" must be advocated for...
* "Mississippi man freed after 11yrs in jail without a trial" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/AED9o] [begin excerpt]: Harris was indicted in 2006 on 11 different counts, including murder, armed robbery and kidnapping. Since then, he has been incarcerated in the Clay County jail in West Point, Mississippi, without ever receiving a trial.
Carlos Moore, Harris’ attorney, told Fox News [archive.fo/Sw2uH] that Harris’ imprisonment without a trial violated the Constitution.
“You have a constitutional right to speedy trial, there shouldn’t be any cruel or unusual punishment,” Moore said. “It’s very cruel and unusual to lock somebody up and throw away the key for 11 years without a trial. You have a fourth amendment right to no unreasonable searches and seizures. There were several constitutional rights that were violated.”
In 2007, Harris was admitted to a state hospital where he was evaluated by doctors who found he was exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia. The next year, doctors concluded that Harris was not sufficiently mentally competent to waive his constitutional rights or to stand trial.
“Mr. Harris appears to exhibit substantial deficits in his capacity to appreciate the seriousness of his legal situation, to consult with defense counsel in a reasonable manner, to make rational legal decisions, and to attend to the proceedings in a meaningful way,” doctors wrote of Harris, according to the Clarion-Ledger [archive.fo/bNPmW]. [end excerpt]



* "Sessions Launches Major Attack on LGBTQ Workplace Protections; The Justice Department move has been described as a major attack on civil rights" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/tG5Kp]
* "DOJ to appeals court: LGBT employees not protected by federal discrimination law" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/bccCP]

* "58% of Americans support transgender serving in the military – poll" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/DMDbt]

* "Young Trans Artist Targeted by Neo-Nazis; Behind the doxxing of Sophie Labelle" (2017-07-20, advocate.com) [archive.fo/4YAsj] [begin excerpt]:
Earlier this year, cartoonist Sophie Labelle’s Assigned Male comic, about a young trans girl, suddenly disappeared from Facebook. It was replaced by a page of vile, racist, neo-Nazi propaganda.
Labelle posted in May that her web comic was down “because it got hacked.”
“After receiving several thousands of death threats in the past few days for making my art, my address was also posted on several forums,” she added.
The 28-year-old Canadian comic creator tells The Advocate there was a coordinated attack on her Facebook page, which made it crash. That forced her to remove it, and someone used the opportunity to create a fake page posting neo-Nazi hate speech, including suggesting Labelle should be sent to a concentration camp or gas chamber [archive.is/Xiidn].
“This is what you get for being trans on the internet and for reframing transness into something positive and empowering,” Labelle posted at the time.
She says Facebook has been very responsive. “They’ve been very proactive ... concerning the removal of harassment groups, hater groups, and those neo-Nazi groups.”
Unfortunately, that responsiveness may have intensified the recent attack. After “one of the biggest groups was shut down by Facebook,” Labelle says, “they decided to put the blame on me, and that’s why they hacked into my website and doxxed me by publishing my address and stuff.”
She says she’s been receiving death threats, “extensively for three years.” But the recent ones were more “vicious and violent.” Labelle was also stunned by the sheer volume: “We’re talking about thousands of people ... I got more than 20,000 messages.” The hate comes via emails, social media comments, instant messenger, and even her Etsy store.
Labelle hasn’t reported the latest attack to law enforcement in part because, she wrote, “Anytime I have dealt with police, I ended up being a victim of their transphobia.” In addition, she says, “Reporting harassment and doxxing is a temporary solution.” [end excerpt]
- Comment (2017-07-27, Sophie Labelle) [archive.fo/d0DRz]: This is the name we're giving you for posterity. This is what humanity will remember of your "trolling". Neo-nazi POS. that's what you are. Suck it up. Thanks to The Advocate magazine for sending me a copy.

* (2017-07-28, Sophie Labelle) [archive.fo/Lfkp8]: You see, this is so blatantly transphobic that I can't even take it personal. That's how my haters want to see me. This says so much about them.
Also, I know you're very jealous that I have a couple of patreon supporters (www.patreon.com/assignedmale) and that people have been helping out with moving because you published my address and sent me thousands of death threats, but as long as you'll be giving Jordan Peterson 30k a month to publish transphobic articles, i won't even feel bad to afford a living from working 12+ hours a day on these comics.


* "No, I Don't Have To Tell You I'm Trans Before Dating You; Demanding trans people come out to potential partners is transphobic" (2016-03-21, theodysseyonline.com) [archive.is/G6rQs], whose author advocates for being untruthful about one's sexual organs, and this advocacy places Trans people in harms way as those who have a preference for a woman with a vagina, are not told that there is an anus instead, and to claim otherwise is to make one open to hostility for no purpose but sexual gratification based on falsehoods. Combined with alcohol, the violent tendencies of some CIS men is made worse by the disgust felt for being offered an anus for sexual pleasure rather than a vagina... and the Trans persyn who is assured that it is ok to lie about the use of the anus as a version of a vagina are themselves placed in harms way, and murdered, for this lie enables a hostile situation to occur among mentally unstable CIS men who then engage in violence, or, worse, an "Honor Killing".

* "Here’s Why All Teens, LGBTQ And Not, Need To Learn About Anal Sex Teenagers must be taught that it is normal, natural and healthy―yes, healthy―and that there is nothing to be ashamed about" (2017-07-21, by Michelangelo Signorile via huffingtonpost.com) [archive.is/Xybrf], an article whose purpose is to help the audience normalize otherwise stigmatized sexual practices, yet, in the effort, purposefully focuses on moralistic reaction against such behavior, and omits all information about health risks long associated with promiscuous anal intercourse alongside alcohol and anal effluent, an absolute health risk which the author appears to knowingly censor information about safe sex, and instead labels such sexual exposure to fecal matter as "healthy"! This author has a show on SiriusXM progress channel and is a capitalist seeking a target audience for profit, first and foremost.


END PATRIARCHY! COMBAT MISOGYNY! [rejectedprincesses.com]


Health Administration Responsibility Project [harp.org]. Get your medical records [archive.fo/FdGcJ]. Transparency against physician malpractice [archive.fo/Q9VFr[archive.fo/PEijF] [archive.fo/2sXwl] [archive.fo/hmWKp[archive.fo/4NPdK] [archive.is/551Us]! 

* "Health Care CEOs Earn More Despite Denouncing Obamacare; The CEOs' earnings far outstripped the wage growth of nearly all people in the United States" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/R7Ffr]

* "Doctor behind vaccine-autism link loses license" (2010-05-24, time.com) [archive.is/l91yk]


articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more [SanPabloBayEPA.blogspot.com]. Science [discardstudies.com]. [blog.savesfbay.org] [ecowatch.com]

* "11 state attorneys general sue EPA over chemical rule delay" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/sbR57]

* "Cancer-causing pollutants detected in most tap water across US - study" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/9fmo4]


* "The Fire Beneath: Los Angeles is Sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb" (2017-07-28, counterpunch.org) [archive.fo/okRr0] [begin excerpt]:
Porter Ranch residents in Southern California, like the rest of Los Angeles, are sitting on a ticking time bomb.
The Aliso Canyon storage facility, site of the massive natural gas leak in October 2015 that displaced over 8,300 homes and spewed 97,100 tonnes of methane into the atmosphere, could have another catastrophic leak – a leak up to 1,000 times greater than 2015 – when the area is hit with a major earthquake.
That’s the grave warning James Mansdorfer, a former Southern California Gas Co. storage wells and reservoirs manager, laid out in a letter to Department of Conservation’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) at a recent LA county court proceeding. Last week California regulators approved refilling the battered storage tank with natural gas. The county, citing Mansdorfer’s concerns, asked a judge to block SoCalGas from re-injecting the well. The refilling is moving forward, ignoring objections from the county, environmentalists and other concerned citizens.
“My belief is that there is potential for catastrophic loss of life, and in light of SoCalGas refusal to openly address this risk, my ethics just will not allow me to stand by without making the public aware of what could happen,” wrote Mansdorfer.
The Aliso Canyon facility is set to be phased out over the next ten years, but a deadly quake could easily strike within that timeframe. Like the rest of greater LA, Porter Ranch, nestled along the fussy Santa Susana fault, is a hotbed of seismic activity. Over 100 earthquakes have struck Aliso since 2006, at least a dozen of which registered magnitudes of 2.0 to 4.7. [end excerpt]

* "US Air Force won’t reimburse Colorado county for water pollution" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/hvm9a]


Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life. Info [detoxproject.org].


Save The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.


articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign
[StopNuclearDeath.blogspot.com] [nuclear-news.net] [nukeresister.org] [nukefree.org]; National Radiation Map [radiationnetwork.com], depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute.


articles recommended by the 
[SovereignSanPabloBay.blogspot.com] [permaculture.org]



* "Former NFL star and Iraq veteran suing Jeff Sessions over 1970s cannabis law" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/hZemR]

* "War on weed: Veterans’ access to medical marijuana blocked by Republicans" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/ui175]


articles recommended by the Committee for
Protect Earth's Sentient Life!


Preserve the Biosphere & Web of Life!


Save the Whales!
Information: [whales.org]


Documenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits. [UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.com[exposefacts.org] [ucsc.edu/whorulesamerica/index.html]

* "Lawsuit seeks publication of net neutrality discussions between FCC chair & internet providers" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/cUo61]


President Donald Trump's regime

* "Trump’s communications director to ‘fire everybody’ to stop WH leaks; US President Donald Trump’s newly-appointed communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, has threatened to “fire everybody” in the administration if that is what it takes to stop leaks from inside the White House" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/4qwgy]
* "White House press official resigns amid mass firing threat over leaks" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/OXS0r]

* " ‘Going back home to Mommy’: Trump mocks protester at campaign-style rally" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/x6msU]

* "Trump calls Washington Post 'lobbyist weapon' for Amazon; US President Donald Trump has called The Washington Post a "lobbyist weapon" for Amazon, an American electronic commerce giant which is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/jIwYg]

* "Italian-Americans worried Scaramucci has revived every negative stereotype of them in one week of work" (2017-07-28, rawstory.com) [archive.fo/RgXSM]
* " 'F**king paranoid schizophrenic': Scaramucci blasts Priebus & Bannon in rant" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/Y7tmu]
* "Trump eats Pizza and Cheeseburgers, so he's not a elitist, Scaramucci says" (2017-07-27, newsweek.com) [archive.is/h2U30], meme by Gunnar Angeles:


* "Trump blasts AG over 'Clinton collusion with Ukraine', says acting FBI director got '$700k from H' " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/Gkdoo]
* "Trump Calls For Investigation Of Ukrainian Intervention In US Presidential Election" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/VghdB]

* "Russian banker's meeting with Trump not our order: Kremlin; A Russian banker who met Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner did not do so on the Kremlin’s orders, according to the Russian president's spokesperson" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/DHlsa]

* "Trump's former campaign manager Manafort subpoenaed over Russia probe" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/JvK6u]

* "Former intel officers send Trump memo challenging ‘Russia hack’ evidence" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/6ZRgA]

* "Trump Jr.'s Russian meeting was about lifting sanctions, key witness Browder tells Senate" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/wpYVs]

* "House Republicans call for 2nd counsel to probe Obama officials, Clinton" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/YOKh8]

* "Pence planning inauguration after Trump’s impeachment: Waters; US Vice President Mike Pence is already planning his inauguration in anticipation of President Donald Trump's removal from office in an impeachment, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has said" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/cu2fC]


"Liberal" Capitalists:
Against Socialism, for War and Profit


"Libertarian" Capitalists & "Constitutionalist" constraints against democracy
[alibertarianfuture.com] [fff.org] [mises.org]


"Dominionist" Capitalism & the "Prosperity Gospel" ideology
Persecution Belief [archive.fo/raPTj]; Ideology [archive.is/rClcp]; Rejection of Christ's teachings [archive.is/VbO5F]

* " ‘Trump is a clown show — evangelicals supplied the tent’: Conservative scorches religious right frauds" (2017-07-28, rawstory.com) [archive.fo/L8D6y]


The Military State
[archive.defense.gov/contracts]; [airforce.com] "Air, Space, Cyberspace"

* "Mattis blasts Pentagon for buying camouflage useless in Afghanistan; US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has blasted the Pentagon for wasting millions of dollars on getting the wrong camouflage uniforms for Afghan soldiers" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/nrX83]
* "Mattis scolds Pentagon for wasting $28mn on Afghan army camouflage uniforms" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/rS81L]

* "Pentagon snared in govt sting as fake cops easily acquire $1.2mn worth of military gear" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/3RSev]

* "No urinals: New US naval aircraft carrier goes ‘gender-neutral’ " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/lzHu3]
A gentle, yet imperialist, brand of freedom... brought to you by the same sponsors!
* "MTV scraps gender categories" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/uJT8c]

* "No transgender people to serve in US military 'in any capacity' – Trump" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/JNQyM]
* " ‘What happened to your promise?’: Trump slammed over military transgender ban tweet" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/phRrI]
* "Manning Slams Trump Ban on Transgender People in US Military; In response to the announcement, Chelsea Manning took to Twitter to denounce the decision and the U.S. military" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/dUcxp]

* "Speed of sound: NASA developing supersonic airplane" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/CgjpY], Photo via Lockheed Martin


* "National Guard announces plans to get own ‘science companies’ this autumn" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/SEmHt]

* "US Marines ground air tanker type involved in fatal crash" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/M2J59]


Two Party Dictatorship

* "Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller" (2017-07-25, zerohedge.com) [archive.fo/dQtqs]:
In the most vocal opposition to president Donald Trump yet, former CIA Director John Brennan said that if the White House tries to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, government officials should refuse to follow the president orders, as they would be - in his view - “inconsistent” with the duties of the executive branch.
"I think it's the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future," Brennan told CNN's Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum [archive.fo/8JVvb], effectively calling for a coup against the president should Trump give the order to fire Mueller.
The exchange is 43 minutes into the clip here [youtube.com/watch?v=96yWsrMXREI], (full transcript here) [archive.fo/j1nFT].
Brennan appeared alongside his former colleague, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and both men who served in the Obama administration, told Blitzer they have total confidence in Mueller. "Absolutely. It was an inspired choice- they don't come any better, " Brennan said adding that "If Mueller is fired, I hope our elected reps will stand up and say enough is enough." Some have responded with questions where Brennan's devotion to the Constitution was in the aftermath of the events in Benghazi.
Falling back on his neocon roots, James Clapper, who has waged a long-running vendetta with Trump, once again warned about Russian interference in US affairs. When asked about the June 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort with a Russian lawyer and others, he responded: "I'm an old school, Cold War warrior and all that - so I have, there's truth in advertising, great suspicions about the Russians and what they do. A lot of this to me had kind of the standard textbook tradecraft long deployed by Russians. It would have been a really good idea maybe to have vetted whoever they were meeting with."
Clapper was also asked about Trump's comparison of the intelligence community to Nazi Germany. Clapper said he called the President-elect nine days before he left the Obama administration saying he "couldn't let that reference pass" and it was an insult to him, CIA Director John Brennan and the workforce. "That was a terrible, insulting affront, not just to me or John, we get paid the big bucks, but I'm talking about the rank and file, men and women, patriots and intelligence community -- that was completely inappropriate and over the top - I had to do something about it."
And so he did: on the call Clapper said Trump asked him to "to put out a statement rebutting the contents of the dossier which I couldn't and wouldn't do. It was kind of transactional" referring to a dossier that alleged ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia. It was not clear if he wouldn't and couldn't do it because the contents were legitimate, in his view, or because the dossier is what started the whole "Russian collusion" narrative in the first place. Curiously, Clapper saw it as a favor to Trump not to issue a statement: Clapper was asked by Blitzer why he didn't put out a statement replying: "The whole point of the dossier by the way was we felt an obligation to warn him to alert him to the fact it was out there. That was the whole point."
It was not clear if James Comey, whose subsequent leak to the NYT led to the appointment of Mueller, would have applied the same reasoning when asked by Trump to rebut the dossier's contents.


State Media Watch
Documenting propaganda issued by the monopolist media and members of the state security regime that uphold the economic dictatorship, imperialist wars, and the "New Jim Crow" regime [mediamatters.org] [onlinecensorship.org]

* "New Google algorithm restricts access to left-wing, progressive web sites" (2017-07-27, by Andre Damon and Niles Niemuth, wsws.org) [archive.fo/fRDhr]
In the three months since Internet monopoly Google announced plans to keep users from accessing “fake news,” the global traffic rankings of a broad range of left-wing, progressive, anti-war and democratic rights organizations have fallen significantly.
On April 25, 2017, Google announced that it had implemented changes to its search service to make it harder for users to access what it called “low-quality” information such as “conspiracy theories” and “fake news.”
The company said in a blog post that the central purpose of the change to its search algorithm was to give the search giant greater control in identifying content deemed objectionable by its guidelines. It declared that it had “improved our evaluation methods and made algorithmic updates” in order “to surface more authoritative content.”
Google continued, “Last month, we updated our Search Quality Rater Guidelines to provide more detailed examples of low-quality webpages for raters to appropriately flag.” These moderators are instructed to flag “upsetting user experiences,” including pages that present “conspiracy theories,” unless “the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.”
Google does not explain precisely what it means by the term “conspiracy theory.” Using the broad and amorphous category of fake news, the aim of the change to Google’s search system is to restrict access to alternative web sites, whose coverage and interpretation of events conflict with those of such establishment media outlets as the New York Times and the Washington Post.
By flagging content in such a way that it does not appear in the first one or two pages of a search result, Google is able to effectively block users’ access to it. Given the fact that vast amounts of web traffic are influenced by search results, Google is able to effectively conceal or bury content to which it objects through the manipulation of search rankings.
Just last month, the European Commission fined the company $2.7 billion for manipulating search results to inappropriately direct users to its own comparison shopping service, Google Shopping. Now, it appears that Google is using these criminal methods to block users from accessing political viewpoints the company deems objectionable.
The World Socialist Web Site has been targeted by Google’s new “evaluation methods.” While in April 2017, 422,460 visits to the WSWS originated from Google searches, the figure has dropped to an estimated 120,000 this month, a fall of more than 70 percent.
Even when using search terms such as “socialist” and “socialism,” readers have informed us that they find it increasingly difficult to locate the World Socialist Web Site in Google searches.
Chart [archive.is/rZ0rg]: Referals from Google searches to the WSWS have fallen by about 70 percent.
According to Google’s webmaster tools service, the number of searches resulting in users seeing content from the World Socialist Web Site (that is, a WSWS article appeared in a Google search) fell from 467,890 a day to 138,275 over the past three months. The average position of articles in searches, meanwhile, fell from 15.9 to 37.2 over the same period.
David North, chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the WSWS, stated that Google is engaged in political censorship.
“The World Socialist Web Site has been in existence for nearly 20 years,” he said, “and it has developed a large international audience. During this past spring, the number of individual visits to the WSWS each month exceeded 900,000.
“While a significant percentage of our readers enter the WSWS directly, many web users access the site through search engines, of which Google is the most widely used. There is no innocent explanation for the extraordinarily sharp fall in readers, virtually overnight, coming from Google searches.
“Google’s claim that it is protecting readers from ‘fake news’ is a politically motivated lie. Google, a massive monopoly, with the closest ties to the state and intelligence agencies, is blocking access to the WSWS and other left and progressive web sites through a system of rigged searches.”
In the three months since Google implemented the changes to its search engine, fewer people have accessed left-wing and anti-war news sites. Based on information available on Alexa analytics, other sites that have experienced sharp drops in ranking include WikiLeaks, Alternet, Counterpunch, Global Research, Consortium News and Truthout. Even prominent democratic rights groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Amnesty International appear to have been hit.
Chart [archive.fo/zBmAt]: A broad range of left-wing, progressive, and anti-war sites have had their traffic rankings fall in recent months.
According to Google Trends, the term “fake news” roughly quadrupled in popularity in early November, around the time of the US election, as Democrats, establishment media outlets and intelligence agencies sought to blame “false information” for the electoral victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.
On November 14, the New York Times proclaimed that Google and Facebook “faced mounting criticism over how fake news on their sites may have influenced the presidential election’s outcome,” and they would be taking measures to combat “fake news.”
Ten days later, the Washington Post published an article, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say,” which cited an anonymous group known as PropOrNot that compiled a list of “fake news” sites spreading “Russian propaganda.”
The list included several sites categorized by the group as “left-wing.” Significantly, it targeted globalresearch.ca, which often reposts articles from the World Socialist Web Site.
After widespread criticism of what was little more than a blacklist of anti-war and anti-establishment sites, the Washington Post was forced to publish a retraction, declaring, “The Post, which did not name any of the sites, does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings.”
On April 7, Bloomberg News reported that Google was working directly with the Washington Post and the New York Times to “fact-check” articles and eliminate “fake news.” This was followed by Google’s new search methodology.
Three months later, out of the 17 sites declared to be “fake news” by the Washington Post ’s discredited blacklist, 14 had their global ranking fall. The average decline of the global reach of all of these sites is 25 percent, and some sites saw their global reach fall by as much as 60 percent.
“The actions of Google constitute political censorship and are a blatant attack on free speech,” North stated. “At a time when public distrust of establishment media is widespread, this corporate giant is exploiting its monopolistic position to restrict public access to a broad spectrum of news and critical analysis.”

* "Project Censored 2016 Media Summit Round Table: War Propaganda, Media Censorship and the 'Conspiracy Theory' Meme" (2017-08-01, Global Research News Hour 2017 Summer Series 4, globalresearch.ca) [archive.fo/cRGBG]
In recent years, as documented on this site and on the Global Research News Hour radio program, we have seen an acceleration in the level of propaganda and its ability to shape common narratives around war.
The Assad government is blamed for virtually all the blood being spilt in Syria in recent years, in spite of evidence to the contrary [archive.fo/ICOf4]. Russia, not NATO, is being blamed for an imperialist agenda for Ukraine and Eastern Europe. And a McCarthyist narrative accusing President Putin of interference in the 2016 US Presidential elections has taken hold in spite of an almost complete lack of evidence upholding that narrative [archive.fo/5ATPx].
More to the point, reporters risk being tagged ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘Russian agents’ if they dare to challenge these and other official narratives.
Billions of dollars of investment, not to mention political careers are dependent on maintaining these narratives, so it is understandable that dissident perspectives will sooner or later come under attack if the body politic begins to be influenced by them.
This is why media criticism and independent reporting has become such an important tool for building democratic resistance to corporate and State power. .
Project Censored (projectcensored.org) is one of the key resources for highlighting and breaking down news media censorship in the US. Founded in 1976 by Dr. Carl Jensen of Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park California, the media research project’s mission has been to educate students and the public about the importance of a free press for democratic self-government, while expressing and opposing all forms of news censorship, promoting independent journalism, independent investigative journalism and critical thinking.
On October 21st, the organization put together a ‘Media Freedom Summit‘ as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations [archive.fo/XQb3V]. PC presented a round table discussion that touched on a number of crucial themes including the ‘conspiracy theory’ meme, the reporting that frustrated plans to launch an assault on Syria, threats to authentic reporting, and the distorted reporting around the 2016 election campaign which was ongoing at the time of this summit.
- Abby Martin is the creator and host of The Empire Files [theempirefiles.tv], a weekly investigative news program airing on Telesur English, She is the past host of RT’s Breaking the Set, and the co-founder of the independent citizen journalism project known as Media Roots [mediaroots.org]. She served as moderator for the discussion.
- Mnar Muhawesh is the founder and editor in chief of Minneapolis based independent media outlet Mint Press News [mintpressnews.com]. She also hosts Behind the Headline for that news outlet. Her coverage of Syria earned her a place in Project Censored’s Top 25 most censored stories of 2015-2016 [archive.fo/rU77j].
- Mark Crispin Miller is a professor of media, culture and communication at New York University, and author of numerous articles on media censorship and election fraud, He is the author of several books, including Boxed In: The Culture of TV, and The Bush Dyslexicon: Observations on a National Disorder. He is also the editor of Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy, 2000-2008. He is the curator of Open Road media series Forbidden Bookshelf [openroadmedia.com/the-forbidden-bookshelf], which re-publishes titles of America’s repressed history.
- David Talbot is the best selling author of the The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA and America’s Secret Government. He is the Founding editor of Salon.com. His most recent endeavour is Hot Books [is.gd/XhgQ0U], a new imprint in partnership with Skyhorse publishing putting out titles on key contemporary issues often escaping the attention of the mainstream media.

* "Cyberstalker Louis Proyect comes out as Nazi collaborator apologist, after cheering on Syrian al-Qaeda" (2017-07-24, bennorton.com) [archive.is/h0Bcj]
* "Louis Proyect has expressed support for al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria)" (2016-06-20, bennorton.com) [archive.is/FJTIS]


Artificial Poverty and Starvation


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Nations exist alongside the Federal [archive.fo/VXoPR], and State governance [archive.fo/Cz2uF]. Demographic maps: 2000 [archive.fo/nXHXz], 2010 [archive.fo/nKbSA], religion [archive.fo/XArBS]. The New Afrikan nation, and the nation of Nueva Aztlan, each have their own separate sections on this news page.

USA Homeland's resident nations:
Sovereign nations of the "Indian Country", and of traditional lodges.
Map [archive.fo/s4FYb]; News [indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com] [bsnorrell.blogspot.com]


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Kingdom of Hawai‘i / Occupied State of the Hawaiian Islands
[hawaiiankingdom.org/blog] [facebook.com/KamehamehaVIII]


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (USA territory) and the Boriqueno nation

* " 'Independence Not Negotiable': Venezuela Envoy on Puerto Rico; For the Venezuelan diplomat independence is an inherent right, it’s a right that all people have" (2017-07-27, by Vanesa Baerga) [archive.fo/e1bRj]

* "Vieques to Protest Explosions, Contamination by US Navy; On July 25 and 27, two explosions shook the island and released poisonous chemicals into the air" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/tu9x4], photo caption: “Vidas Viequenses Valen” protests to continue against the U.S. Navy.


USA Homeland's resident nations:
American Nation, including the State Sovereignty campaigns, and Dominionist Campaigns. [tenthamendmentcenter.com]; "A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right" (2016-08-31, by Andrew Anglin) [archive.is/DyeDG]


Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "German govt covered up emissions cheating by Porsche - media" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/ZrBF6]


A study of the personal ideologies and social practices of those who benefit from the global capitalist regime, including illicit trafficking networks and cooperative ventures with government entities. [WorldFascists.blogspot.com]

* "Australia tries Vatican official on sex abuse charges; An Australian court has begun the trial of the most senior Vatican official that has ever been charged in Catholic Church sex abuse scandals" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Co8Ls], photo caption: Australian Cardinal George Pell looks on as he makes a statement at the Holy See Press Office in Vatican city after being charged with historical sex offences in a case that has rocked the church, June 29, 2017.

* "Top adviser to Pope Francis in Australia court on sexual abuse" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/p5ZF8]
* "Opinions divided over senior Vatican official’s sex charges" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/1vkht]


Vanguards of European racial supremacy 
Golden Dawn International [golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.com], European Knights Project [europeanknightsproject.com/category/ekp-news], English Asatru News [englishnews.org/news-central.html], Council of European Canadians [eurocanadian.ca], Albion's People [albionofengland.blogspot.com]. [saxonmessenger.christogenea.org]


information collected by the exploratory committee towards a 
[SolanoPeaceJustice.blogspot.com], for justice, dignity and human rights in accordance with the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (.pdf) [is.gd/TftqGs], and an end to the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [archive.fo/tmncz], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [archive.fo/LhUTj], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [archive.fo/U1Ota].
Peace News [peaceblog.wordpress.com], Costs of War (Brown University) [watson.brown.edu/costsofwar].

* "Is a war looming in the horizon of the Gulf?" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/W67gn]

* "Current U.S. Policies In Middle East Fail To Establish Security For Washington" (2017-07-25, by Evgeny Satanovsky; translated by southfront.org) [archive.fo/gWJM6]

* "US Plan to Re-Occupy Iraq Faces Iraqi Resistance; Iraqi VP gave the US a piece of his mind" (2017-07-25, by M.K. Bhadrakumar) [archive.fo/2VwwQ]

* "Is Trump Starting Another War? Shortly after the administration's annual declaration to congress certifying Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal, it slapped additional economic sanctions on the country" (2017-07-24, by Dr. Arshad M. Khan) [archive.fo/gUNS4]

* "Afghanistan: from Soviet ‘occupation’ to American ‘liberation’ " (2017-07-21, orientalreview.org) [archive.is/9i7fQ]
* "Growing Concern Trump Will Continue Afghan War to Exploit Minerals; Trump has been meeting with multiple people about how to exploit Afghanistan’s mineral deposits, according to a new report" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/dMOQZ]

* "Trudeau stresses probe into reports of Saudi abuse; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government is taking 'very seriously' reports that Saudi Arabia is using Canadian-made armored vehicles in a crackdown on Shias in the Middle Eastern country" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/XCOuE]

* "Blocking Tony Blair’s prosecution for Iraq War ‘an attack on democracy’ " (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/W3yAm]


Justice for Refugees!

* " 'Second Calais' grows in France as Macron pledges to rid country of migrant camps" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/YOtXK]
* "French police routinely use excessive force against refugees in Calais: HRW; Human Rights Watch (HRW) says police in France “routinely” use excessive force against the refugees, including children, in the northern town of Calais" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/pAtyM]
* "French police ‘routinely’ pepper spray innocent migrants, incl. children, in Calais - HRW" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/B30BW]
* "France must provide Calais migrants with water, toilets & showers – top court" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/7MTLE]

* "The Refugee Crisis: Resettlement, the UN and the US-Australia Deal" (2017-07-26, by Dr. Binoy Kampmark) [archive.is/9PBth]



* "The Party's Over: America's Post-Soviet Power Trip Is Coming to an End; The Pentagon concludes that it no longer enjoys the luxury of global dominance. Is this the beginning of a new era?" (2017-07-24, Paul Goncharoff, RI News) [archive.fo/wsARm] [begin excerpt]:
The other day I took a break from the FT, Economist and WSJ and read a new study released by the US Defense Department, "At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World".
The bottom line was understandably predictable, essentially a call to increase the defense budget, and further increase spending on a very broad array of areas, from conventional and nuclear through to cyberwarfare. The reasoning, albeit somewhat on the fringes caught my attention when it stated that the U.S. framework of international order that was established post World War II is both "fraying" and “collapsing." That sounded like a real double whammy. This study was released by the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute to evaluate the DOD’s approach to assessing risk and policy.
Apparently, the study finds that the nation's power is in decline because the world has entered a new phase of transformation, where the US led international order is unraveling, and in fact, the authority of traditional governments everywhere is increasingly unstable.
The report further finds “global events will happen faster than the Defense Department is currently equipped to handle,” and that the U.S. “can no longer count on the unassailable position of dominance, supremacy, or pre-eminence it enjoyed for the 20-plus years after the fall of the Soviet Union.”
At conclusion, the study mentions that it is not only the U.S. that is seeing a decline, “All states and traditional political authority structures are under increasing pressure from endogenous and exogenous forces. The fracturing of the post-Cold War global system is accompanied by the internal fraying in the political, social, and economic fabric of practically all states.”
Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, all manner of pundits and “experts” have been predicting that the hegemonic glory days of the US are ending. It looks like this world is no longer seeking a single superpower with a wallet, or group of superpowers, to bring some globalized order to international politics. This void will be filled by various powers. Hopefully among which will be independent sovereign nations, as certainly multinational corporations, ideological movements of variously tinted extremes, and a rainbow of rights organizations to suit myriad tastes will make their cases noisily.
International politics is changing before our eyes from a system anchored in predictable, relatively constant, staid positions to a system that is more erratic, unsettled, and mostly devoid of behavioral norms and regularities. It is quickly losing the dignitas once ascribed to affairs of state. In terms of geopolitics, we have moved from an age of order to an age of political entropy. In looking around the world I do not see heightened threats coming from some self-immolating global Armageddon, rather I see increasingly strident disagreements and localized conflicts over geopolitical, monetary, trade, societal and perhaps even environmental issues. The majority of these conflicts are not found along the borders of the US, rather they are kept comfortably distant at many points of the world. [end excerpt]
- Attached chart: "Priorities"

* "Remember Hiroshima: 'Collateral Damage' and The 'Pre-emptive' First Strike Use of Nuclear Weapons Will the US launch 'Mini-nukes' against Iran in Retaliation for Tehran's 'Non-compliance'?" (2006-02-22, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky) [archive.fo/ec4GJ], synopsis:
Nuclear war with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea is “on the table”. Non-nuclear states in the Middle East are also contemplated as potential targets for a preemptive nuclear attack.
A first strike nuclear weapons attack against these four countries is an integral part of America’s military agenda.

* "Xi to Chinese Military: World Not Peaceful, Advance; Tanks, nuclear-capable missiles and military aircraft – including H-6K bombers – were on display" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/JDD5I]
* "Get Used to It NATO: Russian-Chinese Drills Are the New Normal; With both countries feeling themselves squeezed by some of the same powers it can hardly be different" (2017-07-24, by M.K. Bhadrakumar) [archive.fo/iW8GS]
* "First Chinese-Russian Maritime Drills In the Baltic. Who Should Worry" (2017-07-27, by Aleksandr Khrolenko, ria.ru; translated by southfront.org) [archive.fo/NVbzW]

* "Evo Morales Denounces Russia Sanctions, Calls US a 'Threat' ; 'The United States can be described as a threat to multilateralism, international law and the United Nations', Morales wrote on Twitter" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Na6gv]
* "Bolivian president calls US ‘threat to international law, UN’ over ‘unilateral’ Russia sanctions" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/gGlEh]
* "US House approves new sanctions against Iran, Russia, N Korea; The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives votes overwhelmingly to impose new sanctions against Iran, Russia and North Korea" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/6vQhW]
* "France questions legality of new US bans on Iran, Russia, N Korea; France has raised doubts about the legitimacy of new US sanctions against Iran and Russia, saying they do not conform to international law due to their extraterritorial reach" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/xKxdG]
* "Sanctions policy will isolate US itself: Analyst; The so-called deep state and the House of Representatives want the Cold War to be cemented, but America’s sanction policy will hurt itself more than others, says an analyst" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/77cOk]
* "Moscow Warns Of 'Painful Response' To US Sanctions; EU Ready To Retaliate In 'A Matter Of Days' " (2017-07-26, zerohedge.com) [archive.fo/K6CHV]

* "Legitimacy and False Witness According to the U.S; The crumbling legitimacy of the U.S. government and its allies in the European Union is reflected in the blatant false witness of Western news media and their NGOs" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/6ZOaN] [begin excerpt]:
The United States government is currently applying sanctions on Cuba, Iran, Russia, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe and on July 27, the U.S. Congress moved to include Nicaragua as well.
Apart from these sanctions, the U.S. is also enforcing a variety of sanctions in relation to Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, former Ukraine and Yemen. Some of those sanctions are supported by the U.N. but, in any case, U.S. allies cooperate in applying sanctions in a selective way to suit their own interests.
At the highest level, Western strategic thinking in general and U.S. policy making, in particular, is intellectually and morally corrupt, narcissistic and irrational. Corrupt, because it is so deliberately intellectually ingrown and materially self-serving; narcissistic because it cannot engage other legitimate rationalities; irrational because it operates on the basis of “with us or against us” paranoia. The recent U.S. Department of Defense report “At our own Peril" [archive.fo/enIdf] is the clearest expression of that reality.
U.S. planners really believe that following World War II the U.S. and its allies shaped and controlled a benign world order and that currently the U.S. and its allies abide by and defend international law. They also assert they project a legitimate, truthful account of world events. Given these insane false beliefs underpinning Western strategic planning, actual and potential targets of Western aggression are bound to work out active measures and alliances based on realistic self-defense. [end excerpt]

* "Venezuela and Ukraine: testing fields for America's new war-fighting style; After the illegal coup in Ukraine, the US is now applying its hybrid Color Revolution-Arab Spring regime change template to Venezuela. Washington is in full-fledged offensive mode, attacking non-Western states through the plausibly deniable weapon of thug rule, aided and abetted by American finance. What is happening in Venezuela is no different than what transpired in Ukraine, as both countries are victims of America's new style of unconventional aggression" (2014-02-28, sputniknews.com) [archive.is/fAtvq]
* " ‘US-orchestrated violence in Venezuela uses same model as events in Ukraine’ – Maduro" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.is/2LOiK]: The US is trying to “destroy” Venezuela and rob it of its resources with the model used in Ukraine’s coup, but with violence “a thousand times worse,” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told RT. He also explained how the National Constituent Committee was designed to reconcile the country torn by opposition riots.


NEW COLD WAR FrontlinePeople's Republic of China & the SCO

* "Chinese troops integral part of UN peacekeeping missions" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/O1YI5]

* "Beijing warns US to stop close-in air reconnaissance" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/sbjHw]
* "Chinese interception of US spy plane ‘legal, necessary & professional’ – Beijing" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/IIgt8]
* "Ministry: Chinese jets’ intercept of US recon plane 'legitimate and professional' " (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/hunBo]

* "CIA chief: China tops Russia & Iran as biggest long-term threat to US" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/fG82i]

* "The Heat: Round table discussion on China-US trade" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/HYg39]

* "Opinion: Economic talks – key to avoid China-US trade war" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/CUESO]

* "Iowa Governor: China-US joint efforts required to feed growing population" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/1cBc7]
* "Vice Premier Wang Yang meets Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/EZYUc]

* "Dollar drinks, fancy burgers pull in customers to McDonald's in Q2" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/pDEW7]

* "Commerce Ministry: Two steps remain before US rice enters China" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/q8EGP]

* "Wang Yi: Indian troops should retreat from China's territory" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/mvAHz]
* "Will China adopt ‘conciliatory' tone on border row with India?" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/H7XWh]

* "China aims for peace but won't let others hurt its interests – Beijing responds to CIA chief" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/oQofl]

* "I’d launch nukes at China on Trump's orders, says US Pacific Fleet chief" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/tF1m1]

* "Value of US deals decrease in China on rising trade tensions" (2017-07-28, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/5VQR8]

* "Peaceful rise does not mean troops aren't ready to defend China, says expert" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Y1nX2]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineFederation of Russia & the Eurasian Union

* "The Current Big Lie Is? From the 'Cold War' to the 'Hot War'?" (2017-07-26, by Eric Zuesse) [archive.is/mEgFX] [begin excerpt]:
This Big Lie today, which is to be described here, is the lie, upon the basis of which the Cold War against the dictatorial communist U.S.S.R. — which Cold War had been such a boost to U.S. weapons-makers such as Lockheed Martin while it lasted — actually became restored in 2014, and continues today, as, this time, not a ‘cold’ but a hot war, by the U.S. and its allies, all united together (for the benefit of the owners of their international corporations, and especially of the big U.S. arms-suppliers) against democratic post-communist Russia (which gets blamed for trying to defend itself, at every step of the way that it does so).
This increasingly hot war started in early 2014 (after at least three years of advance-preparation of it by the U.S. Administration of American President Barack Obama), in Ukraine (formerly a part of the U.S.S.R.), when a CIA coup that was perpetrated under the cover of ‘democracy’ demonstrations, against the democratically elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych — when this CIA coup installed there, in Ukraine, a rabidly anti-Russian government, bordering Russia. That is certainly a provocation to war, just as would be the case if instead Russia had overthrown Mexico’s government and installed there a rabidly anti-U.S. regime.
In this Big Lie, which reigns today and is almost universally believed in the U.S. to be true, that bloody coup in Ukraine is simply ignored, and instead the focus is placed upon the peaceful and voluntary breakaway of Crimea from Ukraine, which breakaway actually resulted directly from that coup, which was the real precipitating-event for ‘the new Cold War’ — the basis of the U.S.-and-allied economic sanctions against Russia, and for the massing of NATO troops and weapons onto Russia’s borders, ready to invade Russia. (How would Americans feel if the Russian government did all of that, to us?)
The Big Lie today is this: that the reason for the economic sanctions against Russia, is that ‘Putin’ or Russia ‘stole’ or ‘conquered’ or ‘seized’ the Crimea region of Ukraine. The Big Truth, about the matter, is that U.S. President Obama conquered Ukraine itself (all of it), via a February 2014 CIA coup that he had secretly started planning by no later than 2011 [archive.fo/k8OOX], which on 20 February 2014 culminated with the violent overthrow [archive.is/heaH3] of the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Yanukovych, who had won 90% of the votes in the far-eastern Donbass area of Ukraine, and 75% of the votes in the far-southern Crimea area of Ukraine, both of which intensely pro-Yanukovych regions [archive.is/B0Kem] refused to be ruled by the Obama-appointed rulers — the hard-right, fascist and rabidly anti-Russian, team that the Obama regime imposed upon Ukraine, after Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland told Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine on 4 February 2014 [archive.is/YyXKm], that “Yats” (Arseniy Yatenyuk), a hard-right and even racist anti-Russian Ukrainian politician [archive.is/RcOO3], was to become appointed to run the country as soon as the coup would be over, which happened 23 days later (and Yatsenyuk did then receive the appointment and establish very hard-right anti-Russian policies [archive.is/ITJUZ] — including massacres of ethnic Russians in Ukraine) [archive.is/AkpSq] [archive.fo/deJBo].
The legalities of the situation are as heinous on America’s side as the moralities are [archive.is/j7Ni5]; and, yet, America’s vassal-states, in the EU and elsewhere, slavishly honor Obama’s sanctions against the victim-nation here, Russia (even while acknowledging that the residents of Crimea are overwhelmingly supportive of having separated themselves from Ukraine [archive.is/pfrLk] and grateful to Russia for now protecting them against the rabidly anti-Crimean U.S.-imposed rulers of Ukraine [archive.is/9MT4A]). Furthermore: by no later than 26 February 2014, the leaders of the EU knew that the ‘revolution on the Maidan’ had, in fact, been a brutal coup, nothing at all ‘democratic’ [archive.fo/dYFxJ] — but decided to ignore that fact. So, they too are culpable in this, though not nearly to the extent that Obama is. [end excerpt]

* "Russia, US will continue space co-operation despite earthly tensions – Roscosmos head" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/bC9aq]

* "Trump-Putin saga: What do the new sanctions really mean?" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/eX2cN]
* "US House of Representatives approves new sanctions against Russia" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/f3Fne]
* "White House says it is reviewing House bill on Russia sanctions" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/uBLSq]
* "Russia warns of retaliation over new sanctions bill" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/ROD6S]
* "Russia warns against new US sanctions amid Germany pushing" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/3qXqJ]
* "Russia gives solemn warning over US sanctions bill; Russia says the recent approval of a sanctions bill against Moscow at the United States House of Representatives is a serious step toward destroying any chance for the improvement of ties with Washington" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/gVteX]
* "Putin: New US sanctions are cynical, destroy international law" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/OjtnY]
* "  ‘Terribly bad mistake’: US Senator says Russia sanctions go against EU energy security & free trade" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/a7N9Z]
* "Labeled a 'Hostile Regime,' Russia Mulls Reply to US Sanctions; Moscow is considering a range of responses to the new measures, described as the most severe since the end of the Cold War" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/rBLI1]
* "Russia and US must ‘start anew or everything will be in tatters’ – Russian Deputy FM" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/QsOAw]

* "Zakharova: ‘Alleged arming of Taliban by Russia part of US media disinformation campaign’ " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/ExgTv]

* "Trump's Envoy Wants to Arm Ukraine With 'Defensive' Weapons That 'Take Out Tanks' ; Surreal: A supposed diplomatic envoy is advertising fanning the flames instead" (2017-07-25, RI News) [archive.fo/oPqPf], photo caption: Former Executive Director at the McCain Institute

* " ‘America 1st doesn't mean Europe last’ – EU lashes out at US sanctions against Russia" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/7lQWK]
* "German business lobby urges EU action against new US sanctions on Russia" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/HIwxo]
* "New US sanctions on Russia worries Brussels; The European Union has expressed deep concern about a draft law of sanctions against Russia being debated in the US Congress, saying if it passes through, it could seriously affect the critical flow of energy from Russia to Europe" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/lYw1H]
* "Europe worries US sanctions may affect its energy security" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/ATCmY]
* "New US Russia sanctions ‘absolutely unacceptable,’ come at expense of EU jobs – Austrian chancellor" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/Dz8cG]
* " 'Counter-sanctions possible, trade war between EU & US would be very bad' - German economy minister" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/pvnkf]
* "German business forum criticizes US sanctions on Russia" (2017-07-28, news.cgtn.com) [archive.fo/r83jt]
* " ‘We told you so’: EU reaps bitter harvest of siding with US in sanctions row – Russia’s UN envoy" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/a1jJ2]
* "Trade war? EU ready for economic counter-sanctions if US anti-Russia bill signed – top officials" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/PfUi6]
* " ‘US self-interest’: Poll shows overwhelming majority of Germans against new Russia sanctions" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/G7HkL]
* "Berlin calls for retaliation against 'illegal' US sanctions on Russia" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/LS0w5]
* "America Declares Economic War Against Europe" (2017-07-31, by Eric Zuesse) [archive.fo/we2WS]

* "UK warplanes track Russian bombers over Black Sea; A British Royal Air Force fighter jet based in Romania was launched to track two Russian strategic bombers operating near NATO airspace over the Black Sea" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/yNcen], photo caption: An undated AFP file photo shows a Russian long-range bomber TU-22 Backfire.

* " ‘We want to stop cyber warfare, now we have to convince US & NATO’ - top Kremlin advisor" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/xsDV9]

* "Romania closes airspace to Russian passenger jet with deputy PM on board" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/jeLD1]

* "RT crew blocked from French Afro-feminist festival, because ‘we do not like RT’s coverage’ " (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/W9ZwF] [begin excerpt]:
However, the promise of open-to-all policy apparently did not apply to RT, with the festival security not only barring the crew from entering, but also discouraging it from filming the people outside.
As grounds for not letting RT film the festival and broadcast the opinions of its guests, Dubenskij was presented with dubious claims of the channel’s coverage being “Islamophobic” and portraying the French black population negatively. A woman at the entrance told Dubenskij in English that “we do not like RT coverage.”
This is not the first time RT has been banned from a venue in France because of perceived negative coverage. On April 23, during the first round of the presidential election, RT was not allowed into the campaign headquarters of future President Emmanuel Macron, despite earlier being promised accreditation by his team. [end excerpt]

* "US Air Force Posts Ad for Bio Samples from White Russians; 'New types of biological weapons are being developed. Most likely, they are weaponized viruses,' said the former UN bioweapons commission member" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/r4e89]
* " 'Weaponizing viruses'? US Air Force places ad for bio samples from Russians" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/IzmY1]

* "Moscow not ruling out any measures to ‘bring US to its senses’ " (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/g9rCD]
* "Sanctions retaliation: Russia tells US to cut embassy staff, stop using storage facilities" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/0sRrx]
* "US ambassador voices ‘strong disappointment & protest’ at Russia cutting diplomatic staff" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/TUai1]
* "US compounds in Moscow: What they lose and what they get to keep" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/EoIWf]
* "Journos struggle to get perfect pic of Russian US embassy retreat" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/NMF2u]
* "In 'Long Overdue' Retaliation, Russia Kicks Out 755 US Diplomatic Staff; Moscow's order comes as a response to what it has blasted as "Washington’s constant outbursts" and "completely weird and unacceptable" sanctions" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/dQ5Gy]
* "Putin: 755 US diplomats to depart Russia, time to show we won’t leave anything unanswered" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/2wimy]

* "Pence visits Estonia to reassure NATO members over Russia; US Vice President Mike Pence arrives in Estonia to reassure Baltic NATO members that are worried about Russia's military activity in the region" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/xZt5i]
* "US policy ‘not America-alone,’ US veep says in Estonia; US Vice President Mike Pence claims that Russia is resorting to 'destabilizing' measures in Eastern Europe and that Washington expects Moscow’s 'behavior to change' " (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/HEoMN]

* "Russia warns of further retaliation against US; A top Russian diplomat has warned that expulsion of US diplomats and seizure of US diplomatic properties would not suffice as a response to a recent barrage of sanctions imposed by Washington on Moscow, warning that more retaliatory moves would come if the US decides to go further" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/YWq6B]

* "Russian athletes banned from singing national anthem at hotels at London World Championships" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/E3nw8]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineThe ALBA states

* "Latin American Left Regroups, Shows Strength in Nicaragua; The Sao Paulo Forum stressed unity and solidarity against the region’s anti-democratic right-wing offensive and foreign intervention from the U.S. and Europe" (2017-07-23, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/oDLDh], photo caption: Celebrations for the Sandinista Revolution anniversary in Managua, July 19, 2017.

* "Bolivarian Alliance Denounces New US Sanctions on Venezuela; The U.S. Treasury Department announced new sanctions on 13 senior officials of Venezuela's government Wednesday" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ESU1O]

* "Venezuela Economy Minister— Sabotage, Not Socialism, is the Problem" (2017-06-17, theempirefiles.tv) [youtube.com/watch?v=rk1qlKu_RJo]: Today in the corporate media, Venezuela’s economic problems are used to paint the country as a failed state, in need of foreign-backed regime change. To get the Bolivarian government’s side of the crisis, Abby Martin interviews Venezuela’s Minister of Economic Planning, Ricardo Menéndez. They discuss shortages, oil dependency, the role of the US-backed opposition movement and more. The Empire Files joined him in Cojedes, Venezuela, where he was speaking to mass community meetings, organizing the population to fight against what he calls an economic war.
* "Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition" (2017-07-03, theempirefiles.tv) [youtube.com/watch?v=ig6yFP8HjVQ]: Abby Martin goes on the deadly front lines of the anti government protests in Venezuela and follows the evolution of a typical guarimba—or opposition barricade. She explains what the targets from the opposition reveal about the nature of the movement and breaks down the reality of the death toll that has rocked the nation since the unrest began, and how a lynch mob campaign came after her and the Empire Files team for reporting these facts. Hearing from peaceful opposition marchers, to Chavistas to violent protesters at the guarimbas, this must-watch episode exposes the dark reality on-the-ground that is completely obscured from Western media.
* "Abby Martin in Venezuela - Supermarkets to Black Markets" (2017-07-11, theempirefiles.tv) [youtube.com/watch?v=YUYWrPiUeWY]: Abby Martin talks to Venezuelans on the streets of Caracas and investigates the main claim that there's no free press, and that there is no food in the supermarkets. Using hidden cameras, she takes you through local grocery stores and the underground black market currency exchange, the main source of inflation in the country. Abby sits down with economist Pasqualina Curzio to learn more about the nature of the black market and chronic shortages of goods. Knowing that world leaders are calling for foreign intervention, Abby finds out if locals agree.
* "Constituent Assembly Dictatorship or Democracy in Venezuela?" (2017-07-19, theempirefiles.tv) [youtube.com/watch?v=H9BoZmuhDKA]: On July 30th, Venezuelans will elect a people's body called the "Constituent Assembly" comprised of hundreds of representatives across the country with the power to redraft the constitution. U.S. politicians, press and opposition in Venezuela are calling the process a "coup" that should be boycotted by all. Abby Martin addresses the criticisms with Head of the Presidential Commission to oversee the Constituent Assembly process, Elias Jaua, speaks to supporters and participants of the Assembly, interviews historian Chris Gilbert and explains what is at stake in Venezuela if the social programs instated under Chavez are terminated by the opposition.

* "Former Top Leaders Of Venezuela’s Anti-Narcotics Agency Indicted For Trafficking Drugs To The United States; The Former General Director and Sub-Director of Venezuela’s La Oficina Nacional Antidrogas Allegedly Received Payments from Narcotics Traffickers" (2016-08-01, justice.gov) [archive.fo/0g4Ci]
* "2 officials: Head of Venezuela's National Guard named in US drug-trafficking indictment" (2015-12-16, AP newswire) [archive.is/6w2Gs]
* "Venezuela defends military official facing U.S. indictment" (2015-12-17, Reuters newswire) [archive.is/YVGxf] [begin excerpt]:
Venezuela accused the United States on Thursday of "judicial terrorism" and double standards in an indictment against a senior military official for drug trafficking.
Nestor Reverol, a former interior minister and head of the anti-drugs agency who now runs the National Guard, is accused of taking payments from traffickers and alerting them to raids, according to a person with knowledge of the case.
Another official, Edylberto Molina, currently a military attache posted in Germany, is also named in the indictment.
"Venezuela totally rejects U.S. foreign policy which, through judicial and police terrorism from national agencies and using global media campaigns, pursues, threatens and pressures the exercise of authority in Venezuela," a statement said.
Reverol, who would be one of the highest-ranking Venezuelan officials to face U.S. drug charges, had a distinguished record in the drug fight, the communique added.
"Under this senior Venezuelan official's management, major successes have been achieved in the control and prevention of the evil business of illicit drug-trafficking," it said.
Reverol has not commented on the case, but has previously rejected accusations Venezuela failed to curb illicit drug shipments and has touted the National Guard's success in cracking down on the flow of cocaine from neighboring Colombia. [end excerpt]

* "Maduro Blasts CIA Plot, Demands Response from Colombia, Mexico; The comments come after CIA Director Mike Pompeo confirmed the United States is advising Mexico and Colombia on developments in Venezuela" (2017-07-24, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/XXMde]
* "Maduro accuses CIA of plotting with neighbors against Venezuela; The Venezuelan president says Mexico and Colombia are working hand in glove with the US spy agency CIA in an American “plot” to overthrow the legitimate government in Caracas" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/B3eiL]

* "OAS Appoints Former ICC Prosecutor Ocampo to Look Into Venezuela 'Crimes Against Humanity' ; Ocampo headed the ICC during investigations in Libya and Syria and has advised the Israelis on how to avoid international legal charges" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/MaqfD], photo caption: Luis Moreno Ocampo (L) discusses human rights with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof (R) at the Council on Foreign Relations' "Symposium on International Law and Justice," sponsored by the Pitt-Jolie Foundation.

* "Venezuela on the Edge of Civil War" (2017-07-25, counterpunch.org) [archive.fo/VrfjR]

* "Digital Guarimbas: The Methods of Venezuela’s Online Opposition" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/xoUPc] [begin excerpt]:
The political situation in Venezuela continues to dominate international headlines. Last week, four people died after the right-wing opposition, which seeks to overthrow democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro, called for a strike and blockade of streets in some areas of Caracas.
Molotov cocktails, handmade weapons and rocks are the typical weapons that people imagine when they think of the protesters in Venezuela. But one lesser-known weapon, which is sometimes even more effective, is the organized and well-funded use of social media.
The opposition in the South American country has organized itself around social media and has managed to receive attention and support from organizations and politicians in the United States — although the support was already there to begin with. [...]
For Jorge Saturno, a scientist involved in the promotion of open access journals and open source scientific software, dominant social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have suspicious links to the U.S. government.
He believes they often serve the economic and political interests of Washington, which has opposed progressive governments and integrationist movements in Latin America for centuries [archive.fo/B7jpd].
“All of them (the social media websites) belong to big corporations that nowadays are much stronger than any state in the planet and that are obviously opposed to any working-class interest,” Saturno told teleSUR.
The most frequent practice applied in this strategy is the use of paid campaigns. These “bots” are frequently used on Twitter and Facebook, promoting anything from celebrity brands to political ideologies.
“To pay for a campaign in social media is cheaper than promoting products. That is how people can do much more with less money,” Fossi said. “Sometimes it can take just US$50,000.” [end excerpt]
* "GNP and GNB brutally beat libertarian youtuber in Anzoátegui" (by ANA; 2017-07-24, machine translated via ainfos.ca) [archive.fo/6tjzv]:
Gianni Scovino (33 years old) is a young asperger, a collaborator of the La Tortuga Foundation [fundacionlatortuga.org], participant in the punk scene and diffuser of articles on anarchism published in El Libertario through his channel S3 7 [youtube.com/channel/UCt5E7TuSaxrHPyoXF07LlZg/videos], where he usually posts videos in English and Spanish.
On July 13, he was wildly assaulted by officials of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) and the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) when he recycled waste to the Tortuga Foundation in the immediate vicinity of the parking lot of the Plaza Mayor de Lecherías Mall in Anzoátegui state. The beating he received was recorded in the following video [youtube.com/watch?v=p5e5NDx7Ues].
After being struck by the PNB and GNB with the shield, kicks and blows was retained for 36 hours in the 521 Detachment of Zone Command Number 51 of the GNB before being transferred to a care center; Currently his health is improving and he is in the Hospital of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Insurance "Dr. Domingo Guzman Lander" of Barcelona.
Those responsible for the assaults suffered by teammate Gianni Scovino are the first sergeants of GNB, Osmel Zambrano Márquez and Joel José Díaz Carreño, and second sergeants Julio César Gómez Mata and José Gregorio Trébol Pinto. As well as the aggregate official of the PNB, Luis Ramón Cova León and the officers of the same security body, Xavier Alexander Díaz Salazar, Elio Antonio Díaz Maigua and Jose Alejandro Villegas Olivero.
The violence suffered by Gianni Scovino has been a constant since 100 days in Venezuela, which since April 1 has more than 3,500 people detained, an incalculable number of injured, assaults to popular and residential sectors; 303 Venezuelans tried in military courts and over 100 fatalities.
From Venezuela, we make an international call to anarchist companions and companions not to be indifferent to the aggressions that the Venezuelan people are suffering in this People's Rebellion, silence is complicity with a dictatorship that oppresses, torture and detains libertarians.
May the indignation turn into anger against the oppressor.
With Gianni and all the Venezuelans who got up!
(signed) Anarchists in the popular rebellion.

* "Spanish Intellectuals Defend Venezuela's Constituent Assembly; To counter Spain's obsession with criticizing the Bolivarian government intellectuals, and defend the Constituent Assembly" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/cxGBk]

* "Venezuela's opposition leader calls for nationwide strike; Leopoldo Lopez, the top figure of Venezuela’s opposition movement, has called for a general strike in the country to protest against government plans for carrying out reforms in the constitution" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/IWQJ3]
* "2-day strike called by opposition due to start shortly in Venezuela; A two-day strike is due to begin shortly in Venezuela in an attempt by the opposition to increase pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to abandon an upcoming vote for a super-congress with powers to rewrite the constitution" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/2381A]
* "7 Pictures That Prove Venezuela’s Opposition ‘Strike’ Is a Flop; Even Reuters, one of many mainstream media cheerleaders for the Venezuelan opposition, was forced to admit the 'strike' was a failure" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ecVBL]: For Venezuela’s right-wing opposition, July 26 was supposed to be a day of momentum.
It was the day they launched their 48-hour-long nationwide “civic strike,” which was supposed to show President Nicolas Maduro that Venezuelans oppose his mandate and the upcoming National Constituent Assembly.
“It's our moment, without a doubt,” Venezuelan opposition leader Freddy Guevara wrote on Twitter the night before, claiming that “millions of people” were going to participate.
It was also the day they were supposed to “paralyze” the country, bringing businesses, public services and activities across the country to a halt.
Early Wednesday morning, however, those pipe dreams were quickly shattered.
Dozens of images have surfaced on social media of Venezuelans across the country carrying on with their regular morning routines, traveling to work and school.
Perhaps even more embarrassing, their call to post thousands of pictures of empty streets using the #HuelgaYParoPorVzla (Strike for Venezuela) hashtag fell on deaf ears — a quick search reveals that just Guevara and a few other opposition leaders have been tweeting photos of “empty” streets.
Even Reuters, one of many mainstream media cheerleaders for the Venezuelan opposition, was forced to admit the “strike” was a failure.
There was less enthusiasm for the strike “in working-class neighborhoods and rural zones where the government has traditionally drawn more support,” the outlet reported Wednesday, adding that “fewer people appeared to be heeding the shutdown” compared to a similar action called last week [archive.fo/BMlUY].
Here are seven pictures that prove the Venezuelan opposition’s so-called “strike” is a total flop.

* "US Announces New Sanctions on Venezuela in Interventionist Move; The U.S. action is aimed at interfering in the upcoming Venezuelan elections for the National Constituent Assembly" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/pGcJo], photo caption: A mural in Caracas reads, "The courageous people will defend Venezuelan oil in imperialism's cross hairs.

* "Election meddling: US sanctions 13 Venezuela officials, warns against electing Constituent Assembly" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/EuzJ8]

* "Bolivia's Evo Blames Almagro for US Intervention in Venezuela; The Bolivian president has warned that interference by Washington could lead to an armed conflict" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/WspbQ]

* "Venezuelan President Maduro lashes out at 'insolent' US sanctions" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/L3yx0]
* "Maduro to Trump: ‘Stop aggression against Venezuela, stop meddling in Latin American affairs' " (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/cGH7z]

* "Avianca Suspends Flights to Venezuela as US Tightens Sanctions; The airline disclosed Wednesday that they would be suspending flights on Aug. 16, but changed the date to Thursday, leaving passengers scrambling for new arrangements" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/iXKy7]

* "US orders embassy staff families to leave Venezuela" (2017-07-28, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/kkT7g]

* "US Oil Industry Warns Washington Over Venezuela Sanctions; More measures have been threatened as the White House attempts to force the cancellation of Sunday's National Constituent Assembly vote" (2017-07-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/r5TEX]

* "Colombia refuses to recognize Venezuela’s assembly vote" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/GXQ5x]:
Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday said he would not recognize the result of Sunday’s vote in Venezuela to create a new National Constituent Assembly, which will have the right to rewrite the country's constitution and override other institutions including the opposition-controlled National Assembly.
The president said that the constituent assembly was of “illegitimate origin” and therefore would not be recognized.
Sunday’s election of 545 delegates to the assembly will come after nearly four months of political upheaval that resulted in more than 100 deaths and left thousands injured and detained.
Few specifics have been disclosed as to what constitutional changes might be in store for the country. But allies of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the assembly will target opposition leaders, prompting fears he may use the assembly to install an autocratic regime.
* "Right-Wing Colombia Leader Calls for Military Coup in Venezuela; Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe urged the Venezuelan military to rebel against the democratically-elected government" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/HpuIQ]

* "Venezuela anti-Maduro protests continue despite ban" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/yhHaR]

* "Strange Fruit: Venezuela has an Opposition that Nobody Should Support" (2017-07-29, venezuelanalysis.com) [archive.is/DlCuf], abstract:
Bolivarian University Professor Chris Gilbert addresses the racism and white supremacy of the Venezuelan opposition in light of recent lynchings against Black and Brown Venezuelans accused of being "Chavistas" or "thieves" by opposition militants. The most emblematic of these cases was the public lynching of Afro-Venezuelan Orlando Figuera on May 20. Figuera was stabbed six times, doused in gasoline, and burned alive by opposition protesters in the eastern Caracas neighborhood of Altamira. He died in hospital ten days later. Other prominent cases include that of Danny Subero [archive.fo/fV5TU], Pedro Josue Carrillo [archive.is/VeCfa], as well as a pair of youths in Lara state [archive.fo/Fzqjg].
- Photo caption: Orlando Figuera was set alight in Altamira on May 20.

* "Here’s Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in Venezuela; At least 114 people have died since opposition-led protests aimed at toppling the government began" (updated 2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/8n9JB] [begin excerpt]:
Headlines about ongoing violence in Venezuela are practically inescapable, with at least 114 people dead since opposition-led protests aimed at toppling the government began in early April.
In addition to those killed, over 1,200 have been injured in the protests.
Right-wing opposition leaders have attempted to portray the deaths as examples of state repression and evidence of the "dictatorship" that they are aiming to topple. Mainstream media have by and large echoed this version of events, using titles like “Venezuelan Regime Has Blood On Its Hands” and “Venezuela's Tiananmen Moment."
Some outlets have even gone as far as claiming the elected government of President Nicolas Maduro as engaging in “a campaign of state genocide.”
The reality of the situation on the ground, however, demonstrates something very different. [end excerpt]

* "Which Way Out of the Venezuelan Crisis? As Venezuelans go to the polls this Sunday, the country faces a choice between deepening revolution and an elite-enforced rollback" (2017-07-29, by George Ciccariello-Maher, via jacobinmag.com) [archive.fo/0Lq8N] [begin excerpt]:
In a recent article [archive.fo/OcSAZ], Mike Gonzalez pronounced the Bolivarian Revolution dead: “This project has failed.” Needless to say, this cavalier suggestion would come as a surprise to those on the ground still fighting for revolutionary change, precisely because they have no other option. For an article entitled “Being Honest About Venezuela,” Gonzalez begins with a strange conspiracy theory: that a helicopter attack against government targets was really a false flag operation carried out by the government itself. Unfortunately for him, this unsubstantiated innuendo — which echoed right-wing talking points — didn’t age well: less than a week later, Oscar Pérez made an appearance at an opposition rally [archive.fo/JpRSN].
Gonzalez’s goal is to reveal Maduro’s “betrayal” of the Revolution, but this betrayal takes the form of a catch-22: the government is ineffective, but if it attempts to act, it is authoritarian; when it defends itself in a far less heavy-handed fashion than most governments would, it is repressive; it is fiscally irresponsible, but criticized for turning out of desperation to extractive projects like the Arco Minero; if it fails to fill the shelves, it is useless, but collaborating with private companies to do so is high treason; and when an admittedly problematic socialist party (the PSUV) acts in a partisan way — this being, after all, what revolutionary parties are meant to do — it becomes an “instrument of political repression.”
Amid hyperbolic denunciations of the “systematic undermining of democracy, the demonization of dissent,” Gonzalez dismisses the Constituent Assembly in a paranoid fashion: “There will be no debate, no transparency,” he tells us, with no need to explain. And for a revolutionary socialist, the author seems to hold liberal democracy in high esteem, misleadingly decrying Chavismo’s “packed institutions” and deeming the government “increasingly antidemocratic” without specifying by what measure. Gonzalez claims that the government is “prevent[ing] the constitutionally protected right to protest” — this would come as a surprise to those whose neighborhoods have seen nothing but protest for months on end.
With little more than a nod to imperialism, global capital, or the brutality of the Venezuelan opposition, Gonzalez heaps blame on Maduro’s shoulders. Corruption thus appears as state policy with no mention of the private “briefcase companies” that simply took billions in government funds before disappearing into thin air. Empty shelves are left to speak the truth of a failed political project, with no mention of capitalist sabotage of production. And Gonzalez points cryptically to the murder of indigenous cacique Sabino Romero, while failing to mention that he was killed by wealthy landowners. The “gains of Chavismo” are indeed slipping away, but this does not absolve us from the task of explaining why.
Ultimately, for Gonzalez, Chavista elites and the bourgeoisie who have “happily colluded” with them are one and the same. But this leaves him unable to answer the most basic question of all: if they are the same, then why are they fighting a bloody battle in the streets? The answer is that, however imperfectly, the Maduro government still stands for the possibility of something radically different, as the many grassroots revolutionaries that continue to support the process can attest.
By portraying a chaotic constellation of facts without explaining their causes, by heaping blame onto the government while letting the opposition and imperialism off the hook, Gonzalez’s account shares much with its professed adversaries. Like the mainstream media, he doesn’t tell us who is responsible for the deaths in the streets, and like the mainstream media, he offers decontextualized tragedies as proof of the government’s failure. But most of all, like the mainstream media, he erases the very same revolutionaries that he claims to speak for: left almost entirely out of this picture are the hundreds of thousands struggling for socialism on the grassroots level [archive.fo/3PTeG] and having to make difficult decisions — with real consequences — amid the crisis of the present.
“We should support those in struggle in rebuilding the basis for a genuinely democratic society,” Gonzalez writes. In order to do that, he might heed José Miguel Gómez, a revolutionary organizer from the Pío Tamayo Commune in Barquisimeto who has long been struggling for communal power:
"The government is not the Bolivarian project, which goes far beyond the presidency — this is why they haven’t been able to defeat it and why it is still in the streets today. We need to continue to resist and to build a truly revolutionary option that can transform the very structure of the state. The Constituent Assembly is a step toward this, but we also need to cleanse the government and the institutions, where there is too much corruption and bureaucracy. We have to wrest power away from the military. There are too many financial mafias — we need to eliminate the currency controls and nationalize banking and foreign exchange. The Right will never be an option. We must be critical toward the government and build a true alternative capable of governing."
Here, Gómez expresses many of the same critiques voiced by Chavismo’s critics, but he tethers them to a revolutionary vision of social change and an understanding of what would happen if the opposition were to seize power. [end excerpt]

* "The World Reacts to Venezuela's Historic Constituent Assembly; Social movements, regional governments, allies and opponents of the Bolivarian Revolution have been highly vocal in response to the event" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/IHI9n], photo caption: Social movements across Mexico and Central America are among those expressing solidarity with Venezuela's fight against imperialist intervention.

* "Venezuelans vote for constitutional super-body, opposition boycotts election; People in Venezuela are casting their ballot in a controversial election to elect a 545-seat Constituent Assembly, which will be capable of rewriting the country’s constitution and dissolving the current opposition-led legislature, as the South American nation has been the scene of months of anti-government protests, often with violent clashes with police, over a persistent economic crisis" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/xdMFR]
* "Venezuela vote triggers deadly 'war' in the streets" (2017-07-30, AFP newswire, via msn.com) [archive.is/OHNZF]
* "Bloodshed, massive boycott mar controversial Venezuela vote" (2017-07-30, usatoday.com) [archive.is/QM703]
* "Venezuela constitutional vote marred by violence, death; At least nine killed and clashes reported as people vote for new legislative body tasked to reform constitution" (2017-07-30, aljazeera.com) [archive.is/zNOLB]
* "Prosecutors: Candidate in Venezuela assembly election shot dead; Venezuelan prosecutors say one of the candidates running in the country’s assembly election has been fatally shot by yet unknown gunmen" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/GawT7], photo caption: This file photo shows assassinated candidate for Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly, Jose Felix Pineda (R), along with Diosdado Cabello, the former speaker of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

* "Violence plagues Venezuela's election to rewrite constitution" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/6j02T]
* "Ten killed in Venezuela vote unrest" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/VToVX]

* "Maduro claims victory in controversial assembly vote" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Rp1OP]
* "Venezuela claims 'extraordinary turnout' in controversial assembly vote" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/cSIbp], with 8 million participating despite the opposition's death squads and foreign mercenaries targeting voters, out of 19,504,106 registered voters (as of March 16, 2016) with a 62.87% average participation rate in elections (data retrieved 2017-07-31, electionguide.org) [archive.is/S2nu8]... this is a victory!
* "Over 8 Million Vote in Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly Election; The National Electoral Council announced that voter turnout for the National Constituent Assembly was over 41 percent" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/lnh7A]
* "What happens next in Venezuela after the controversial vote?" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/nM6Gq]
* "The election that split Venezuela down the middle" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/7QsrF]

* "Maduro ‘ready for national dialogue’ as vote on Venezuela’s new assembly gripped by violence" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/YoWFp] [begin excerpt]:
Opposition boycott of vote ‘triggered violence’ -
Sunday elections to the Constituent Assembly have split Venezuelan public opinion. While the opposition forces, which have a majority in the parliament, the National Assembly, boycotted the vote, calling the new body unconstitutional, government supporters challenged its decision to abstain.
Speaking to RT just days ahead of the vote, a former Venezuelan permanent representative to the UN and prominent opposition figure, Diego Aria, said the vote is aimed at overriding the opposition-controlled parliament by the “unconstitutional” elections.
In contrast, a co-writer of ‘The Empire Files’ TV program and political activist Mike Prysner argued that the opposition had every chance to participate in the democratic process, but chose to abstain from it and trigger violence instead.
“It’s an open democratic process and the opposition can run their own candidates, and they can participate in it… If they have a majority as they say they do [in the National Assembly], take it easily, run, take the majority of the constituents and shape the constitution.
“Instead, they’ve opposed a democratic process and called for violence in the streets in response,” he stated. [end excerpt]

* "US Threatens 'Swift Actions' Against Venezuela Assembly Members; Over eight million people voted in Venezuela's election Sunday, a turnout of over 41 percent, according to electoral authorities" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/z3QGA]
* "In Continued Threats, US Sanctions Venezuela President Maduro; 'We urge those who were elected to the Constituent Assembly to decline to take office,' the statement concluded" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ohQuB]
* "Bolivia, Russia Defend Venezuela's Constituent Assembly; 'I would recommend Mexico and Colombia make their own Constituent Assembly ... to change their capitalist system, their imperialist system', Morales said" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Q29V2]

* "Venezuela: 7 Dead in 48-Hour Opposition Strike as UN Calls to Respect ANC Vote" (2017-07-29, venezuelanalysis.com) [archive.is/7SSAF]
* "Venezuela: 10 Dead, 200 Voting Centers Attacked as US Sanctions Maduro" (2017-07-31, venezuelanalysis.com) [archive.is/BeDg4]

* "US Funds ‘Terrorist’ Separatist Groups in Bolivia: Evo Morales; The Bolivian leader accused Washington of supporting separatism in his country in 2008" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Z2Sj2]

* "US Threatens Nicaragua With Sanctions for Supporting Venezuela; The Nica Act seeks to impose economic sanctions on Nicaragua over alleged authoritarianism and corruption by President Daniel Ortega" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/GPpHI]
* "US Debates Sanctions on Nicaragua for Backing Venezuela; If approved the measures will go to the House of Representatives for a vote and before being sanctioned by President Donald Trump" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ZVuDC]
* "US House Committee Passes Sanctions Against Nicaragua; The bill will go to the House of Representatives for a final vote in September" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/dKrvE]

* "Nicaragua Says Nica Act Reflects Continuity of US Imperialism; Managua will also seek a US$17 billion dollar compensation from the United States ordered in 1986 by The Hague" (2017-07-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/dbUqT]

* "Britain's Open University Bows to US Pressure over Cuba; The Open University states their new policy that bans applications from Cuban students has been adopted to avoid repercussions from the U.S." (2017-07-24, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/PjK3k]

* "New York Celebrates 'Day of Rebellion' in Solidarity with Cuba; 'We will never return to the past of torture, inequality, illiteracy, and oppression against which Fidel and his comrades rose on July 26, 1953', a Cuban official said" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/cOqFR], photo caption: A poster in Cuba protesting the U.S. blockade on the country.


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineDemocratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)

* "North Korea would hold talks if South Korea supports peace treaty with US" (2017-07-25, en.asiatoday.co.kr) [archive.is/dP7At]

* "N Korea appears to be preparing for new missile test: South Korean source; North Korea appears to be preparing for another missile launch weeks after it sparked an international uproar by its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, a South Korea source says" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/NPeuK]

* "N. Korea vows ‘merciless blow with nuclear hammer’ if US attempts to topple Kim" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/opGij]
* "CIA Proposes Regime Change in North Korea, NK Threatens Nuclear Retaliation" (2017-07-26, theantimedia.org) [archive.is/F2RPt]

* "China says new US sanctions on DPRK could 'harm mutual trust' " (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/6IDkW]

* "Seoul says no deadline in dialogue offer to Pyongyang" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/cYBo6]

* "North Korean missile could reach US in a year: Intelligence officials; American intelligence agencies say that it will take only one year for North Korea to have missiles capable of reaching the United States" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Fv8DC]

* " 'Time running out' to solve North Korea crisis – US Army chief of staff" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/5rgq3]
* "US & South Korea discuss 'military response' to North Korean missile test" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/kxKDU]

* "Japan sanctions Chinese firms to pressure North Korea" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/VZukp]

* "North Korea believed to have conducted new missile test" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/LZ45s]
* "Russian military says North Korean missile launch was IRBM, flew 732 km" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/Vn2bH]
* "North Korea missile launch was ICBM – Pentagon, S. Korea military" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/vKHMl]

* "DPRK fires another intercontinental ballistic missile" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/CK4hZ]
* "DPRK confirms test firing second ICBM" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/fc3T1]
* "South Korea & US missiles launched in response to North Korea test" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/UY1x8]
* "ROK president to deploy more THAAD launchers after DPRK missile test" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/IoqCA]
* "Entire US mainland in range of N. Korean nukes after latest test – Kim Jong-un" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/tl04x]
* "China urges caution after latest DPRK missile test" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/ls1Yb]
* "Why did the DPRK fire two ICBMs within a month?" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/jpQHz]
* "Moon Jae-in: DPRK’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile a 'reckless action' " (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/s6wSa]
* "Where do key players stand on DPRK missile tests?" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/L81oe]
* "Residents in Pyongyang and Seoul react to DPRK missile launch" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/cQ9y3]
* "Fresh sanctions expected after latest DPRK missile launch" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/7BHKO]

* "DPRK: ICBM Is Warning to Beast-Like US Imperialists; Pyongyang says its weapons programs is a 'precious strategic asset that cannot be bartered for anything' which displays the North's 'tremendous might' " (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/jqdZf]

* "ICBM test meant to waken US from foolish dream: N Korea; North Korea has touted its recent test of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) as a call on the United States to set aside its threats of attacking the island nation" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/3Ixh5], photo caption: People watch as coverage of an ICBM missile test is displayed on a screen in a public square in Pyongyang on July 29, 2017.

* "DPRK warns of 'resolute act of justice' following US sanctions" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Hz7hf]
* "US ‘successfully’ tests THAAD by launching ballistic missile over Pacific" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/tu0QX]
* "US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula after DPRK missile launch" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/6tvKg]
* "US Bombers Fly Over Korean Peninsula in Threat to DPRK; The aggressive overflight came amid belligerent tweets from Washington" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ZZLtb]
* " ‘Ready to use force’: US supersonic bombers, Japan & S. Korea fighters fly over Korean Peninsula" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/uxFRE]
* " ‘Very disappointed’: Trump blasts China for ‘doing nothing’ with N. Korea" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/GjF3D]
* "Why China is not to blame for the DPRK deadlock" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/XPuAm]
* "N. Korea ‘years and years away’ from viable nuclear device – Russian Deputy FM" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/aRAr6]

* "Abe, Trump agree to take more action on Pyongyang" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/K93KF]
* "US ‘done talking’ over North Korea, China must decide: Haley; The United States is 'done talking' about North Korea’s ballistic missile tests, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says, urging China to clear up its mind on imposing greater sanctions against its neighbor and trade partner" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/z22DA]
* "China shrugs off Trump’s ‘doing nothing’ claims over N. Korea" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/KxCr2]
* "US attempts to shift blame onto Russia & China over N. Korea are baseless – Moscow" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/jAHay]

* "Cash-strapped North Korea uses hackers for income not espionage - report" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/hTnyY]


NEW COLD WAR Frontline: Arab Republic of Syria

* "Trump: WaPo fabricated facts on ending CIA train-and-equip program for Syrian rebels" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/5dBRp]
* "Trump appears to back ending covert CIA program in Syria; US President Donald Trump has seemingly backed a decision to halt support for foreign-backed militants in Syria, inadvertently confirming the existence of a covert CIA program to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/X7mN3]

* "Fear and Trepidation in Tel Aviv: Is Israel Losing the Syria War? 'Without a joint Israeli-US plan, Israel is now emerging as a weak party,' Ramzy Baroud" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/YxJde]
* "Brief Analysis On The Israeli Stance On The Regional Security" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/77MgL]

* "White Helmets Fabricate Pretext For New U.S. Strikes" (2017-07-26, [youtube.com/watch?v=8LnVHw96jFs]: We've obtained an exclusive raw footage of White Helmets operating in unidentified location in Syria where allegedly the Syrian government forces had used CW or other banned weapons against civilians.
The source who had provided us with these videos speaking on condition of anonymity said they had been captured during a specop against Hayat Tahrir al Sham group (also known as Nusra Front) in Aleppo-Idlib frontier zone. Watch [is.gd/4epkU7]
* "Video: White Helments Fabricate Chemical Attack To Use It As Pretext For US Airstrikes?" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/QMT6t]
The Special Monitoring Mission to Syria (SMMS) website has released a video that allegedly shows the so-called White Helmets fabricating a chemical attack in order to use it as a pretext for US airstrikes on Syria, source (2017-07-26, smmsyria.wordpress.com) [archive.is/rIUOS]:
We’ve obtained an exclusive raw footage of White Helmets operating in unidentified location in Syria where allegedly the Syrian government forces had used CW or other banned weapons against civilians.
The source who had provided us with these videos speaking on condition of anonymity said they had been captured during a specop against Hayat Tahrir al Sham group (also known as Nusra Front) in Aleppo-Idlib frontier zone. A group of militants had been eliminated and the footage was found on their laptops, cameras and mobile phones which were in their baggage.
A number of noncompliances can be seen at the very first view, and it becomes clear the footage was staged and not ready to be released yet. For example, the same persons play ‘savior’ and ‘victim’ parts in the videos. They also change places, postures, adjust clothes etc.
The decorations are another issue to analyse. There is smoke (possibly, of a smoke grenade) in one video, but there is no smoke in another. And notice a roomy body of the ambulance which the same ‘saviors’ load with the same ‘victims’. Also there are unsuspecting women and children strolling along the ‘contaminated area’ and observing the happenings.
The final edition of the film was supposedly to become the ‘compulsive evidence’ of the atrocities committed by Damascus which the U.S. State Department was talking about in late June. At that time Washington warned the Syrian authorities on its readiness to attack the Syrian army again. But, there had been no evidence to become new casus belli. Also the White House could have decided to hold off till the meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at G20 summit.
- What I noticed, and I have not read anyone mentioning this, is that there are no women being "rescued" - always only men and boys (girls are used in some of their productions). If they were a legitimate rescue operation unit, women would certainly be victims as well. This, to me, just adds another nail in the coffin of these so-called "rescuers".
- I'm more interested in the fact that the rebels were carrying the footage with them on the battlefield (the day they died) and I'm just here wondering, why?
- They were killed by the spec ops unit, this should be a warning to any who intend to commit to making fraudulent videos like these. This was the attack they were waiting for when the Wicked Witch of the West warned Assad regime at the UN about chemical attacks and possible actions.

* " ‘US block Russian arms supplies to Lebanon, while not helping to fight terrorism enough’ – former MP" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/3RGrB]

* "US systematically targeting residential areas: Syria to UN; Damascus has called on the UN to end the Washington’s crimes against Syrian civilians, while stressing that the US is systematically targeting residential areas" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/h04nr]


NEW COLD WAR FrontlineIslamic Republic of Iran

* "Iran will respond to US sanctions in kind: Larijani; Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the lawmakers are closely monitoring all moves by the United States, particularly the bid to slap new sanctions against the Islamic Republic and Russia, and will make swift decisions accordingly" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/vl3mC]
* "US sanctions fail to hinder rapid growth of Iran’s tech sector: Report; Iran’s tech market continues to boom despite the US sanctions against the country, while the bans have merely restricted the global giants’ access to Iran’s lucrative tech market, a new report says" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/nKHdp]

* "US ship fires warning shots at Iranians in Persian Gulf" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/LeNnv]
* "IRGC says neutralized provocative US Navy move in Persian Gulf; Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it has frustrated a provocative move by a US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf after it allegedly fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/lFnb1]
* "US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian boat in northern Persian Gulf" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Xm5jR]: US Navy ship fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel in the northern Persian Gulf on Tuesday after it came within 150 yards, Reuters reported citing a US official.
The US ship fired shots into the water to warn off the Iranian boat, which was believed to be operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.  Concerns of collision arose after there was no response to radio signals, reported by CNN.

* "Shell willing to sell Iranian jet fuel in Persian Gulf; Royal Dutch Shell is interested in selling Iran's jet fuel in international markets, the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) has said" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/IUEvD]

* "Iran to face ‘big problems’ if it does not adhere to nuclear deal: Trump; US President Donald Trump has threatened Iran with “big, big problems” if Tehran fails to comply with the 2015 nuclear agreement" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/AjOJ4]

* "Iran will ‘strengthen defensive weapons’ in response to US sanctions – Rouhani" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/tRcj1]

* "US-Iran relations strain over sanctions, military encounter at sea" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/5FYkf]

* "India’s hardball tactic with Iran backfires; India’s insistence to get exceptional concessions from Iran on the development of a giant gas field in the Persian Gulf has taken some toll on their trade ties; Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said last week that India’s state refiners would import less Iranian crude oil in 2017-18" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/jTc0j]

* "Iran’s missile program no breach of UN resolution: Foreign Ministry; Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says the country’s missile program is no breach of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which endorses the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and the P5+1 group" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/zPRe4]
* "Watch moment Iran successfully launches Simorgh satellite carrier" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/Hjpko], video [is.gd/j0CGNy]
* "Iran claims successful launch of carrier rocket" (2017-07-28, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/B56WU]

* "US sanctions Iranian companies after satellite launch" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/Sf29C]
* "Iran Won't Leave JCPOA Despite US Sanctions: Officials; U.S. President Donald Trump has promised to 'dismantle the disastrous deal' " (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/5gaHw]
* "Iran vows to continue missile programs, condemns US sanctions" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/mxPJE]
* " 'New US sanctions aimed at making Iran exit nuclear deal' " (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/nf8T0], summary: The US Senate has imposed new sanctions on Iran in response to what it claimed to be Tehran’s destabilizing actions in the Middle East. Iranian officials, however, have rejected the accusations and interpreted the sanctions as serving America’s malicious intentions against the country. Meanwhile, the Iranian Parliament's Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy has passed the general outlines of a motion to counter the United States’ “terrorist and adventurous measures” in the region. Following is a synopsis of an interview Press TV has conducted with Jim W. Dean, the managing editor of Veterans Today, and Jim Walsh, a research associate with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, about Washington's new anti-Iran measure.

* "US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf for 2nd time in days – Tehran" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/uoF5e]
* "US Navy Fires Warning Shots near Iranian Vessels Again; The IRNA news agency report said the incident took place on Friday afternoon and the U.S. Navy ships left the area soon after" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/SKezc]: According to Iran’s state news agency, a U.S. navy aircraft carrier has fired a confrontational warning shot in the vicinity of Iranian vessels. The report from the IRNA news agency alleged that the USS Nimitz and an accompanying ship sailed near an Iranian oil offshore platform in the Persian Gulf and a helicopter from the ship hovered near the Iran-manned elite Revolutionary Guard. The report said the incident took place on Friday afternoon and the U.S. Navy ships left the area soon after. This latest agitation came three days after a U.S. Navy patrol boat fired warning shots near another Iranian vessel, claiming unease with the proximity of the Iranian ship.

* "Embraer eyeing US approval for Iran plane sales; Brazil’s regional jet maker Embraer says it is still waiting for an approval by the US Treasury Department for sales of aircraft to Iran" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/j79RV]


NEW COLD WAR Frontline: Jurisdiction of Yemen

* "Yemen grappling with ‘vicious’ combination of worst crises: UN" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/HB8oK]
* "UN Says Yemen Is Now the Largest Global Humanitarian Crisis; Arab nation is said to be on the brink of famine after almost 2 years of war and disease" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Dp9gl]
* "80% of Yemen Children in Need of Immediate Aid: UN" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/SqLZk]
* "Yemen Records 400,000 Cholera Cases Under Continuous Siege of US-Saudi Aggression" (2017-07-27, IPS newswire) [archive.fo/0L34S]

* "An international report accuses the Saudi aggression of targeting a boat of migrants off Yemen" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/MUJRv]

* "Bank targets the Yemeni army and the new Popular Committees" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/Fd5i0]

* "Media myths on US-Saudi war in Yemen and the Houthis – Interview with Zein el-Amine" (2017-07-26, bennorton.com) [archive.is/cVLWt], audio [is.gd/tQVANa]:
I joined Zein el-Amine’s radio program Shay wa Nana [facebook.com/shaywanana], along with journalist and researcher Hannah Porter, to discuss the US-Saudi war in Yemen and the many media myths spread about it.
We debunked the absurd sectarian talking points that falsely portray the conflict in Yemen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran [archive.fo/gWaIw] and/or as a fight between Sunni and Shia.
I also spoke about many of the misconceptions and distortions about Yemen’s Houthi movement (officially known as Ansar Allah, although popularly referred to simply as the Houthis).
More than two years of brutal US-Saudi war and blockade have created, in Yemen, the largest humanitarian catastrophe in the world [archive.fo/ex7CM]. Millions of people are on the brink of famine, and tens of thousands of civilians have lost their lives, mostly from preventable causes [archive.fo/QZ7eO].
Making things worse, Yemen has been hit by the worst cholera epidemic since records began in 1949, with some 400,000 cases in the three months between late April and late July.
You can listen above, via Washington, DC’s listener-sponsored WPFW, 89.3 FM.


NATO Watch

* "Swedish military plans ‘largest’ drills in 20 years along with NATO troops; The Swedish military has announced plans to hold its “first and largest” wargames in over 20 years, involving all of the country’s military branches along with forces from several NATO member states" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/C5Tjs]

* "US mulls deploying Patriot missiles to Estonia: Prime minister; Estonia’s prime minister says he has held talks with US Vice President Mike Pence over the possible deployment by Washington of the Patriot missile system to the Baltic state amid rising tensions between NATO states and Russia" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/R40TJ], photo caption: Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas (L) shakes hands with US Vice President Mike Pence prior talks in Tallinn on July 30, 2017.

* "Georgia begins US-led military exercise a day before VP's visit; The Georgian army began two weeks of military exercises with the United States and other partner countries on Sunday, a day before US Vice President Mike Pence visits the ex-Soviet nation" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/XTL5U], photo caption: Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili (R) attends the opening ceremony of the joint multinational military exercise 'Noble Partner 2017' at the military base of Vaziani, outside Tbilisi, on July 30, 2017.

* "US tanks head for Tbilisi as NATO flexes muscles in ‘largest ever’ joint drills with Georgia" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/vmHmx]


NATO Watch: 
Articles reflecting the views of war planners
(warontherocks.com) [archive.fo/69odf]


NATO Watch: 
Weapons for a New World Order & the Militarization of Space

Mapping of all orbital weapons platforms!
* "Scientists explore new methods to tackle space junk" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/GqXsK]


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World Context & Events 
Including information on Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations, as defined by the USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) (.pdf) [is.gd/6MJUTQ], and by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) [archive.fo/mc6sX], recognizing the jurisdictions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (.pdf) [is.gd/ek1oFs] including EEZ territorial boundaries [archive.fo/wl8Oj], the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) [archive.fo/UtXrm]. Notes on Diplomatic Recognition [archive.fo/qGIGd]. 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States declares that "a State as a person of international law should possess a permanent population, a defined territory, a government and the capacity to enter into relations with other States."
Evaluated by Bay Area MPD Committees, serving as a 5th World News service [FifthWorldNews.blogspot.com], more news sites: [globalresearch.ca] [southfront.org] [fmso.leavenworth.army.mil] [corpwatch.org [fpif.org

Energy & Resource Extraction:
International Energy Agency (IEA) [iea.org]

* "Humanity overspent Earth's 2017 resource 'budget' " (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/jupdu]
* "Earth’s 2017 ‘resource budget’ will be spent by next week – report" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/2tMZ5]

* "Oil prices up as OPEC and non-OPEC meet" (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/SHHsU]

* "Exxon Finds Even More Oil off the Coast of Guyana; 'Payara-2 confirms the second giant field discovered in Guyana,' said Steve Greenlee, president of Texas-based ExxonMobil Exploration Company" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/AZIPg] [begin excerpt]:
Earlier this year, ExxonMobil Corporation discovered a massive oil field with reserves estimated to reach up to 2 billion barrels. The discovery and its oil production apparatus, which would become known as the Stabroek Block, has primed Guyana to join ranks with the world's major oil-based economies.
In June, Guyana's government signed a lucrative deal with the U.S. oil company and has since began the initial phase of development to begin extracting and selling the crude on the world market.
“We will work closely with the Government, our co-venturers and the Guyanese people in developing this world-class resource that will have long-term and meaningful benefits for the country and its citizens,” ExxonMobil Development Company President Liam Mallon said.
When the oil reserves were first being prospected, the U.S. Department of State, currently headed by former ExxonMobil executive Rex Tillerson, began advising Guyana on how to “prepare" for an oil boom, giving advice on drafting new environmental policies and financial agreements.
Guyana's government plans to provide new aircraft and technology to its small military in order to increase border protection around the fields, providing "comfort to Exxon and other investors," the presidential spokesperson said, according to Associated Press. [end excerpt]

* "Oil surges to 2-mth high on US stock draw & possible Venezuela sanctions" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/h414X]

* "Shell shuts production at Europe’s largest refinery in Rotterdam after massive fire" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/eW22S]

* "China successfully extracts gas from ‘flammable ice’ " (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Tn9gI]

* "US city boosts wind energy amid business concerns" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/3QwQK]


Robotization & the Exclusion of Superfluous Labor

* "Trump lauds potential 13k new jobs in Wisconsin Foxconn factory, but robots may land all the gigs" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/VU5Rz]

* "US farmers look to the future of robotics to fill labor shortage" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/RLKMK]

* "World's first autonomous ship to sail next year" (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/tyLjS]

* "India to ban self-driving cars to save jobs for human" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/o3kFr]

* "Roundup: Every job in Australia to be altered by 2030 as automation comes calling" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/YSdKG]


Instruments of the World Market Regime

* "Global use of trade restrictions slows, WTO says" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/jnGSX]

* "Italy: Banks in trouble" (2017-07-27, by Borislav Boev, lentata.com; translated by southfront.org) [archive.fo/JenNK]

* "IMF to initiate new form of aid without paying money; The International Monetary Fund announced Wednesday it will launch a new tool to support governments in financial trouble: one that involves no money" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/xaQx4] [begin excerpt]: Instead of providing cheap loans to countries, the new IMF tool will serve as a good housekeeping seal of approval for a government's reform program.
With that approval in hand governments would be more likely to be able to access other forms of financing from banks and bond markets, the IMF said in a statement.
"The new instrument is designed to help countries unlock financing from official and private donors and creditors," the IMF said.
"It enables them to signal commitment to reforms and catalyze financing from other sources."
The IMF board this month approved the new non-financing Policy Coordination Instrument (PCI), which unlike traditional fund programs will not have any eligibility criteria, as long as the country is not delinquent in payments to the IMF. [end excerpt]

* "IMF may soon be moving to China – Christine Lagarde" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/SzbVs]
* "IMF director: Beijing could be its new home in a decade" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/mcWQG]

* "IMF upgrades China's economic outlook to 6.7%" (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/FS2ge]
* "China to remain key driver of global growth" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/9G0Im]
* "Opinion: China’s B&R initiative leading a resurgence of Asia" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/J3Gi0]
* "Lagarde: US-based IMF may move HQ to China" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/EttCV]
* "IMF: Chinese RMB exchange rate levels up" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/roxeI]

/ G-20

/ G-7


* "BRICS bloc emerges as global economic force" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/YXFw4]

* "Welcome senior representatives on security issues from S. Africa, Brazil, India" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/VKeIB]
* "Russian security chief proposes unified anti-terrorist database for BRICS nations" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/4Dvuj]
* "BRICS Industry Ministers sign cooperation action plan" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/mbebf]


* "Delaware allows corporations to use blockchain to create & maintain transaction records" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/1c9BI]

* "Wall Street regulator says digital coin offerings may require oversight" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/KaoDx]

* "Singapore entrepreneurs aim to introduce bitcoin into everyday life" (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/FkLvR]

* " ‘Sophisticated’ Ethereum hack steals $8mn worth of cryptocurrency" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/3ME2G]

* "Major Bitcoin trading site in limbo as Greece arrests Russian man on US charges of laundering $4bn" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/1q7Zo]

* "Russian airline first to sell tickets using ethereum blockchain" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/Md9mA]

* "Digital currencies like bitcoin aren't real - fund warns investors" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/uIGnI]

* " ‘He used his real name online’: Bitcoin security expert on $4bn laundering scheme suspect" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/ceRDw]


United Nations (UN)
UN Peacekeeping Operations map [archive.fo/wTpdj]


Space Race: The Partitioning of Planets
The Outer Space Treaty (OST) [archive.fo/CLCXG]; Space Law [archive.fo/QuYL1]; USA Space Property Law [archive.fo/beU61] , USA space mining law [archive.fo/5HG4r] [archive.fo/Y8ZVV] [archive.fo/w57h7] [archive.fo/6hZIR]

* "China selects site for simulated Mars colony, doubling as tourist attraction" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/kav9q]
* "China to build first 'Mars Village' " (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/5C4Z7]

* "What is the best way to get to Mars? Via Poland!" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/fpe4M]


* "Florida startup boldly to land the moon" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/1FD5G]


Global Anarchist vanguards & autonomous zones
[anarchistnews.org] [ainfos.ca[squat.net[libcom.org] [anarchiststudies.org] [a-revolt.org] [wsm.ie] [facebook.com/SolidarityTimes] [redblack.org] [cnt-f.org] [insurrectionnewsworldwide.com] [anarchisthistory.noblogs.org


World Anti-Imperialist Alliance for People's Democracy (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Basic Course (2014, massalijn.nl) [archive.fo/1NZy5].
News: [redspark.nu] [signalfire.org] [maoistcommunistgroup.com] [ri-ir.org].


Islamist Supremacists

Anti-Islamic acts [archive.fo/ErMTI]

* "France shuts down its only de-radicalization center, says ‘experiment’ failed" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/T10uA]

* "UK stripped 150 criminals, terrorists of citizenship: Report; The UK has stripped more than 150 criminals and suspected terrorists from their citizenship, out of fear that they would return to Britain after the fall of the Daesh (ISIL) terror group in Iraq and Syria, according to a new report" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/14p8G]

* "German intelligence agencies ‘knew about Hamburg attacker’ ; The man who killed one person and injured six others in a knife attack in the German city of Hamburg had been known to intelligence authorities in Germany, an official says" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/cPwM4]
* "Hamburg knife-attacker acted on ‘Islamist motives’ – prosecutors" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/o4V5s]

* " ‘Australian women need Muslim men to fertilize them,’ says halal food chief in Facebook rant" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/u0LP0]

* "Muslim Refugee Butchers Mom In Front Of Her Kids For Way She Insulted Islam" (2017-05-03, madworldnews.com) [archive.is/dGIwk] [begin excerpt]:
RT reveals [archive.is/83RFW] that the victim was a fellow Afghan native who was attacked by her countryman for converting from Islam to Christianity, a crime for which the Quran commands execution. Although it is unclear if the suspect had known the woman in Afghanistan, evidence alludes that he was carrying out the attack to properly punish her for offending Islam and breaking Sharia law.
German online newspaper Bild reports that the woman and her children, aged 5 and 11, had just left a church service at a nearby chapel when the migrant struck. The attacker focused his stabbing on the woman’s head and neck, refusing to stop until a policeman and several passersby intervened. [end excerpt]

* "Muslim Refugee Beat Western Wife With Hammers Upon Seeing What She ‘Forgot’ ; After marrying a Western woman to obtain a visa, a refugee expected her to be devoutly obedient in accordance with his religion. However, as soon as the migrant saw what she 'forgot', he brandished 2 hammers and beat her in a gruesome hour-long attack" (2017-07-30, m2voice.co.uk) [archive.is/achza]

* "California Muslim man murders his mom, cuts her heart out and then [...]" (2014-10-14, therightscoop.com) [archive.fo/GwMUF]

* "Australian Baptist pastor calls Islam ‘a cancer we must destroy’ " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/87ePh]

* "Richard Dawkins hits back at ‘abusive speech against Islam’ allegations" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/9ZH2T]


Governance over the Arctic Ocean


Map [archive.fo/Y4Jtd]


Quebec nation within the Realm of Canada


The nations within the Realm of Canada, including... 
The Inuit, the Metis, the 630 recognized First Nations governments, and traditional nations.
Maps of the Inuit [archive.fo/tHTzZ] [archive.fo/7cycI] [archive.fo/yVcDs]

* "Protest camp built on proposed site of Sisson mine project First Nations protesters in N.B. planning to last the winter at the remote site of Sisson mine project" (2017-07-18, cbc.ca) [archive.fo/FuA46]

* "Canadian Court Rules Energy Board Must Consult Indigenous Nations Before Construction; The court overruled the seismic testing project but reasserted that the Indigenous groups do not have the power to veto" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/RHAeu]

* "First Nations Chief Asks Canada to Prosecute Hate Speech; Indigenous leader in the province of Saskatchewan says people shouldn't feel their lives are in danger" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/KGoZR]


Regional insights for the lands of 
Anahuac, Carib, and Abya Ayla ("Latin" America) 
"When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Reawaken".
* English language news [upsidedownworld.org] [narconews.com] [narcosphere.narconews.com] [nacla.org] [coha.org] [cepr.net] [cedema.org].
* Spanish language news [contrainjerencia.com]


Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA)
[HandsOffBolivarianVenezuela.blogspot.com]. Map [archive.fo/qVad1].


United States of Mexico 
[activista.mx]; Drug cartel area of influence (2011, Stratfor) [archive.is/iTybj]

* "Mexico's Farmers and Rural Poor Demand Agriculture Be Excluded from New NAFTA Talks; NAFTA has benefited U.S.-based multinational corporations at the expense of Mexico's working class and agrarian poor" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/bHuPB]

* "Mexico's Lopez Obrador to Tour South America Ahead of Elections; The leftist candidate is due to meet the presidents of Chile and Ecuador in the coming weeks" (2017-07-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/WWw7M]

* "Activists Bus en Route to Ayotzinapa March Shot in Mexico; The activists say they have been persecuted for holding the government accountable for the violent police repression against teachers in Nochixtlan which left 10 people dead" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/L4aqf]

* "Mexican Reporter's Asylum Bid Rejected Despite Death Threats; Nine journalists have been killed in Mexico since the start of the year" (2017-07-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/4xTgZ]

* "Mexico City: Explosive Attack Against the Mexican Episcopal Conference by Informal Feminist Commando of Anti-authoritarian Action" (2017-07-26, es-contrainfo.espiv.net; translated by insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/vUvBL]


Indigenous communities within Mexico
Map [archive.fo/xYkf4]


The Good Government and the EZLN ("Zapatistas")
[chiapas-support.org] [enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx] [zeztainternazional.ezln.org.mx]


Revolutionary People's Democratic Party (PDPR) - Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR) for the People of Mexico
Communiques [is.gd/LUS15N]


Central America, an "Economic Sacrifice Zone"


Republic of Guatemala


Republic of El Salvador (ALBA Affiliate)

* "Sessions Takes Up El Salvador Violence Without Noting US Role; The United States is the single largest source of guns in El Salvador" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/aMcPl]


Republic of Honduras
Most of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.
News: [aquiabajo.com]

* "Honduran Police Fire Tear Gas, Water Cannon at Student Protest; Around 1,000 protesting students from the Autonomous National University of Honduras were met with a violent police crackdown" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/wXHXd]

* "Berta Caceres' Family Denounces Hate Threats Against Them; Honduras has the highest murder rate for environmental activists in the world mostly because of conflict over land rights" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/VKQAQ]

* "European Banks Stop Funding Controversial Honduran Dam Project; The banks decided to pull out amid the continual murders of local activists, including renown environmental leader Berta Caceres" (2017-07-08, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/CnufE]


Tolupan nation within the Republic of Honduras


Republic of Nicaragua (ALBA member)


Republic of Cuba (ALBA member)
[radiohc.cu] [plenglish.com]

* "Cuba’s new mine marks first foreign joint venture in 20 years" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Z0kxL]


Republic of Haiti

* "Haiti To Cut International Missions Due to Economic Crisis; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated they will be closing and reducing approximately 66 percent of their missions around the world" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/3tAqt]


Republic of France Overseas Department of Guadeloupe


Republic of Colombia

* "Are Paramilitaries the Wall Stopping Peace in Colombia? Of the 242 municipalities where the FARC were present, 74 have been taken over by paramilitary groups, according to a report" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/EEwgF]:
Paramilitary violence is far from disappearing in Colombia. Instead, it is becoming one of the biggest obstacles to achieving the stable and long-lasting peace outlined in the Havana peace agreements.
Neo-paramilitary groups, the successors of the paramilitary or criminal grounds as President Juan Manuel Santos likes to call them, continue to threaten, murder and force people from their homes.
The most recent proof of this took place on July 12 in San Jose de Apartado, a neighborhood in the Apartado municipal in Antioquia, when the homes of the residents were vandalized with graffiti announcing the arrival of the Gaitanistas Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, known by its Spanish acronym AGC.
“The AGC has come to stay” was written on one of the signs left by a member of the paramilitary group. Photos [archive.fo/SNSsG] [archive.fo/5CxFm] [archive.fo/TQxtn] [archive.fo/H4xho] [archive.fo/7HRGK] [archive.fo/xlb56].
It was not long before residents of the small township, located in Uraba in the state of Antioquia, the scene of one of the bloodiest chapters of paramilitary violence, expressed their concern.
But the response of Armed Forces to the threat caused more fear than the graffiti.
“What’s sad is that the authorities are saying that it was the same community and that it is nothing to worry about,” said a local campesino who wished to remain anonymous.
With so little response from state institutions, the residents began to erase the signs and instead draw pictures about peace.
“We are closing a page and together we will begin a new story in which reconciliation is the protagonist,” says one of the new messages written by the campesinos. Photos [archive.fo/EWyfj] [archive.fo/RLdrZ] [archive.fo/FZdf0].
In the decade between 1990 and 2000, the appearance of the signs announcing the arrival of the Gaitanistas Self-Defense Forces of Colombia was followed by various massacres in this region of the country.
The last of these massacres occurred on Feb. 21, 2005 when members of the paramilitary group Heroes of Tolova assassinated eight campesinos, among them a young girl whose neck was cut with a knife, according to community testimony.
“They’re still after this land, these highlands and all the resources that are found here,” said a campesino.
The renewed threat of paramilitary violence has led to serious human rights violations in Colombia.
The latest UNHCR report found that 7,000 people have been forced from their homes since the beginning of 2017 — of which 90 percent were due to paramilitary threats, according to experts of the conflict. This comes amid escalating threats against social leaders with 68 killed just this year.
The day-to-day reality for these communities continues to be complex, despite the peace agreement between the FARC and the government, which paradoxically has led to new dynamics of violence.
According to the latest report by the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation, this is due to the lack of state presence in territories formally controlled by the FARC. The report found that of the 242 municipalities where the FARC were present, 74 have been taken over by paramilitary groups.
Indeed, Uraba has been one of the regions in Colombia worst affected by paramilitary violence. In San Jose de Apartado, around 300 people have been assassinated by paramilitaries, which does not take into account the countless number of campesinos who have been forced to flee their homes.
Photo captions:
- Houses in San Jose de Apartado have been vandalized with the message,“The AGC has come to stay.”

- [archive.is/C9Xih]: "Displacement and unease from paramilitaries in Apartado, northeast of Colombia."



* "Paramilitaries Flood Zones Vacated by the FARC: Expert; Right-wing paramilitary forces continue to operate throughout the country inflicting terror on social and political movements, as well as on the civilian population" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/CtJ42], photo caption: Paramilitary forces escalated their terror as the FARC demobilized.

* "Criminal Organization Puts US$1 Million Bounty on FARC Leaders; As right-wing paramilitary violence rises, the lawyer for the FARC said that the bounty comes from wealthy people 'previously linked to armed organization' " (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/0ypve]

* "ELN and Colombian Government Meet in Ecuador for Peace Talks; Bernardo Tellez, a member of the ELN peace delegation has stated that the revolutionary group is committed to ending the armed conflict" (2017-07-24, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/UPNa9], photo caption: Pablo Beltran (left), leader of the ELN speaks at the inauguration of peace negotiations with the Colombian government in February.

* "ELN Seeks 'Temporary and Renewable' Ceasefire: Beltran; Pablo Beltran said the ELN has always sought to be "with the people" and for this reason it supports efforts toward peace" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/K7LeW], photo caption: The leader of the ELN spoke with TeleSUR, saying the group supported a ceasefire.


Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP) 
Communiques [is.gd/rRiMnb], Peace Delegation [farc-epeace.org].
English [justiceforcolombia.org], [prensarural.org/spip/spip.php?mot95]. 
Spanish [farc-epeace.org] [pazfarc-ep.org] [mujerfariana.org] [resistencia-colombia.org] [issuu.com/pacocol[youtube.com/channel/UCen4cHx7I7aVoBJlPsJqgAw]

* "Colombia's FARC rebels to launch political party" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/REXeK]


National Liberation Army (ELN) for the people of the Republic of Colombia


Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (ALBA member)
News & Info: [venezuelanalysis.com]; [rnv.gob.ve]; ALBA Ciudad 96.3 FM [albaciudad.org]; Public Ministry [mp.gob.ve]; [issuu.com/tribuna_popular]

* "Argentina's Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Support Venezuela's Constituent Assembly; 'Surely, we will win, Latin America needs us to win — I say we will win because I feel Venezuelan,' Hebe de Bonafini said" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/zfvdz]

* "Milagro Sala Urges Venezuelans to Vote for Constituent Assembly; The Parlasur representative has also condemned the opposition's decision to refuse the offer of talks" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/O9L6Z]

* "Maduro: Venezuela Holds Its Most Important Election on Sunday; Venezuelan President says proposals have been submitted to ask the opposition MUD coaltion to return to politics" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/RoQt9]
* "Venezuela Electoral Council Guarantees Transparency in Election; Venezuelans prepare for a key election on Sunday to choose representatives to the National Constituent Assembly" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/OgRr4]
* "Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Celebrates Inclusivity; Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Celebrates Inclusivity" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/1PsA5]
* "Venezuela Votes for National Constituent Assembly: Live Updates; The National Constituent Assembly is intended to further develop the country's democracy and help ease tensions with the opposition" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/aU5Et]
* "In Celebratory Mood, Venezuelans Vote for Constituent Assembly; teleSUR is on the ground in Venezuela, getting reactions from people as they vote for the ANC" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ys52r], photo caption: People wait to cast their vote at a polling station during the Constituent Assembly election in Caracas.

* "Venezuela elections for National Constituent Assembly begin" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/bGONJ]

* "Venezuela Electoral Board Reports 94% Voting Stations Operating; Throughout the country, voters have expressed their surprise with the efficiency of the voting" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/lEqPL], update "Nearly 100% Voting Centers Operating: Venezuela Electoral Board" [archive.fo/SopjY]
* "Venezuela Extends Voting for National Constituent Assembly; The National Constituent Assembly is intended to further develop the country's democracy and help ease tensions with the opposition" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/LPIbs], photo caption: Venezuelans head to the polls to cast their ballots for the National Constituent Assembly.

* "Venezuelans Pack Streets to Cast Vote in Constituent Assembly; People are turning out in large numbers to cast their vote for peace, democracy, prosperity and a deepening of the Bolivarian process" photo set (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ptUZc] [begin excerpt]:
Polling stations for the National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela opened early Sunday, despite threats from the U.S. and protests from the foreign-backed anti-government opposition.
President Nicolas Maduro was among one the first to cast his vote at a polling station in the west of the capital city of Caracas.
The ANC was proposed by Maduro on May Day, with a view to reviewing and rewriting the 1999 Constitution to break the current gridlock that has paralyzed the normal functionings of the country. A popular referendum will be held on the new constitution after it is drafted.
teleSUR takes a look at the Venezuelan people's eagerness to move forward to a new era of peace, social justice and popular power. [end excerpt]
Photos, captions:
- Motorcycle convoy in Venezuela's Cojedes state heads to the polls at dawn to cast their vote during the ANC election.

- People wait to cast their vote at a polling station for the ANC election in Caracas.

- The new Constituent Assembly delegates will be sworn in within 72 hours of the results being announced.

* "8 million Venezuelans vote for Constituent Assembly amid violence; Over eight million Venezuelans have participated in the Sunday vote to elect a powerful new congress, which will be allowed to rewrite the constitution, with President Nicolas Maduro hailing the results as a victory for the country’s Bolivarian Revolution" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/XA21y]
* "Electoral Experts Call for Respect of Venezuela Assembly Vote; The Council of Electoral Specialists of Latin America noted that the 'Venezuelan people have made their case for peace' " (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/HmtLr] [begin excerpt]:
The Council of Electoral Specialists of Latin America composed of former presidents and magistrates from electoral organizations throughout Latin America was the main international organization that observed Venezuela's ANC.
According to CEELA, Venezuela's assembly vote was a clear indication that "the Venezuelan people have made their case for peace despite threats and interventionist actions for the United States as well as their associates and allies."
International observers — politicians, parliamentarians, campesinos, Indigenous people, workers and representatives from electoral missions and organizations in different parts of the world — also participated and reiterated that Venezuela's self-determination and sovereignty, as expressed through ANC elections participants, must be recognized and respected.
Nicanor Moscoso, the organization's representative, delivered a statement which read, in part, that Venezuela's legitimate and robust voting system “guarantees that the results accurately reflects the will of voters,” according to Prensa Latina. [end excerpt]
* "Human Rights Lawyer Kovalik's Observations on Venezuelan Vote; teleSUR caught up with Kovalik for an interview just before he boarded his from Caracas, after being an international observer for the ANC" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/cvQiC]

* "Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly Explained; President Nicolas Maduro made his call for a new Assembly at the end of a trade union march on May Day" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/wYO8g]:
Almost 20 million Venezuelans are eligible to vote for 537 members of a new Constituent Assembly this Sunday, July 30.
Eight other members are being chosen by Venezuela's Indigenous peoples according to their own traditions. Here is how it came about and how it works:
President Nicolas Maduro made his call for a new Constituent Assembly at the end of a trade union march on May Day, one month after the Venezuelan opposition began a series of protests which often turned violent and had already left dozens dead. He emphasized three aims:
1. Overcoming the current conflict in Venezuela
2. Restoring peace in the country
3. Giving the people, especially working people, the chance to decide on Venezuela's future
That same day, he published Decree 2830, which laid out several other aims:
1. Restore cooperation between public powers
2. Develop a post oil economy
3. Give constitutional status to the social Missions
4. Strengthen the justice system to tackle corruption, impunity, speculation, etc.
5. Give constitutional status to the Communes etc, as new forms of democracy
6. Defend Venezuelan sovereignty against foreign intervention
7. Promote pluriculturalism over racial and social hatred
8. Recognize youth rights
9. Preserve biodiversity and promote ecological culture
The decree invoked Articles 347 and 348 of the current Bolivarian Constitution, which clearly give the president the power to call for a constituent assembly. The argument used by the opposition that he should have called a referendum first, as happened in 1999, is a political one. Maduro could have done that. But there is no requirement in the current Constitution for him to do so.
The nomination of candidates took place from May 30 to June 2.
Would-be candidates had to gather signatures from 3% of their electorate in support of their standing.
No serving member of the government or other public office holder can be a candidate.
55,314 names were put forward. 6,120 candidates met the conditions and were accepted by the National Electoral Council as candidates, 3,546 for the territorial vote and 2,574 for the sectoral vote.
The campaign for the election ran from July 9 to July 27. The vote is on Sunday July 30, from 6am to 6pm, although anyone lining up to vote at that time will be allowed to vote.
The 545 seats in the Constituent Assembly break down like this:

Territorial Vote
364 members of the Constituent Assembly will be elected from geographical areas, with one seat for each municipality in Venezuela, and two extra for each municipality which is a state capital, in other words the larger cities. The central Caracas area, with by far the largest population, will elect 7 members.
The electoral system here is mixed: first-past-the-post for the first seat in each municipality, and proportional for the extra seats in the larger ones.
Sectoral Vote
This is the most novel aspect of this election, and the one that has caused most uproar among opponents. Apart from the eight Indigenous members, who will be chosen in the two days after the main election by a variety of assemblies in different Indigenous regions of Venezuela, 173 members will be elected from seven different sectors of society. The idea here is to give these different sectors a chance to elect members who who will speak directly to their specific interests. These seats are divided as follows:
8 for Campesinos and Fishers
5 for Business people
5 for the Disabled
24 for Students
28 for Pensioners
24 for Communal Councils
79 for Workers
The workers' sector is itself sub-divided thus:
17 for public administration
14 for service sector
12 for social area
11 for commerce
11 for self-employed
6 for industry
4 for construction
2 for oil industry
2 for transport
This has been described as an attempt to deepen the kind of participatory democracy mentioned in the 1999 Bolivarian Constitution, but developed more explicitly after 2005 by the government of Hugo Chavez. However it is anathema to those who believe representative democracy – electing representatives every four or five years and leaving it to them – is the only acceptable form of democracy.
Next Steps
The new Constituent Assembly will be sworn in within 72 hours of the results being announced. It will at first work with the procedural rules used by the 1999 Constituent Assembly. One of its first tasks will be to draw up its own rules and procedures.
There is no fixed time limit for the assembly to finish its new draft constitution. This is likely to be a development of the 1999 Bolivarian Constitution rather than a wholly new document.
Once the draft is agreed, it will have to be put to a national referendum to see if the Venezuelan people as a whole accept it or reject it.
Depending on what the assembly proposes, and what the electorate approves, there may then be new presidential and parliamentary elections, possibly by the end of this year or next year.
This will be the 21st set of elections held in Venezuela in the last 18 years of the Bolivarian revolution. The voting system used will be a version of the electronic system used in most of these earlier elections, which the Carter Center once described as one of the most reliable and transparent in the world.

* "Flow of Venezuelan Immigrants to Colombia Expected to Drop; With Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly expected to improve the economy, Colombian officials foresee a wane in immigration" (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/RlKjh]


Pluri-National State of Bolivia (ALBA member)

* "Bolivia Can Be South America's 'Energy Heart': Minister; 'One year of Evo Morales' government has been more effective than two decades of any previous neoliberal government,' said Sanchez" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/DQf07]

* "Bolivia Produces More Than 95% of Its Food: Minister; 'A country that provides over 95 percent of its food is a country that has security and food sovereignty', Cocarico said" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.is/ZUBK0]:
Bolivia’s Minister of Rural Development and Land Cesar Cocarico has announced that Bolivia produces more than 95 percent of its own food for internal consumption.
Speaking in an interview with Bolivia TV, the minister declared, “Last year, despite the drought we reached more than 95 percent of production and importation only accounted for 4 percent of total food.”
“A country that provides over 95 percent of its food is a country that has security and food sovereignty,” he added. “We are a self-sufficient country.”
While a drought hurt agriculture in many regions in Bolivia in 2016, the country was able to maintain a stable level of production thanks to special government programs, he said.
According to Cocarico, the Bolivian government has invested over US$40 million in different programs over the past 11 years.
These programs have boosted local food consumption. Potato production jumped from 80,000 tons a year to more than a million tons between 2006 and 2016. Tomato production also soared, increasing from 50,000 tons a year to 80,000 tons over the same decade.
When Bolivia’s President Evo Morales took office in 2006 one of his major early policies was to strengthen land rights for campesinos and develop sustainable and local food production.
By introducing new agrarian laws to ensure campesinos were granted legal ownership to reactivate unused lands and stimulate agriculture.
- Photo caption: Minister Cocarico has declared Bolivia "self-sufficient" in terms of food production.


Republic of Ecuador (ALBA member)

* "Ecuador's President Unveils Plan to Tackle 'Critical' Economy; Lenin Moreno has announced budget cuts and measures to increase foreign investment in the country" (2017-07-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/PDT2V]

* "Ecuador Ratifies Paris Accord to Preserve Biodiversity; The 2015 agreement is viewed as the best chance to limit global warming by cutting emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases from burning fossil fuels" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/mftWY]


Republic of Paraguay

* "Paraguayan Campesinos Demand Senate Address Agriculture Crisis; Campesinos want the Senate to discuss a "social emergency bill" designed to stimulate the agricultural sector and help small-scale farmers hit by the crisis" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/TOx5H], photo caption: Campesinos marched in the captial of Paraguay to demand greater government support, July 25, 2017.

* "Riot Police Block Campesino Protest in Paraguay; Containment fences, barbed wire and mounted police agents with water cannons stopped the campesinos from continuing their march" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/URc6o]
* "Major Victory for Family Agriculture in Paraguay's Senate; The legislation will now be debated in the lower house before being signed or vetoed by the government" (2017-07-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/7FSi4]



* "Indigenous Gaming Teaches Mapuche History at School; The Mapuche of Chile are one of the largest Indigenous communities in South America and make up an estimated 10 percent of the country’s population" (2017-07-27, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/7bKm8]


Towards a People's Republic of the Andes (Peru, Ecuador, Chile)
[movadef.net] [periodicoelpueblo.wordpress.com]. Documents by and about the PCP (1998) [archive.fo/l9PKx]


Republic of Chile


MIR - Guerrilla Army of the Poor (MIR-EGP) for the People of Chile
[mir-chile.com], communiques and articles [is.gd/jtNxOP], "People's Justice against Oligarchal Genocide" (2015) (.pdf) [is.gd/VCZw1N], text [archive.ifo/rs3nG], machine translated [archive.fo/zOlte]


Republic of Argentina

* "Argentines Fight Sentence Reductions of Dictatorship Crimes; Another battle has broken out between human rights defenders in Argentina and the government of President Mauricio Macri" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/ApxUG]
* "28 Ex-Officials of Argentina's Military Dictatorship Sentenced; Four former judges, among the most powerful in the country, received the maximum sentence of life imprisonment" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/EsOg2]


Federation of Brazil 

* "Temer Responsible for Supporting Modern Slavery: Rights Groups; According to the rights group Walk Free Foundation, more than 160,000 workers are still employed in inhumane conditions" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/fR8Sn]

* "People Power forces government to protect Brazil's most threatened tribe" (2014-01-14, by April Holloway) [archive.fo/1fOlh]

* "Online Petition Forces Review of Dilma Rouseff's Impeachment; Last August, Brazil's Senate voted to remove Rouseff from office for manipulating the budget, a charge she denies" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/18bFr]


[NewAfricaPeace.blogspot.comAn overview of Africa and the Diapora, with the Green Charter Committee, towards Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!
[africadaily.net]; Learn about the NATO war against the socialist Jamahiriya [is.gd/phNvx0].

* "Brazilian Women March in Recognition of Afro-Women's Day; July 25 marks the International Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean Women's Day to unite against racism, sexism, and oppression of women of African descent" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/OfKg1], photo caption: A woman protests against racism in Sao Paulo, July 25, 2017.


African Union (AU) member states

* "Kenya, Tanzania agree to lift trade restrictions" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/I01ij]

* "Gunmen attack home of Kenya's deputy president before election" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/dTOzK]


* "South Africa's government sets aside $7.5 million for black filmmakers" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/dhkts]

* "German helicopter crashes in northern Mali" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/d1gpN]

* "Algiers police bust terrorist group affiliated with Daesh; Algerian police have broken up a Daesh terrorist cell led by a former al-Qaeda commander convicted in France more than a decade ago for planning an attempted bombing in Strasbourg, a security source said on Wednesday" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/m1b2o]

* "DR Congo warlord surrenders to UN peacekeepers" (2017-07-28, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/u4fiy]


USA, EU, & NATO operations within African Union (AU) member-states

* "EU, France aid Africa to stem flow of migrants" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/t6275]


People's Republic of China relations with African Union (AU) member-states
Articles (2009) [archive.is/Nvde6], (2013) [archive.is/NNWjs] [archive.is/eMENR], (2015) [archive.fo/OQBj9]

* "When two cultures collide: A touch of China in South Africa" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/eg591]

* "Chinese troops on the way to new support base in Djibouti" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/DEAO9]


Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Map [archive.is/UrLIs]. Member states [archive.fo/w57Ca] are the Republics of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Cote d'Iviore, the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ginea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo

* "UN agency appeals for more funds to assist Nigerian returnees from Cameroon" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/hwf1M]

* "Boko Haram launches deadly attacks in Nigeria" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/fVBEW]


Jurisdiction of Libya

* "Libya’s rival leaders ‘commit to ceasefire, elections’ ; The two main rivals in conflict-ridden Libya are committed to a ceasefire and holding elections "as soon as possible", according to a draft statement released before they began talks brokered by French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/F5oxU]
* "Libyan rival leaders agree on ceasefire following Macron-hosted talks" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Tcrg5]


* "Italy gets OK from Tripoli to deploy boats to combat human traffickers from Libya" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/oOCMf]
* "Italy plans to deploy ships into Libyan waters by end of August" (2017-07-28, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/UHzHU]


Captive nation of Oromo
[opride.com/oromsis] [librationfororomiya.blogspot.de]


Mouvement National de Libération de l’Azawad (MNLA)
[mnlamov.net] [twitter.com/MnlaNews]


Jurisdiction of Somalia

* "Al-Shabaab Claims 39 AU Troops Deaths; Car Bomb Kills 5; Abdiasis Abu Musab, al-Shabaab military operation spokesman, said: 'We have in hand 39 dead bodies of AU soldiers including their commander' " (2017-07-30, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/IAY41]
* "Ambush, clashes kill 39 African Union troops in Somalia, Shabab claims; Somalia’s militant group al-Shabab has claimed that it has launched a blitz attack on African Union troops south of the country, killing 39 of them" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/oSuAj], photo caption: Somalia’s militant group al-Shabab has claimed that it has launched a blitz attack on African Union troops south of the country, killing 39 of them


Commonwealth of Iceland 


[asatru.is] [transceltic.com]


Kingdom of Norway
Map showing world territories [archive.fo/rDBc6]


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (UKGB), including Wales, and relations with The "British" Commonwealth member states, the European Union, the USA, and NATO
Map [archive.fo/pyhbI], "Greater London" [archive.is/5rRxA]

* "UK and US to start talks on post-Brexit trade deal" (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/4tHET]
* "Donald Trump working on ‘big’ UK trade deal, takes a swipe at EU" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/Bfn8y]
* "UK manufacturing output strongest since 1995" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/AtGI7]

* "Boris Johnson: Britain plans bigger role in Asia post-Brexit" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/XPyJZ]

* "Brexit may take much longer to protect UK economy from shock" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/XL5hr]

* "Trident nuclear submarine replacement plans ‘unachievable’ – spending watchdog" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/Ow1Gj]

* "Britain forced to rely on foreign allies to guard its borders" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/wl9U3]

* "Tory govt must refund millions to workers as employment tribunal fees ruled ‘unlawful’ " (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/mfQaO]

* "Half of children who use food banks over summer are primary school age" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/NbDBg]

* "Most pointless fine ever? Homeless people blocking doors threatened with £2.5k penalty" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/qM0yw]

* " ‘No Biblical warrant’: Orange Order tells its members to give up using ‘Catholic’ RIP" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/JRDPm]

* "Violence erupts in London’s Hackney at protest over black man’s death during arrest" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/RKFJn]


UKGB - Scotland


UKGB - Northern Ireland


European Union (EU) 
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations.
Maps: Homeland and overseas territories [archive.fo/iqAFG], global Exclusive Economic Zone [archive.fo/GJkE9]. "What is Europe?" set of maps [archive.is/aFaA3]

* "Health crisis under radar: New study finds sperm counts halve among western men" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/hdwXq]

* "UK and EU still disagree on citizens' rights: Brexit secretary; British Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis has said there is a "moral imperative" to reach a quick deal on the rights of EU nationals living in Britain and UK citizens in the bloc" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/emJ7a]

* "Corbyn told Venezuelan President Maduro that EU is ‘bad for the poor’ " (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/Rrsp3]

* "Central Europe Takes on the Soros Empire; The issue is national sovereignty and their enemy is George Soros" (2017-07-24, by Tom Luongo, RI News) [archive.fo/fSGAZ]


Republic of Portugal (EU Member)


Republic of France (EU Member)

* "Macron’s popularity drops 3 points: Poll; Emmanuel Macron's popularity dropped in July to the lowest rating for a French president two months into his term, an opinion poll showed on Wednesday, in a sign that controversy over spending cuts and tax reform are taking a toll" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/n3Q25]

* "Ferguson in Paris: A Historical March Against Police Violence" (2017-07-23, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/NEh8j]


Kingdom of Spain (EU Member)
Map [archive.fo/xx9rr]


Euskal Herria (Euskalerria; the Basque Country)
History and Current Context [archive.fo/u3n1a] [archive.fo/k3YMd] [archive.fo/me7Ax] [archive.fo/xuCvf]; Maps showing Basque regions [archive.fo/dTPuZ], imposed administrative zones [archive.fo/WBNbb[archive.fo/GuTFH], placement within the European Union [archive.fo/Eg5QG], topographical relief [archive.fo/4jREV]


North Euskal Herria (within the Republic of France's jurisdictions of Labourd, Soule and Basse Navarre)


West & South Euskal Herria (Euskadi, within the Kingdom of Spain's governance of, respectively, the Basque Autonomous Community, and of Navarre)


State of Catalonia

* "Catalonia Gets Ready For Immediate Independence Over Referendum; The Spanish government told Catalonia it would lose access to public funds if it was found using state money for the referendum" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/QEVdN], photo caption: People assemble a giant Catalan separatist flag during a pro-independence rally in Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain, on July 8, 2017.


Federal Republic of Germany (EU Member) 

* "Over 80% of Germans see ‘growing problem’ with political extremism – poll" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/57nmZ]


Republic of Estonia (EU Member)


Republic of Latvia (EU Member)


Republic of Romania (EU Member)


Republic of Croatia (EU Member)


Republic of Greece (EU Member)

* "Anarchist appeal against the onslaught of green capitalism" (2017-06-24, Berea Baruti anarchist group, baruti.espivblogs.net; 2017-07-26 via verba-volant.info) [archive.fo/EtwqA], (machine translation 2017-07-30 via ainfos.ca) [archive.fo/EtwqA]


Republic of Macedonia (EU associate state)


Republic of Serbia
News [b92.net/eng]


Republic of Srpska (Republike Srpske)
Government website [vladars.net]; News [thesrpskatimes.com]


Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH)


Republic of Albania, and Republic of Kosovo


Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
[en.censor.net.ua] [eu.eot.su/language/en]

* "UK court obliges Ukraine to pay par value on its Eurobond debt to Russia" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/3U8Qj]

* "Ukraine starts liquidation of legendary aircraft manufacturer Antonov" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/ev0dY]

* "Wanted ex-Georgian president Saakashvili loses Ukrainian citizenship" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/AspuZ]


The People's Republics of Novorossiya in the Donbass region
For more info, with maps, and link, visit [NovorossiyaSolidarity.blogspot.com]; More news [dninews.com] [novorossia.vision]

* "Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France vow to implement peace plan in Donbass; Leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France have vowed to push ahead with a peace plan to end the deadly conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has been the scene of fighting between Kiev’s troops and pro-Russia forces over the past three years" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/RjNlp], photo montage caption: Leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany, Vladimir Putin (Upper right), Petro Poroshenko (Upper left), Emmanuel Macron (Bottom right) and Angela Merkel.

* "US mulls sending arms to Kiev, doesn’t view move as 'provocative' – US special envoy to Ukraine" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/GusE7]
* "Any US decision to send arms to Ukraine hinders peace talks: Russia; Russia has warned that a possible US decision to funnel lethal weapons to Ukraine would set back peace efforts and fuel Ukraine’s persistent civil war" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/EJ0sR]


Attacks against the People's Republics of the Donbass region
"But for the Generals" (2015, dninews.com) (.pdf) [is.gd/tRPDMG], a history of the USA-backed war against the people of Novorossiya. 


Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) Operations
Combined reports of the DPR & LPR Armies and Security agencies: 'Essence of Time' Battalion [eu.eot.su/language/en], Russell Bonner Bentley [plus.google.com/+RussellBentleyTexac/posts] [twitter.com/donbacc_texac]


NAF: Reports from the Essence of Time unit in Donbass (via eu.eot.su):


NAF: "Donbass with Texas" video reports (via eu.eot.su):


NAF: NOVOROSSIA ROCKS 106.8 FM Radio Station with your host Zak Novak (via novorossia.today), Live-link [is.gd/TfMHOu], web banners [archive.fo/FlCGx] [archive.fo/V2cRD]:


People's Republic of Donetsk (DPR, or DNR)


People's Republic of Lunghask (LPR, or LNR; Luhansk, Lugansk)
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occupied People's Republic of Kharkov (KPR, or KNR)


occupied People's Republic of Odessa (OPR, or ONR) / People's Republic of Bessarabia 


occupied People's Republic of Transcarpathia


Moldovan Republic of Pridnestrovie (Transnistria, Trans-Dniestr, Transdniestria, or Transdnieper)
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Republic of Moldova


Republic of Crimea (part of the Federation of Russia; claimed by the Republic of Ukraine)


Republic of Chechnya (part of the Federation of Russia)


Federation of Russia (EEU Member)
Map [archive.fo/yFbmy]. News: [rbth.com]

* "Upper House asks Putin to slap sanctions on Poland over anti-monument bill" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/6qv8P]

* "Number of atheists in Russia halves in 3 years – poll" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/AcI7R]


* "Russian future-gen fighter jet will ‘burn homing missiles with laser defense’ " (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/e9H4K]

* "100+ military vessels take part in Russian Navy Day celebrations, incl in Syrian port" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/4BCnW]


"Russophobia", a collection of articles supporting hatred against all Russians


Russian Repression Report: Actual incidents and false stories explained

* "Putin signs bill banning web anonymizers in Russia" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/CWgiP]


Republic of Belarus
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Eurasian Union (EEU) / Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
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Republic of Kyrgyzstan (EEU Member) 


Republic of Kazakhstan (EEU Member) 


Republic of Georgia (EU Associate)
Regional map [archive.fo/MI8v4]


Republic of South Ossetia (EEU Affiliate)
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Republic of Abkhazia (EEU Affiliate)
News [apsnypress.info]; Abkhaz language [apsny.ru]. Maps [archive.fo/uUiTC] [archive.fo/MCUtl]


Republic of Georgia (EU Associate) - Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia


Republic of Turkey (NATO member state)

* "Erdogan: Turkey will ‘no longer’ cave in to pressure from the West" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/GjRQx]
* "Turks spew vitriol at Eurowings amid reports ‘fearful’ German pilot refused flight to Ankara" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/AeuAX]
* "Erdogan accuses Germany of sheltering militants" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/iPLGr]

* "Amnesty calls on EU to urge Turkey into reversing human rights crackdown; Amnesty International has called on the EU to pressure members to get Turkey “back in line” and halt its human rights crackdown" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/UJP5X], photo caption: EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini (R) and Secretary General of Amnesty International, Salis Shetty hold a petition in support of human rights activists detained in Turkey, prior to their bilateral meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels on July 25, 2017.

* "Demonstrators backing Turkey hunger strikers arrested" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Nbz7C]

* "Turkey frees 7 journalists & newspaper execs" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/r0CZu]


[levantreport.com] [middleeasteye.net] [alaraby.co.uk/english] [almanar.com.lb/english/main.php] [almasdarnews.com] [english.aawsat.com]

* "Turkish diplomacy ends in Persian Gulf without results; Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has wrapped up a tour of Arab countries involved in a dispute but has failed to help bring the feuding sides closer to one another" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/FxM9q], photo caption: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (C) is welcomed by Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (2nd-R) in Doha, Qatar, July 24, 2017.

* "Saudi-led bloc blacklists 9 individuals, 9 organizations" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/J3A5x]
* "Qatar to hold joint drills with US, Turkish militaries soon – defense minister to RT" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/h1Vwe]

* "Saudi Arabia, allies put 18 Qatar-linked entities, people on ‘terror’ list; The Saudi-led quartet of Arab countries has unveiled a new terrorist blacklist of 18 entities and individuals, six of them from Yemen, over having suspected “direct or indirect” ties with Qatari authorities, as an unprecedented diplomatic rift between the Persian Gulf peninsular emirate and the four siege states is increasingly deepens" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/kCIbk]
* "UAE-linked channel to release documentary on Qatar’s role behind 9/11; A media outlet linked to the Emirati ruling Dynasty reportedly plans to release a documentary which claims that Qatar was behind the 9/11 attacks, amid the widening rift among the Persian Gulf Arab kingdoms" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/LiHBn]
* "Egypt rejects EU calls for compromise on Qatar dispute; Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has rejected a call by the European Union for a compromise between a quartet of Arab states, which includes Egypt, and Qatar in a dispute that could potentially undermine Western governments’ interest in the Persian Gulf region" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/2h0QP]
* "Russian FM: Ready to help mediate between Qatar and Arab states" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/G7H0K]

* "Saudi-led bloc of states undermining mediation efforts: Qatar FM; Qatar’s foreign minister, who is on a visit to the US, says the “negative behavior” of the Saudi-led bloc of blockaders is undermining the mediation efforts aimed at settling the unprecedented diplomatic crisis gripping the Persian Gulf region" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/AiPz9]

* "Netanyahu threatens to kick Al Jazeera out of Israel for ‘inciting’ Al-Aqsa protests" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/Z5JUl]
* "More Al-Jazeera's offices said to close" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/CYWom]

* "Saudi Arabia, allies say ready for talks with Qatar if Doha complies with demands; The foreign ministers of the quartet of states, known as the siege countries led by Saudi Arabia, have said they have no concessions or compromises to make over their list of demands that requires Qatar to change its policies, including Doha’s alleged support of terrorism, as an unprecedented diplomatic rift further deepens in the Persian Gulf region" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/EO8O4]

* "Blockade countries ready for Qatar dialogue with conditions" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/H14IA]


* "Iran flies 1st group of pilgrims since Saudi row; Iran flies a first group of its pilgrims for Hajj in Saudi Arabia since the kingdom ruptured diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic and withheld cooperation towards enabling Iranians to partake in the rituals" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/JLuhh], photo caption: Iran has sent the first group of pilgrims for Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

* "Ayatollah Khamenei calls on Hajj pilgrims to take stand on al-Aqsa; Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Muslims should use the Hajj rituals this year to take a united stance against Israeli efforts to control the al-Aqsa Mosque" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/WpUde]
* "Saudi Arabia attributes ‘false’ claim on Hajj to Qatar; The Saudi government has described as a 'declaration of war' what it says are calls by Qatar for the 'internationalization' of the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage sites in Saudi Arabia, a demand that Doha says it has not made" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/vSoAO]
* " ‘Declaration of war:’ Hajj controversy widens row between Saudi Arabia & Qatar" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/PjIDw]


Republic of Egypt

* "Egypt opens new army base to counter 'hidden enemy' " (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/VPBhw]

* "Egyptian Battle Tank Crushes VBIED Trying To Detonate At Army Checkpoint" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/25pzJ]

* "Egyptian army receives latest batch of French fighter jets" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/u9H8M]


Republic of Iraq

* "Iraq seeks ‘substantial’ Russian military, political presence: Maliki; Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has called for “substantial” Russian military and political presence in the terror-ravaged country, saying this would bring “balance” to the entire region" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/PUyv8]
* "Russia, Iraq call for closer economic, military cooperation; Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki have held a meeting, during which they underlined the need for the reinforcement of bilateral “economic” and “military-technical” relations" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/cLOl6]


* "Iran, Iraq discuss mutual energy cooperation; Iran and Iraq have started a new round of discussions to promote cooperation in the area of energy" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/n8yDY]
* "Iran, Iraq reach deal over Kirkuk pipeline; Iran says it has reached an agreement with Iraq to construct a pipeline that would export crude oil from the northern Iraqi fields of Kirkuk via Iran" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/k83pw]


* "Influential Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr makes rare trip to Saudi Arabia; Prominent Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has met with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and a few other Saudi officials during a rare trip to the kingdom" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/sKpyJ], photo caption: A handout picture provided by the Saudi Royal Palace on July 30, 2017 shows Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (R) receiving Prominent Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.


* " ‘Without any judge, without any trial’: HRW Iraq researcher speaks out on Mosul killings" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/ib6Dk]


Republic of Iraq: War News

* "Iraq: ISIS Fighters Sneaking in Salah al-Din and Diyala Areas" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/Fhap2]

* "Iraq foils Daesh terror attacks on Shia shrines, top cleric’s residence; Iraqi intelligence officials say they have thwarted an attempt by members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group to target two revered Shia shrines and the residence of the country’s most prominent Shia cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/qdSFm]


Arab Republic of Syria: Diplomatic and Civil News
[sana.sy/en] [syriatimes.sy] [facebook.com/United.Syrian.Republic] [sana-syria.org] [joshualandis.com/blog] [syriasolidaritymovement.org] [syrianfreepress.wordpress.com] [syrianews.cc] [acloserlookonsyria.shoutwiki.com] [syrianperspective.com] [breakingnews.sy/en.html] [almasdarnews.com] [facebook.com/SyrianWarNewsInfoMedia]

* "Syrians Return Home as the Terrorists are Pushed Out" (2017-07-07, journal-neo.org) [archive.fo/rkxNn] [begin excerpt]:
After six years of fighting a brutal and long war against foreign-backed terrorist proxy forces, the Syrian army – and its allies – have made significant gains in recent months. The Syrian army’s recent triumphs include liberating many areas in the Homs province, reaching the Iraqi border in what was described as a “strategic turning point in the war,” in addition to securing the Aleppo province from ISIS. It is clear that the Syrian army has the upper hand in the conflict, a fact that the hawks in Washington, London, Brussels, Riyadh and Tel Aviv find too difficult to stomach.
As the Syrian army prevails on the ground, capturing territory from the militants in the process, hundreds of thousands of Syrians are returning to their homes. As Andrej Mahecic, the spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the UN Refugee Agency, said in a press briefing at the end of June, many Syrians are returning “to their homes” partly due to a “real orperceived improvement in security conditions” in many regions recently liberated:
“[The] UNHC is seeing a notable trend of spontaneous returns to and within Syria in 2017. Aid agencies estimate that more than 440,000 internally displaced people have returned to their homes in Syria during the first six months of this year. In parallel, UNHCR has monitored over 31,000 Syrian refugees returning from neighbouring countries so far in 2017.
The main factors influencing decisions for refugees to return self-assisted mostly to Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Damascus and to other governorates are primarily linked to seeking out family members, checking on property, and, in some cases, a real or perceived improvement in security conditions in parts of the country.”
Although the conflict is far from over, and the rebuilding of Syria will likely cost hundreds of billions of dollars, many Syrians can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. The defeat of foreign-backed mercenaries and the stabilization of Syria has always been of central importance to help solve part of the refugee/migrant crisis that has gripped Europe in recent years.
Short of any extremely reckless action by the West and its allies, the Syrian army will continue to liberate large parts of the country from the foreign-backed militants, paving the way for more internally and externally displaced Syrians to return to their homes. In their desperation however, the enemies of Syria may again stage a false flag chemical weapons attack and blame it on the Syrian government, in an attempt to justify a major military intervention to turn the tide. [end excerpt]

* "Putin signs deal allowing Russian Air Force to stay in Syria for almost half a century" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/hvZHo]


Arab Republic of Syria: War News
The story so far [archive.fo/o2w8S]...

* "Syrian War Report – July 25, 2017: Army Liberated 55 Towns, Killed 2000 Terrorists Since June" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/Gz4cs]
* "Russia Deploys Military Police to Monitor Syrian Cease Fire Zones Including to the south where Israel wanted US monitors" (2017-07-25, by Jason Ditz, RI News) [archive.fo/M7m9y]
* Russia MoD map, attached to analysis article (2017-07-25, RI News) [archive.fo/Mnrdd] [begin excerpt]: According to the Russian MoD map, a huge desert area in southern Syria to the west of the US base at al-Tanf has been taken over by the Syrian army from FSA rebels. (Technically the Russian MoD marked this area as "low-intensity conflict but generally secure". But then counted it as liberated territory anyway.) Also, according to the Russian MoD, the Syrian army has already reached the Euphrates river near Raqqa, and has advanced along the Syrian Iraqi border deep into Deir ez-Zor province, and is now just 26 kilometers from al-Bukamal—a key border town in the Euphrates valley once coveted by the US. [end excerpt]

* "Russian MoD: Syrian Army Liberated T2 Pumping Station, Deployed In 26km From Al-Bukamal" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/YULwX], map [archive.is/WwIrd]

* "Syrian Army Makes Progress In Eastern Homs Countryside, Liberates Village And Nearby Hills En Route To Uqayribat" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/HCJc9]

* "Hezbollah Crushed Militant Defense In Jaroud Arsal, Al-Qaeda Prepares To Surrender" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/ObqlF], map [archive.is/9tRrw]

* "Battle with Nusra Front at Syria-Lebanon border 85% done: Hezbollah; The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says its battle to eliminate members of the foreign-sponsored and Takfiri Jabhat Fatah al-Sham – previously known as the Nusra Front – militant group from the Syria-Lebanon border is 85 percent complete as it is continuing its campaign to take their last remaining footholds on the frontier" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/hbZ4T]:
Hezbollah’s media bureau announced in a statement on Tuesday that resistance fighters had regained control over Komail plains as well as Hamoudi, Baidar and Shoabat al-Nihla areas on the outskirts of the northeastern border town of Arsal, located 124 kilometers (77 miles) northeast of the capital Beirut, on Tuesday.
Lebanon-based Arabic-language al-Manar television network later broadcast a video footage, showing the hideout of the self-proclaimed Fatah al-Sham governor of the strategic al-Qalamoun region in Wadi al-Kheil.
Press TV correspondent in Arsal, Mariam Saleh, also said Hezbollah artillery units have been shelling terrorist positions in the area since Tuesday morning as Fatah al-Sham extremists are fleeing to save their lives.
She added that the operation has inflicted heavy losses on militant ranks, noting that Hezbollah fighters have raised the movement’s and the national Lebanese flags in the areas they have dislodged Fatah al-Sham terrorists from.
The Arabic-language al-Joumhouria (The Republic) daily newspaper, quoting an unnamed security source, reported on Monday that the Lebanese army has adopted precautionary measures along Arsal in the wake of suggestions that militants may attempt to kidnap military personnel.
Hezbollah launched a major push last Friday to clear both sides of Lebanon's border with Syria from “armed terrorists.”
In August 2014, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and Daesh terrorist groups overran the eastern Lebanese town of Arsal, killing a number of Lebanese forces. They took 30 soldiers hostage, most of whom have been released.
Since then, Hezbollah and the Lebanese military have been defending Lebanon on the country’s northeastern frontier against foreign-backed terrorist groups from neighboring Syria.
Hezbollah fighters have fended off several Daesh attacks inside Lebanon. They have also been providing assistance to Syrian army forces to counter the ongoing foreign-sponsored militancy.
The movement has accused Israel of supporting Takfiri terrorists operating in the Middle East.
Israel, which continues to occupy Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms and Syria’s Golan Heights, is widely reported to be offering medical help to Takfiri terrorists injured in Syria. In December 2015, British newspaper the Daily Mail said Israel had saved the lives of more than 2,000 Takfiri militants since 2013.
* "Hezbollah victory in Qalamoun to secure Lebanon: Academic; The liberation of the Lebanese town of Arsal will help the Hezbollah resistance movement to secure Lebanon from the infiltration of Takfiri terrorist groups, says an academic" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Qv0EQ]
* "Interim Result Of Hezbollah Military Operation In Arsal Area" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/uN30t]

* "Military Situation In Eastern Aleppo And Southern Raqqah On July 25, 2017" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/E6cjM], map [archive.is/Nrupk]
* "Photo Confirmation: Tiger Forces Fighters In Ukayrshah And Dahlah Villages Near Euphrates River In Raqqah Province" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/dOKK1]

* "Tiger Forces, Tribal Forces Liberate Shinan Village In Southern Raqqah Countryside" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/rF4Yo]

* "Deir Ezzor: Mother of all Battles" (2017-07-25, almasdarnews.com) [archive.is/RWEJn]

* "SDF And Syrian Military Make Secret Deal, Divide Spheres Of Influence In Deir Ezzor, Raqqah Provinces – Media" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/qDpXH]

* "35 ISIS Members Killed In Clashes In Raqqah City – Media" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/374Aq]

* "HTS And Ahrar Al-Sham: Revolutionary Flag And Future Of Syrian Opposition" (2017-07-25, by Hadi Gholami Nohouji, southfront.org) [archive.fo/vQI1a]
These past days Idlib has —yet again— seen fierce battles between the extremist group Ahrar Al-Sham and the Al-Qaeda linked Hayat Tahrir Sham (HTS), battles that are weakening to the point of collapse the, arguably, strongest of the anti-Assad forces.
This new wave of conflict was predictable as since almost two weeks ago both HTS and Ahrar Al-Sham began fortifying their positions around each other and basically militarized Idlib, the main —and soon to be— last bastion of the Syrian rebels in the aforementioned Arab country.
The surprising fact has been that the increasing of the tensions that lead to this all out war is due to none other than the Syrian Revolutionary flag, a flag used by the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and its allies (including Ahrar Al-Sham) to symbolize the so called revolutionary ideas followed by these armed groups.
As noted by other observers of the now six year long conflict, the fact that two of the largest armed groups of the Syrian opposition go to war with each over the use of a flag is in itself a clear sign of the actual state of the so called Syrian revolutionary groups.
This inter-rebel fight, which has gone largely under the radar and —so far— has not been picked up by any of the major news outlets, shows the underlying reasons for the crumbling of the Syrian rebels while confronted with major challenges by the Syrian governmental forces.
The main reason, one can deduce, is the total lack of coordination and cooperation amongst the rebel groups that with their actions have clearly shown that are incapable of the most basic rational approach in cases of disagreements and crisis, which is in full display in their latest quarrel.
Also it showcases to the world the fact that the so called Syrian moderates are not even capable of negotiating with groups that sometimes ally with, a fact that raises serious doubts about the possibility of success of future Syrian peace talks.
On the other hand both HTS and Ahrar Al-Sham seem to forget that the longer their relentless battles continue, the more civilians will fall victim and as a result the civilians under rebel control in Idlib will start to lose their faith in the armed and extremist groups that govern them.
Similar episodes of rebel infighting have taken place before in the Syrian territories and the mounting civilian toll has, in most cases, decreased the support for the rebels and paved the way for agreements with the Syrian government to capture those places.
The continuity of such useless battles ensures the downfall of the Syrian rebels and also shows a clear lack of an intelligent and rational leadership that is capable of avoiding useless conflicts such as this while the threat of the Syrian government attacks on Idlib keeps growing larger by the day.
Even now the supporters of the so called Syrian revolution and the armed groups must be asking themselves the hard question and that is if they really want to be governed by bands of shortsighted warlords who do not compromise even when it is in the best interest of both sides and do not act according to their own groups’ benefits.


* "Syrian War Report – July 26, 2017: SAA, SDF Divide Spheres Of Influence In Eastern Syria" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/q9zG7]:
Syrian government forces, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have liberated the village of Baghliyah and nearby hills from ISIS terrorist sin the eastern Homs countryside. Thus, the army and its allies outflanked Dabat Milli, Taliah Sharqiyah and deployed in a striking distance from Rasm Hamidah where clashes are now ongoing.
The general idea of this advance is to put additional pressure on ISIS terrorists north of the Homs-Palmyra highway and to contribute to a wider effort aimed at isolating and destroying a large ISIS grouping deployed at the town of Uqayribat. Pro-government units have been struggling to do this since June. However, ISIS has a strong defense and is not going to withdraw without the battle.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and pro-government Tribal Forces have liberated of Shinan and Abar al-Jeraih near the Euphrates River in southern Raqqah.
The advance followed reports that the SAA and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) made a deal dividing the spheres of influence in the provinces of Raqqah and Deir Ezzor on July 20. The agreement was reportedly backed by Russia. According to the agreement, the SAA and pro-government tribal forces will be able to gain areas in the southern and southeastern Raqqah countryside and the northwestern Deir Ezzor countryside without any resistance or antagonism from the SDF. This will allow government forces, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, to advance towards Deir Ezzor city from the countryside of Raqqah and Palmyra simultaneously.
Some 400 government fighters with battle tanks, multiple rocket launches and other equipment were allegedly deployed in Ukayrshah and Dahla near the contact line with the SDF. The total number of Tribal Forces fighters involved in the operation is about 4,000. The SDF allegedly abandoned plans to captured the western Deir Ezzor countryside.
If it’s true, the agreement will be an important contribution to a de-confliction scenario between the SDF and various pro-government forces. However, there could be some hidden terms and conditions behind the deal that may appear later. There is a lack of info from Raqqah provinces because of a strict media censorship imposed by the Syrian military. Meanwhile, the SDF avoids publishing info about its contacts with the SAA.
According to pro-Kurdish sources, the continued advancing in Raqqah city, repelled an ISIS attack killing 35 terrorists and seized a major part of Hisham Ibn Abdulmalik district. Some problems faced during the battle for Raqqah may be one of the reasons behind the alleged deal with the SAA.
* "Turkish State-Run Anadolu Agency Blames Syrian Government And Kurdish Militias For Sharing Oil Revenue From Fields In Hasakah Province" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/1wfhL]

* "Former US Marine killed fighting ISIS in Syria" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/wGshK]

* "Military Situation In Palmyra Countryside On July 26, 2017" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/62hpA], map [archive.is/yscLY]

* "Syria, Russia Give ‘Moderate Opposition’ To Separate From Al-Qaeda, Allies In Eastern Ghouta – Reports" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/87BqY]

* "Hezbollah Continues Its Operation Against Terrorists At Syrian Border" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/zNAQ1], map [archive.is/qnShG]

* "Russian Military Police Deploys Near Golan Heights, Israel Is Concerned" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/n1AE2]:
The Russian Military Police has set up checkpoints and observation posts in the southwest de-escalation zone as well as one covering the Golan Heights.
According to Col.-Gen. Sergei Rudskoy, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff, Russian forces established two checkpoints and 10 watch posts on July 21 and July 22 “along the approved areas of lines of contact” between militants and government forces.
“It is to be stressed that the nearest watch post is 13 kilometers from the separation zone between Israel and Syria, near the Golan Heights. The zone has been approved in accordance with the international agreements,” Rudskoy said during the briefing on Monday.
The Russian general added that Moscow had informed Israel, the United States and Jordan about the deployment.
Meanwhile, Israel has shown its concern over the Russian actions in the area.
Earlier Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel opposes a ceasefire agreement between the US and Russia that has allowed to establish safe zones in southern Syria. Netanyahu added that Israel will not tolerate Iranian or Hezbolalh presence in the border area.
In other words, Tel Aviv once again showed that it was not interested in any kind of cessation of hostilities that may lead to a stabilization of the situation in Syria.

* "Tiger Forces 10km Away From Entering Deir Ezzor Province From Southern Raqqah Countryside" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/NEU4o], map [archive.is/LY2rT]

* "Government Forces Recapture Tal Kharrar From ISIS Terrorists In Raqqah Province" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/Pe9JK]
* "Syrian Army Liberates Important Hills, Establishes Fire Control Over Strategic Sukhna Town" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/Ds9xL]

* "US-backed SDF Captures 45% Of Raqqa City. SDF-linked Body Argues Syrian Army Prepares For Attack Against Raqqa" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/teTIv]

* "Free Syrian Army Captured Jejan village Village From YPG In Northern Aleppo" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/009VJ]

* "Syrian Army, Hezbollah Preparing For Decisive Battle To Clear At Tanf From US-backed Militants – Media" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/LCqTu]
* "Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade Cuts Off Its Relations With US-led Coalition In At Tanf" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/GjPqJ]: The Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade announced in an official statement on July 24 [archive.is/d6rbO] that it has cut off its relationship with the US-led coalition due to “pressure from the US-led coalition to stop the fighting against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)” in the desert including the countrysides of Suweida, Damascus and Homs. The Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade stressed in the statement that it will continue to fight the SAA on all fronts.
According to a commander of the Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade, the US-led coalition warned the group not to attack the SAA after they had attacked one of the SAA positions in the Ghorab mountain area in the Damascus desert.
This warning allegedly was the main reason for the rejection of the US support and the decision to break away from the US-led coalition. Opposition media sources confirmed that the US-led coalition totally refuses to attack the SAA.
The Shuhada al-Qaryatayn Brigade is one of the largest groups supported by the US-led coalition, which is based in the At Tanf base.
It’s believed that more groups may separate from the US-led coalition in the future. The main aim of these groups is to combat the SAA instead of ISIS. Furthermore, a number of these groups had a strong relationship with the Al-Nusra Front, and a number of their fighters were former ISIS fighters in Deir Ezzor.

* "Hezbollah Secures Areas Liberated At Syrian-Lebanese Border, HTS Negotiates Terms Of Surrender" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/ciqjx]
* "Ceasefire Agreement Reached In Jorud Arsal. HTS To Withdraw To Idlib Province" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/k9R8v]

* "Military Situation In Southern Raqqah And Eastern Aleppo After Recent Tiger Forces Advances" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/jTMsK], map [archive.is/c0AMM]

* "Russian Artillery Units At Frontline With ISIS Terrorists In Syria" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/6MobI]

* "Government Forces Launch New Anti-ISIS Operation South Of Ithriya, Repel Counter Attack In Southern Raqqah" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/KzLSN]

* "Syrian War Report – July 27, 2017: Syrian Army Storming Strategic ISIS-held Town Of Sukhna" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/aJf1z]
* "Syrian Army, Allies Stroming ISIS Stronghold Of Sukhna" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/iQ7r3], map [archive.is/griTd]
* "Government Troops Entered Sukhna Gas Field, Clashes Ongoing – Reports" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/0iDUD], map [archive.is/wkqbM]

* "Syrian Army Is In Only 2 Kilometers Away From Sukhna Town At Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/rpQcF]

* "US-led coalition airstrikes kill 18 civilians in E. Syria" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/ycekD]
* "At least 29 civilians killed in US airstrikes on Syria’s Raqqah" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/bp6QS]

* "Syrian Democratic Forces Captured Half Of Raqqa City" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/1MvNj], map:







* "Journalist working with RT Arabic killed in Homs province of Syria during ISIS shelling" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/NCi8u]

* "Hezbollah, Nusra terrorists swap bodies following truce deal; Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement has swapped the bodies of five of its fighters with nine corpses of militants belong to the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Takfiri terrorist group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, along the Lebanese-Syrian border in the first stage of a settlement to bring back order to a contested frontier zone" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/dQqkF]

* " 'Coalition bombed schools & hospitals,' Raqqa refugees tell journalist in his last report for RT" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/xmVPn]

* "6 civilians killed as US-led jets bombard eastern Syria; At least six civilians have lost their lives and nearly a dozen others sustained injuries when the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group conducted a series of airstrikes in Syria’s embattled eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/xwvKd]


The International anti-Syria Alliance, the "Free Syria Army", and allied organizations 

* "US cuts ties to Syrian rebel group over ‘objectives inconsistent with defeating ISIS’ " (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/u4AQp]

* "Suspension of Military Aid to Al Qaeda? Syria’s Al Nusra, renamed Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Left Without Support" (2017-07-26, by Firas Samuri) [archive.is/yqgRW]

* "Inside mountain cave HQ of Al-Nusra Front terrorists in Lebanon" (2017-07-31, rt.com) [archive.fo/seIks]


Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
A USA-backed self-governing entity for the disruption of the Eurasian Union and other rival blocs.


Regional map [archive.fo/28m8f], Map of Liberated Cantons of West and South Kurdistan (2016) [archive.fo/f7ImY], "Greater Kurdistan" maps [archive.fo/laloo] [archive.fo/4KYfB]; News [anfenglish.com] [kurdishdailynews.org] [knnc.net/en/default.aspx] [facebook.com/pages/International-freedom-battalion/1597451687171173][turkeyharvest.blogspot.com] [kurdishquestion.com] [kurdishmatters.com[kurdishrights.org] [ekurd.net][kurdishquestion.com]; Co-Operative Economy in Rojava & Bakur [cooperativeeconomy.info]

* "Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Kurdish television channel Rudaw" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/5GTkx], introduction:
The Russian Foreign Ministry has released a full transcript of Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Kurdish television channel Rudaw that took place on July 24 in Moscow. The interview is not to be irrelevant for any person concerned over the “Kurdish Issue” and Russia’s stance on it.
[begin excerpt]:
- [Question]: How do you see the future development of economic relations between Russia and Iraqi Kurdistan in light of the fact that the volume of negotiations and contracts between Russian companies and Iraqi Kurdistan has grown?
- [Sergey Lavrov]: We note the mutual interest in developing trade, economic and investment relations. We encourage these processes. As I have said, our relations with Iraqi Kurdistan in the economic and investment spheres do not cause any damage to the relations with the central government in Baghdad.
One of our major economic operators, Gazpromneft, has been working in Iraqi Kurdistan for some time. If I am not mistaken two fields are being developed in partnership in Iraqi Kurdistan. Another major Russian economic operator, Rosneft, signed agreements with partners in Erbil in February. Additional documents were signed during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. I think we are in a stage of fairly intensive economic interaction. We hope all the parties involved will benefit from the results. [end excerpt]

* "Iraqi Prime Minister: We Will Not Deal with the Kurdistan Independence Referendum" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/H8SWz]


North Kurdistan (Bakur), within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey


South Kurdistan (Basur), within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Iraq, including the governance of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), & the Medya Defense Zones
Provincial map [archive.fo/4a18W]


West Kurdistan (Rojava), within the jurisdiction of the Arab Republic of Syria, governed by the Rojava Kurdistan Democratic Autonomous Administration
Map [archive.fo/7Z32s]. News [rojavareport.wordpress.com], Documents (2016) [archive.fo/8z7EN]

* "British veteran who fought ISIS with Kurdish militia arrested on beach in Turkey" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/sjl3Q]


* "New anarchist guerrilla force, the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces, formed in Rojava" (2017-04-01, via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/wVREv] [begin excerpt]:
The IRPGF’s International Position
We believe that the third world war has already started and that the conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and in other parts of the world are only the beginning. The capitalist system, nearing its end and having plundered the world and stripped it of its resources, faces its most acute crisis yet. With no surplus labor population to put in its dungeons and assembly lines, the antagonisms and contradictions of the system in crisis are unfolding. With imperialist powers fighting for the last scraps to safeguard their livelihoods and with fascism on the rise, a common struggle is developing against both the domination of capital and the state. The IRPGF will stand with all peoples looking to secure their futures free from ALL forms of oppression, domination and exploitation. We are cognizant and recognize the intersection of unique identities and the particularities that exist within individuals, in communities and between individuals and communities. We support and seek to fully realize the polymorphic nature of human identity and struggle. To this end we join with peoples around the world in their uniqueness, and in ours, to realize our collective liberation. [end excerpt]
* "Smashing the State in Rojava and Beyond: The Formation and Intentions of the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces" (2017-05-25, insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/Wzb3R]:
A zine that can be used to spread info about IRPGF and the Rojava Revolution. Throw it in the library of your info shop, on the table of your social center, on your boss’ desk, and in your school’s lockers. Bijî Anarşîzme!!
- Download Black & White Version (PDF): Zine #1 Printer Friendly Black & White [is.gd/jYFqKw]
- Download Full Colour Version (PDF): Zine #1 Printer Friendly Color [is.gd/NfGTe1]
As anarchists and members of the IRPGF, we acknowledge that non-violence only legitimizes the state and its authority. We do not recognize any borders, nations or states as legitimate. For antifascism to be effective, it must be violent; smashing the fascists
and their organizations and burning and looting their spaces. While we recognize the humanity of our enemies, we realize that they give up their humanity when they embark on a crusade to oppress other people and seize state power. We will defend our spaces and all oppressed people’s wherever they are.
Therefore, we announce the creation of the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF) to defend the revolution in Rojava and all those who find themselves under the heel of a boot. The comrades in the IRPGF are a mixture of anarchists who are committed to militant action to achieve revolutionary goals. We are committed anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, anti-imperialists and against all forms of patriarchy and kyriarchy. We declare our support and alliance with the YPJ/YPG, the PKK and the International Freedom Battalion including its member organizations. We declare our open struggle with all imperialist, fascist and counterrevolutionary forces.
- Photo caption: Members of IRPGF announce the group’s formation and membership within the International Freedom Battalion (IFB).

* "IRPGF Statement on the One Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Ş. Eylem (BÖG) and Ş. Sevda (MLKP)" (2017-06-02, via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com) [archive.fo/j7crP]

* "The Formation of the Queer Liberation and Insurrection Army (TQILA)" (2017-07-24, IRPGF) [archive.fo/uy7wI], (ANA newswire; machine translation 2017-07-30 via ainfos.ca) [archive.fo/iNpoW]

* "SDF Denies That LGBT Military Unit Participates In Battle For Raqqah" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/Go7P1] [begin excerpt]: Earlier reports appeared that a group of volunteers had formed a LGBT military unit within the SDF. The so-called Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army (QILA) released a photo allegedly confirming their participation in the US-led Raqqah operation and declared that they joined the SDF in order to defend the rights of sexual minorities. [end excerpt]


East Kurdistan (Rojhelat), within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran
News [rojhelat.info]


The Êzidîs, & the Shengal Democratic Autonomy

Republic of Lebanon / Party of God (Hezbollah)

* "Trump to Lebanese premier: ‘You’re on frontline of fighting ISIS, Al-Qaeda – and Hezbollah’ " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/ZHebJ], photo caption: U.S. President Donald Trump (R) shakes hands with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri after their meeting at the White House in Washington, U.S., July 25, 2017.

* "Trump, Hariri meet in White House, urge fighting against terrorism; US President Donald Trump and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri have met in the White House, discussing a range of issues including the so-called fight against terrorism, Syrian refugees and humanitarian aid" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/VMu6E], photo caption: US President Donald Trump holds a news conference with Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri in the Rose Garden at the White House on July 25, 2017 in Washington,DC.

* "Trump: Lebanon On frontline Of fighting ISIS, Al-Qaeda And… Hezbollah" (2017-07-26, southfront.org) [archive.fo/AQfRI]

* "Nasrallah says Arsal operation decided solely by Hezbollah; The secretary general of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says a recent military operation by the group against terrorists in the Syria-Lebanon border region, which resulted in significant victories for the Lebanese forces, was solely an internal issue and no other party outside Lebanon was involved in the case" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/aFvaN], photo caption: Secretary General of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah


World Jewish Commonwealth & Diaspora 
The Judean People and their diverse communities [forward.com[mondoweiss.net] [tikkun.org] [jewishcurrents.org]; Tzedakah [archive.fo/Rwai4]


Antisemitic Studies & Action
A Nation "Chosen" for Hatred [archive.fo/wb2bS

* "Sunday Times removes anti-semitic article on BBC gender pay gap scandal" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/0qYla] [begin excerpt]:
The Sunday Times has been forced to apologize and retract a controversial column published online and in print, which featured a slew of misogynistic and anti-Semitic remarks about the ongoing BBC gender pay gap debate.
Journalist Kevin Myers is facing intense backlash online for the article, entitled ‘Sorry, ladies - equal pay has to be earned,’ which suggested that the only reason two of the BBC’s highest earning female presenters received better salaries than their contemporaries is because they are Jewish.
“Good for them… Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price, which is the most useful measure there is of inveterate, lost-with-all-hands stupidity,” Myers wrote in reference to presenters Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz.
“I wonder, who are their agents? If they’re the same ones that negotiated the pay for the women on the lower scales, then maybe the latter have found their true value in the marketplace,” Myers continued in his tirade.
He also claimed that male presenters may earn more because they “work harder, get sick less frequently and seldom get pregnant.”
The Sunday Times UK editor Martin Ivens and his Irish counterpart Frank Fitzgibbon both issued apologies on Twitter. [end excerpt]
- Photo montage caption: (L-R) Claudia Winkleman, Kevin Myers and Vanessa Feltz


State of Israel, National Institutions, transnational agencies and private-sector partnerships
EU-Israel Association Agreement (.pdf) [is.gd/oLvteR]; News [972mag.com[dukium.org] [icahd.org] [haaretz.com[i24news.tv] [tabletmag.com] [jpost.com] [izionist.org/eng]

* "Israel agrees to remove metal detectors from Temple Mount after wave of violent protests" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/CjOCl], photo  (2017-07-25, presstv.ir)

* "Israel to remove metal detectors at sensitive holy site" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/qYXOH]

* "Al-Aqsa administrator urges continued refusal to enter holy site; A religious trust that manages Islamic edifices at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound has called on worshipers to keep refusing to enter the holy site until changes in Israel’s restrictions there have been assessed" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Bjimq]
* "Trump envoy in Israel to ease Mideast tensions" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/cOUwY]
* "Worshipers have also been asked to pray on the perimeter of the holy site in response to Israel's security measures" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/nA6CA]

* "Hamas calls for urgent intervention to stop Israel’s Judaization; The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has called for the immediate intervention of Muslim states as well as international bodies to stop the Tel Aviv regime’s Judaization policies at al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the occupied Old City of Jerusalem al-Quds" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/0cGPr]

* "Iranian students protest Israel's restrictive measure at al-Aqsa compound; Iranian students have held a protest outside Tehran University against Israel's restrictive measures implemented at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Kf2AG], photo caption: Iranian students stage a protest outside Tehran University on July 25, 2017 against restrictive Israeli measures implemented at al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of Jerusalem al-Quds.

* "Palestinian ambassador to UN urges action against destructive Israeli agenda; Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour has urged UN action against Israel's “reckless and destructive agenda” across the occupied Palestinian lands" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/fpo7R]

* "Erdogan: ‘Israeli soldiers pollute Al-Aqsa grounds with combat boots, easily spill blood’ " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/1VnyB]

* " ‘Annihilate them’: California imam calls on Allah to ‘spare no Jews’ " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/dRC1j]

* "Israel embassy guard sought for questioning by Jordan leaves uninvestigated; A guard at the Israeli embassy in Jordan who recently killed two Jordanians has returned to Israel, evading questioning that had been initially sought by Amman" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/FbdkQ]
* "Thousands of Jordanians protest killing of teenager in embassy, chant 'Death to Israel' " (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/DuBSO], photo caption: People attend the funeral of Mohammad Jawawdah in Amman, Jordan July 25, 2017.

* "Jordanian mourners urge Amman to close Israeli embassy; Thousands of Jordanians have held a funeral ceremony for a teenager recently killed by an Israeli embassy guard, chanting anti-Tel Aviv slogans and urging the government to close down the regime’s mission in Amman" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/QftOU]
* "Jordanian Mourners Demand Shutdown of Israeli Embassy in Amman; Funeral attendees of 16-year-old Mohammad Jawawdah, who was gunned down by an Israeli embassy guard on Sunday, also chanted 'death to Israel' " (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/Qmb9r]
* "King of Jordan urges ‘provocative’ Netanyahu to put Israeli embassy shooter on trial" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/fJoKm]

* "Dozens injured in latest al-Aqsa clashes over Israeli restrictions; Dozens of Palestinians have been injured as Israeli forces attack protesters gathered outside the main entrance to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem al-Quds" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/IXPTY]

* "Israel pushing Palestinians to violence with Temple Mount blockade & settler crimes – US State Dept." (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/tpZr2]

* "Two-week Jerusalem standoff to end after Israel's U-turn?" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/K0Txj]
* "Saudi Arabia, Egypt keep mum on Israeli crimes, abandon al-Aqsa: Author; Saudi Arabia and Egypt have shown "cold indifference" toward crimes committed by the Israeli regime against Palestinian Muslims at al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds, says an author" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/XQPX7]
* "Turkey says Jews should 'appreciate' Ottoman Empire, Israel says its 'days have passed' " (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/vLlop]

* "Clashes break out at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque as security measures lifted" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/1zlsD]

* "Sayyed Nasrallah: We Are in Front of a Great Victory" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/fYMni] [begin excerpt]:
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah saluted on Wednesday the Palestinian people who are defending Al-Aqsa mosque and drawing the path to a new victory and assured that demonstrations in support of Al-Quds were not organized by the resistance in Lebanon because the latter was occupied with the Arsal battle. [end excerpt]

* "Kadyrov on Jerusalem clashes: ‘I’m ready to go and guard Al-Aqsa mosque for rest of my life’ " (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/dD4IY]

* "Bibi ignited al-Aqsa tensions to divert attention from probes: Ex-Israeli PM; Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak says the current premier Benjamin Netanyahu sparked recent tensions at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in a bid to distract public attention from the investigations into the corruption allegations against him" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/YveeC], photo caption: Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak


* "An attempt to drown out Palestinian voices’: RT’s office building raided in Ramallah" (2017-07-29, rt.com) [archive.fo/4FHIJ] [begin excerpt]:
The Israeli military raided the PalMedia building in Ramallah on the West Bank early Saturday morning. It is home to a number of international media organizations, including RT’s regional office. Property belonging to other media channels was either damaged or seized.
No RT employees were harmed during the raid on the PalMedia building which also houses the offices of Al-Quds, Al-Mayadeen, France 24 and Al-Manar.
Witnesses told the Ma’an News Agency that 10 Israeli army vehicles had surrounded the building before carrying out the search.
Several doors and editing rooms were damaged while some computers and other property were taken away.
An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that Israeli forces had “seized media equipment and documents used for incitement” from a media office in Ramallah, though did not say which agency they were specifically targeting.
The satellite channel Al-Quds said the search was directed at them. [end excerpt]


* "Israel Steals Sensitive Documents Detailing 90% of Jerusalem; The stolen documents include title deeds that detailing the group’s ownership of a certain large collection of immovable properties and confidential files" (2017-07-31, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/qnavZ]


State of Israel: Settlements of Judea & Samaria
[settlementsofisrael.netzah.org] [hityashvut.org.il]. Considered "inconsistent with international law" according to Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention [archive.fo/g0ikl].

* "Israeli settlers occupy historical building in al-Khalil; A large group of Israeli settlers have occupied a historical building in the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron)" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/GSvSA], photo caption: Israeli soldiers stand outside al-Khalil’s Tomb (Hebron) of the Patriarchs, also known as the Ibrahimi Mosque, a holy shrine for Jews and Muslims, on July 12, 2017.

* "Dozens of Hardline Jewish Settlers Occupy House in Hebron; Human rights groups called on authorities to evacuate the settlers immediately" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/7d7It]

* "Netanyahu touts land swap with future Palestine in talks with US officials – report" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/v7fQ6]


State of Palestine, the PLO, the exile communities, and occupied territories
About the PLO [archive.fo/H67B3], recognized by 135 sovereign state governments [archive.fo/LCZ1S]; A State since 1988, an Observer State to the UN since 2012 [archive.fo/RVdxM]. Maps: territorial (de-facto) [archive.fo/zyoRr] (de-jure) [archive.fo/LuEj9], the diplomacy of the borders of 1947 and 1967 [archive.fo/xfiC8]. News [english.palinfo.com] [qassam.ps] [pflp.ps/english] [palwatch.org]. [archive.fo/bD8sV]. Permanent Observer Mission of The State of Palestine to the United Nations - New York [palestineun.org]

* "Palestinian Civilians in Revolt: The ICC and Al Aqsa; Israeli authorities routinely violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, transferring nearly 60 percent of Palestinian child detainees from occupied territory to prisons inside Israel" (2017-07-22, by Julie Webb-Pullman) [archive.fo/g03Is]

State of Palestine - West Bank of the Jordan River (administered by the PLO Palestinian National Authority)

* "China calls for peaceful talks to resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/P4se0]

State of Palestine - Gaza (administered by the Islamic Resistance Movement HAMAS Palestinian National Authority)
Map [archive.fo/Zc9b2]; Political ideology [archive.fo/4FZVw]; Origins [archive.fo/j9nrP] [archive.fo/706o] [archive.fo/5aAJt] [archive.fo/UZjKV

* "Shedding Legal Light on the Gaza Electricity Crisis; The bowing of Israeli occupation authorities to the request of the Palestinian Authority to further reduce energy supplies does not exonerate them" (2017-07-30, by Julie Webb-Pullman) [archive.fo/qghKw]

* "Top EU court keeps Hamas on EU terrorism list" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/fmEuQ]


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & GCC Council member states
Map [archive.fo/IRdxE]

* "Figures … The Saudi economy is down for 6 years and zero growth this year" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/qj54W]

* "Saudi unemployment rate increases by over 1 percent; Official data show that Saudi Arabia’s unemployment rate has increased by over one percentage point on a year-on-year basis, as the country continues to suffer economically from a prolonged war on Yemen and low oil prices" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/Q2lS2]

* "A new Saudi massacre of Yemeni workers coming full Saudization to work in “Baqala” (the Grocery)" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/GELNl] [begin excerpt]:
Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Development is in the process of issuing a decree restricting the work of grocery and grocery stores to 100 percent Saudis, the Saudi daily Al Madina reported on Monday.
“It is expected that 20,000 jobs will be provided in this area during the first year of its implementation,” the ministry said.
Yemeni expatriates described the decision as a “new massacre” committed by the Saudi authorities, which targets Yemeni workers. Many of them have grocery stores, commercial malls and their own capital, but they are registered under Saudi law.
They stressed that this eliminates the most prominent outlets of Yemeni labor, months after the previous decision of the Saudization of the telecommunications sector, and the previous decisions, including the last of the fees accompanying foreign workers are “Tatfish” and expelled indirectly and targeting the Yemenis more than others.
According to the Saudi newspaper Al Madina, the decision to limit the work of 100% mobile vehicles to Saudi nationals is currently under way and more than 6,000 employees are expected to be employed. [end excerpt]

* "Prince Salman seeking to remove head of Saudi national guard: Report" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/9IOi8]

* "US and UK Ally Saudi Arabia Moves to Behead 14 for Protest;The condemned includes a young student named Mujtaba al-Suweyket, who was only 17 at the time of his sentencing and was about to study in a U.S. university" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/18clq]
* "Saudi Arabia set to behead 14 anti-govt protesters, including Michigan-bound student" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/0JTcq], photo caption: Protest in Jeddah, Saudi arabia against govt corruption.

* "Saudi regime uses execution to terrify dissent: Analyst; The growing number of executions Saudi Arabia, especially those targeting anti-government opponents, shows that Riyadh is using the tactic to terrify the dissent, an analyst tells Press TV" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/woInj]

* "Prince Salman seeking to remove head of Saudi national guard: Report; Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who became the next in line for the throne by sweeping aside his father's nephew Mohammed bin Nayef, is now planning to secure his path to power by removing the kingdom’s National Guard Minister Mutaib bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud , according to a new report" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/loQl5]

* "One killed as Saudi forces shell homes in Shia town; Saudi regime forces have launched a fresh wave of shelling attacks against a besieged town in Saudi Arabia’s Shia-populated Eastern Province, killing at least one person and damaging several houses" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/acwPI], video [is.gd/7cqOTN]

* "Two Civilians Killed By Saudi Security Forces in Al-Awamiya" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/hvJm0]

* "Iranian court rejects appeal by attackers of Saudi missions; Ten people sentenced to jail for attacking the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran have had their appeals against their convictions rejected" (2017-07-31, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/iK0jM], photo caption: File photo of Iranians protesting Saudi Arabia’s execution of the kingdom’s leading Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr


* "Chinese naval group begins five-day visit to Saudi Arabia" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/mKrFJ]

* "Prominent Bahraini human rights activist’s health worsening: BCHR; A Bahraini human rights group says the health condition of prominent Bahraini human rights advocate Ebtisam al-Saegh, who has been on on hunger strike for a fortnight in protest against the torture and ill-treatment she has endured, has dramatically deteriorated" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/ujolV], photo caption: Prominent Bahraini human rights advocate Ebtisam al-Saegh


National Salvation Government of Yemen ("Houthis")
[sabanews.net/en] [ansar-allah.net] [yemen-news-today.org]

* "Syed Hassan Nasrallah Thanks Syed Abdul Malik Houthi and Yemeni People For their Stand For Lebanon and Palestine" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/lb5qL]


The Southern Transitional Council (South Yemen)

* "Yemen's south hopes victory over Houthis will bring separation" (2015-09-29, Reuters newswire) [archive.is/xswwe]

* "Massive March in Shabwa South Yemen in Support of The Southern Transitional Council" (2017-05-16, southernhirak.org) [archive.is/7Pb6S]


Yemen: War News


* "The capabilities of the Yemeni missile force and its qualitative development within the response stages" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/Uv50I]:
The missile force is the striking hand and the first hand to defend the people in their battle with the forces of aggression. With the help of God and the efforts of the loyalists in this sector, they managed to struggle with the enemy from the stage of response to the border to deterrence.
The return of a short-range rocket from the rocket scream four months after the start of the aggression, in addition to the star rocket piercing and the steadfastness and earthquake of various kinds, and to develop a missile Alkahir 1 and 2 medium-range and not the end of the detection of the development of Volcano 1 and 2 long-range and the announcement of the volcano 2H on the anniversary of the cry, carries in its entirety a lot of messages, especially that this remarkable development and qualitative was in a circumstance and under the bombing and siege.
The commander, Abdul Malik Bedridden al-Houthi, praised the missile force and its role in the battle of deterrence, saying: “By the men, with their patience, steadfastness, sacrifice and sacrifice, with their work, hard work, patience and hard work at night and day and leadership of the missile force is free and national and responsible. Defense of the country “.
In more than 120 ballistic strikes for targets belonging to the invaders inside and the Saudi depth, the results were large and overthrew the leaders of the invaders inside and hit the most important camps began from a famous strike to strikes in Bab al-Mandab and the west coast.
The rocket force accompanied sensitive stages. With the declaration of aggression for every military phase towards the coast or in the eastern areas, the missile force hit the blows of their papers. The declaration of hitting Riyadh with a volcano was one of the main points in the battle and the leadership of the Yemeni revolution came out after it. God later to after Riyadh and beyond after Riyadh. ”
Riyadh sought to restore its image to its American master by showing its ability to mobilize leaders and leaders of Arab and Muslim countries, but the reception of Tramp’s rocket power on May 19 was warmer.
Then came the announcement of hitting the second largest oil region in Saudi Arabia, Yanbu industrial coastal missile volcano 2H, carrying with him multiple messages from the launch of the post-Riyadh or the level of introduction of vital strategic sites in the range of Yemeni missiles, or the level of ability to neutralize Saudi Arabia’s most sophisticated defense system .
All the results are still above the comprehension by the friend before the enemy, and the question is whether the aggression remained a time to absorb the lessons of the past before they resolved the curse of the judge.

* Success by the National Salvation Government of Yemen (the "Houthis") against Saudi & UAE Navy vessels during the blockade, 2 examples spanning late Fall, 2016 to early Winter, 2017 [is.gd/66wGX0]:
- "Yemeni forces destroy UAE vessel with rockets" (posted 2016-10-01, presstv.com) [archive.fo/1RaAx]: Fighters of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement and their allies have struck an Emirati vessel off the coast of Ta’izz province. A military source says the Yemeni forces fired several rockets at the ship and destroyed it early Saturday. The vessel, owned by the United Arab Emirates’ Navy, is reportedly a high-speed logistical ship capable of locating mines, controlling military operations and transporting troops and equipment. The ship formerly belonged to the US Navy. Ansarullah fighters working in tandem with the Yemeni army have so far destroyed several hostile warships and boats. The UAE is part of the Saudi-led coalition in the war against Yemen which has left thousands dead in the impoverished country.
- "Houthi Rebels in Yemen attack Saudi Navy Warship with Missile" (posted 2017-01-30) [archive.fo/6kxHF]: Saudi Arabia confirmed Iranian backed Houthi Rebels attacked a navy ship that killed two Saudi sailors on Monday. "A Saudi frigate on patrol west of the port city of Hodeida was hit by a terrorist attack from three suicide boats belonging to the Houthi militias," Saudi state media reported today. However, the Saudis and Iranian media disagree on whether a missile or bomb-laden boat carried out the attack. Footage claiming to show the attack surfaced on Monday. Iranian state media claimed the attack was carried out by Houthi militants in Yemen with a guided missile against a Saudi Navy vessel. The media cites a source as saying the vessel had 176 sailors and officers, as well as a combat helicopter, on board at the time of the attack. The US Navy said that it was aware of reports of the Saudi ship being hit but could not yet confirm or deny the event. Yemen's Houthi militants have received support from Iran. In October, the same Houthi militants successfully struck a United Arab Emirates vessel with an anti-ship cruise missile in the waters off Yemen's western coast.  Later in October, when US ships entered the waters off Yemen's coast, Houthi militants shot missiles at US ships, which the US intercepted before firing a salvo that destroyed the radar sites that had been used to launch the attacks. Without such radar sites, the Houthis couldn't properly fire a guided anti-ship missile.

* "Dozen Emirati soldiers killed in Yemeni attack on UAE frigate; A Yemeni military source says at least a dozen soldiers have been killed and nearly two dozen others injured when Yemeni naval soldiers, backed by allied fighters from Popular Committees, targeted an Emirati military vessel in a missile attack off the coast of the country’s southwestern province of Ta'izz" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/4steq], photo caption: This picture, provided by the Joint Operations Command of Yemen, shows fire raging from Saudi al-Madinah warship following a guided missile attack in waters near the western Yemeni city of Hudaydah on January 30, 2017.

* "The splits have widened in the ranks of the coalition … and cross-border terrorists dominates southern Yemen" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/VyK1p]:
The ranks of the Saudi Arabian aggression witnessed major divisions against the backdrop of the throne and the region’s leadership. The areas controlled by the occupation forces are witnessing a great security chaos, which led to the suffering of the people.
According to informed sources affiliated with the alliance, this plan came against the background of the internal conflict witnessed by the coalition, especially in recent times.
As the sources point out, this subversive action caused considerable material damage to the oil pipeline as well as the leakage of oil from inside.
In the context of security chaos and liquidation, on Saturday, July 22, al-Qaeda killed Colonel Nasser Sulaymani, director of security of the Directorate of Rezum in Shabwa province while he was in the market for the sale of qat in the city of Ghail Bawazeer in the coast of Hadramout.
In a new human rights report, it revealed groups in Aden, southern Yemen, which practice what it called cross-border religious terrorism. The report also revealed death threats and arrests of some Aden militants from the UAE-funded security belt forces.
The most dangerous of the UAE’s terrorist practices against the Yemenis lies in the fact that the Salafist groups themselves have assumed religious and intellectual guardianship over their opponents. They have become the target of assassinating or prosecuting activists after spreading loose accusations ranging from secularism to atheism to apostasy.
As reported, the chaos of security and the deterioration of public services and the escalation of internal unrest in various forms and manifestations since the two years of the aggression on Yemen controls the southern provinces.
Observers believe that this chaos and unrest plan is considered by the coalition to loot the wealth of Yemen, and it is a price opportunity to liquidate some of the violators of this strategy.
As the press reports indicate, the UAE has begun to form elite forces in Shabwa province and that these forces are operating under the command and supervision of the so-called commander of the UAE forces in Yemen.
The secret prisons established by the UAE are still repeated in the southern street, which was shocked by an investigation published by the Associated Press of the United States revealing secret prisons in Yemen run by the UAE, where detainees are subjected to daily torture, sometimes to “roast prisoner on fire” US military investigators have been working in these prisons.
Human Rights Watch also pointed to the involvement of the UAE forces in southern Yemen with the participation and support of Yemeni forces loyal to them with the arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance of dozens of people during security operations.



* "UN: Saudi-led alliance responsible for refugee boat attack off Yemen; UN investigators have censured as a violation of humanitarian law a deadly March attack by the Saudi-led military alliance fighting Yemen on a boat carrying Somali refugees off the coast of the impoverished country" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/K2aLr]

* "Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missile targeting Mecca - coalition" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/LjX9w]

* "The Americans Confirm that the Yemeni Missile Hit the Target in Yanbu" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/csLRz]

* "Houthi Forces Attack Positions Of Hadi Forces In Al-Jawf Province, Kill At Least 8 Pro-Saudi Fighters" (2017-07-27, southfront.org) [archive.fo/CYpJA]

* "Yemeni Artillery Targets Concentrations of Saudi Forces in Jizan and Midi" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/VRt5L]
* "Direct injuries in targeting concentrations of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries in Jizan and Medi" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/eV7mB]

* "ZilZal-2 Rockets Fired on Saudi Led Troops in Asir Amid Artillery Shelling" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/HZ9So]

* "Video…Large Losses in Hadi Forces Near Camp Khalid in Taiz" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/Ebqij]
* "Media Al-Harbi distributed scenes of the losses of mercenaries in the vicinity of the camp Khaled west of Taiz*" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/aLtjP], video [is.gd/5nyibD]

* "Large-scale military operations mercenaries suffered heavy losses in the Jouf, Marib and Nahm" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/y3pD8]

* "Highlights of the victories today Thursday 27_7_2017" (2017-07-27, yemenpress.org) [archive.fo/JHsp8]:
*Al-baidha: the death and injury of a number of hypocrites aggression during the thwarting of an infiltration attempt in the Directorate of Zhi-naim
*Lahj: the army and the Popular Committees control the # ship in the area of # Kahboub and many deaths and injuries in ranks of aggression
* Marib: The army and the committees change the positions of the opponents, the aggression, in the # Sarawah and the death and injury of several of them in the confrontations
* Jouf: an attack on the sites of opponents of aggression Directorate # Crucifixion and the death and wounding a number of them
Military source: dead and wounded in the ranks of the mercenaries of the Saudi army in an attack on the # white and # Slatach along # Najran
* Najran: Targeting the concentrations of the mercenaries of the Saudi army in the # sandworm * off the # green outlet with a number of artillery shells
* Jouf: dead and wounded mercenaries in the targeting of their group with a guided missile in the silhouette of the Directorate of # Gail
* Aseer: sniper 2 of the mercenaries of the Saudi army in the tibet of the tank off the # outlet of the case
* Asir: Artillery bombardment of Wadi al-Malsal with a number of missiles, causing direct injuries and escape to Saudi soldiers
* Taiz: The missile force is targeted at a ballistic missile
* Taiz: Dead and wounded mercenaries in the face of an attempt to march towards the area of * Al-Shaqab in the Directorate of # patience
* White: artillery bombardment targeting the mercenaries of the aggression in the Directorate of # Zaher and direct injuries
Army artillery and committees targeting the mercenaries of the Saudi army north of the desert of Midi # and direct injuries
*Najran: Army artillery and committees targeting concentrations of Saudi military vehicles in the control of # Sudais and direct injuries





* "40 slain as pro-Saudi forces, Houthis clash near Yemen’s Mukha; More than 40 people have been killed in renewed clashes between fighters from the Houthi Ansarullah movement and Saudi-backed forces near the Yemeni port city of Mukha over the past few days" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/h2PQx], photo caption: Saudi-backed militants pose for a picture raising their machine guns near the Red Sea port city of Mucha on April 15, 2017.


Republic of Sudan 


Kingdom of Morocco


Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic ("Western Sahara")
Learn more about the Sahrawi People [SahrawiSolidarity.blogspot.com]


Amazigh ("Berbers")
[makabylie.info] [kabylia-gov.org] [ferhat-mehenni.com]


Islamic Republic of Iran
Democratic pluri-national governance [archive.fo/QqOdL]; Ethnic map [archive.fo/7tEpp]; [iranjewish.com]
News: MRNA [en.mehrnews.com], IRNA [irna.ir], PressTV [presstv.ir], Financial Tribune [financialtribune.com]

* "Over 120 terrorist attacks thwarted across Iran in recent years: Intelligence minister; Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi says Iranian security forces have managed to thwart more than 120 terrorist attacks across the country during recent years" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/5pZSU]

* "Iran urges end to use of terrorism as means; The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has denounced a powerful terrorist explosion in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, saying the only way to fight violence is stopping the use of terrorism as a means" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/OqGDs]

* "No one can harm Iranian Armed Forces: Rouhani; Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the three branches of the government support the country’s Armed Forces and no one can harm them" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/LnPXA]
* "US, Europe cannot tolerate Iran’s advances: Commander; Iran's chief Armed Forces spokesman says the United States and its European allies oppose the country’s successful test of a satellite carrier, because they cannot tolerate the Islamic Republic’s great advances" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/1kucl], photo caption: Iran's Simorgh satellite carrier blasts off at Iran’s Imam Khomeini Space Center on July 27, 2017.

* "Iran ‘successfully tests’ long-delayed space rocket" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/Sbomo]


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Caliphate of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 
Map of Taliban area-of-control (2017-03) [archive.fo/gDlvr]; News [shahamat-english.com]

* "Afghans hold funeral for Shia Muslims killed in Kabul; Mourners have held a mass funeral for dozens of victims from Shia Hazara Muslim community who were killed in a deadly car bomb attack a day earlier in the Afghan capital, Kabul" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/sX0gS]


* "US Servicemen Train Government Soldiers In Afghanistan. What Could Go Wrong With These Guys?" (2017-07-25, southfront.org) [archive.fo/fT4Mp]

* "8 civilians killed in US-Afghan strike against ISIS – Afghan provincial authority" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/ekxSK]

* "Taliban 'captures areas in Afghanistan’s eastern Paktia province' " (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/qGeKl]

* "Afghan soldiers feared killed in attack on army outpost in Kandahar" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Tvalr]
* "At least 30 soldiers killed, 13 wounded in Taliban attack in Afghanistan" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/hrYwe]
* "Taliban militants kill 26 Afghan troops in raid on Kandahar army base; Taliban militants have killed at least 26 Afghan soldiers and injured 30 more in an attack on an army base in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar Province" (2017-07-26, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/vFdci]

* "Explosions heard in Afghan capital" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/VAFRB]




Jammu & Kashmir 
Maps of Jammu & Kashmir, major cities [archive.fo/dxvHI], areas of foreign state administration [archive.fo/5eHIf] [archive.fo/3x6sL], international recognition [archive.fo/MRwhF]. Republic of India [kargil.gov.in], Islamic Republic of Pakistan [ajk.gov.pk]

* " ‘Indians have high threshold for tolerating stench’: Israeli stink bomb fails Kashmir tests" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/0Ppwi]


Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Republic of India

* "Ram Nath Kovind to be sworn in as India's 14th president" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/jzHCM]

* "India's Mayawati Quits After 'Not Allowed to Speak on Atrocities Against Dalits' ; Mayawati, an outspoken Indian female politician, who belongs to the 'Dalit' community, one of India's most marginalized communities, is an icon to millions of Dalits" (2017-07-19, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/rLwKM]


Towards a People's Republic of India
[redspark.nu] [icspwindia.wordpress.com] [liberationbase.wordpress.com] [sanhati.com]


Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
[nepaltoday.com.np] [infonepal.net/en/home]


Towards a People's Republic of Nepal
[redstarnepal.com] [thenextfront.com]


People's Republic of China
News: [news.cn/english] [news.xinhuanet.com] [go-taikonauts.com] [chinafrica.cn]; Map [archive.fo/X1hWW], language map [archive.is/gbcIS], fishery agreements [archive.fo/nuyQt], USA version of China's EEZ [archive.fo/7flkj]; Special Autonomous Regions (SAR) [archive.is/YhJOJ]; History & the Current Context [is.gd/QwvQLr]


China: Civil & Diplomatic News


China: Economic News 

* "China’s industrial economy grows steadily in first half of 2017" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/SvGI5]
* "China H1 trade up 20 percent" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/hNiaw]
* "China's state-owned enterprises' profits increase 24% in H1" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/NbFk5]
* "China’s H2 economic policy: Get rid of ‘zombie firms’ " (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/5wmFA]
* "Analysts 'cautiously optimistic' about China's economy in H2" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/U0UEv]

* "China industrial firms' profits jump, amid higher financing costs" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/lGT4y]

* "China to drive economic growth by integrating military and civilian technology" (2017-07-28, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/MPr8c]

* "MIIT:‍ Speeds up, fees down as China's Internet coverage grows" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/9uZYx]


China: Military News

* "Xi urges unified efforts to intensify military reform" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/LA47S]
* "China targets smaller but better structured armed forces" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Is55N]

* "Take a look at the glorious history of the People's Liberation Army" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/vW9Xt]
* "Opinion: Robust PLA needed to better defend nation" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/VAumP]

* "Brains over brawn: 3 things you need to know before joining the Chinese military" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Q67fH]

* "China’s modernizing army: A look at the PLA’s evolution" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/dQhDy] [begin excerpt]:
Spending on defense had lagged behind countries like the US for years – but that is changing, with China now ramping up defense budgets while increasing its global profile. The country just established its first overseas military base in Djibouti.
At the same time, military leaders want the PLA to be a leaner modern force – cutting troops by 300,000 this year.
"The PLA will perform its operations and its missions more effectively in a new historical period,” says Zhang Yijun, the defense attache to China’s embassy in Washington, DC.
With territorial disputes on land and on the South China Sea with some of its neighbors though, Chinese officials insist they are not seeking conflict.
According to Cui Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the US: “Military to military relations should be an important stabilizing factor in the overall China-US relationship.”
Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump will have an opportunity to test that relationship when the US leader visits China later this year. [end excerpt]

* "Missiles, fighter jets showcased in PLA’s 'battleground-style' parade" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/YUbox]

* "China’s military parade, a message of peace" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/w9vaj]
* "Xi: Chinese military forces committed to safeguarding peace" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/7OTPj]
* "President Xi reaffirms PLA has confidence and capability to defeat all intruders" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/qAN1N]
* "PLA: Be loyal to the CPC, be able to win and be persistent with its good traditions" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/5qQJz]

* "Xi sings national anthem with military forces" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Ljyr2]
* "Xi inspects troops wearing army uniform" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/8RyP0]

* "World's response to Chinese military parade" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/9rZ4Y]

* "Chinese embassy in US holds reception to celebrate 90th anniversary of PLA founding" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/477Fd]


* "China closes east seas for fresh round of ‘large-scale’ military drills" (2017-07-28, rt.com) [archive.fo/Lf887]


China: Foreign Relations / "Belt & Road" (OBOR)

* "Asian Financial Cooperation Association launched in Beijing" (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/TKmtB]

* "China ready to be Philippines' most ‘sincere cooperation partner’ " (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/L8U6V]
* "Wang Yi: China-Philippines relations on a bright road" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/cg4xV]

* "China’s EXIM inks $1.5bn deal for high-speed rail in Iran; The Export-Import Bank of China (EXIM) signs a $1.5 billion deal to finance the electrification of a high-speed rail line between the Iranian cities of Tehran and Mashhad" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/ORTvr], photo caption: China's CMC has undertaken to electrify the 926-km line between Tehran to Mashhad

* "China, Cook Islands mark 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/emozj]

* "Sri Lanka signs port deal with China" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/A5dpj]

* "Freight train to Europe departs from north China’s Shanxi Province" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/z2yoC]


China: Foreign Hostilities


China - Hong Kong SAR & Macao SAR
Map [archive.is/u5dvj]


China - Hainan Province - Prefecture of Sansha city, with the XIsha Islands, Nansha Islands, and the Zhongsha Islands including Huangyan Island (Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal)
Maps [archive.fo/M57Vr] [archive.fo/Tl5ZB] [archive.fo/8YfGU], foreign territorial claims [archive.fo/RgLYd] [archive.fo/mPzUh], Gas and Oil Fields [archive.fo/HOFYM]

* "Beijing urges halt to energy exploration in South China Sea" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/I9tl7]

* "UK to send warship to South China Sea amid maritime dispute – defense sec" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/8A0We]


China - Tibet Autonomous Region / The Gelug Government-in-Exile

* "IT incubator aims to boost Tibetan entrepreneurship" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/jbF88]

* "China reiterates stance on Dalai Lama's foreign visits" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/qPVCt]


China - Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region


China - Taiwan Province, administered by the Republic of China (RoC; Taiwan and its associated territories)
Political status of Taiwan [archive.is/OJxrL], whose question originates from the Peace Treaty of San Francisco, 1945, which states the USA as the Principle Occupying Power [is.gd/13HzLx] over Taiwan.

* "After a Famed Prisoner Dies in China, Taiwan Fears for Another" (2017-07-20, nytimes.com) [archive.fo/R0xdq], photo caption: Pictures of Lee Ming-cheh, left, a rights advocate from Taiwan, and Tashi Wangchuk, an education advocate from Tibet, during a commemoration last month in Taiwan of the 1989 pro-democracy crackdown in China. Both men are in Chinese custody.


Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and relations with the states of the Eurasian Union (EEU)

* "Putin: Joint drill with China not a start of new military alliance" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/JYewC]

* "Gazprom, Iran’s OIEC sign deal over oil fields; Russia’s Gazprom has signed a cooperation agreement with an Iranian company over the development of two major oil fields in western Iran" (2017-07-30, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/l3eCA], photo caption: Russia's Gazprom signed a deal last year to study Iran's Changuleh as well as Cheshmeh Khosh oil fields.


Kingdom of Thailand

* "Former Thai PM questions junta move to freeze bank accounts" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/3C3n1]


Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Map [archive.fo/pJYh1]; News [globalnewlightofmyanmar.com[moi.gov.mm/npe/nlm] [myanmaritv.com]


Democratic Alliance of Nationalities in the Kokang region of Myanmar (Myanmar National Democratic Alliance)


Ta'ang (Palaung) State Liberation Front and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA)


Arakan Army
[thearakanarmy.com] [facebook.com/pages/Arakan-Army/318576794899066]


[akha.org] [akhawomensfoundation.com/akhanews]


Dai Nippon (Empire of Japan)
Map of territorial waters and EEZ [archive.fo/Any6i]; News [japan-press.co.jp]


Republic of Korea (RoK) in southern Korea


Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
Info collected by Juche-Buddhism Friendship Society, for Peace through Knowledge! 
평화 에찬성하여 ("In Favor of Peace") 제국주의 반대 ("In Opposition to Imperialism")
"DPRK: We Love Peace!" video (2016) [youtube.com/watch?v=Daw9jPld_BM]
- "Pyongyang Declaration: Let us defend and advance the socialist cause" [archive.fo/irJfs]
- DPRK News:  [rodong.rep.kp] [naenara.com.kp] [kcna.kp] [dprktoday.com] [nktoday.kr] [korea-dpr.com]
Anti-DPRK news analysis: [kcnawatch.co] [nknews.org] [dailynk.com]
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The Criminal Law of the DPRK (2009) (.pdf) [is.gd/FxPsJb]; Taxation in the DPRK [archive.fo/8E73H]
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International economic law and relations: [archive.fo/ZQFzW] [archive.fo/zBS1S] [archive.fo/NDQxp]; "New Era of Prosperity Now Opens" (2017) [archive.fo/GrogV]; "High-Tech 'Made in DPRK' " (2016-06-18) [youtube.com/watch?v=kghkIE4Altc]; Paektu Exchange [paektuculturalexchange.org]


DPRK: Foreign Relations -
"Future of Humankind Is Guaranteed under Socialism"[archive.fo/e2pa3]


DPRK: Foreign Hostilities -
[ncnk.org]; "History of U.S. Sabotage of Korean Peace and Reunification" (2001) [archive.fo/hyFlf]


Socialist Republic of Vietnam
[en.vietnamplus.vn] [english.vietnamnet.vn]

* "Vietnam police arrest dissident for alleged bid to overthrow government; Vietnamese police authorities have taken into custody a well-known dissident for allegedly engaging in efforts aimed at overthrowing the government" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/M5iyp], photo caption: This file photo taken on August 10, 2011 shows French-Vietnamese blogger and lecturer Pham Minh Hoang (C) being led out from a courtroom in Ho Chi Minh City.


Kingdom of Cambodia


Republic of the Philippines
Maps: National Territory [archive.fo/TmfDQ], as defined by Existing Laws and Treaties [archive.fo/kLpoZ], EEZ seabed relief map [archive.fo/vPe7J]EEZ dispute with PR China [archive.fo/Sx094], Marine Entitlements [archive.fo/jSZE1]
News sources: [karapatan.org/news] [davaotoday.com] [themaharlikan.info].

* "Duterte continues war on drugs despite criticism" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/dRzxF]

* "Philippines mayor on Duterte’s ‘drug list,’ 14 others killed in overnight raids" (2017-07-30, rt.com) [archive.fo/jvBB0]
* "12 killed in drug raid in Philippines, including city mayor" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Jggd8]


* "Philippines urges US to return church bells; Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has demanded the United States return church bells seized by American forces in a bloody campaign more than a century ago, in another blast at his country's traditional ally" (2017-07-25, presstv.ir) [archive.fo/ieE5A]

* "Duterte Kills Peace Talks, Blames Revolutionaries for Martial Law; 'After 7000 to 12,000 extrajudicial killings of poor drug addicts and low level pushers, he has failed to solve the problem of illegal drugs' " (2017-07-21, by Professor Jose Maria Sison, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/JEFFr]
* "Following SONA, Communists Vow to Intensify Fight Against 'Tired US Puppet' Duterte; teleSUR spoke to the Communist Party of the Philippines Information Bureau and professors Jose Maria Sison and Roland Simbulan following President Rodrigo Duterte's second State of the Nation Address" (2017-07-25, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/tegMq], photo caption: Protesters display an effigy of President Rodrigo Duterte during a march towards the Philippine Congress ahead of Duterte's State of the Nation address in Quezon city, Metro Manila.

* "Philippine Communist Leader Vows to Fight ‘Puppet’ Duterte; Sison urged Duterte to “sober up” and let the government peace panel negotiate with the NDFP for lasting peace in the country" (2017-07-28, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/mzRw8]

* "Duterte’s threat to bomb ‘communist’ schools bewilders indigenous groups" (2017-07-26, rt.com) [archive.fo/tytfF]:
Indigenous tribes have responded to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s threat to bomb their schools because he believes they’re teaching “subversion and communism.”
Duterte made the threats against the native, non-muslim, Lumad people from the southern island of Mindinao.
“Get out of there, I’m telling the Lumads now. I’ll have those bombed, including your structures,” he said in a press conference on Monday, according to AP [archive.fo/X6nD8].
“I will use the armed forces, the Philippines Air Force. I’ll really have those bombed... because you are operating illegally and you are teaching the children to rebel against government.”
The comments came after the breakdown of peace negotiations between the government and the Communist New People’s Army (NPA).
The NPA has been waging an insurgency in the Philippines for nearly 50 years and the government believes it’s using tribal areas in the countryside as its base of operations.
“The president's statements hurt us because he does not seem to value our lives,” a Lumad spokesperson told Philippine news outlet ABS-CBN.
Indigenous leaders refuted Duterte's allegations that they harbor communist rebels [archive.fo/f8lUh] and said that the claims go back to the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
US-based Human Rights Watch condemned the comments and called on Duterte to publicly retract them. They also implored the president to sign a Safe Schools Declaration to protect schools and universities from attacks during war [archive.fo/4mlIi]. [end excerpt]
* "Rights Groups Demand Duterte Retract Threat To Bomb Schools; The president claims tribal schools are teaching students to rebel against the government" (2017-07-26, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/DxwWL]

* "Duterte orders PNP chief: Wipe out NPA" (2017-07-30, newsinfo.inquirer.net) [archive.is/n1OzC] [begin excerpt]:
What Philippine leaders had failed to do in half a century, President Rodrigo Duterte wants done in the next five years of his six-year term — wipe out communist rebels.
Philippine National Police Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa said Mr. Duterte’s instructions to him were to focus next on fighting the New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, after the government finishes off remnants of the Maute group in Marawi City.
It remains uncertain, however, when the war on the Maute Group in Marawi would end and that on the NPA would begin, which Dela Rosa described would be a “full scale” campaign. [...]
Dela Rosa was guest speaker at the general membership meeting and induction of new members of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Cebu City Sports Club.
Dela Rosa told the business group, the biggest in Cebu, that he was personally asked by the President to focus next on the NPA after the Marawi campaign is over. [end excerpt]

* "Government forces make progress clearing ISIL militants from Marawi" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/czY63]


Towards a People's Republic of the Philippines
[ndfp.net] [philippinerevolution.net] [facebook.com/NDFP.IIO]


Bangsamoro (including MNLF; MILF; ARMM)


Republic of Indonesia


Commonwealth of Australia
Map [archive.fo/uYGls]


Sovereign Union of First Nations Peoples


Realm of New Zealand / Aotearoa


Occupied State of West Papua 
More info at [is.gd/QP7z99]


News from the people of Micronesia, Melanesia, & Polynesia
Map [archive.fo/OTbrr]


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research from the Committee for the Study of

* "Race Riots" list (retrieved 2017-08-04, blackpast.org) [archive.fo/DGnJW], focusing on the era of the old Jim Crow regime over the USA against the captive nation of New Afrika.
- "Brownsville Affray, 1906":
In July 1906, the U.S. Army stationed three companies of the all-black Twenty-Fifth Infantry at Fort Brown, Texas, adjacent to Brownsville.  In recent years, southern Texas and the border region had seen periodic disturbances between American soldiers and local Chicanos who resented the military's presence.  Soon after their arrival, black soldiers began complaining of police harassment and civilian discrimination.
On the night of August 13, a group of unidentified men fired more than a hundred shots into private homes and businesses near the fort, killing a young bartender.  A well-organized citizens' group accused the black infantrymen, prompting a U.S. Inspector General's investigation directed by Major Augustus Penrose.  Penrose later concluded that a handful of soldiers had knowledge of the shooting, but the shooters' identities could not be discovered because the black troops refused to answer investigators' questions.  On November 6, claiming a "conspiracy of silence" to protect their guilty comrades, President Theodore Roosevelt announced the dishonorable discharges of 167 men in Companies B, C, and D.  To avoid further trouble with border residents, Fort Brown and neighboring Ringgold Barracks were closed in October.
James N. Leiker, Racial Borders: Black Soldiers along the Rio Grande (College Station: Texas A & M University Press, 2002).

- "Wilmington Race Riot of 1898"
A politically motivated attack by whites against the city’s leading African American citizens, the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 documents the lengths to which Southern White Democrats went to regain political domination of the South after Reconstruction.  The violence began on Thursday, November 10th in the predominantly African American city of Wilmington, North Carolina, at that time the state’s largest metropolis.  Statewide election returns had recently signaled a shift in power with Democrats taking over the North Carolina State Legislature.  The city of Wilmington, however, remained in Republican hands primarily because of its solid base of African American voters.  On November 10th, Alfred Moore Waddell, a former Confederate officer and a white supremacist, led a group of townsmen to force the ouster of Wilmington’s city officials.
Sources: David S. Cecelski, Democracy Betrayed: The Wilmington Riot of 1898 and Its Legacy (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1998); “Early African American Perspectives on the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898,” Documenting the American South, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library Archives.
Image: Collier's Weekly Photograph of Mob Outside Wilmington, N.C. Courthouse,
Nov. 12, 1898.

- "New Orleans Massacre (1866)"
The New Orleans Massacre, also known as the New Orleans Race Riot, occurred on July 30, 1866.  While the riot was typical of numerous racial conflicts during Reconstruction, this incident had special significance. It galvanized national opposition to the moderate Reconstruction policies of President Andrew Johnson and ushered in much more sweeping Congressional Reconstruction in 1867.
The riot took place outside the Mechanics Institute in New Orleans as black and white delegates attended the Louisiana Constitutional Convention. The Convention had reconvened because the Louisiana state legislature had recently passed the black codes and refused to extend voting rights to black men. Also on May 12, 1866, four years of Union Army imposed martial law ended and Mayor John T. Monroe, who had headed city government before the Civil War, was reinstated as acting mayor. Monroe had been an active supporter of the Confederacy.
Sources: James G. Hollandsworth, An Absolute Massacre: The New Orleans Race Riot of July 30, 1866 (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2004); Gilles Vandal, The New Orleans Riot of 1866: Anatomy of a Tragedy (Baton Rouge: Center for Louisiana Studies, 1984); John Kendall, History of New Orleans (Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1992).

- "The Colfax Massacre (1873)"
The Colfax Massacre occurred on April 13, 1873. The battle-turned-massacre took place in the small town of Colfax, Louisiana as a clash between blacks and whites.  Three whites and an estimated 150 blacks died in the conflict.
The massacre took place against the backdrop of racial tensions following the hotly contested Louisiana governor's race of 1872.  While the Republicans narrowly won the contest and retained control of the state, white Democrats, angry over the defeat, vowed revenge.  In Colfax Parish (county) as in other areas of the state, they organized a white militia to directly challenge the mostly black state militia under the control of the governor.
Sources: Charles Lane, The Day Freedom Died: The Colfax Massacre, the Supreme Court, and the Betrayal of Reconstruction (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2008): LeeAnna Kieth, The Colfax Massacre: The Untold Story of Black Power, White Terror, and the Death of Reconstruction (New York: Oxford University Press, 2008;  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/general-article/grant-colfax/.

* "Detroit '67: 'We've got trouble' — Routine police raid ignites 5 days of rioting" (2017-07-23, freep.com) [archive.is/UKDQP], photo caption:
- National Guard arriving on Lynwood in Detroit

- Tanks were used during the riots in Detroit on July 23, 1967.

- National Guardsmen, were called in to restore order by Michigan Gov. George Romney, stop their vehicle near a Detroit fire truck July 24, 1967, in the neighborhood that was ravaged by rioting the previous day. At least three people were killed.

- An African American man being confronted and frisked by police in Detroit during the riots in 1967.

- Individuals are lead to the back of a patty wagon.

- Congressman John Conyers, Detroit Democrat, uses a bullhorn as he tried to encourage African Americans in Detroit's riot area to go home, July 23, 1967. He was met with shouts of "No, no." As Conyers stepped down a rock hit the street a few feet from him.

- National Guardsmen patrolled Linwood Avenue at Hazelwood on the first day of one of the worst weeks in Detroit's history in July 1967.

- Lynwood street during the 1967 riot.

* "Detroit '67: 'The shotguns were loaded,' rookie cop recalls; Felton Rogers Jr. was a 26-year-old African-American police officer when the 1967 riot broke out" (2017-07-17, freep.com) [archive.fo/BOunC]

* "Subversive Influences in Riots, Looting, and Burning (Newark, New Jersey)" (1968-04-23, HUAC) [archive.is/yar0]

* "Listen, Brother!" (1968, by Robert F. WIlliams) [archive.is/3d1rf]
* "Speech: Delivered at the International Conference for Solidarity with the People of Vietnam Against U.S. Imperialist Aggression for the Defense of Peace. Hanoi, Democratic Republic of Vietnam November 25-29, 1965" (1965, by Robert F. WIlliams, The Crusader newsletter)[archive.fo/dYPiG] [begin excerpt]:
Perhaps you may wonder why I, an oppressed descendant of African slaves, would refer to America as our beloved country. It is because the blood, sweat and tears of our African people have drenched the mountains, hallowed the valleys and swelled the rivers of America. It is because the first patriot to fall in the American Revolution was a black man named Chrispus Attucks. Yes, almost 200 years ago a black man fell first in the struggle for liberation, in the struggle for American freedom and independence. Yet today our people are still suffering and dying in their quest for freedom in the so-called free world of racist America. There never was a revolution so grossly betrayed in the history of the world. There never was such a cruel hoax so brutally perpetrated on a noble people.
We, the captive people of the free world of racist America, support the right of all oppressed people to meet violence with violence. We resolutely support the right of all people to self determination. We are resolutely opposed to the fate of oppressed people being decided in any international body where the racist USA holds sway. We are opposed to so-called justice being meted out to the victims of U.S. racism and imperialism by running dog lackeys, hired thugs and agents of Yankeeism. We want, to remind those who cherish freedom and justice that the Yankee honors his treaties, agreements and legal writs only to the extent that they promote his sinister cause of world conquest. Yankee imperialism is a racist imperialism. It is a threat to the peace and security of the entire world.
The American Indian, the first American, is a perfect example of those who trust in the promises of the Yankee plunderers. The proud and once great American Indian sought to honorably and peacefully share his native land with the conniving intruder who came preaching a new doctrine of so-called Christian brotherhood. More than a hundred treaties signed with the American Indians have been violated and shamelessly discarded by the U.S. Government. The American Indian was the first victim of the U.S. Government's strategic hamlet, the so-called Indian Reservation. Today, he too, is a prisoner on his own soil, and he has all but been exterminated. What is a treaty, what is an agreement and what is a constitution to the racist, barbaric and imperialist Yankee? [end excerpt]

* Editorial cartoon (1964, by Robert. F. Williams, The Crusader newsletter) [archive.is/lAbrT]:

* "Illinois Black Panther Party Resources" [archive.is/6c010]
* "Chicago 1969: When Black Panthers aligned with Confederate-flag-wielding, working-class whites" (2017-01-09, theconversation.com) [archive.fo/gtuUg], photo caption: The Black Panthers and Young Patriots hold a press conference in 1969.

* "The Original Rainbow Coalition: Multi-Racial Poor People’s Organizing in Chicago and Beyond" [archive.is/wfMQf]: The Original Rainbow Coalition, formed in Chicago in the late 1960’s, was the alliance between the Chicago Black Panther Party, Puerto Rican Young Lords, and Poor White Young Patriots Organization. It was one of the moments in the history of this country where poor people came together across racial lines to build power, support each other, and fight for their shared interests.
The Original Rainbow Coalition represented a real threat to the established powers both locally in Chicago and nationally. The Chicago police conspired with the FBI to assassinate Fred Hampton, one of the key figures from the Black Panther Party, in his bed and to seriously undermine the Rainbow Coalition effort.
On Friday, September 9th at 12pm, we held an online seminar about the history of the Original Rainbow Coalition and its lessons for today. We’ll be led by James Tracy, co-author of Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times and Hy Thurman, who was a leader in the Young Patriots Organization at the time of the Rainbow Coalition.
An audio recording of the seminar is available below.
The Original Rainbow Coalition (.mp3; 84 minutes) [is.gd/Expqph].
* Appalachian “hillbilly revolutionaries” from the Young Patriots Organization team up with members of the Black Panther Party for a “Free the Panthers” event, October, 1969

* Photo: Black Panther Party (Illinois) alongside Young Patriots Organization

* "War In America: The Malcolm X Doctrine" (1966, by Imari Obadele, Malcolm X Society of Detroit; 1977 edition, Ujaama Distributors, printed by Sojourner Truth Organization, Chicago), Imari Obadele was the leader of the Republic of New Afrika. Back cover text:
IN this short book Brother Imari, an heir to Brother Malcolm, carries Malcolm's theoretical work to its logical conclusion. He tells how the black man's revolutionary War in America, now being fought, must be fought in the future. He tells how we can win and how we can and must go on to establish a black Nation on this continent, free, progressive, rich and powerful — taking in what is now Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.
A call to courage and resolution, WAR IN AMERICA is a road map to independence, freedom, and power: a road map that lifts off from the paths now being burned and blasted out by black guerrillas in scores of cities across the United States.


* "Bolivar's 'Jamaica Letter' and Latin America-Caribbean Ties" (2017-07-24, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/PJB9H]

* "Former Pinochet Agents Jailed Over Human Rights Abuses; During Pinochet's dictatorship (1973-1990) about 3,200 Chileans were killed by state terrorism, including 1,192 who are still registered as disappeared" (2017-07-29, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/okNYm]

* "Newly Declassified Documents Confirm U.S. Backed 1953 Coup in Iran Over Oil Contracts" (2017-07-24, democracynow.org) [archive.fo/MEHyF], summary:
Newly declassified State Department documents show oil contracts played a key role in the U.S.-backed 1953 coup in Iran that led to the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. "What the documents show is actually the importance of oil in the coup," says Professor Ervand Abrahamian. "The conventional wisdom is, oh, it was all the Cold War scare, communism. But here you see, actually, very occasionally, when Eisenhower intervenes in a discussion, it’s about question of oil contracts and so on and how nationalization would disrupt the whole international framework and would be a threat to U.S. interests, oil interests, elsewhere."

‘War In Africa - Italian Fascism Prepares To Enslave Ethiopia’, James W. Ford and Harry Gannes, Communist Party USA, Workers Library Publishers, New York, 1935


* "History of the World War: An Authentic Narrative of The World's Greatest War" (1918-11, by Francis A. March Ph.D., in collaboration with Richard J. Beamish, special War Correspondent and Military Analyst) (.pdf) [is.gd/tUUVOr], pg. 454 [archive.is/b5fiS], contains a map reflecting the situation as it was known by the authors as of late Fall, 1918:

* "Soldiers of the Great War - in 3 Volumes" (1920) [archive.is/1nSrq]

* "Countries which have adopted Standard Time" map (1884) [archive.is/9Rg2V], cited in a photo montage in "Mysteries of the Unknown: Time and Space" (1990, pg. 110; Time-Life Books) [archive.is/hsDb8]:

* "The Russian Hawaii" (2017-04-30, orientalreview.org) [archive.is/Wur3a] [begin excerpt]:
The first European explorers reached these heavenly volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at the end of the 18th century. One, the famous British voyager James Cook, also found his final resting place there. As a direct consequence of this “contact with civilization,” a local chieftain named Kamehameha (sometimes spelled Tamehameha) proclaimed himself King Kamehameha I in 1810. The dynasty he founded reigned for almost the entire 19th century, gradually enrooting Western institutions – schools, churches, trading companies and taverns. Increasing numbers of Europeans and Americans settled in Hawaii, eventually sealing the fate of Hawaii’s sovereignty: in 1875 the United States forced the Kingdom of Hawaii to sign a trade agreement, and in 1887 they won the right to build a naval base at Pearl Harbor. In 1893 the last Hawaiian queen, Liliuokalani, was overthrown, and for five years the islands existed as a republic. In 1898 they were annexed by the USA and declared a full-fledged US state in 1959. Today native Hawaiians make up only 10% of the island’s population.
But few know that in the early 19th century, one of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago was briefly part of the Russian Empire. [end excerpt]


Anarchist threads


Communist International History
* U.S. Friends of the Soviet People [facebook.com/groups/291623721304790]

* "Who Organised the Famine in the USSR in 1932-1933?" (2012-12-17, orientalreview.org; based on a chapter from the book by Nikolay Starikov “Crisis. How It Is Being Done”, 2011) [archive.fo/K57MY]:
The theory of the Holodomor is reactivated in the media every time Ukraine is about to take a step back to Russia. Just to remind those who are not aware of the tragedy, in 1932-1933 there was a severe famine throughout the USSR that claimed an unprecedented number of lives (up to 7 million victims, according to some debatable estimates). Paradoxically the famine mostly affected fertile areas in the North Caucasus, the Volga basin, the South Urals, Western Siberia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. During the last decade several Western historians were recruited to elaborate on the  theory that the famine tragedy was a deliberate act of genocide against Ukrainians carried out by Stalin’s government. Let’s consider the historical facts and try to get closer to the truth regarding the issue of the sources and circumstances of that horrible famine in the USSR.
First of all we have to recall something about the Gold, which surprisingly not always is a mean of payment…
In early 1920s the recently proclaimed Soviet Union was anxious about restoration of its industry totally destroyed after WWI and Civil War in Russia (1918-1921). The Soviets desperately needed modern machinery and industrial equipment. How could they pay it? Soviet government was able to offer to the international market three items: grain, minerals and gold.
On Genoa Conference in 1922 the new Gold Exchange Standard was introduced. Since the end of 1922 the Soviet Union was issuing the golden chervonets – a new Soviet currency fully covered by the golden reserves and convertible to gold. In 1923 the Soviet chervonets was one of the most stable and secured currencies of the world. It represented a clear and present danger for emerging financial epicentre – the United States of America. The economic and financial weight of the United States boomed astonishingly as the result of global war. That country was one of few beneficiaries of the man-slaughtering house in Europe of 1910s. But an unexpected rival from the Bolshevik state emerged vigorously…
- Photo caption: Soviet Golden Chervonets, 1923

In 1924 the Soviet chervonets was replaced by a softer rouble without golden equivalent. The menace to the US dollar and British pound was diminished. In return Soviet Union was recognized by the UK, France, Norway, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, China, Japan, Mexico and other countries. The United States possessed 46% of golden reserves of the capitalist world.
In 1925 the Soviet leadership decided to accelerate industrialization of the country. Quite surprisingly despite enormous economic gains promised by such policies, the Western countries refused to accept gold as payment when trading with Soviet Union! This amazing behaviour of is known in history as the “gold blockade”. The USSR could pay for machinery and equipment only by oil, timber and grains. (Interestingly, they still accepted pre-revolution Imperial Russian golden coins – the currency of a non-existent state was not dangerous!)
In 1929 the US bankers initiate the Great Depression. The short period of international currency exchange stability was over.
In 1931 Germany and Austria failed to repay the foreign debt and stop exchanging marks into gold, thus abolishing Gold Exchange Standard. By the autumn 1931 the UK suspends the gold exchange as well.
As you see, it would be a logical and natural move to lift the golden blockade of Soviet Union at that time, thus allowing Soviet gold to relieve the suffocating Western economies. But the decision they was taken at that circumstances was shocking in its absurdity. They not only left the gold blockade of the USSR in force, but also imposed a severe trade embargo on the major part of Soviet export! It was done despite acute economic crisis in the West where most producers were interested in any kind of demand, especially paid by gold, timber, oil and other raw material from the Soviet Union. E.g. in 1932 80% of British machinery export was being supplied to the USSR. Nevertheless, on April 17, 1933 the British government introduced embargo: Russian Goods (Import Prohibition) Act 1933! What was the logic? It was a politically motivated decision to pressure the tenacious Soviet government powered by the antagonistic ideology and economic structure.
Was the traded between the West and the USSR totally cut down? Absolutely not. Soviet demand for Western technologies and machinery was even higher than ever: the industrialization was full-pelt. But now the West was expecting only one mean of payment: the Soviet grains! (The curiosity of this claim is emphasized by the fact that by that time the currencies of the most agrarian countries were significantly devaluated and the demand for grains on world market was cut 50-70%!)
The Stalin’s government was faced with a choice: either to give up restoring industry, so capitulating to the West, or continue industrialising, leading to a dreadful internal crisis. If the Bolsheviks took grain away from the peasants, there was the very great probability of a famine which, in turn, might lead to internal unrest and removal from power. So no matter what Stalin chose, the West would remain victorious. Stalin and his entourage decided to force their way through and stop at nothing.
The government collected grain and sent it to the West, but not to starve part of a country’s population to death, but because there was no other way it could pay for the supply of equipment. All of Stalin’s hopes were on a new harvest. It turned out to be a small one, however, since the country was struck by a drought. The USSR was unable to buy food in exchange for gold (the gold blockade) or currency (as a result of the embargo there was none). Attempts were urgently made to get supplies of grain from Persia, where they had agreed to accept gold. The authorities did not have time, however, as a catastrophe was already underway.
Between 1932 and 1933, thousands and thousands of people died and it was only after this that the West was once again renewed to accept oil, timber and precious metals from the Soviets.
In October 2008, the European Parliament recognised the Holodomor in the Ukraine as a crime against humanity. The guilty was put on the ‘Stalinist USSR’. However, the report by the European Parliament did not provide answers to two questions:
• why did the capitalists behave so “strangely”, refusing to accept Stalin’s gold?
• why did they only want to receive grain from the USSR as payment?
There is neither truth nor logic in the European Parliament’s reports. The truth is that in 1934, grain exports from the USSR completely stopped. By order of the Soviet government…
The famine of 1932-33, which was carefully organized by the West, did not have the desired effect: the Bolsheviks remained in power. They continued industrializing. Economic measures had no effect – Stalin was restoring the country at any price. Only military measures remained. And exactly in 1933 Adolf Hitler, who had openly written about his expansionist aims in the vast Russian plains, came to power in Germany…

* "Agit-Prop on Early Soviet Coins" (2015-08-20, by Eric Brothers, coinweek.com) [archive.is/9pM1W] [begin excerpt]:
War Communism (1918-1921) -
The Russian Civil War (1918-22) shattered the infrastructure and economy of the nascent Bolshevik state in the aftermath of the successful Russian Revolution of 1917. During the Civil War the economic and political system was called War Communism. This policy was adopted by the Bolsheviks in order to keep towns and the Red Army stocked with food and weapons.
The following policies were included in War Communism:
• nationalization of all industry and strict centralized management
• state control of foreign trade
• strict discipline for workers and strikes were forbidden
• obligatory work duty for the bourgeoisie and other non-working classes
• prodrazvyorstka – vigorous requisition of agricultural surpluses from peasants for centralized distribution among the population of cities and towns
• rationing of food and most commodities with centralized distribution in urban centers
• private enterprise was illegal
The Civil War destroyed communication lines, modes of transportation (mostly railroads), and disrupted basic public services. Shipments of food and fuel by rail and waterways decreased dramatically. The populace experienced a shortage of heating oil and then coal; then they resorted to chopping down trees for heating and cooking. Infectious diseases were rampant, especially typhus. The urban population dramatically decreased, especially in northern towns, where it shrunk by an average of 24 percent. This was due to the breakdown of transportation; food, which was produced in the south, did not reach the northern cities. Hungry people were fleeing the cities in droves, heading south to confiscate the peasants’ surpluses. Eighty percent of the population after the Civil War were peasants.
The exodus from the cities was a serious problem for the Bolsheviks because the bulk of their support came from urban workers. Factory production slowed to a crawl or stopped completely. The economy was crippled. Dire hunger inspired the citizenry to get 50-60 percent of their food through illegal trading. A shortage of cash forced the black market to employ an inefficient barter system.
Despite the herculean effort of people trying to feed themselves, a drought, frost, and then a famine in 1920-21 led to millions starving to death. One of the results of this tragedy was that urban support for the Bolsheviks eroded significantly. When no bread arrived in Moscow in 1921, the hungry workers became disillusioned. Demonstrators against the party filled the streets and sailors and soldiers in Kronstadt began a major rebellion. War Communism was a complete, utter failure.
The New Economic Policy (NEP) -

The New Economic Policy (NEP), which replaced War Communism during 1921, was essentially a new, capitalist-inspired agricultural policy. The Bolshevik view of the traditional village life was that it was backwards and conservative. This old way of rural life reminded the Communists of the Tsarist Russia that was supposed to have been thrown out with the trash after the success of the October Revolution of 1917. The NEP was a compromise with the peasant class that controlled the production of food. Thus the state allowed private ownership of land because the idea of collectivized farming had been met with such tremendous opposition.
Lenin understood that people were hungry and therefore opened up the markets to a greater degree of free trade in order to motivate the peasants to increase production. The biggest change was the end of grain requisitions, which he replaced with a tax on the peasants; this allowed them to keep and trade part of their produce. NEP increased the peasants willingness to produce, which resulted in agricultural production jumping by 40 percent after the drought and famine of 1921-22.
The economic reforms of NEP took a step back from central planning in order to allow the economy to become more independent. In labor, NEP created incentives for increased productivity and for successfully cutting costs in production. Labor unions became independent civic organizations, not part and parcel of the CPSU. Because of NEP reforms, government positions were open to the most qualified workers. NEP reforms allowed the government to hire engineers, specialists, and members of the intelligentsia for cost accounting, equipment purchasing, railway construction and industrial administration. This led to the development of the “NEPmen” class; they were private entrepreneurs who hired up to twenty employees. NEPmen also included rural artisans who sold their goods on the open market.
Agricultural production flourished during NEP. The incentives given to the peasantry resulted in production equaling and even surpassing pre-Revolution levels. While the farming sector was dependent upon small family farms, the heavy industries, banks and financial institutions were still owned and operated by the Soviet state. This resulted in an imbalance in the economy since the agricultural sector was growing much faster than heavy industry.
In order to maintain a high income, factories began to sell their products at higher prices. This rise in the prices of consumer goods forced the peasants to produce more wheat and other foodstuffs so they could pay for them. By doing that, however, the increase in the supply of wheat caused a fall in prices of farm products. Then peasants began to withhold their surpluses and wait for prices to rise, or else sold them to NEP men (traders and middle-men) who sold them on at high prices; this was opposed by many members of the CPSU who considered it to be exploiting urban consumers. The state took steps to decrease inflation of the price of consumer goods and enacted reforms on the internal practices of factories. The government also fixed prices on all goods to stop inflation in its tracks.
The Chervonetz (1922-1925) -

It was during 1922, while the Russian Civil War was still raging on, that the Russian government attempted to install Communist economic ideals and eliminate its debt. They did this through a systematic devaluation of the Imperial rouble and its associated currencies. Concurrently, the Russians introduced the chervonetz (10 roubles), which was fully convertible and backed by the gold standard. Paper chervonetz were employed for domestic circulation while gold coins were used for international commerce. These coins had 8.6 grams of a .900 alloy, and sold at a high rate on international stock exchanges, which helped finance the NEP. The Russians minted 2,751,200 coins dated 1923; 1,113,200 were struck in 1923 and 1,638,000 in 1924. The dies were produced before the formation of the Soviet Union in 1924, so the coin was issued by the RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic). [...]
The year 1925 saw the Soviet Union revise the die for the reverse of the chervonetz: the initials USSR replaced RSFSR, and the Soviet coat of arms replaced the Russian Soviet one of 1923. The coat of arms featured the first seven Soviet republics. [...]
Even though the Soviet Union had a successful agricultural economy, the leaders of the Communist state wanted to develop industry so they could compete with the United States and other highly industrialized nations. To that end they developed agit-prop to attempt changing the culture of people to be more willing to engage in industrial work. Such propaganda is found on the gold chervonetz. The reverse features a barefooted peasant sowing his field. Behind him sit the tools of the farm. However, as he works the land, he looks off to his left to see a giant, modern factory with its smokestacks billowing smoke. This is the first example of coins being used to push industrialization to bring agrarian Russia into the 20th century. The obverse presents the Soviet Russian coat of arms with the hammer and sickle being warmed by the rising sun and its rays. There is also a wheat wreath that surrounds the coat of arms. The famous Marxist slogan, “Workers of the world, unite!” is found encircling the coat of arms and wreath. The initials ‘RSFSR’ are located directly below the sun. [end excerpt]

* 1923 USSR Citizen's Tax poster:


* "What are we fighting for?" (retrieved 2017-07-31, Communist Party Soviet Union, kpss.org) [archive.is/5pzvr]:
In the summer of 1992, in a more than century-long history of our party, a new stage has arrived. On July 4, in the small town of Pushkino near Moscow, the XXIX Congress of the CPSU was held, which confirmed the Party's loyalty to Marxism-Leninism, outlined its strategic course and elected a new leadership. From the CPSU was expelled (delegates also unanimously demanded to bring him to trial) the direct culprit of the collapse of the USSR - Mikhail Gorbachev. Thus, the congress has drawn a line under the long period of political retreat, when the old treacherous leadership of the CPSU passed one position after another, and the demoralized party masses at best provided it with passive resistance. The CPSU again became a struggle party.
Since then, more than twenty years have passed. In the recent history of the CPSU there were all kinds of ups and downs, however, unlike most other left organizations, we still managed to solve a number of concrete political tasks. The protection of the Kurils in 1992, the defense of the Lenin Mausoleum in 1993-94, the boycott of the referendum on the "Yeltsin" Constitution in December 1993, the holding of the Protest against the decline in the standard of living of the people (especially the very first in 1994), the adoption The law on partial compensation to the depositors of Sberbank, who suffered from inflation, in all these cases, the CPSU has made its weighty, and sometimes decisive, contribution.
The revival of the CPSU is not an easy task. For more than twenty years, the party leadership has been living in an environment of constant surveillance, and sometimes provocations by the secret services (it's not for nothing that our website is located in the international domain zone, and the server is located outside the country). Unfortunately, not without attacks from representatives of other left parties (now, however, there are less of them), seeing in the CPSU there is no one competitor, threatening to subjugate all others. In fact, our party does not pretend to do anything like that. In 1991, everyone decided on what name to fight next, and if we decided not to give up the 100-year-old political legacy of the CPSU, this does not mean that we are claiming some sort of leadership role. We do not impose anything on the left, but we will not tolerate anyone dictating to us what to call us or what to do.
The present CPSU operates not only in Russia, but also in a number of former union republics. Restoring the Union is one of our main goals. Sometimes we are asked: "What can the Communist Party of the Soviet Union be if the Union itself has not existed for a long time?" But any political idea can be realized only when there is a political force that is striving for its implementation. And such a party is the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. So, there will be a Union!
The CPSU is a Marxist-Leninist party. It is a communist party in the classical sense of the word, acting both against right opportunism and against "leftist" adventurism, it is a party of revolutionaries. Without denying the importance of participation in the elections, we still consider the development of a mass struggle for workers' rights to be the main direction of our work. Only such a struggle will make it possible to rid our country of the power of big capital and reopen its socialist perspective.
The CPSU is the party of internationalists. Speaking against any kind of national oppression at home and abroad, the CPSU expresses solidarity with the struggle against imperialism, maintains friendly ties with the majority of the communist and workers' parties of the world. Among our close friends are the Communists of Spain, the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, El Salvador and many others.
The CPSU is the party of the future. Without yielding to our principled positions, we maintain active contacts with the anti-globalization and anti-war movement in the West and East, and monitor new trends in the development of modern imperialism.
However, visitors to our site will be able to make sure of all this themselves, after reading the materials posted on it. We hope - we are even convinced of this - that among our new acquaintances there will be many of our future comrades-in-arms in the joint struggle. Well - in a good way!

- Documentation (TOC) [archive.is/w6ss5]
- Personalities: SKVORTSOV SERGEI BORISOVICH First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, editor-in-chief of "Narodnaya Gazeta" [archive.is/Hw4z1], photo [archive.is/6yWQF]

* "20 Years After The Big Breakup, Does The 'Former Soviet Union' Still Exist?" (2011-08-18, rferl.org) [archive.is/6sev8] [begin excerpt]
Steven Pifer, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution who served as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine from 1998-2000, says the emergence of a national identity spanning all of Ukraine is among the country's key achievements of the last two decades.
"Remember, if you go back 15, 16 years ago, people were asking if Ukraine would exist as an independent state," Pifer says.
"I do believe in Ukraine that there is a sense of national identity, and that's in eastern Ukraine as well as western Ukraine. I mean, in eastern Ukraine it may not be quite as thick as it is in the west, but I think most Ukrainians now see Ukraine as an independent state and whatever issues they are going to face, they want to resolve those issues as a Ukrainian state."
John Tefft, the current U.S. ambassador to Kyiv and a former ambassador to Georgia, stresses the importance of the emergence of a post-Soviet generation -- people who have always known their countries as independent states.
"You know, [today] it's a whole different ball game than their fathers and grandfathers had." Tefft says. "So Ukraine, like so many of the other countries in this region, is going through this transition period, putting off the legacies of the Soviet Union and trying to become a modern European nation." [end excerpt]
- Photo showing mujahadin within Tajikstan, caption: As 1991 Coup Shook Moscow, Tajikistan Watched And Waited


Snippets of Jewish History

* "Israel makes Victory Day national holiday, to be marked May 9 as in Russia" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/ymO9d] [begin excerpt]:
The memory of the Holocaust “does not contradict the need to remember the victory over the Nazis and remember the soldiers who fought and fell; to remember the Jews who fought and fell; to be part of the global memory of the free world’s victory over Nazi Germany,” Oded Forer, a member of the Knesset for the Yisrael Beiteinu party, who proposed the bill, said.
Over 1.5 million Jewish soldiers took part in the war, he later said in a statement on Facebook [archive.is/VG3kg]. Through this victory, they spared the world from the “darkness of Nazism,” he added.
The bill was hailed by Education Minister Naftali Bennett.
“I did not know that 1.5 million Jews had fought. I did not know that most of the effort was by the Russians, and the Americans joined only later. I did not know about WWII heroes who immigrated to Israel from North Africa and settled the Negev and the Galilee,” he said.
”Until recently, only MKs [members of the Knesset] who came from the former Soviet Union spoke about [VE Day]. We will continue to tell the story of those who went through hell for six years,” Kulanu party Knesset member Tali Ploskov added. [end excerpt]

* "The Jews who fought for Hitler: 'We did not help the Germans. We had a common enemy' " (2014-03-09, telegraph.co.uk) [archive.is/1GwwC], photo caption: Leo Skurnik, a Jewish medical officer (second row, second from right), was awarded an Iron Cross

* "Doenitz, Karl (1891-1980)" entry at "World War II: 4,139 Strange and Fascinating Facts" (1983, by Don McCombs, and Fred L. Worth; pg. 148) [archive.is/jpXER]: German admiral and commander of German submarines in World War II. Doenitz, who commanded U-68 in World War 1, spent that war as a prisoner of war when his submarine malfunctioned and surfaced in the middle of a British convoy. He masterminded the "wolf pack" tactics of World War II, having succeeded Admiral Eric Raeder as Commander in Chief of the German Navy in 1943. Hitler selected him to be his successor as Fuehrer of the Third Reich. Doenitz did not know of the Nazi atrocities and continued protecting Jewish Navy personnel and their families. He assumed the leadership of the Third Reich on April 30, 1945 and negotiated the surrender of the German forces in the West. He was sentenced to ten years in prison by the Nuremburg Tribunal in 1946.
* "German right praises dead Nazi admiral Doenitz" (1980-12-27, UPI newswire) [archive.is/stEOd] [begin excerpt]: Doenitz insisted he had not known of the murder of 6 million Jews, although he had urged a fight against the 'Jewish poison' [archive.is/vUmUE]. In 1975 Doenitz said he had only found out after the war that 'Hitler had not been a decent person.' [end excerpt]
- Germany Medal Grossadmiral Karl Doenitz Befehlshaber der U-Boote , Ag 999 / 1000


* "Lineage of Senior - A Song of Sefarad" (retrieved 2017-07-29, peerage.org) [archive.is/m0MkU] [begin excerpt]:
The progenitor of this family in the United Kingdom, (Moses) Aaron Senior (d 1736), was described as a 'West Indian Jew' ('Jews of Britain', P H Emden, 1944, p. 58) and owned land in Barbados. His probable father or grandfather, Joseph Senior Saraiva of Barbados (d 1694), son of Antonio Coronel (d 1665 in Hamburg), who was one of the co-founders of the Bank of Hamburg (which became part of the Reichsbank in 1875), was a direct male-line descendant of Don Abraham Senior (b 1410/12), Chief Rabbi and supreme magistrate of the Jews of Castile, and favourite of Ferdinand of Aragon (1453-1516) and Isabella of Castile (1451-1504), whose marriage in 1469 he arranged. This marriage led to the unification of the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile and, ultimately, to the formation of the modern Spain. Don Abraham also brokered a reconciliation between Isabella and her brother, Henry IV (1425-1474), by which Isabella was acknowledged as heir to the throne of Castile, and negotiated the surrender of the great castle of Segovia, which helped to end the Second Castilian Civil War (1475-9).
As a financier, tax farmer and factor-general of the army Don Abraham also played an important role in funding and supplying the armies that drove the Moors from Spain (in fact the Crown would have been bankrupt without Jewish finance), helping to bring to a successful conclusion the 800 year long Reconquista (722-1492), the crusade against the Moors. Behind the scenes Don Abraham seems to have tried to minimize the suffering of his fellow Jews during a very difficult period. In Segovia in 1485 he intervened to prevent the rabble-rousing activities of Antonio de la Pena, a Dominican monk, against the 'Jewish wolves' who should be 'driven away by fire'. In other Spanish cities such activities had led to pogroms in which many hundreds of Jews had been murdered or forced to convert. In 1486 he interceded with the King to prevent the expulsion of the Jews from Valmaseda. In 1489 he paid, largely from his own fortune, the ransoms of 450 Jews captured at the fall of Malaga, mainly women who would otherwise have been sold into slavery.
Don Abraham also appears to have been one of the Jewish backers (fronted by Luis de Santangel) of Christopher Columbus' voyage of discovery to America, who he first met in Malaga in August 1487. 'It was during these early years of tribulation in Spain that Columbus gained the support of two highly placed and influential Jews - Abraham Senior and Isaac Abravanel... Tradition has it that Senior met Columbus at Malaga, at which time the future admiral outlined his plan to the Jewish courtier. Columbus was well aware that his proposed expedition would require large financial commitments and welcomed the promise of the support of Senior.' (Adler, Joseph, 'Christopher Columbus' Voyage of Discovery: Jewish and Christian elements', Midstream 43, 25 November 1998). Such was his authority that, on one occasion in 1492, he even sued the Inquisition in order to recover property - and won. When the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 Don Abraham converted to Christianity, together with most of the close members of his family. He did this partly on account of personal pressure from Ferdinand and Isabella, partly on account of his advanced age, but mainly, it appears, on account of threats of reprisals against the Jewish community at large. Ferdinand and Isabella, with Cardinal Mendoza and the Papal Nuncio, were the sponsors (godparents) at Don Abraham's baptism, when he and his family took the name 'Coronel', and they clearly regarded the event as a triumph.
The discovery of America - 'The triumph of Columbus was the triumph of the Converso Luis de Santangel, visionary and champion of the perennial lost cause of history, the cause of the Jews.' - John Boyd Thatcher. A member of the Coronel family, Pedro Fernandez Coronel, took part in Columbus' second voyage and was appointed Lord High Constable of the Indies. Was this an attempt to establish a Jewish state in the New World?
Various writers, including Leslie Fry [archive.is/pBFOG] ('Waters flowing Eastwards - The War Against the Kingship of Christ', Flanders Hall, 6th edition, 1988, Part II, Chapter I, 'How the Protocols came to Russia'), trace the foundation of the ‘Illuminati’ (allegedly behind the so-called ‘New World Order’ [archive.is/RFPlE]) to a letter written by Don Abraham Senior in 1492 to Joseph (‘Ussuf’), ‘Prince of the Jews of Constantinople’. Don Abraham Senior is called ‘Chamorra’ (‘Chamor’ or 'Chemor' in other places) and he is described as ‘Prince of the Jews of Spain’ (in the original, but elsewhere he is sometimes described as ‘Chief Rabbi of Spain’), but ‘Chamor’ is clearly ‘Senior’, given that Don Abraham was both Exilarch (Prince) of the Jews* and Chief Rabbi of Castile (there was no Chief Rabbi of Spain at the time, though Don Abraham was certainly the chief rabbi in Spain). The (purported) reply from Constantinople is found in the seventeenth century Spanish book, ‘La Silva Curiosa’ by Julián Íñiguez de Medrano (Paris, Orry, 1608, p. 156-157), which is available at archive.org, with the following explanation: ‘This letter following was found in the archives of Toledo by the Hermit of Salamanca, (while) searching the ancient records of the kingdoms of Spain; and, as it is expressive and remarkable, I wish to write it here.’

*See below concerning Don Abraham's position as Exilarch (King of Judah in exile) and his connection, according to Heinrich Graetz ('History of The Jews', vol. IV, p. 228) [archive.fo/8IiJc], to the princely Benveniste family of Narbonne, 'where the Royal seed [of David] resides' ('Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich', 1173, as quoted by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in their book 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail', 1982). See also Benjamin of Tudela's 'Book of Travels' (1173) (p. 2) in which he says of Narbonne: 'A three days' journey takes one to Narbonne, which is a city pre-eminent for learning; thence the Torah (Law) goes forth to all countries. Sages, and great and illustrious men abide here. At their head is R. Kalonymos, the son of the great and illustrious R. Todros of the seed of David, whose pedigree is established.' Moshe Shaltiel-Gracien, in his book 'Shaltiel - One Family's Journey Through History', a history of the Davidic descent of the Shaltiel family, quotes a reference (p. 156) to Sheshet Benveniste by the contemporary 12th century poet al-Harizi as follows: 'And there was the residence of our lord, our excellency, the Prince of All Princes, known by name from West to East, R. Sheshet, the pillar of the world and the foundation of all saints (may his memory be for a blessing).' In any event, Don Abraham Senior is the last person known to history to be described as Exilarch (Ruler in Exile) of the Jews. [...]
As Professor Haim Beinart has stated in 'The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain' (p. 420), Don Abraham Senior was referred to in a letter of 1487 from the Jews of Castile to the Jews of Rome and Lombardy as 'the Exilarch who is over us'*. 'Exilarch' means 'Prince of the Captivity' or 'Head of the Exile'** (that is, de jure King of the Jews in exile), a title dating from the Babylonian Exile of 597-538 BC which appears to have survived in Mesopotamia until Tamerlane the Great sacked Baghdad in 1401. The title was hereditary in and exclusive to the House of David (see I Chronicles iii. 17 et seq. and II Kings xxv. 27) but was elective amongst the immediate male members of that family and subject to rabbinic approval. Given the fact that the title appears never to have been accorded to (or used to describe) anyone not acknowledged by rabbinic authorities to be of Davidic descent, and that the misuse of such a title would have been most unlikely, given that the Bible/Torah restricts the title to the House of David (see above), it is reasonable to infer that Don Abraham was descended from one of those branches of the House of David that have been traced to Spain (see the Jewish Encyclopaedia under 'Exilarch') and that the title was accorded to him in an attempt to revive the Exilarchate after it had ceased to be recognised in Mesopotamia, as happened in Egypt in 1081 during an interregnum. According to my mother, when she was a young girl an American gentleman approached my grandfather with proof that he was descended from King David but my grandfather did not pursue the matter.
*'shall not turn away the tribe of Judah, he the Exilarch who is over us'. A translation of the same letter of 1487 appears in 'Spain and the Jews' edited by Elie Kedourie (page 70) and refers to 'the staff from Judah that is our Exilarch'. If this translation is correct then this would mean that the letter of 1487 contains a clear and unequivocal statement (to Jewish readers at least) to the effect that Don Abraham was 'ruler of the Jews' ('staff') 'of the House of David' ('from Judah'; that is the Royal House of Judah, otherwise the House of David) in accordance with the Blessing of Jacob (Genesis 49:10): ‘The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him; and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.’  [...]
Being a member of the Benveniste family could account for the reference to Don Abraham Senior as 'Exilarch' since the Benveniste family were an ancient and distinguished family whose members were sometimes designated as 'Nasi' (prince), including Sheshet Benveniste of Narbonne (d. about 1209) [archive.fo/5MkqW], and they were, on this basis, originally a Jewish princely family of Narbonne [archive.is/IPXQP]. In this context note that Thomas of Monmouth in his 'Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich' (1173 i.e. contemporary with Sheshet Benveniste of Narbonne above) says 'Wherefore the chief men and Rabbis of the Jews who dwell in Spain assemble together at Narbonne, where the Royal seed [of David] resides', as quoted by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in their book 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail'. See also Benjamin of Tudela's 'Book of Travels' (1173) [archive.is/JOJX] (p. 2) in which he says of Narbonne: 'A three days' journey takes one to Narbonne, which is a city pre-eminent for learning; thence the Torah (Law) goes forth to all countries. Sages, and great and illustrious men abide here. At their head is R. Kalonymos, the son of the great and illustrious R. Todros of the seed of David, whose pedigree is established.' Moshe Shaltiel-Gracien, in his book 'Shaltiel - One Family's Journey Through History', a history of the Davidic descent of the Shaltiel family, quotes a reference (p. 156) to Sheshet Benveniste by the contemporary 12th century poet al-Harizi as follows: 'And there was the residence of our lord, our excellency, the Prince of All Princes, known by name from West to East, R. Sheshet, the pillar of the world and the foundation of all saints (may his memory be for a blessing).'
- Photo caption: The Lion of Judah - Seal (reversed i.e. as a wax seal would have appeared) of 'Nasi' ('Prince') Kalonymus ben Todros of Narbonne (fl. 11th century) 'of the seed of David' according to Bejamin of Tudela.

'She is no more, the noble Princess, the Glory of Israel, the splendid flower of exile who built her house in purity and sanctity. She has protected the poor and saved the afflicted, bringing happiness to this world and joy in the world to come.' - Funeral oration of Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi. Dona Gracia 'enjoyed a status that resembled a crowned head of state' and was known by the Jews as 'La Senora' (which shows that 'Senor', as in Don Abraham Senior or Senor, could have been used in a similar fashion to refer to a man) and was referred to as 'the crowned', 'the crowning lady' and as wrapped in 'the headdress of kingship' (Andree Aelion Brooks, 'The Woman Who Defied Kings: The Life and Times of Dona Gracia Nasi', Chapter 17). Today, the La Senora (La Sinyora) or Crowned Lady Synagogue in Izmir, founded by Dona Gracia, still survives.
'This same spark [the dream of re-founding a Jewish state in Israel and the subsequent settlement of Tiberias], 400 years later, was turned by Herzl [archive.is/2qLCU] into the blazing fire in which the state of the Jews was forged and shaped' - Speech by Geula Cohen, member of the Knesset, at a reception in honour of Dona Gracia at the residence of the President of Israel in 2010.
'400 years ago Dona Gracia laid the foundation stone of a vision of a Jewish state in the land of Israel.' - Ya'acov Amsalem, Founder of the Dona Gracia Museum.
- Illustration: Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi (1510-1569) with her nephew, Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos and the Seven Islands, Count of Andros and Lord of Tiberias (from a 1930s lithograph). He was the basis of Marlowe’s play ‘The Jew of Malta’ on which Shakespeare based his ‘Merchant of Venice’.

The famous Gracia Mendes Nasi (1510-1569) [archive.fo/LXLdL], also known by her Christianized name Beatriz de Luna Miques, whose mother was a Benveniste, married Francisco Mendes (originally Benveniste) and their daughter, Brianda, married Gracia's nephew, Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos and the Seven Islands (otherwise 'Duke of the Aegean') [archive.is/suuGJ], whose Belvedere palace was at Ortaköy [archive.is/rQsWe], overlooking the Bosphorous. He fought at the Battle of Lepanto [archive.is/k3RQP]. Don Abraham Senior's son, Solomon Senior, alias Juan Perez Coronel, was Joseph Nasi's right-hand man. He was the father of Francisco Coronel, who administered the Duchy of Naxos on Joseph Nasi's behalf. The Mendes/Benveniste family were the greatest banking family in Europe at the time.
Don Abraham Senior's second wife, Dona Maria Sanches del Rio, appears to have been descended from the Davidic Prince, Kalonymos ben Todros of Narbonne as follows (unverified information from Geni.com): Dona Maria Sanches del Rio, daughter of Abraham Sanches (del Palacios de Judeo), son of Me'ir ben Samuel HaLevi Abulafia, son of Samuel ben Me'ir HaLevi Abulafia, son of Me'ir Todros ben Yehuda HaLevi Abulafia, son of Yehudah ben Todros HaLevi Abulafia, son of Todros ben Yehudah HaLevi Abulafia, son of Yehudah ben Todros HaLevi Abulafia, son of Todros Moshe ben Yosef HaLevi Abulafia, son of Yosef ben Me'ir, son of Todros ben Kalonymus (Abulafia?), son of Kalonymus V 'Yehudah Nathan' ben Todros, son of Rav Kalonymus "HaZaken". Don Abraham's son, Juan Perez Coronel, married a Cateline del Rio, presumably a member of the same family, which would mean that the children of Don Abraham's first wife, Violante de Cabrera, via this son, also shared this descent.
Geni.com also shows the following for Don Abraham's first wife, Dona Violante de Cabrera: Dona Violante de Cabrera, daughter of María Alonso de Cabrera del Castillo, daughter of Alonso González Del Castillo Avilés, Barón de Illescas and Maria Pérez de Cabrera, daughter of Martín Pérez de Cabrera y Foix, son of Margarita de Foix y Luna [archive.fo/ozZ6w], daughter of Roger Bernard III de Foix, Vescomte de Castellbò, son of Jeanne d'Artois, Comtesse de Foix, daughter of Blanche de Dreux, Dame de Brie-Comte-Robert, daughter of Princess Beatrice of England [archive.fo/jmG23], Countess of Richmond, daughter of King Henry III of England. Sources (such as www.genealogics.org) confirm that the Cabrera family inter-married with the de Foix family and it is established that the de Foix family were descended from European royal families, including Charlemagne. See here also "Who was Violante de Cabrera, wife of Don Abraham Senior (1410/12-1493)?" (.pdf) [https://web.archive.org/web/20170730082823/http://www.peerage.org/genealogy/Violante%20de%20Cabrera.pdf].
If these lines are correct then the children of Juan Perez Coronel would have united the blood of the Exilarchs of the Jews and the Christian Kings of Jerusalem. [...]
There would have been numerous other descent lines of course; those listed are those that rose to prominence in Judea/Palestine.
Alexander Goode, writing in his article, 'The Exilarchate in the Eastern Caliphate, 637-1258' ('The Jewish Quarterly Review', New Ser., Vol. 31, No. 2, Oct. 1940) states that Samuel b. David (1240-1270?) was ‘the last Exilarch in the unbroken line of Exilarchs in Baghdad’ but he acknowledges that the Exilarchate may have continued until 1401 when Tamerlane ‘definitely put an end to organized Jewish life in Baghdad’. Goode accepted that the Exilarchate may have continued until 1401 in Baghdad partly on the basis that ‘we hear of a Nasi Sar Shalom b. Pinhos, a descendant of Josiah b. Zakkai, being accepted as Exilarch in Baghdad in 1341.’ The point is that if Goode was prepared to accept that the Exilarchate may have continued in Baghdad after 1258 on this basis, should we not also accept that the Exilarchate may have continued in Spain after 1401 on the basis that we know that Don Abraham Senior was described as Exilarch in 1487 in a letter from the Jews of Castile to the Jews of Rome and Lombardy; to all intents and purposes an official communication. Given that the Jews had maintained and supported a dynasty of Davidic rulers for 2,000 years through the violent collapse of 11 empires, were they likely to simply abandon that institution in 1401, an institution central to their history, way of life and religious beliefs? The question hardly needs to be asked.
The evidence therefore indicates that Don Abraham Senior was of Davidic descent but this cannot have been unique amongst the leading families of the Sephardim, who formed a closely-related and exclusive elite. Various Sephardic families claim Davidic descent, including those of Abravanel/Abarbanel, Shaltiel and Benveniste, and in respect of the two latter at least there are published pedigrees tracing their Davidic descent; a tombstone dated 27 August 1097, now in the Museo Sefardi in Toledo, records the death of a Rabbi Shemuel bar Shealtiel ha Nasi. It is possible that the title of Exilarch was accorded to Don Abraham Senior in an attempt to resurrect the Exilarchate in Spain after it had ceased to be recognized in Mesopotamia, but this only lasted until the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492. After that, it would seem, there was no Jewish community of sufficient size, stability or prestige to allow for the resurrection of the Exilarchate, until 1933 that is. Note that there was a historical precedent for attempting to establish the Exilarchate outside Mesopotamia. This happened in Egypt in 1081 when David ben Daniel, a descendant of the house of Exilarchs, was proclaimed Exilarch by the rabbinic authorities of that country; the attempt ended with his downfall in 1094. [end excerpt]


Overviews of World History before the Modern Age




The "Dark Enlightenment" and neo-Reactionary Studies [is.gd/wZHos7]
With a focus on European supremacist ideology, including Antisemitic modalities, and "Racial Science".

* "The Origin of the Races of Homo Sapiens: A Case of Rapid Divergent Non-Evolution" (2011-11-09, by James Strickling, blog.world-mysteries.com) [archive.is/s1ww5]


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Science & Futurism
* "Zuckerberg condemns ‘irresponsible naysayer’ Musk over ‘doomsday’ AI claims" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/rIXeG]

* "Robot that dived into Washington fountain not victim of 'foul play' " (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/xRFDy]

* "International Underwater Robot Competition makes a splash in E China" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/QcmX3]

* "Freaky robotic eel to pinpoint poisonous metals in rivers & lakes" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/jbEpj]


* "DNA of human embryos edited for 1st time in US – report" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/WXKSg]

* "China’s first cloned dog in good shape" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/tG1AM]


* "Chinese scientists realize quantum key distribution during daytime" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/0sFgM]


* "Sensor-equipped glasses let you do things in 'blink of an eye' " (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/msbMv]


Space News
* " 'Substantial' ocean of water beneath moon’s surface could help create human colony" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/rAtq3] [begin excerpt]:
Scientists who retested mineral samples collected during the Apollo moon missions now believe there’s a massive amount of water under the lunar surface – a discovery which may make manned missions to the moon easier than previously thought.
Researchers at Brown University in the US examined glass beads, a type of volcanic crystal gathered during the Apollo 15 and 17 missions in the 1970s, and found they contained similar volumes of water to Earth’s basalt rock.
The leaders of the study, which has been published in Nature Geoscience [archive.is/owoCQ], cite the parallels as evidence that parts of the moon contain a similarly large amount of water. This, they believe, could be useful for future lunar missions as it means water could potentially be extracted rather than carried from home.
“Other studies have suggested the presence of water ice in shadowed regions at the lunar poles, but the pyroclastic deposits are at locations that may be easier to access,” said lead author Dr. Shuai Li [archive.fo/zZFKt], formerly of Brown University and now at the University of Hawaii.
“Anything that helps save future lunar explorers from having to bring lots of water from home is a big step forward, and our results suggest a new alternative." [end excerpt]
* "Moon could be wetter than thought, say scientists" (2017-07-24, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Eh6va]

* "Saturn’s inexplicable ‘lack of tilt’ leaves scientists with magnetic field conundrum" (2017-07-25, rt.com) [archive.fo/NumFC]


Ancient News
* "The Ice Age Floods Mystery" [archive.is/nIzwt]

* "Kazakhstan Valley Filled with Giant Balls Has Geologists and Fringe Scientists Butting Heads" (2017-07-28, by Caleb Strom) [archive.fo/nmYRO], photo caption: Broken concretion, Valley of Balls, Kazakhstan.


* "Toolmaking Teachers? Surprising Skills Shared Between Neanderthals and Modern Humans" (2017-07-28, by April Holloway) [archive.fo/cDDGw]

* "Devetashka - the Bulgarian Cave with 70,000 Years of Human Habitation" (2014-07-21, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/hPZAX] [begin excerpt]:
Devetashka cave is an enormous cave in Bulgaria, which has provided shelter for groups of humans since the late Paleolithic era, and continuously for tens of thousands of years since then. Now abandoned by humans, it remains a site of national and international significance and is home to some 30,000 bats. [...]
Devetashka Cave was rediscovered by a Bulgarian scientist in 1921 but was not fully excavated until the 1950s when the intention was to transform the cave into a giant warehouse. Studies revealed that it has been inhabited almost continuously since the late Paleolithic era. The earliest traces of human presence date back to the middle of the Early Stone Age around 70,000 years ago. The Devetashka cave also contained one of the richest sources of cultural artifacts from the Neolithic (6th millennium - 4th millennium BC).
During the 1950s, Devetashka Cave was used as a military site and for the storage of petroleum, leading to the destruction of some of the natural formations in the cave. Today, concrete bases remain inside the cave where large oil tanks had been installed.  A railroad was built leading to the entrance of the cave, and some remnants of a bridge can be found across the river.
The cave is probably best known for its part in the action movie ‘The Expendables 2’, filmed in 2011, in which Sylvester Stallone crash lands a plane into Jean Claude Van Damme’s subterranean lair. After the film, local naturalists noted that the bat population had significantly diminished due to stress incurred during filming, and the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria declared that this filming was in breach of Bulgaria's environmental regulations. In June, 1996, Devetashka Cave was declared a natural landmark. [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: View from inside towards the main entrance and the first two big openings.


* "Merv: In Ruins Today, How Does the Eternal City of the East Live on?" (2017-07-27, by Caleb Strom) [archive.fo/1Uive] [begin excerpt]:
Merv is no longer inhabited, though the descendants of the original inhabitants are still alive. Merv is not the oldest permanent human settlement either, but it is one of the oldest. This city remained culturally and politically important for some 2,000 years. Additionally, it was inhabited for at least a thousand years before that - giving it a history as long as the Western civilization.
The city of Merv probably began as a small village associated with the Bactria-Margiana archaeological complex, a Neolithic and Chalcolithic culture which first appeared in west central Asia around 6,000 BC. In the beginning, it was primarily composed of farmers who also raised sheep and goats as pastoralists. Towards the end of the Neolithic, proto-urban settlements had begun to appear - a few of which became full-fledged state level societies in later periods, such as the ancient city of Gonur.
It is debated among archaeologists whether the Bactria-Margiana culture was Indo-European or associated with the Neolithic culture of the ancient Near East. The emerging view among many scholars is that Indo-European nomads from the steppes mingled with proto-urban central Asian farmers and then adopted and spread their culture.
The earliest historical mention of Merv is in Zoroastrian texts, where it is referred to as Mouru. During the 6th century BC, Merv came under the control of the Achaemenid Persian dynasty. This was the first of many Persian dynasties which would rule the city. During this time, it appears to have been a city of some significance and it was associated with Margu. The city continued to be ruled by the Persians until it was conquered in the late 4th century BC by the armies of Alexander the Great. After the city was captured by the Macedonians, it was named (or renamed) Alexandria - as were many cities across the region that was conquered by the famous general. [...]
In 748 AD, the Iranian general Abu Muslim used Merv as his base of operations to revolt against the Umayyad caliphate and establish the Abbasid dynasty (which was officially founded in 750 AD in the city of Baghdad.) Under the Abbasids, and later the Turks, the city of Merv reached its peak.
The historian Tertius Chandler claimed that Merv was the most populous city in the world at one point in the 12th century under the Sejiuk Turks. The city continued to be a center of learning under Abbasid and Turkish rule. Being an Islamic city, it now contained a madrasa as well as a large library with material related to Islamic thought. The religious school in Merv focused on literature, the Hadith, and Islamic law. The city also was home to several famous historians.
Most things must come to an end, and for the city of Merv this began when it was devastated by the Mongols in 1221 AD. The Mongols destroyed the city and killed most of the population. As many as a million people are said to have died during the battle and its aftermath as people were dispersed. The city of Merv survived, though with reduced importance.
For the remaining centuries of its habitation, Merv was little more than a provincial town. It changed hands between several Mongol khanates and the Uzbeks. The city retained some importance to the Church of the East as an important administrative center for the spread of Christianity in the region, but it was still a shadow of its former self.
The ancient metropolis turned desert town met its final demise in 1785, when the Persian Shah Murad captured it and shortly afterwards razed it to the ground and deported its inhabitants. This spelled the end of the 3,000-year history of Merv. [end excerpt]
Photo captions:
- 1913 photo of Merv.

- Ruins of the Great Kyz Kala - “Maiden’s Fortress” in Merv.


* "Plagued by Floods Yet the Giza Pyramid Builders Refused to be Relocated" (2017-07-25, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/hRrEW]
* "Memnon’s Musical Statues: The Long-Standing Guardians of Amenhotep III’s Temple That Found a Voice" (2017-07-25, by Ahmed Osman) [archive.is/psNN9]

* "The Hunt for Ankhesenamun" (2017-07, ancient-origins.net)
- Part 1: How Did a Young Woman Stop an Ancient Dynasty from Imploding? [archive.is/FIa7g]
- Part 2: A Murderess, Vixen or Helpless Child in this Ancient Egyptian Soap Opera? [archive.is/rQQTT]

* "In the Shadow of Nakhtmin: The Unfortunate Crown Prince of Egypt" (2017-07-28, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/y8Y3N]


* "The Vajra: An Ancient Weapon of War" (2017-07-24, by Rita Louise) [archive.fo/l15HI]

* "Ancient Technology in Electroplating" [archive.fo/MQLt0#selection-1977.0-1977.36] [begin excerpt]:
Large items like these probably could have been electroplated by large batteries based on a similar design to the one used by the Mesopotamian electric cells.  In fact, in the 1970’s they were tested to prove they could electroplate articles.  Dr. Eggebrecht, a director of Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim, Germany, possessed a small statue of the Egyptian god Osiris, from about 400 B.C.  It was solid silver covered with a layer of gold that was so thin and smooth that he believed it could not have been applied by beating and gluing techniques.  To reproduce the effect, Science News says that “He connected many replica Baghdad batteries together using grape juice as an electrolyte, and claimed to have deposited a thin layer of silver on to another surface, just one ten thousandth of a millimeter thick.”
Speaking of electroplating on other ancient artifacts and the Baghdad batteries as well, in Secrets of the Lost Races, Rene Noorbergen wrote: “The ancient batteries found in the Baghdad Museum and elsewhere in Iraq all date from the Parthian period of Persian occupation, between 250 B.C. and A.D. 650.  However, electroplated objects, which presuppose the use of some form of battery, have been discovered in Iraq in Babylonian ruins dating back to 2000 B.C.  It would appear that the Persians and later craftsmen in Baghdad inherited their batteries from one of the earliest civilizations in the Middle East.
Electroplated objects were also found in Egypt by the famous nineteenth-century French archaeologist Auguste Mariette. Excavating in the area of the Sphinx of Gizeh, Mariette came upon a number of artifacts at a depth of 60 feet.  In the Grand Dictionaire Universal du 19th Siècle [The Great Universal Dictionary of the Nineteenth Century], he described the artifacts as ‘pieces of gold jewelry whose thinness and lightness make one believe they had been produced by electroplating, an industrial technique that we have been using for only two or three years.’”
The Alexandrians probably used ancient electroplating technology to place a shine on the large concave mirrors on the Pharos.  If Jacobi of Dorpat managed to gild “the iron dome of the Cathedral of St. Isaac at St. Petersburg with 274 pounds of ducat gold deposited by battery”* in the 1840’s—surely the more erudite Ptolemaic priests could have electroplated their smaller reflectors. [end excerpt]

* "New Evidence Verifies Biblical Accounts of the Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem" (2017-07-28, by Theodoros Karasavvas) [archive.fo/mkjQ7]

* "Experts dig for Biblical tabernacle that ‘held Ark of the Covenant’ " (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/bD26S]
* "Can the Bible, Bones and Bronze Age Jugs Finally Pinpoint the Tabernacle that Housed the Ark of the Covenant?" (2017-07-28, by Gary Manners) [archive.fo/bAYFP]

* "The Engineer Who Said The Ark Of The Covenant Was A Giant Capacitor" (2014-07-01, io9.gizmodo.com) [archive.is/QrYNH]
* "Ark of the Covenant Moses Ark-A powerful Electrical Capacitor" (retrieved 2017-07-27, enigmose.com) [archive.is/n7Sef]

* "The Pharos Light; The Lighthouse at Alexandria (The Seventh Wonder of the Ancient World)" (retrieved 2015-09-19, by Michael Lohr) [archive.is/JigFE]:

The lighthouse at Alexandria, in ancient Egypt, apparently employed an electric light.  "The poet Lucan, in his 'Pharsalia,' asserts that it indicated to Julius Caesar his ap­proach to Egypt on the seventh night after he sailed from Troy; and he makes use of the significant expression 'lampada,' which could hardly be applied, even poetically, to an open fire," wrote W. H. Davenport Adams in his 1871 edition of Lighthouses and Lightships.   "Pliny expresses a fear lest its light, which, seen at a distance, had the appearance of flames, should, from its steadiness, be mistaken for a star; but as­suredly he would not have spoken in such terms of the wavering, irregular, and fitful light of an ordinary fire.  We conclude, therefore, that its lighting apparatus was more complete than has generally been supposed."
The Pharos light was indeed "more complete than has generally been supposed" because its flashing searchlight was probably fired by arcing carbons like those above.  Its light certainly did not come from a common open type of fire, which is totally unexplainable.  “Several authorities tell us there was a hearth on the top of the tower,” wrote Jean-Yves Empereur.  “But, as someone once said, the closer we get to this fire and to the light it shed, the more we moderns are plunged into the darkness of contradictory hypotheses and errors.”
Wood was not the fuel used for the fire because it burns rapidly and a large amount is required to sustain it, which can bring devastating results. “The disappearance of a forest from the island of Anholt,” wrote D. Alan Stevenson, “was said to be due to the insatiable demand for fuel for its lighthouse fire.”  However, there was no danger of this ever occurring in Egypt because it hardly had any trees, except for mainly scrubs like acacia and tamarisk.  Egypt’s lack of wood, in fact, even prevented it from building even a semblance of a formidable navy in antiquity.  Mr. Maurice pointed out: “There was one insuperable objection to their maintaining any considerable navy; I mean the total want of timber proper for its construction and repair, of which the whole country was so entirely destitute, that even the boats on the Nile were obliged to be fabricated either of baked earth glazed and varnished, or of rafts sewed together with the papyrus.” Furthermore, no practical sources of trees existed nearby, which could sustain a continuous yearly blaze on the Pharos Lighthouse.
I am extremely dangerous! Coal would not have solved the problem. It was hardly known in the Mediterranean area. Naphtha, according to Plutarch, seeped through the ground around Babylon, and was sometimes set afire to impress onlookers with its flaming volatility—but we have no records of any attempts to harness it for ancient lighthouse fires.  Pitch, widely used in ancient torches, was also not an appropriate fuel for lighthouse beacons. Under a topic Torches and Pitch Fires, D. Alan Stevenson explained why:
I fluctuate wildly! "Torches seldom served for seamarks:  such small bodies of fire fluctuated too wildly in light value.  After several years’ use they were discontinued at Fréhel in France in 1710 as a roof failed to protect them from extinction by rain.  So great was the volume of smoke which torches produced that their use within closed lanterns or glass screens was impracticable:  soot sullied the inside of the panes and soon blocked the emission of light rays."
I am undependable! Unprotected open-air fires blazing away atop the lofty pinnacles of light towers belch out much more smoke than these torches, and their light varies, especially in the wind—an unpredictable weather feature that can rapidly change their character. Lighthouse records show that at times even a small breeze choked out an open fire and caused it to release little light but great volumes of smoke instead, and at other times, a hefty gust of wind whipped up a high, fluctuating blaze. Sometimes, the wind fanned the flames away from the sea so sailors could not see its light, and at other times rain blew in under the roofs of its cupola, and put out the fire completely when seamen needed it most. Beside the wind, the heat from an open fire can collapse a cupola’s stone roof down on the heads of lighthouse attendants, and the fire’s smoke fumes can smother them to death.  In 1790, the fumes from a fire on the lighthouse on the Isle of May suffocated the light keeper’s entire family, except one tiny survivor, an infant daughter, whom rescuers fortunately found alive—three days later!
Beside these problems, there is always the chance that a ship’s pilot can mistake an open fire on a hill or on a beach for a lighthouse beacon or navigation light. A double dose of this type of mistaken identity occurred some years ago. On the dark night of the 19th of December, 1810, two of Her Majesty’s ships NYMPHE and PALLAS wrecked near Dunbar because their pilots mistook the light of a limekiln on the coast for the navigation light on the Isle of May, off the eastern shore of Scotland.
I hide myself in fog!Notwithstanding all these unsolved problems with an open fire blazing away on the Pharos and an appropriate fuel to maintain it, we have one more curious but rejected suggestion. “Dried animal dung could have been a possible solution to the problem and is still widely used in native houses today,” wrote Peter Clayton, “but, once again, the sheer quantity required presents problems.” Furthermore, Emil Ludwig claims, “An open wood or pitch fire would have shone only seven miles.”  We assume he was speaking of a clear-weather blaze.  A misty atmosphere would substantially shorten the distance. Worse yet, a heavy fog, like the one encompassing the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the photograph above, makes even an extremely bright electric light also visible at only a very short distance. [end excerpt]
* "Ancient Technology: Electric Lights" (retrieved 2015-09-19, ancientskyscraper.com) [archive.is/azIep] [begin excerpt]: Ancient Technology appeared in the Egyptian lighthouse at Alexandria long ago.  Speaking of the ancient Egyptian technology on the Pharos Lighthouse, "which has no equal on the face of the earth," the medieval Arab geographer Al Bakri claimed the Alexandrians "assigned to its summit the celebrated mirror, which was made from a mixture of remarkable and extraordinary substances; they were able to see by it enemy ships on their way towards Alexandria, several days away, to prepare themselves for defense."  Beside the mirror's function as a telescope, which was obviously used also to study the stars, it was used as a heliostat in sunlight; and at its center, a brilliant arc-light fire flashed out messages on cloudy days and at night.
“That the Pharos was used as a signal-station as well as a lighthouse is certain,” wrote Dr. A. J. Butler, “and at the time of the Arab conquest it was in full working order and flashed the sun by day and its own fire by night many leagues over the sea.” He went on to claim in his exhaustive work titled The Arab Conquest of Egypt and the Last Thirty Years of Roman Dominion that it was a “conspicuous landmark visible by day and by night at a distance of sixty or seventy miles.”   At night, electricity, generating a brilliant carbon arc searchlight beam that bounced off the distant clouds, is what made the Pharos's light so conspicuous at an over-the-horizon "distance of sixty or seventy miles." [...]
The great Egyptologist John Gardner Wilkinson, author of Materia Hieroglyphica and Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, pointed out that the ancient Egyptian “paintings offer few representations of lamps, torches, or any other kind of light.”  Why—when they repeatedly illustrate almost every other Egyptian article?  The answer lies in the fact that modern authorities are simply not looking for electric lights on the ancient monuments so they simply do not recognize them!   [...]
Nevertheless, Wilkinson's mention of the lack of evidence for the “use of torches” by the ancient Egyptians reminds us of what the renowned astronomer Sir J. Norman Lockyer, who studied ancient Egyptian temples and tombs in depth, reported in 1894.   In his Dawn of Astronomy, he pointed out an enigma—at the time—when he wrote: "In all freshly-opened tombs there are no traces whatever of any kind of combustion having taken place, even in the inner-most recesses.  So strikingly evident is this that my friend M. Bouriant, while we were discussing this matter at Thebes, laughingly suggested the possibility that the electric light was known to the ancient Egyptians."  That “possibility” has become reality. Now we know the ancient Egyptians did, indeed, know all about “the electric light” and used it to illuminate the night sky as well as temples and tombs—and it is no longer a laughing matter. [...]

Nevertheless, like the goddess Hathor standing above, Lucian of Samosata on the Euphrates spoke of a Syrian goddess who also wore an electric light on her head   This second-century historian maintained:  "She bears on her head a stone called a 'lamp,' and it receives its name from its function.  That stone shines in the night with great clarity and provides the whole temple with light, as with [oil] lamps.  In the daytime, it shines dimly, but has a very fiery aspect."  The "lamp" may have resembled the one worn by the goddess of light Hathor or one of the four large electric lights behind the light goddess Isis in the temple at Denderah illustrated above.
Furthermore, a couple of centuries later, in his City of God, St. Augustine (354—430 A.D.) pointed out that in Egypt, “There was, and still is, a temple of Venus, in which a lamp burns so strongly in the open air that no storm or rain extinguishes it.”  He blamed “the reality” of this marvelous lamp, which was likely an arc light, on the miracles of the “black arts” performed by demons and men.  He wrote: "We add to that inextinguishable lamp a host of other marvels of human and of magical origin—that is miracles of the demon’s black arts performed by men, and miracles performed by the demons themselves.  If we choose to deny the reality of these, we shall ourselves be in conflict with the truth of the sacred books in which we believe.  Thus either human ingenuity has devised in that inextinguishable lamp some contrivance based on the asbestos stone [carbon] or else it was contrived by magic art to give men something to marvel at in that shrine; or perhaps some demon presented himself there under the name of Venus with which such effect that this prodigy was displayed to the public there and continued there for so many years."
St. Augustine also claimed that the asbestos stone "has no fire of its own, and yet, when it has received fire, blazes so fiercely with a fire not its own that it cannot be quenched.”  This points to the carbon in an arc light receiving its fire from an electric source—an ancient battery—“not its own.” Furthermore, he also claimed “no storm or rain extinguishes it.”  This also points to the electric carbon arc light because a nineteenth-century edition of Chamber’s Encyclopaedia maintains that it “can be produced in a vacuum, and below the surface of water, oils, and other non-conducting liquids, and it is thus quite independent of the action of the air.”
A product of the same century, Master Electrical Engineer John B. Varity, in Electricity up to Date for Light, Power, and Traction, wrote:  "Although the study of Electricity has only been developed within the last century, there is no doubt that its existence was known to the civilized world of 2000 years ago.  It may well be that Electricity was the magic of the Ancients, and that Tullus Hostilius, who, according to the Roman myth, incurred the wrath of Jove for practicing magical arts and was struck dead with a thunderbolt, may have met a more prosaic end through receiving a fatal shock while experimenting with a high pressure current." [end excerpt]

Further research by Larry Brian Radka includes:
- Ancient Bagdad (Baghdad) Electric Batteries [is.gd/A70MoT]
- Ancient Technology in Electro-Chemistry [is.gd/Wa91iO]
- Ancient Technology in Electroplating [is.gd/i1a8hd]
- Telescopes and the Ancients [is.gd/VlE5yJ]
- Telescopes, Lenses, Airplanes, Automobiles, and Other Ancient Technology Described by Medieval Historian Roger Bacon [is.gd/fXE49y]

From a previous website by author Larry Brian Radka which is no longer online (ancientskyscraper.com, note: some images in the following archival copies are not retrievable):
- Electricity History [archive.fo/MzZ3v]
- Ancient Electroplating Technology [archive.is/7kvWQ]
- Ancient Technology in Bagdad Batteries [archive.is/CPMWI]
- Ancient Hebrew and Egyptian Technology [archive.fo/ANZRw]
- The Arc of the Covenant [archive.is/A8uoY]
- Ark or Arc of the Covenant History [archive.is/dAt00]
- Ancient Technology in Electric Movie Theaters [archive.is/ZI9ND]
- Ancient Technology in Telescopes [archive.is/y3anA]
- Atlantis:  Electric Lights in America [archive.fo/XB4i9]
- The Lighthouse at Alexandria [archive.fo/JigFE]
- Electricity in Ancient Rome [archive.fo/jvXxI]: Electric technology is more ancient than is commonly thought.  In 1896, Master Electrical Engineer John B. Verity, the author of Electricity up to Date for Light, Power, and Traction, wrote:  "Although the study of Electricity has only been developed within the last century, there is no doubt that its existence was known to the civilized world of 2000 years ago.  It may well be that Electricity was the magic of the Ancients, and that Tullus Hostilius, who, according to the Roman myth, incurred the wrath of Jove for practicing magical arts and was struck dead with a thunderbolt, may have met a more prosaic end through receiving a fatal shock while experimenting with a high pressure current."

* "Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula hit by tsunami 1,500 years ago" (2015-03-05, phys.org) [archive.fo/Z29Ig]

* "The Maya Controversy: Startling New Evidence for an Antediluvian People who Influenced the World" (2017-07-27, by Cliff Dunning) [archive.fo/rxCUA] [begin excerpt]:
The Magnificent Maya -
Who were the Maya, a scientifically advanced civilization that seemed to have magically arrived in Central America?  We now know the Maya are one of the earliest established people in the Americas, arriving thousands of years before the Aztec, Mixtec, Zapotec and other peoples. What we don’t know is how early they arrived, and from where.
Recent dating at El Mirador, home of the La Dante pyramid complex in Guatemala, the largest in the Americas, reveals a date of 2,700 BC. But there are a number of odd facts about the Maya which are curious to consider. In many of their large and well-designed cities, the earliest and most magnificent architecture is the most sophisticated. The largest pyramids using the heaviest quarried stones and complex engineering are the oldest. It’s as if the Maya arrived at each location, (Copan, Tikal, Chichen Itza, El Mirador) with thousands of years of science and engineering prowess already intact. Or did they inherit their skills?
Dr. Richard Hansen, noted archeologist and director of the El Mirador Basin Project, has studied the Maya for most of his adult life and has come to a number of critical conclusions which shed light on the antiquity of these fascinating people.
First and foremost, the Olmec were contemporaries of the Maya and not the mother culture we’ve been led to understand. Hansen also believes that the Maya may have been the ultimate demise of the Olmec. There is evidence that the Maya, through various military campaigns, destroyed their cities, most notably, La Venta.
Evidence of Central American Tsunamis and Ancient Floods
In a new geological study on surface features covering the Yucatan Peninsula, scientists have uncovered evidence of ancient tsunamis which passed inland as recently as 1,500 years ago and may have continually come inland thousands of years earlier. The destructive force of these 20-to-50-foot-tall (six to 15 meters tall) tidal waves was enough to topple buildings and drown anyone in their path. [...]
Sayil is a good example of how a river of receding water has left its mark. Early photos show the path of a river created by receding water as it flowed across the top of the palace in what can only be imagined as significant water movement. A short distance away, a number of buildings are partially buried in the ground (a curious state that archeologists seem to have missed.) Also striking are the images taken by early explorers (most notably Augustus Le Plongeon in the 1890s) of buildings with large quantities of stones and debris piled high around the main acropolis at Uxmal and Chichen Itza. As the water receded, heavy sediment and stones made their way into the interior and exterior of buildings where they laid to rest. [end excerpt]
Photo captions:
- Sayil, Yucatan Mexico. Maya Elder Hunbatz Men points to a symbol for great age on the door frame of a building partially sunk in the ground. This area was deluged by flooding and perhaps tsunamis.

- The remains of building complexes underwater on the Yucatan Peninsula. The corrosive action of salt water on limestone may have reduced these structures down to their foundations.

- Baylands off the coast of Campeche, Yucatan Mexico, show the remains of a Sacbe and partially hidden Maya ruin.

- Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. A Maya Sacbe, (white way or road) about 30 feet underwater. (Photo courtesy of Angela Micol, Satellite Archeaology [satellitearchaeology.com].)

- A group of Sacbes on land and passing into the ocean. Sacbes were designed to interlace with cities. Made from mortar and concrete and supported by retaining walls, their path has remained undisturbed for thousands of years.

- A Sacbe leads to Labna, a Maya city on the Yucatan Peninsula.

- The Palace at Sayil, a Maya city on the Gulf of Mexico side of the Yucatan Peninsula. Heavily damaged by ancient floods, complete reconstruction is impossible because of scattered stoneworks.


* " ‘Alien’ toddler skeleton with deformed skull unearthed in Crimea" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/2B0tk]


* "6th Century Roman Law Text Discovered After Being Hidden for Centuries Inside Parchment Recycled as Medieval Bookbinding" (2017-07-25, by Theodoros Karasavvas) [archive.is/ayOz5]

* "Boutique Wine for Byzantines: 1,600-year-old Wine Press Discovered in the Negev Desert" (2017-07-26, by Theodoros Karasavvas) [archive.is/Rubjf]

* "Revealing Discoveries of Rare Ivory and Unique Gold Coin from Byzantine Bulgarian Fortress" (2017-07-27, by Theodoros Karasavvas) [archive.fo/dGiHd] [begin excerpt]:
An extremely rare find of an ivory icon has been made just a few days after a unique Byzantine gold coin dating back to Emperor Phocas' reign (602-610 AD) was uncovered during excavation works at Rusokastro Fortress, which is located on a hill near Zhelyazovo village, in Burgas district in southeastern Bulgaria.
Emperor’s Ivory?
Milen Nikolov, head of the Regional History Museum in Bourgas, said of the ivory find was, “much more valuable than gold in the Middle Ages”, as reported by Sofiaglobe. The extreme value of the piece and where it was found leads the archaeologists to conclude that the icon was a possession of one of the emperors who had occupied the fortress over the centuries.
“Historically, it is definitely the place where Tsar Ivan Alexander, Emperor Andronik III Paleologus, and probably King Todor Svetoslav Terter resided’, Nikolov informed Sofiaglobe.
Only one other such ivory icon has been discovered in Bulgaria by archaeologists and that was over a century ago making this an extremely rare find. The valuable ivory piece is yet to be dated but probably dates from after the building of the palace in the 14th century.
Newly Found Gold Coin -
Only a few days earlier a coin providing solid proof, according to the archaeologists, that the Rusokastro fortress was active during the 6th century as Novinite reported. What makes the find even more important and unique is the fact that this is the first and only coin ever discovered in the region since the time of Emperor Phocas's reign. Milen Nikolov, Director of the History Museum in Bourgas and director of the excavations told Novinite, “The gold Early Byzantine coins are two types - tremissis and solid, and the latest find was a solid coin. It weighs four and a half grams and is the biggest denomination in the Byzantine coinage." [end excerpt]
Photo captions:
- (Left) Byzantine gold coin from the time of the reign of Emperor Phocus / (Right) Bronze Steelyard weight, probably representing the Emperor Phocas

- Rare Ivory icon found in Rusokastro Fortress, Burgas District, Bulgaria

* "Donbass archeologists show discoveries from a medieval settlement in Priazovye" (2017-07-21, dan-news.info) [archive.fo/uFn15]


* "Ancient African Coins Found in Australia Pose Interesting Questions About the Nation’s History" (2017-07-26, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/lh9Ln]

* "Did the Portuguese Have Secret Knowledge about Brazil Before the Treaty of Tordesillas?" (2016-10-27, by Clyde Winters) [archive.is/Tdfj5] [begin excerpt]:
Sub-Saharan Africans in the New World
The Portuguese may have learned about Brazil from Vasco da Gama.  Da Gama found out about the West Indies and Indian Ocean trade from West Africans and Ahmad ibn Majid.
Arnaiz-Villena and other researchers have suggested that Sub-Saharan Africans (SSA) were among the first Americans.  J. Alcina-Franch claims that Spanish explorers found SSA already in Mexico when they arrived. Paul Gaffarel noted that when Balboa reached America he found “negre veritables” or “true blacks.” A. de Quatrefages said that Balboa noted “...Indian traditions of Mexico and Central America indicate that Negroes were among the first occupants of that territory.”
In addition to reports by the First Spanish Chroniclers’ eyewitness accounts of SSA populations in the Caribbean and Mexico; Dr. S. Moore says that anthropologists have found SSA skeletons at Pre-Columbian sites showing that they suffered from sickle cell anemia. The presence of sickle cell anemia among the ancient Maya supports Quatrefages claim that the Chontal Maya were Africans.
Bazan wrote “Arab geographical knowledge reached Vasco da Gama not only in written form, but also through his consultations with Ahmad ibn Majid, whom he met on the west coast of Africa”. Majid wrote numerous books in Arabic on navigation, and he also made improvements on the compass. Da Gama claimed that Majid wrote a handbook of navigation on the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the South China Sea, and the waters around the West Indian Islands [via Bazan, 1967].
Vasco da Gama was stationed in Tangiers in 1478. Tangiers is on the West Coast of Africa. The Sofala arjûza was written in 1470 - 8 years before da Gama arrived in Tangiers. We know that Majid sailed to many places in his lifetime, and da Gama could have met the great navigator in Tangiers.
More Knowledge than They Let On
It is obvious that the Portuguese probably knew more about the New World than they let on. Their desire to draw the Tordesillas Line which gave Portugal Brazil is quite interesting because Brazil was a strong center of African colonization since the expedition of Abubakari.
In addition, Alcina-Franch and Leo Wiener in Africa and the Discovery of America, make it clear that there was frequent trade between West Africa and the Americas when Columbus reached America. Due to his relationship with Majid, da Gama would have already known how valuable Brazil was to any future power in the Americas. Da Gama probably passed this on to the Portuguese King, who pushed for the Tordesillas line. [end excerpt]
- Moore, S. (1929). The Bone Change in Sickle Cell Anemia with A Note on Similar Changes Observed in Skulls of Ancient Mayan Indians, Jour of Missouri Medical Association, 26:561
- Arnaiz-Villena, A, Moscoso, J., Serrano-Vela, I. (2006). The uniqueness of Amerindians according to HLA genes and the peopling of the Americas. http://www.inmunologia.org/Upload/Articles/6/7/678.pdf
- Clyde Winters, (2013). African Empires in Ancient America. Createspace, Amazon.com.

* "Does a Mysterious Manuscript Describe a Forgotten Malian Mausoleum in Brazil?" (by Clyde Winters) [archive.is/IP99l]
* "Manuscript 512: 18th century evidence of a lost civilization in Brazil?" (jasoncolavito.com) [archive.is/SaAjo]

* "Did West Africans live in Four Corners Region of the United States from 12th Century?" (2016-07-03, by Clyde Winters) [archive.fo/309Zp]

* "Inference of Ancient Black Mexican Tribes and DNA" (2015-03-19, by Dr. Clyde Winters) [archive.is/arKrs], Abstract -
Background: Controversy surrounds the time period when Indigenous Mexican-African admixture occurred. Most researchers assume this admixture took place after the Atlantic Slave Trade. But, Spanish eyewitness accounts, Mayan skeletons with sickle cell anemia, and West African skeletal remains generally,indicate that there were Black Native Mexican and Meso-American communities in Meso-America before 1492. Using genetic association studies of available Indigenous Mexican and African genome-wide SNP genotypes and HLA we infer the probable pre-or post Columbian date for the admixture. Here we analyze the historical and  archaeogentic literature relating to the American foundational haplogroups and HLA to extract ancestry information detailing when Indigenous Mexican-African admixture took place.
Results:  Indigenous Mexican and African archaeogenetic,  DNA and HLA  resources  were analyzed to determine to what extent admixture had occurred between these populations. The sample indicated that Indigenous Mexican-African admixture has taken place across Mexican fundamental  male and female lineages; and that Africans and Indigenous Mexicans share HLA alleles. In addition,  archaeogenetic evidence including, African [Mande] inscriptions, Mande substratum in Mayan languages,  Africans depicted in Mayan murals at San Bartolo and Xultun, African skeletons generally,  and ancient Mayan skeletons with sickle cell anemia support Spanish eyewitness accounts of Black Native American tribes [Otomi, Chontal (Mayan speaking group)  ,Yarura and etc.] in Meso-America when they arrived on the scene.
Conclusion: We demonstrate that given the age of the African skeletons, excavated at Meso-American archaeological sites and Spanish eyewitness accounts of Black Mexicans, Indigenous Mexican- African admixture occurred prior to the European discovery of America. The date for the African skeletons indicate that there were several waves of West Africans who probably introduced African haplotypes  into the Americas. The 25,000 Malians who sailed to America in  1310  probably had a major influence on the exchange of African genes in the Americas.

Though not commonly found, Olmec and pre-Conquest (before 500 years ago) Mesoamerican artifacts are found which show African people mixed among the more populous Mexican people. The African-type people of the Americas have numerous origins, and represent a constant series of migrations and merchant activity until the onset of the European Conquest of the World.
* Three artifacts found in the region of Veracruz, southern Mexico, where the Olmecs reigned:

* Photo: Olmec city at Laguna de los Cerros archeological site, an example of urban planning and advanced masonry.


* "Linguists Are Finally Unravelling the Mysteries Trapped Within Mayan Hieroglyphs" (2017-07-24, by April Holloway) [archive.fo/dn4xO]


* "What Happens if Scholars Rule a Kingdom? How Korea’s Kingdom of Joseon Lived Up to its Legendary Namesake" (2017-07-24, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/wLqS0]


* "Urnes Stave Church: A Final Vestige of Viking Innovation" (2017-07-23, ancient-origins.net) [archive.fo/qcJKu]


* "What Really Lies Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives?" (2017-01-31, by Kerry Sullivan) [archive.fo/f2JGX]


* "The Voice is Mightier than the Sword: The Stone of Scone That Roared with Power" (2017-07-29, by Ryan Stone) [archive.fo/WGZrL] [begin excerpt]:
A stone valued more for its voice than its build, the Stone of Scone has long played a significant role in the crowning of the kings of Ireland, Scotland, and England. Though the stone has had different loyalties prior to the unification of Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales into the United Kingdom, it has always stood as a pillar of power and birthright. Without its presence, the rulers of ancient Ireland, the medieval land of the Scots, and presently the United Kingdom, were not deemed legitimate rulers. Its voice rather silent now, the Stone of Scone's mere presence holds more power than rulership dictated in script. [end excerpt]
- Photo caption: The Stone of Scone

* "The Stone of Destiny" (retrieved 2017-07-29, by Ben Johnson, historic-uk.com) [archive.is/UMjIB] [begin excerpt]:
The Celtic name of the stone upon which the true kings of Scotland have traditionally been crowned is Lia Fail, “the speaking stone”, or the stone which would proclaim the chosen king.
It was originally used as part of the crowning ceremonies of the Scots kings of Dalriada, in the west of Scotland, an area just north of Glasgow now called Argyll.
When Kenneth I, the 36th King of Dalriada united the Scots and Pictish kingdoms and moved his capital to Scone from western Scotland around 840AD, the Stone of Destiny was moved there too. All future Scottish kings would henceforth be enthroned on the Stone of Destiny atop Moot Hill at Scone Palace in Perthshire.
The stone in question is no ornately carved megalith, just a simple oblong block of red sandstone, measuring some 650mm in length by 400mm wide, and 27mm deep: with chisel marks apparent on its flat top. So where did this magical or mythical stone originate from, and why was it held in such reverence by the kings of old?
One legend dates back to biblical times and states that it is the same stone which Jacob used as a pillow at Bethel. Later, according to Jewish legend, it became the pedestal of the ark in the Temple. The stone was brought from Syria to Egypt by King Gathelus, who then fled to Spain following the defeat of the Egyptian army. A descendant of Gathelus brought the stone to Ireland, and was crowned on it as King of Ireland. And from Ireland, the stone moved with the invading Scots to Argyll.
What is sure however, is that the Stone of Destiny remained at Scone until it was forcibly removed by the English King Edward I (“Hammer of the Scots”) after his Scottish victories in 1296, and taken to Westminster Abbey in London.
The current Coronation Chair was made to house the stone in 1301 and it was first used at the coronation of Edward II, and thereafter to crown every subsequent king and queen of England. But can we even be sure of that?
Still another interesting legend surrounding this mystical stone suggests that as King Edward I approached the palace, the monks of Scone hurriedly removed the Stone of Destiny and hid it, replacing it with another stone of similar size and shape. And it was this which the English King carried off in triumph back to London.
Perhaps this legend is not so far-fetched as it could help to explain why the Coronation Stone is so geologically similar to the sandstone commonly found around Scone. [end excerpt]

* "The Stone of Destiny" (retrieved 2014-08-30, englishmonarchs.co.uk) [archive.fo/lHDJv] [begin excerpt]:
Some doubt surrounds the stone actually taken by Edward I. One theory claims that the monks at Scone Abbey [archive.is/yxVWA] hid the real stone in the River Tay or buried it on Dunsinane Hill, and that Edward's troops actually took a replica. Proponents of the theory claim that historic descriptions of the stone do not match the present stone. A letter to the editor of the Morning Chronicle of 2 January 1819 states that-
"On the 19th of November, as the servants belonging to the West Mains of Dunsinane-house, were employed in carrying away stones from the excavation made among the ruins that point out the site of Macbeth's castle here, part of the ground they stood on suddenly gave way, and sunk down about six feet, discovering a regularly built vault, about six feet long and four wide. None of the men being injured, curiosity induced them to clear out the subterranean recess, when they discovered among the ruins a large stone, weighing about 500l. which is pronounced to be of the meteoric or semi-metallic kind. This stone must have lain here during the long series of ages since Macbeth's reign. Besides it were also found two round tablets, of a composition resembling bronze. On one of these two lines are engraved, which a gentleman has thus deciphered.- 'The sconce (or shadow) of kingdom come, until Sylphs in air carry me again to Bethel.' These plates exhibit the figures of targets for the arms. From time immemorial it has been believed among us here, that unseen hands brought Jacob's pillow from Bethel, and dropped it on the site where the palace of Scoon now stands. A strong belief is also entertained by many in this part of the country, that it was only a representation of this Jacob's pillow that Edward sent to Westminster, the sacred stone not having been found by him. The curious here, aware of such traditions, and who have viewed these venerable remains of antiquity, agree that Macbeth may, or rather must, have deposited the stone in question at the bottom of his Castle, on the hill of Dunsinane (from the trouble of the times), where it has been found by the workmen." [end excerpt]

* "Tower of London: A Palace, a Prison and a Place of Execution" (2017-07-25, ancient-origins.net) [archive.is/O58dv]

* "Vandals Damage Ancient Artifacts in Mesa Verde Park in Colorado to Create Graffiti" (2017-07-24, by Theodoros Karasavvas) [archive.is/2XsqS]


Miscellany & Errata
* "Officials: 521 authors involved in fake peer review scandal" (2017-07-28, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/Fd5YZ]

* " ‘Female Jesus’ cult smashed in police raid, 18 arrested" (2017-07-27, rt.com) [archive.fo/GSmvu]


* "Trouble in Utopia; India’s Auroville was envisioned as an international community free of government, money, religion, and strife. It hasn’t exactly worked out quite as planned" (2015-07-24, slate.com) [archive.is/t0fCV]
* "This City Really Exists Where People Live Without Politics, No Religion And No Money!" (2017-03-17, curiousmindmagazine.com) [archive.is/NVnKH]

* "Mediaeval European Literature & Paintings concerning Supernatural Skycraft" (retrieved 2017-07-30, ifo.00.gs)  [archive.is/aCYsm]
* "118 historical UFO accounts" [archive.is/Vr1C2] [begin excerpt]:
- 1580 Strait of Magellan. "we saw a round and flat thing appear, red ..., shaped like a shield, that rose up on the air ... . It became longer as it went over a mountain and ... its shape became like a half-moon". [...]
- 1670 August 16th over Touraine, France. 2 fiery planks in the sky. [end excerpt]
not included in the preceding citation is the accompanying woodcut (c.1670) [archive.is/mnyI6] included in a photo montage in "Mysteries of the Unknown: Time and Space" (1990, pgs. 134, 135; Time-Life Books) [archive.fo/kAXL4]:

* "Wonders in the Sky" (retrieved 2017-07-30, via ifo.00.gs) [archive.is/HGKoj], being a compilation of chronological entries concerning UFO sightings often associated with later 20th century sightings alongside stranger aerial activity reported throughout a thousand year timespan. Other pages from the IFO website [archive.is/jeyNh] [archive.is/QvGaP] [archive.fo/7NIuD] [archive.is/M0LMj], IFO books bibliography (retrieved 2017-07-30, ifo.00.gs) [archive.is/ZTDg4]

* "UFO Bibliography & Research Portal" (updated 2017-07-29, by Rick Harrison) [archive.is/ezaWk], author's note: These charts reflect a mixed-solution concept roughly matching my reading of UFO literature over 50 years. They are not a statistical summary of a rigorously conducted scientific survey.

* "118 historical UFO accounts" [is.gd/LxRJq0] describes at AD 70, "armed troops coursing in the clouds and surrounding cities."
This citation corresponds with Eusebius - Ecclesiastical History, III. viii. (DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.eusebius-ecclesiastical_history.1926) (via loebclassics.com) [is.gd/zps8Oz] [begin excerpt]: worthy of the portent. For before sunset there appeared in the air over the whole country chariots and armed troops coursing through the clouds and surrounding the cities. And at the feast called Pentecost the priests passed into the temple at night, as was their custom, for their services, and said that they first perceived movement and noise and after that a sudden cry, ‘We go hence.’ But what was more terrible a man of the people named Jesus, the son of Ananias, a countryman, four years before the war, when the city was in complete peace and prosperity, came to the feast when it was the custom for all to make booths for God, and began suddenly to cry out opposite the temple, ‘A voice from the east, a voice from the west, a voice from the four winds, a voice against Jerusalem and the temple, a voice against bridegrooms and brides, a voice against all the people.’ With this cry night and day he passed through all the narrow streets. But some of the notables of the people were annoyed at the ill omen, seized the man and abused him with many stripes. But he uttered no word in his own behalf, nor in private to those present, but went on with the same cry as before. But the rulers thought that the man’s action was inspired by some demon, as it indeed was, and brought him to the Roman governor there, though he was flayed to the bone with scourges, he uttered no plea and shed no tear, but raising his [end excerpt].


* "Time flies for woman who spent 4 months in cave" (1989-05-23, deseretnews.com) [archive.is/GI2e3] [begin excerpt]:
A woman who lost track of time while living 130 days alone in Lost Cave reacted with disbelief, then delight, when told her time underground was almost over.
Stefania Follini was to emerge into the blazing New Mexico sun Tuesday to end an isolation experiment conducted by scientists to learn how people may experience the long solitude of interplanetary travel.Researchers spoke with Follini, an Italian interior decorator, on Monday to announce the end of the experiment. [end excerpt]
* "Isolation Researcher Loses Track of Time in Cave" (1989-05-17, AP newswire, via nytimes.com) [archive.is/9UO6B]
* "After 130 Days of Cave Life, A Return to Glare of the Sun" (1989-05-24, AP newswire, via nytimes.com) [archive.is/MBVT]
* "Ace in the Hole Stefania Follini Never Caved in" (1989-06-12, people.com) [archive.is/4g2C1]
* "The Times of Your Life" (2001-06-24, time.com) [archive.is/8rGFN] [begin excerpt]:
Stefania Follini could be forgiven for losing track of time. On Jan. 13 the 27-year-old Italian interior designer descended into a cave near Carlsbad, N. Mex., where she was to live for more than four months as part of an experiment aimed at examining how the stresses of long-term isolation could affect space $ travel. Pioneer Frontier Explorations, an Italian research foundation, had selected Follini, one of 20 volunteers for the assignment, because she was judged to have inner strength and stamina. For 131 days she dwelled alone in a 20-ft. by 12-ft. Plexiglas module sealed 30 ft. under the surface, without sunlight or any other way of measuring time. Last week she emerged aboveground on schedule. But by her calculations it was only mid-March.
During Follini's subterranean stay, her sense of time had elongated. Her "day" extended to 25 hours, then to 48 hours. She tended to sleep for 22 to 24 hours, then burst into activity for up to 30 hours. She ate less frequently and lost 17 lbs. Her menstrual period stopped. In short, her internal biological clocks had gone out of whack. [end excerpt]
* Photo caption (gettyimages.com): Cave in which Italian interior decorator Stefania Follini underwent 131 day experiment on physical and pyschological effects of isolation. May 01, 1989

* "Three years in a cave - and trying for six; Italian sociologist aims for new record underground; Scientists to monitor daily cycles of solitary sojourn" (2006-10-13, theguardian.com) [archive.is/nEoYd]


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* "Gene therapy helps dogs with muscle dystrophy. Will humans come next?" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/r8qno]

* "Study: Laser reawakens memory of mice with Alzheimer's" (2017-07-27, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/M6dyH]

* "New study suggests a potential link between sugar and men's mental health" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/j38GL]

* "New soft robotic suit helps stroke patients walk normally" (2017-07-30, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/PTDTH]


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International News
* "4 Indigenous Runners Win 2017 Canyon Ultramarathon; Lining up next to their be-sneakered competitors, the Indigenous contestants proved technology cannot compare to years of tradition" (2017-07-18, telesurtv.net) [archive.fo/JtD5x], photo caption: Dressed in their traditional clothing and sandles, 100 Indigenous runners participated in this years Canyon Ultramarathon.

* "Hangzhou sets up temporary rest centers for homeless in summer" (2017-07-26, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/OGE4N]

* "China's Kubuqi model offers solution to desertification" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/ZcUsT], photo caption: Wang Wenbiao (R), Chairman of the China Elion Foundation and Erik Solheim (L), Executive Director of the UNEP on the Belt and Road Innovation Center for Desert Green Economy at an opening ceremony in China's Kubuqi Desert, June 25, 2017.

* "Inner Mongolian reserve sees new life after logging and fire" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/76BZV]

* "The bird-watching lama painting and protecting animals in Qinghai" (2017-07-31, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/RReGO]

* "China releases Yangzte environmental protection plan" (2017-07-22, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/hm8ee]

* "Four nations conclude Mekong River patrol to keep golden waterway safe" (2017-07-29, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/e9yHE]

* "Man spends 30 years protecting China's plum heritage" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/NA6JY]

* "Discover Xinjiang: Seven must-try in the food paradise" (2017-07-09, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/sSAOz]

* "China pledges to boost heritage protection cooperation" (2017-07-09, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/SvVdV]

* "From Hermes to the Silk Road: Chinese designer revives Kesi silk" (2017-07-20, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/aOq5I]

* "China split as S.Korea seeks UNESCO listing for Confucian academies" (2017-07-25, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/deq9k]

* "Eritrea’s capital Asmara named a World Heritage site" (2017-07-10, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/EEA0y]

* "Ahmedabad becomes India's first World Heritage City" (2017-07-09, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/4hVpU], [begin excerpt]:
- Photo caption: Ahmedabad, the largest city and former capital of Gujarat State, India.

Below are the newly inscribed properties by UNESCO in 2017:
- Asmara, Eritrea
- Hebron/Al-Khalil Old Town, Palestine
- Gulangyu Island, China
- Mbanza Kongo, Angola
- Temple Zone of Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambodia
- Khomani Cultural Landscape, South Africa
- Landscapes of Dauria, Mongolia, Russia
- Los Alerces National Park, Argentina
Qinghai Hoh Xil, China
- The "Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe" listed by the UNESCO is a nature site that stretches across over a dozen of countries, including Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine.
- And in Africa, the W-Arly-Pendjari (WAP) Complex crosses Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger.

* "China's Gulangyu island joins UNESCO world heritage list" (2017-07-09, cgtn.com) [archive.fo/tVfPg]

* "Poland granted new site on UNESCO World Heritage List" (2017-07-11, xinhuanet.com) [archive.fo/XHsOi]

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- (2017-07-27) [archive.fo/QxdJl] [archive.fo/gax8H] [archive.fo/LbkiO] [archive.fo/jLoWq] [archive.fo/JoJlM] [archive.fo/hnlQG] [archive.fo/5BlEH] [archive.fo/VUFt6]

** (yemenextra.net)
- (2017-07-25) [archive.fo/uG9vb] [archive.fo/56t6w] [archive.fo/iU9jc] [archive.fo/vJOvS] [archive.fo/jXOjT] [archive.fo/JA8Jf] [archive.fo/k0tkA] [archive.fo/l28lh] [archive.fo/XssWC] [archive.fo/ag79i] [archive.fo/zUsyE] [archive.fo/AW7zl] [archive.fo/0ArYH] [archive.fo/BZMz2] [archive.fo/qdMn3] [archive.fo/C2rAJ] [archive.fo/PQ6Np] [archive.fo/2FLZ5]
- (2017-07-26) [archive.fo/DGM3z] [archive.fo/1eNrx] [archive.fo/Nntea] [archive.fo/zv80N] [archive.fo/grvJX] [archive.fo/2AbwA] [archive.fo/embIz] [archive.fo/o5wTR] [archive.is/yttZ6]

** (en.lug-info.com)

** (mil-lnr.info)

** (dan-news.info/en)
[archive.fo/Ht3eL] [archive.fo/l1mSb] [archive.fo/9cHFv] [archive.fo/Wn2sP] [archive.fo/kYHRu]
- (2017-07-25) [archive.fo/eIJNk] [archive.fo/0RpzX] [archive.fo/oppXV] [archive.fo/bAKLf] [archive.fo/YL5yz]

** (novorossia.today)
- (2017-07-25) [archive.fo/dYNQZ] [archive.fo/2cNE0] [archive.fo/rP74m] [archive.fo/f37Sn] [archive.fo/FHshJ] [archive.fo/h9rTL

** (dninews.com) (dnipress.com)
- (2017-07-25) [archive.fo/nYc5W] [archive.fo/96SSz] [archive.fo/xETgx] [archive.fo/wCefQ] [archive.fo/iKT2t] [archive.fo/FgfpK] [archive.fo/PZAA2] [archive.fo/OWVAl] [archive.fo/B8gnF] [archive.fo/NUgzE] [archive.fo/neg9B] [archive.fo/mbB8U] [archive.fo/KMhxz] [archive.fo/JJCwS]
- (2017-07-26) [archive.fo/b9NON] [archive.fo/RJMsU] [archive.fo/SMrtB] [archive.fo/H26ij] [archive.fo/xjK61] [archive.fo/9LKI3] [archive.fo/zo48p] [archive.fo/nC4Wq] [archive.fo/Buo9N] [archive.fo/Oi4mt] [archive.fo/07Jy9] [archive.fo/Uy2qD] [archive.fo/7nHDj] [archive.fo/mhGRn]

** (eu.eot.su/language/en)

** (redstaroverdonbass.blogspot.com)

** (youtube.com/user/KazzureEngSubtitles) (youtube.com/user/wintersodomy)

** (NovorossiyaSolidarity.blogspot.com)

** (facebook.com/zak.novak.351)

** Ukrainian Crisis (facebook.com/groups/267593370087233)

** IOUCO-International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict (facebook.com/groups/IOUCO/1096637763782610)

Serbia / Srpska 
** (b92.net/eng) (thesrpskatimes.com) (vladars.net/eng)

** (facebook.com/dprk360)

** (exploredprk.com) (facebook.com/ExploreDPRK)

** (rodong.rep.kp/en)
- (2017-07-25) [archive.fo/hvUtV] [archive.fo/TXT5X] [archive.fo/U0y6E] [archive.fo/wpTHZ] [archive.fo/xsyIG] [archive.fo/MmxWK] [archive.fo/NpcXr]
- (2017-07-26) [archive.fo/3lxoa] [archive.fo/k4MzX] [archive.fo/YzrcG] [archive.fo/cqLp3] [archive.fo/PVp2M] [archive.fo/hD4tw] [archive.fo/NxmW2] [archive.fo/CN1LK] [archive.fo/DQGMr]

** (naenara.com.kp/en/news)
- [http://www.naenara.com.kp/en/order/pytimes/]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?company]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?news]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?goods]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?other]
- [http://naenara.com.kp/en/trade/?law]


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